Help! My cake didn’t turn out like the recipe……


Have you ever made a cake and you've followed the recipe perfectly but it didn't work out? It happens to the best of us but sometimes there can be very simple things that you don't think much of that can have a big impact on how your cake or baked good turned out. I thought I'd share a few because over the years I've answered readers questions and comments and offered suggestions on why things haven't turned out. All ovens are different We've lived in a few houses with different ovens but … {Keep Reading...}

blueberry cake + lemon glaze


One of the best things about holidays is that you have more time to get into the kitchen and bake. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s one way I love to spend my time. I spent a lot of time in there making toast and dinners but baking a cake is […]

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first dress for spring/summer


You might remember last year I made this little dress. It is definitely one of the most popular in her wardrobe and so I decided to make another one. That and I wanted to work on my zipper skills. If I can avoid sewing a pattern with a zipper in it then I will but […]

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when kids have other ideas


Yesterday I finally finished this quilt (I’ll do another blog post on it with all the details and the ladies who made blocks). I thought I’d use the washing line to photograph it. It’s a big quilt. So I hung it up and my littlest man decided it was put up just for him to […]

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he’s still a big puppy!


Well my not so little puppy is about to turn 8 months old on Monday….and he’s as big as they come. We did think he’d be medium size but there’s nothing medium about him. But there’s just more of him to love. My littlest miss loves to lie on his tummy and there is plenty […]

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kids cooking day


Well to celebrate the end of term we have a cooking day here today! I asked the kids what they would like to make and they settled on sushi and cake. Great for a friday night dinner. For sushi I have 2 recipes that we like to use – the first one is when I […]

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one term of homeschooling under our belt


Well tomorrow is the last day of term. That has gone so fast. The days and weeks have just flown by. How have we gone? Well. Pretty well I think considering I’ve had my L plates on. There have been some hard days and lots of really good days. I started out just planning each week rather […]

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one finished granny stripe


Well this has been my craft project for a few months now. Taking it everywhere I go – waiting for speech, watching swimming and gymnastics, kangaroo valley, the school run. You name it this blanket has been there. It’s taken me a while too even though it’s cot size. So I’m just glad it’s finished as […]

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one pink frilly apron


I had to fight the girls off for this one. A pink and frilly apron that I made for myself because my favourite Cath Kidston apron is getting a bit old and stained these days. I think it’s about 12 years old so it’s gone the distance as far as aprons go. This one is […]

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