lunchbox tips from The Organised Housewife


I often get asked to do a post on lunchboxes but I think my lunchboxes are a bit boring so why not get someone who is an expert on this subject...........The Organised Housewife!  Thank you Corrie for having me guest post today. Hi I'm Katrina from The Organised Housewife. Over at The Organised Housewife I provide daily tips and ideas to keep my readers and their family organised. You can follow along on facebook where I give my community a task each day to help them clean around their … {Keep Reading...}

win $250 of baby + toddler clothing


This post is brought to you by Marquise I have a confession to make…I actually thought Marquise only did clothes for newborns.  I love picking out a little marquise jumpsuit from DJs when someone has a baby as I just love to give something handmade with a jumpsuit. So I was surprised when I got to […]

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Jamie Oliver’s Mothership Sunday Roast Lamb


I made my first ever roast lamb yesterday and it was a huge success. Some of you were very surprised that I had never roasted lamb before but being vegetarian for so long meant that there were more roasted vegetables and vegie lasagnes going into my oven over the years than roasted meats. And then […]

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wishing you a happy and holy easter weekend

easter weekend

I know the weekend is under way but yesterday went by so fast. Stations of the cross at 10am and for the first time I had my 3 big kids come with me. They were so eager and participated so beautifully, following all of the words and kneeling when necessary. I was so proud of […]

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Easter shopping – It’s not too late to start!

woolies bunny jar

This post is brought to you by Woolworths If you’re like me then you are a little last minute with your shopping this easter. We’ve just moved house, I’m busy trying to unpack whilst also supervising 5 little ones now that the kids are on school holidays. And take my word for it when I […]

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Monday Morning Cooking Club : The Feast Goes on


Second cookbook in a fortnight that has come home with me. Uh oh. But I’d been hanging out for this one and there is a bit of background. When my mum was in the last few days of her life we were at the little private hospital and we’d come out of the room to […]

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your pregnancy questions answered


This post is brought to you by Blackmores Since I’ve announced my 5th pregnancy I’ve been receiving messages and emails with some of your questions. And I thought it was a great opportunity to answer them in the one spot. And here it is………………and of course I am not your Dr or midwife this is […]

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our sunday


Another day and more boxes to unpack. We also went to our new church for the first time, had some pastries and hot chocolate afterwards (well we had to check out where to find the best morning tea around here), I did the pantry and tried to pretend I was the organised housewife and put food […]

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and we have moved


But if you’re on my facebook or instagram then you probably already knew that. Here is the very first picture I took once we had settled and we were killing time waiting for the keys. It is quite a change from our little suburban block where the play area was cement and gated in…..and I’m […]

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a little bit of knitting


Things are a bit crazy around here and I think this will be the last blog post for this week. Packing and cleaning and trying to work out what is coming with us is keeping us busy. I have actually enjoyed packing up my craft room if for nothing but finding lots of things that […]

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My Darling Lemon Thyme – Recipes from my real food kitchen


I’ve been running a little low on enthusiasm to get into the kitchen lately. Exhaustion from moving and growing a baby and just all the day to day jobs I have to do mean that I’ve been finding it hard to get excited about cooking……..and especially because I also have to keep our dinners gluten […]

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top tips for moving house……….with kids


I love how things sneak up on you….like moving house! We are just a week out and I’m getting my butt into gear and doing what I do best……… at the last minute. We had a few little dramas yesterday like the removalist having us moving to the wrong place and on the wrong day. […]

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