looking back on 2012 – the knitting

One of the hardest things for me is finding time for my craft. It’s such a fun and essential part of my life but so hard to sit down and do when people need to get dressed or be fed or the house needs to be cleaned. But for my own sanity I need to have knitting nearby or be sitting at my machine. Some people run, some people eat chocolate………………I craft. Ok I eat chocolate too. Knitting, sewing, quilting, crocheting, stitching. It all gives me huge satisfaction, lets me destress and gives me something that is mine. Oh and saps my bank account dry because I love to shop craft.  Here is baby emerson modelling the puerperium – blogged here and ravelry details here.

And while I’m not crafting as much as I’d like,  a quick look back through flickr and my blog reveals it wasn’t all that bad. I did finish things………….and start things. I’m always starting a new project and whether I finish it or not is another matter. And I knit 2 baby kina’s this year. My nana was telling me that when she googled the kina pattern it kept coming to my blog. Oh yes, that would be addiction to the kina. I’m surprised I haven’t cast one on over the holidays. Ravelry details for my kina’s this year are here and here.

and I knitted my first Milo and tackled my first cable. It was easy. What was I worried about? And when I look at this photo I realise I’m not over having babies. Uh oh. Blogged here.

I crocheted emerson a little blanket since we were swimming in girly girl pink blankets. Blogged here.

 modelling it

I also made emerson some super quick and easy baby facewashers. The kids adore these and I really think they are the perfect project when you don’t want to tackle a big project. But you won’t just make one. You’ll make a pile of them. Blogged here and ravelry details here.


I also made elodie a super cute little coat. I adore this coat and will get another winter out of it. Great little pattern and I’ll be making emerson a little boy version before winter is here. Blogged here and ravelry details here.

ear muffs

 I made a cardigan for another little elodie which was so adorably cute and kept me busy while we were living in the serviced apartment waiting for this house to settle. This is a lovely project. Blogged here and ravelry here.

love the neckline

I whipped up a super quick baby cardigan which really is a favourite of mine from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I’ve made this a couple of times and it never disappoints. Blogged here and ravelry here.

all ready for baby

And the last thing off my needles for the year was a cute little cardy for elodie. Called In threes this was easy and fun. Blogged here.

and my top tips to get more craft into your life. Have a few projects ready to go so that if you’re going somewhere with time to spare (dr’s surgeries are my favourite) then you can quickly pop it in your bag and go. Always have your machine out and a pattern or fabric nearby. Set aside time on a weekend when your other half minds the little ones and you get some time to yourself. And my best ever secret – learn to love night times and stay up late in peace and quiet!


  1. It’s pretty amazing when you look back on the year and see how much you’ve actually done. I’m very impressed with all your knitting (not to mention the quilting and everything else!)

  2. When it’s all set out like that its amazing how much knitting /crochet you achieved in 2012. Good for you Corrie . I am looking forward to 2013 and what I can accomplish craft wise…

  3. Beautiful year in knitting Corrie, you inspired me with the Kinas too, thanks. And your crafting with little ones tips shared in the past have really helped me make the move to more craft in my life again, thanks x

  4. Gorgeous garments Corrie: the little models really look great. I think Elodie is made for the Kina or should I say the Kina is made for Elodie. Emerson is so cuddly in his knits.

    You put many of us to shame. I do always have some crafting nearby and my machines are always plugged in ready to go.

    Well done Retro Mummy – you are an inspiration.

  5. I have been so inspired by your creative output this year when you consider how much you are juggling. I can only wish to achieve a quarter of what you have and would be happy 😉 I love all your knitted cardigans and and feel this one skill I will pick up for the new year, However my aim is to sew my first quilt and it will be your tutorial I’ll be following as well as taking your advice on going to a quilting class.. Thank you again for all the inspiration. Looking forward to a creative and productive 2013.

  6. You are productive Corrie – not just in the creation of beautiful babies. You are right – spending time sewing, knitting etc. gives me a chance to play in colour, texture and my favourite – material. But craft feeds my soul. The housework will always be there (and nothing ever stays clean). Buy I think it is doubly important for mom’s who stay home. It is easy to get lost and have one day blurr into the next. And it is important to never apologize for needing time to yourself. As for my fabric stash – I buy in hope. I hope I will have time to play with it. And if I am stressed I sort my colours!! Even that helps!

  7. This is the year of quilting for me. I would also love to learn how to crochet, my mum has given me heaps of books on learning and I always promise I will do it…definitely in 2013!

    Have a great New Years Corrie

    Leanne xo

  8. WOW! that is an awesome pile of knitting! My knitting this year was woeful, a dress that wouldnt reach her navel and a dolly dress that is only 5 rows – the doll is only 12″ in height!!!


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