gluten free lemon tart


I almost wanted to call this tart - 'you won't believe it's gluten free lemon tart'. It is so good. So good that I've had 3 slices in one afternoon and had to hide it in the fridge so I don't eat any more. The original recipe comes from the current issue of Home Beautiful which I've made gluten free and adapted to the thermomix. and I was drawn to the recipe because we have loads of lemons and other citrus fruits in our yard. Plus I'm eating anything and everything and was just hanging out for … {Keep Reading...}

one month


It’s hard to believe our little guy is a month old already. He’s still keeping me up all hours and my TV watching is off the chart. I often fall asleep feeding then wake up to an informercial or Good Morning America at some crazy hour. Sometimes it will be 5am and I think oh […]

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Lullaby Knits

15170312666_407fbb7918_z (1)

Some of you have probably worked out that I have a bit of a thing about knitting for babies. And I can never have enough pattern books. And with a new baby in the house there is no better excuse than to have another book to add to the collection. Lullaby Knits by Vibe Ulrik […]

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my first trip to Costco


I think I’ve been saying for quite a while (like since the first store opened) that I wanted to visit Costco. I didn’t envisage taking my littlest 3 on my own there but I did. We survived and I’ll be back. Did I take any photos. Oh well the phone was in my ergo to […]

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We love My Little Pony POP + a giveaway


Brought to you by My Little Pony After 2 weeks of solid rain I have been pulling out all the stops in the toy and craft department. Different toy tubs, colouring and I’ve even made play dough from scratch. Something I haven’t done since my twins were little. Anything to keep little people entertained while I […]

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just starting to feel normal again


Flicking through my instagram photos I can see that lots has been going on and life looks like it’s back to normal. And it is and it isn’t. We are trying to do all of our normal activities but my reality is lots of time on the couch feeding my little guy or having him […]

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nearly 3 weeks


Well our little guy is nearly 3 weeks old and the time is flying by. And it’s funny how many things I forgot that little teeny tiny babies do. Like big pooplosions that require a change of outfit and bedding. Yesterday I had to wash the bassinet mattress too. big stretches and a little smelly going […]

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lunchbox cookies (gluten + dairy free)


I wasn’t really in the mood for baking while pregnant but seem to be making up for lost time now that little lawson is here. And so I spend quite a bit of money on gluten free dairy free cookies for preschool lunchboxes at the start of the week and decided that it was definitely […]

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here’s one I made earlier


I have just finished putting the buttons on this little cardigan and am loving it. But then I love this pattern. Ravelry tells me that this is my 5th one I’ve made.  It’s the Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss which you can find for free online here. It’s knit all in one piece from […]

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lemon + blueberry cake (gluten free)


I bet you weren’t expecting a recipe any time soon. I wasn’t expecting to share any but feeding my little guy makes me hungry and there are only so many muesli bars, bananas and biscuits I can eat. So a cake, hot out of the oven  on a saturday afternoon is just what I needed. […]

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