how to create the ultimate My Little Pony Party + giveaway


brought to you by My Little Pony Pinterest has a lot to answer for. All of those amazing parties and there is just so much inspiration. And it can be easy to look at the parties and think that you'd need to be an expert cake decorator, party planner, stylist, chef and have no children in the background to pull them off. All of those craft ideas, the games, the candy buffet, the cake, the cookies. I could go on. In our house we love a home party. I recently set myself the challenge of … {Keep Reading...}

anzac biscuits with whatever you have

anzac biscuits

Well I can’t believe the school holidays are almost over. I need another week. We have just settled into them and stopped the kids fighting with each other (it took me a week before I realised that the dynamics change when the big kids are home which explained the fighting and tears). Our days go best […]

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I love weddings


I love a good wedding. I’ve probably said it before here on the blog and I’ve been lucky the past few years that my cousins have been getting married so I get my wedding fix. My sister in law gets married later in the year so that’ll be two this year. A good year. Yesterday […]

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how to earn more Qantas Frequent Flyer points


brought to you by Qantas Frequent Flyer Hands up if you’re a Qantas Frequent Flyer Member? Keep your hand up if you’re collecting Qantas Points so that you can take the family on a holiday? Keep your hand up if you’re doing lots of flying these days and earning points? My hand is down at this […]

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another in threes


Just 2 weeks from start to finish on this little knit. Not bad with end of term, easter celebrations, all of the kids at home and everything else that goes on around here. The background for this little project is that hubby came home from work asking whether I had made something for a lady at work who […]

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school holiday mode


Well it’s official. We are on school holidays and have officially switched into school holiday mode. That means sleep ins, staying in our pjs, fighting with your brothers and sisters, tipping out the lego tub, using pocket money to buy more lego, making a big mess and not having to be out the door by […]

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our easter lunch + an easy trifle


Well Easter is done and dusted for another year and there is chocolate everywhere. We did the easter vigil mass last night and decided to be brave and take the whole family. And now that it’s behind me I can say it wasn’t that bad. I mean mass was beautiful but two hours sitting in […]

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a happy and holy easter weekend


It’s the Easter weekend and one of my favourite times of year. I’m sure we all have memories of Easter growing up. And for some of my readers there are fond memories that include going with the family to Church but it just doesn’t happen right now. Maybe they’ve not made time for Church, gotten too busy […]

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