the latest sewing machines from Brother


If you've ever asked me what sewing machine I use and recommend then you'll know it's a Brother. I started with an Innovis 600, then upgraded to the QC1000 which I'm still using and loving and also have a Brother overlocker. So after all of those years of being a happy customer I couldn't say no to an invite to their HO to see their latest machines! And they didn't disappoint. I had a lovely morning and didn't want to leave except I had a babysitter at home. There are 5 new machines in total. … {Keep Reading...}

last minute drawstring bags

drawstring bags

It’s Sunday and the twins have a party to go to.  I’m all out of gift bags, wrapping and my appliqued calico bags that I usually use for parties. I do have loads of fabric. Loads. And I needed something to wrap it all up. And since drawstring bags are on my to do list for the […]

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cute + easy ruffled hand towels


The school fete will be here before I know it. There are actually two craft stalls. One for Christmas craft which a super organised lady is running and then there is the craft stall that I’m running. And I’m not super organised. But now that we’re coming into term 3 I’m getting super organised. I […]

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the opinionated knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann


Happy new financial year! I’m writing this on my new computer (bought at 5.30pm last night since they couldn’t fix my old one) and have a gorgeous book to review. I love my knitting books and think I have a new favourite. The Opinionated Knitter is a collection of newsletters by Elizabeth Zimmermann who is a […]

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one finished jumper I almost needed to give away


I was so excited to share this little project on the blog yesterday and then my computer decided to stop working and then I got locked out of my blog! Disaster! Thankfully I’m back, still not on my own computer but I’m here. And I think this might be my favourite knit of the year. […]

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what to do while you’re waiting for early intervention and services


One of the things that I do love about my blog is the beautiful emails I receive from lovely people. And one of the big topics is when friends and readers discover their child has special needs. Whether it’s something they were born with and/or something that has just been diagnosed. It’s a shock, a […]

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baby bath time memories with JOHNSON’S®


brought to you by JOHNSON’S® So you’ve probably figured out by now that I love babies. LOVE. It never grows old and the 6th baby is just as special as the 1st. And I’ll do it all over again if I’m lucky enough to. This is my beautiful baby girl when she was freshly bathed and […]

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that elusive family photo!


So in my mind I imagined we’d all be in our sunday best at Church. When that photo didn’t happen I thought, ok let’s get a photo of everyone outside in front of a nice tree and still while we’re all dressed nicely. Then someone got some food on their communion dress, a toddler was sleeping, […]

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the ‘first’ first holy communion in the family


I’ve always looked forward to my girls making their First Holy Communion. In fact I just love when other little girls make their First Communion. I love the dresses, the traditions, thinking of my own day ( I remember being paired up with the shortest little boy on the day and that my mum made my […]

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