Meal Plan : Week 7


Oops I'm a little late again! We've had a few dramas and things going on and a crazy week with 2 parent information nights, 2 nights of cheerleading, 2 nights of school musical rehearsal so this week's dinners are super easy and quick to get on the table Day 1 Chicken Noodle Stir Fry (GF if you use tamari)  Super easy. Just make a regular stir fry, we did our usual chicken stir fry but added in a pack of vermicelli noodles (that had been soaked in hot water then drained) and an egg. You … {Keep Reading...}

another year of homeschool starts


Well we’re about to start week 3 of homeschool and all is going well. Having done 6 months last year has definitely given me some confidence that we’re on the right track and learning is happening. This year because we are using a curriculum from the US and we are enjoying having daily lesson plans […]

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New fabrics just added


It’s about time for some new fabrics in my little etsy store. I have these beautiful fabrics on the bolt ready to cut for you and also have this range in charm squares too. It’s called Tide Pool and I had to buy it for some new couch cushions for new couches coming to our […]

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Meal Plan : Week 6


A few days late as everyone is back to school, one is homeschooling and having 4 little people at different places has involved some serious time management. Not much time is left for cooking or planning out dinners for the next week but saturday mornings are always a fresh start. So here we go. I’ve […]

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meal plan: week 5

8523796826_be74bcc852_z (1)

School is back next week and for us we have activities every single afternoon……I’m not ready for that. So this week the meals are fairly easy, I let the kids pick a night since they were shopping with me and we’ll make 2 extra meals for our freezer for when it really gets busy. My […]

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spaghetti pie (cook + freeze)


I made this year last year and forgot to blog it! Added it to this week’s meal plan and realised I better share it. I usually find making lasagne and freezing it is a great way to take a meal to another family. Because I’ve been making so many lasagnes lately I decided to try something […]

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berry muffins + lemon glaze


Over the holidays I ordered myself a beautiful new cookbook and couldn’t wait to make a recipe from the book. Now the book, A Farmer’s Daughter doesn’t have any photos inside and usually I’m a sucker for the photos but the recipes are the things that you want to make for your family. Wholesome food, […]

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Meal Plan : Week 4


Well late last week I had a big organic fruit and vegetable box delivered (well it came in 3 boxes) so we’ve been well and truly stocked up on fruit and vegetables. I did an Aldi shop (with all 6 children which was not a pleasant experience but we survived…just) and here is this week’s meal […]

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Meal plan – week 3


I’ve put a few different meals in here to have fun with. Because it’s holidays I like to use the time for baking and dishes that take a little longer. If you’re short on time just swap an easy meal in there or save those meals for weekends and home days Day 1 Chops and […]

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