the girl who made me a mother


There is something special about your first child. And it's not just because they have more photos than anyone else in the family. No, there's more to it than that. You have your L plates on as parents, you fall in love with this tiny little baby and are so overprotective. You do everything by the book, the littlest temperature or cough is a trip to the doctor. You don't want to spoil them but you don't want to do the wrong thing. From that slow drive home from the hospital you do … {Keep Reading...}

mandarin picking, chicken pies and cookies


I can’t believe another weekend is over. I always feel like I need another day especially when we pack so much in. Netball in the freezing cold at the crack of dawn, rugby in the mud, swimming lessons, laundry, trips to the shops, more swimming lessons and then the weekend is over. But this weekend […]

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one finished wallaby


Although I finished the knitting a week ago it takes a week (or more!) to get the last bits done.Weaving in ends, blocking and buttons. And I had a bit of a choice of buttons as I picked up some lovely ones from a quilting store closing down. There were a few big containers of […]

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don’t wish away the early days


I never forget when a reader questioned why I thought things would get easier once my kids started school. I made a comment in a blog post about how I couldn’t wait for the kids to start school so I could have a bit more time to myself. And she set me straight. She was right, I was wrong […]

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milo may


Did you know that May is also month of the Milo? Say what? If you’re a knitter and fan of tiKKi’s patterns you probably already knew that. A month to knit and celebrate the Milo…a little knitted vest. Milo is probably her best known pattern and it’s gorgeous. I’ve knit it twice (here and here) […]

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a little rustic giveaway


Still crazy busy here! Retro daddy walked in the door from the airport last night and I walked right out with my wallet, the baby, a helper (aka my big girl) and went out for a little retail therapy. It had just been one of those nights and I got to enjoy an hour of peace […]

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one busy life and an almost finished wallaby


I’m sitting here with the baby, a couple of scotch finger biscuits and my coffee taking a few minutes to get a blog post up today. May is turning out to the busiest month ever here as retro daddy is the busiest at work, we start our weekly preparations for First Holy Communion tonight (and of […]

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home hair cuts


I cut all of the girls hair in this house. We call it mummy’s salon and I’m not the first mum and won’t be the last who does haircuts from home. Now when it comes to the boys I have to confess that in the past I’ve sent them to the barber. Well that was […]

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letting go (just a little bit)


I was going to write a post about all the worry and things on my mind at the moment (which is giving me big headaches because I’m a teeth grinder from way back) and then I realised just how amazing today was and that I never knew what today would look like. When you have […]

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