nearly 3 weeks


Well our little guy is nearly 3 weeks old and the time is flying by. And it's funny how many things I forgot that little teeny tiny babies do. Like big pooplosions that require a change of outfit and bedding. Yesterday I had to wash the bassinet mattress too. big stretches and a little smelly going off at the same time, little vomits on your shoulder that drop onto the floor as you walk off and you then discover later when you walk back, how you become an expert at doing everything one … {Keep Reading...}

lunchbox cookies (gluten + dairy free)


I wasn’t really in the mood for baking while pregnant but seem to be making up for lost time now that little lawson is here. And so I spend quite a bit of money on gluten free dairy free cookies for preschool lunchboxes at the start of the week and decided that it was definitely […]

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here’s one I made earlier


I have just finished putting the buttons on this little cardigan and am loving it. But then I love this pattern. Ravelry tells me that this is my 5th one I’ve made.  It’s the Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss which you can find for free online here. It’s knit all in one piece from […]

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lemon + blueberry cake (gluten free)


I bet you weren’t expecting a recipe any time soon. I wasn’t expecting to share any but feeding my little guy makes me hungry and there are only so many muesli bars, bananas and biscuits I can eat. So a cake, hot out of the oven  on a saturday afternoon is just what I needed. […]

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miss kate giveaway time


After heading out yesterday to the dentist (I needed a filling after part of a wisdom tooth fell out while in hospital – don’t you love the timing!!!!) we are having a home day. And the washer and dryer are running overtime as I get used to doing laundry for 8 after a few days […]

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a birth story


I love hearing about other people’s birth stories but don’t think I’ve actually shared one before. But everything went so smoothly this time around and was probably the most relaxed I was (maybe because I’ve had some practice at this) so I thought I’d share. And it all starts with the photo in the gown […]

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and we are home

lawson born

There is no place like home! Now don’t get me wrong. 5 nights in hospital has its perks like having delicious hot meals 3 times a day plus snacks and all of your tea made for you. Lots of baby cuddles, family and friends can visit for cuddles too and a chat. That is the […]

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Yesterday we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our family. Lawson Peter weighed in at 7pds 11 oz and is just perfect. His 3 big sisters are obsessed with him and the brothers are happy to balance out the numbers. Lots of photos and things to share once I’m at my computer later this week. 

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lazy sunday in the garden


this morning was a bit freakish for a Sunday as I had everyone dressed and ready for church before 8am! Let’s just say that I’m not sleeping too well and so once I’m up, I am up! Usually our Sundays are the biggest rush to get to 8.30am mass and we end up getting to […]

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the last things to do before you have a baby


4 days to go and this  week has been about ticking the last of the things off my to do list. And they aren’t super exciting things either. Pretty boring things like buy slippers and granny undies for the hospital bag.  Get finn a new school shirt. Upload receipts for BAS. Organise wardrobes and clean […]

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