things I haven’t told you lately


Well on the blog I've been a little quiet but behind the scenes there are plenty of things going on as we enter the home stretch before a new little baby arrives. I've been washing baby clothes and getting them ready. I'm also trying to find a good spot in the house for the baby changetable. One of the things I love is a well stocked changetable before baby comes home from hospital. Nappies, wipes, bepanthen, clothes, singlets, baby socks, hand sanitiser after those nappies, all the good … {Keep Reading...}

what to bake for the cake stall


A big white box came home with us today in preparation for the cake stall at the fete. I’m excited and now need to choose what to bake. With a tree full of lemons I’m thinking a lemon cake with icing. If you’re stuck with what to bake for your next cake stall then I’ve put […]

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Penny the Pirate and testing your little one’s eyes


Brought to you by OPSM I have to confess that only one of my 5 has had their eyes properly tested by an optometrist, two have had eye screening at preschool and two haven’t had their eyes tested at all. Growing up both my sister and I had glasses and patches for our lazy eyes and […]

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baby knitting patterns for beginners


Once upon a time I was a first time new mum. Yes, before everyone else came along I was in hospital with my 1st baby and they were special times. I still remember when my lovely nana came in with a big box full of knitting she had made for her first grandchild. She had been […]

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carrot cake + cream cheese frosting (gluten free)


This post is brought to you by Woolworths It was Sunday and retro daddy was taking the twins to another birthday party on the party circuit and it felt like a cake baking kind of afternoon. Has to be gluten free these days but I knew that I could take off a side of the […]

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don’t buy pink quilting gloves


Well I had this great idea that every day this week I’d do a bit of quilting on my red letter day quilt! But I didn’t factor in a dentist trip across town, a boy with a fever and perforated eardrum, getting everyone back to school, preschool excursion, a daddy working away and just having […]

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a few household questions answered


I received a great message last week from a lovely reader Katie that I knew would make a great post. Do I do laundry every day? Pretty much! I have a 9.5kgs top loader and a huge hills hoist and I keep them both busy almost every day of the week. I might skip a day […]

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end of the holidays


Well our school holidays are coming to an end and today certainly made me realise that. Rugby was back on, then swimming, then netball was back on, volunteering at the Bunnings bbq for a few hours then more swimming lessons to round out the day. Uniforms need to come out again and our 3 lazy weeks at […]

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welcome to my shop


One of the things that I love most in the world……after my beautiful family and home life……….is craft. And I’ve missed having lots of fabric in the house and buying the latest ranges, going to trade shows and just being around fabric. So I have a little store again here and even the kids are […]

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Party bags with Allen’s Jelly Beans + a giveaway


Sponsored by the ALLEN’S team I love a good lolly bag. Just recently I texted my friend Sonia after her son’s birthday and said ‘ you do a good lolly bag’. She said that’s the best part and I said well some mums don’t like to do the lolly bag but we loved yours. Our […]

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