Christmas craft project for your Christmas tree


Yes there has been a little bit of craft. I created two Christmas projects for Brother and decided a bit of paper piecing was just perfect for this busy time of year. A great excuse to put your feet up and do a bit of stitching on the couch first before taking it to your machine. I had grand plans to make a few of these but ended up with one. I also have the 6 point star which would also look gorgeous. You can find the complete instructions with lots of photos here. Any questions just … {Keep Reading...}

Little Christmas Puddings


It’s been a while since I’ve made these but already I have a few Bring a Plate events in the diary that I need to get to and I’m thinking these might be just the ticket! Give these a go and tell me what you think! Or maybe you already make these and have a few […]

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quick and satisfying quilt for a little friend


Whenever I sit down to make a quilt I remember why I love the process so much. And I say to myself I need to make more quilts. But life (and knitting) always gets in the way. It’s much easier for me to knit on the go or outside watching everyone play than lock myself […]

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My favourite Christmas fruit cake


This is still my favourite Christmas fruit cake. Once upon a time I would buy all of the fruit and have it soaking for a few days then bake it in the oven for a few hours. But then I had lots of children and this cake is so great to make at the last […]

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rum ball season has arrived


I started making these a few years before I got married and I still make them every Christmas. Super easy to make, double the recipe so you’ll have plenty to give away. Great for adults at Christmas parties and little gifts and soooo easy to make. And eat. I have to make some just for […]

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Bonnie & Camille Basics and Christmas Fabrics


I met a friend for coffee (and some delicious scones) this morning and sure enough a delivery arrived when I wasn’t home and my dear husband was. Nearly every single time he works from home all of my online shopping decides to arrive on that one day. And so today a box of fabric arrived […]

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wow it’s really been one month


Well I intended to spend less time on the blog but I think a month between posts might be a new record. It’s been a busy time and also a really sad time. We had a really lovely 6th birthday party for my littlest miss with all of her classmates and then the next day […]

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Help! My cake didn’t turn out like the recipe……


Have you ever made a cake and you’ve followed the recipe perfectly but it didn’t work out? It happens to the best of us but sometimes there can be very simple things that you don’t think much of that can have a big impact on how your cake or baked good turned out. I thought […]

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blueberry cake + lemon glaze


One of the best things about holidays is that you have more time to get into the kitchen and bake. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s one way I love to spend my time. I spent a lot of time in there making toast and dinners but baking a cake is […]

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