When did you start blogging?

I started blogging when I was overdue with Keira back in 2006. My blog was called knitter and new mum and is totally embarrassing to read now. I wanted to have a place to show off my knitting and make some online friends who shared my interests.

Why do you call yourself retro mummy?

About a year later after I started blogging the name retro mummy came to me. I was loving life at home as a new mum, baking, knitting, sewing, going to Tupperware parties and it felt so 1950’s housewife as most of the mums around me were heading back to work.

I can’t see my comment published on your blog?

This blog does not accept anonymous or false names/emails in the comments section. Same goes for bullying and harassment, your comment will not be published. Sometimes your comment might accidentally end up in spam so just let me know if that happens.

Are you having any more babies?

Ahh… that old chestnut. No more babies. Retro daddy said we were done at 4 but now we can’t imagine life without emerson. Deep down I’d love another one but I also am crazy busy so 5 it is. Plus I’d never stop after just one more, would I?

What did you do before blogging?

I was a qualified CPA and working in securitisation for an Investment bank. I worked in banking for almost 10 years after university in Sydney and London. For the last few years I was really into my baking not banking and would take cakes into the office almost weekly! So not what other bankers did but I was always popular and known by everyone! After getting married I was getting a bit bored and also struggling to fall pregnant so I resigned and fell pregnant with Keira the next month.

Are you going back to that type of work?

No. I knew I wanted to raise my children at home and I know it will be busy once they all start school and their activities. I feel so lucky to be able to stay home and be with my 5 little ones and blogging now brings in my income. I think I have the best job in the world. Except when everyone is sick in our house and I’m playing nurse while running a chinese laundry at the same time. On those days I’d rather be someone else!

Who is Retro Daddy?

Retro Daddy aka Justin works long hours as an accountant in the city. We met in 2001 on a Contiki tour of Europe and were married in 2004. He loves his AFL, travelling (not that we do much these days), running, the beach and of course his family! He’s a very hands on dad and a wonderful person to be married to.

How do you find time to do everything you do?

Everyone loves to ask me this question so when I work it out I’ll let you know. I’ve always liked to keep busy and somehow the more children I’ve had the more things I’ve taken on. But family comes first. That and I don’t need much sleep. I’m not one for sleep ins. Oh and coffee. I love it.

Do you have help in the house?

I am often asked if I have helpers in my house. Retro daddy works long hours and works interstate….a lot! I am very lucky to have a nanny come one day a week from 8.30am to 7pm and that’s my day for appointments, swimming lessons, errands and grocery top ups. In the early days with my first baby and then the twins we didn’t have a spare cent to spend on a nanny so I feel very fortunate to have an extra pair of hands.

What is your religion?

Both retro daddy and I are catholic born and bred and faith is an important part of our lives. Yes, we go to church each Sunday as a family and are involved in church life. It keeps me focused on what is really important in this world and helps me be a better person.

What is your favourite craft?

I can’t pick a favourite but I love to have more than a few projects on the go. At the moment I’m doing lots of knitting since I have a new baby and am spending a lot of time on the couch. I’d love to cover all of the beds in the house with quilts so that might be crafty goal.

Thermomix or Kitchen Aid?

I was given my lovely Kitchen Aid by retro daddy when I had my twins. I love it. Not only does it look beautiful on my kitchen counter but it makes baking, biscuits, icing and meringues a dream. I discovered the Thermomix at least a year before I bought it. It’s not cheap. The price put me off it but I went to a demonstration, did all my research and bought one. I haven’t looked back. Thermomix does everything for me in the kitchen except bake! It allows me to cook quick and healthy meals and does my chopping, sauteeing, steaming and more in no time. I don’t receive any compensation from Thermomix but just love to convert recipes to it and use it all the time.

Are you vegetarian?

Not anymore. I was vegetarian for over 10 years and have a Diploma in Vegetarian Cooking from The Cordon Vert school in the UK. We mostly eat vegetarian meals because it’s what I know how to cook, it’s healthy and I’m not very good at cooking meat. Once I stuck a chicken in the oven with the sachet thingy that came with the chicken and I only realised half way through cooking by which time it had melted and gone everywhere. Thankfully I’ve learnt how to roast a chicken since then.

How did you start sewing?

I started sewing like most people in year 7 home economics and was absolutely hopeless! I’m surprised I even passed and scraped through making a skirt and quilted cushion. I didn’t sew again until I was at uni and decided that doing a major in accounting was going to get a little bit boring however necessary it was. And then I took a break until I discovered Amy Butler in 2005 and started buying her fabrics and patterns and got the machine out again. I had keira and started sewing again and haven’t stopped since.

When did you start quilting?

My first quilt was for an Essential Baby Doll Quilt Swap almost 5 years ago and I’ve been an on and off again quilter but have really taken to it recently and am just addicted. It’s a great way to use up my stash and the results are so satisfying. I’ve set a goal to cover every bed in my house with a quilt! I’m getting there.

How long have you been knitting?

I started knitting in primary school when we were all taught one winter but I never did finish the legwarmers or baby matinee jacket I hoped to make. I did make a scarf or two from memory. Many many years later living in London, I discovered Debbie Bliss and Rowan and retaught myself to knit and haven’t stopped since. I’m fairly new to crochet but love it and its a fast way to use up your stash. You can find me on ravelry as retro mummy.

I love your recipes, can I share them on my blog?

I love making recipes and also converting recipes to the thermomix. Please feel free to make them yourself and let me know what you’ve been making. Please don’t copy my recipes or photos and use them on your own blog without prior permission. Thank you.

What camera do you use?

My Dad buys my cameras for me. I have an Olympus E-620 and was kindly given an Olympus OM-D EM-5 by Olympus to use for a year. I had borrowed my Dad’s, loved it, was going to buy it and then Olympus came in there with theirs. It’s a great portable camera, takes amazing snaps on manual (and auto), has some great filters and light weight lenses. I’m really happy with it. I also carry my iPhone everywhere and am a recent convert to instagram! I love it. Perhaps a little too much.

What sewing machine do you own?

I have a Brother QC-1000 which I love. I picked it up on ebay from a reputable dealer and it does everything including a sad face when you are about to run of bobbin thread!

Got a question, just ask me! I’d love to answer it!