you’ve got a thermomix, now what to make


If there is one question that new thermomix owners have it is  'What to make?'.  You've waited patiently for it to arrive or maybe you are borrowing it from a friend and you want to know what to make. My best advice is to keep it simple. Don't go for the fancy recipes from the very beginning. Get the basics under your belt - pizza dough, cookies, cooking rice with some vegies on top, curry and a simple pasta dish. Then once you're confident and you understand how it all works, then you can … {Keep Reading...}

review of people movers for large families

large familieds

Following on from last week’s post on my dream car  I thought we’d talk people movers for large families. Because let me tell you once I meet another large family mum the conversation usually flows on to what do you drive? Because there aren’t too many choices when you get over 4 or 5 little ones. Now […]

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Toyota Dream Car Art Competition – enter now


Brought to you by Toyota Close your eyes for a second and imagine your dream car. I’m thinking 12 seats (so we can have more kids in the car for playdates, grandmas when they visit), coffee machine, mini fridge to keep my snacks cold (I was thinking Tim Tams but the girls said fruit), always charged […]

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a birthday, being on tv and cake


Well yesterday was my birthday (thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, I loved them especially when you are home with little people all day) and I did have such a great day….even if I’m another year closer to 40! It had all the ingredients for a good day…flowers, chocolate, cake, a new […]

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teaching your kids to knit


Something that I hope my kids will leave home with is knowing how to knit and sew. They have grown up with knitting projects around the house (Ok and if I confess knitting needles behind couch cushions) and a room full of fabric and wool (there are worse problems to have than an overflowing craft […]

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chocolate, date + pecan slice in the thermomix (gluten free option)


I’ve been trying to be good and losing the baby weight lately. Once I set my mind to eating right I’m very good during the week, oh no wait, I had a scone with jam and cream yesterday but warm scones are always my weak spot. Ok, anything warm and sweet out of the oven […]

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charm square, jelly roll, what?


I received a lovely email last week from a lovely lady called Kim. She loves fabric but needs to know what all the fabric cuts I’m talking about are…charm squares, jelly rolls and so on. Here you go…..this for Kim and anyone else who wants to know. Charm Square A charm square is a 5 […]

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how I find time for everything (or anything!)


I received a lovely message from a reader yesterday asking me how I find time for everything. And I thought to myself that would make a great blog post. And then I thought uh oh I hope I don’t give the impression that I have time for EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Because I don’t. I’ve learnt along the way that […]

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