I just need the baby

 One finished baby cardigan, ready for baby!

all ready for baby

love it

easy baby cardigan

Such an easy pattern. Ravelry details are all here. I think baby number 5 needs a little white number too. Just to go with everything. This was one week start to finish and seriously the easiest baby cardigan there is!


  1. That colour is so perfect for a little man… :-) great knitting job..my first attempt is coming along slowly :-)

  2. Just so cute!

  3. So cute! I haven’t seen the pattern but will check it out on Rav right now!

  4. that is the cutest cardigan! well done! my little girl needs some cardigans…i think i may need to teach myself how to knit! Goodness knows i have plenty of time to learn whilst sitting beside her cot willing her to sleep! lol

  5. Too Cute!!!

  6. Oh Corrie your tiny little man is going to look soooooo handsome in his beautiful little cardi! Well done, such a gorgeous colour too! : )

  7. It is a very cute cardigan – i think there needs to be a white one, a powder blue one and maybe even a red one!

  8. It is so beautiful Corrie and so exciting that you’ll have another little boy to put in it, gorgeous! xo

  9. Gorgeous. I might try that pattern for my friend at work & her little girl due soon. thanks, Tracee xx

  10. Snuggly and delicious. x

  11. ok you’ve convinced me – I’m making one! This little dude/dudette will be born just in time for cardigan weather :)

  12. omg, that cardigan is too cute, Corrie! I must try the cookies too…they’ve been doing the rounds on EB for years, and everyone swears by them. You couldn’t get much easier – 4 ingredients, that is my type of cooking!

  13. beverley says:

    I like the baby garter stitch cardigan but can’t get the pattern because it on Raverly. And have problems to sign in plus with my password so if there is another way to got the pattern send message to my email address

  14. Problems with obtaining pattern. Would anyone be kind enough to email the pattern please.

  15. annette wright says:

    cant print out pattern i just need the baby

  16. Could someone please explain how I can find this pattern on Ravelry.
    I have an account but there are thousands of patterns and I don’t know how to find this one.
    Thank you

  17. Thanks for your help Corrie

  18. Lynette says:

    I need the pattern of the jersey

  19. Maureen Tobin says:

    I would like to make this pattern and a number of others, however I have been unable to get the pattern!

  20. I would love this pattern. It is so cute. It says it is a free pattern and I have tried everything to find it without success. Would you please let me know what I should do.

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