lace cardigan from lullaby knits


I was still finishing this cardigan the night before I went into hospital. I'd finished the knitting on it months ago but just never got around to seaming it up and adding the buttons. And I still need to duck into spotlight and grab some buttons tomorrow to finish this off. This is the lace cardigan from lullaby knits. I reviewed the book here a while ago on the blog and still love it. It's a european knitting book (written in english, don't worry) and I just love the patterns. They're a … {Keep Reading...}

Lottie’s birth story


Last Wednesday I was going in to hospital for my 6th c/section, I knew it would probably be my last but my OB was still joking before we went in that we’d be back for baby number 8. Well the thing about having a baby is that you never know how the birth is going to go. I […]

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Lottie Evelyn Mary


I’m home from the hospital and enjoying being back in familiar surroundings, making coffee when I feel like it and not being confined to one hospital room! I’ve already shared a few photos of our precious new addition but just in case you missed our news here is our little Lottie Evelyn Mary who was […]

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our experience with the NDIS so far


I know some of you are in areas that are waiting for NDIS to roll out or are just waiting to get a planning meeting. We finally got a plan last week and are so excited about it. I thought I’d put a few things down that helped us and how long it all took……….patience was […]

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how to convince someone about homeschooling


This was a question I would put into google before we were homeschooling….and as the enrolment papers for my little boy sit in the kitchen it’s something I have to come back to. How do you convince someone (aka your other half or a concerned family member) about homeschooling. For most people it’s pretty out […]

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Hope this Easter


Well the grocery shop for the Easter weekend is done, I’ve got all the times of services at Church over the next few days, grandma is coming to join us for the weekend, OB appointment was today and everything is ticking along nicely and I just need to clean the house and put my feet up […]

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what we’ve been up to


Nearly the end of term, nearly Easter, 8 weeks until baby number 7 arrives and we’re all doing well here. We’ve settled into our homeschool routine and school seems like a distant memory. I take notes of everything we do each day in a little notebook I keep and one of the biggest realisations has […]

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meal plan : week 9


Oops a little behind with the meal planning since we’ve had so many things going on here. I’m 22 vests down and 35 to go for the school musical, we are now registered for homeschool for one and renewed for 2 years for the other and 28 weeks pregnant. Plenty of things to keep me […]

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resources for special needs homeschooling


  I’ve reviewed  a few of the books that have really helped me and put a few resources that we are using. Unfortunately there is no special needs curriculum that you can just buy to homeschool and in NSW an IEP isn’t enough for a homeschool plan. You need to meet the curriculum (in all […]

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