busy, busy


I know I've been really quiet on here but there has been so much going on. I've been making some fabulous lists before the baptism on Sunday. I love lists and ticking things off. I also love time plans, oh I love to do a time plan for the night before and big day and divide up what needs to be done and put down essential things like have shower, get ready, start sandwiches. Do you do time plans? I mean why not write down everything that has to be done around the house..........and then leave it … {Keep Reading...}

Share your funniest pest story to win!


Brought to you by Rentokil If you’ve ever bought or sold a home then you know what’s involved and right now it’s the busiest time of year for buying and selling. You have to get your house looking nice and clean, maybe a fresh coat of paint, get the clutter out to make your home look […]

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against all grain meals made simple

against all

Long time no book review but there have been a few new books arriving on my doorstep thanks to feeding a baby on the couch and ordering from the comfort of the couch. If only I could do everything while feeding. But I’d been hanging out for this book to be released because I love […]

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making skirts and going to parties


Once upon a time you couldn’t keep me away from my sewing machine and my sewing room. I was a regular down at Spotlight and I made time for doing something I loved. More little people have come along and finding that sewing time is hard and it’s been easier to knit on the couch. […]

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trick or treat and win a $250 Spotlight voucher


Brought to you by the Allen’s team Halloween, love it or hate it, is coming soon. I grew up only knowing about Halloween from american movies and no one ever trick or treated in our street. But over the years as my little ones have grown bigger (and begged to go out) we’ve taken part and […]

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things to do while breastfeeding


Well my little guy is 2 months old and I’m still breastfeeding which is a bit different to the last few babies and I’m enjoying it. I think that taking things a bit easier on the home front has played a part. So what to do while breastfeeding or bottle feeding your little baby………and obviously it’s a […]

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Is the new Thermomix TM5 worth it?


Well I’ve had my new Thermomix TM5 for a week now and thought I’d let you all know what I think. Here is the last time I wrote up a review on my Thermomix – Is a Thermomix worth it. I’ve been a thermomix owner for over 3 years and had wanted one since I was […]

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life is busy but I’m baking and knitting…….


Well school went back this week as did 3 of my best helpers and the house is oh so quiet. And without big brother and sisters the little ones have been making their own fun like lock mummy out of the house!  It gave me a heart attack and a realisation that I need to keep […]

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bringing a new baby home (and surviving!) when you have other little ones


I received a wonderful message via facebook from a lovely reader last week and wanted to answer it in a blog post. And this lovely lady has just had her 3rd baby and has two other little ones at home. She’s wondering how to deal with the tiredness and the breastfeeding and entertaining the crew […]

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haimi by kids tricots


I love the satisfaction of finishing a project and there is a special sense of satisfaction that I’ve finished this project with an 8 week old baby in the house. Yes he’s 8 weeks today!!!! And it’s all thanks to mastering feeding and knitting at the same time. Now I have to admit that I […]

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