first holy communion + being sentimental


Growing up we moved around every few years with my dad's work so there was always packing and unpacking and getting rid of things. But I'm a bit of a hoarder for special things. OK maybe I'm a bit of a hoarder full stop. I don't know how I've managed to keep things over the years. One of the things that I've kept is the little medal I received way back in 1982 for my First Holy Communion. Back then I saved it because it was jewellery and a memento but now it's so special to give to my own little … {Keep Reading...}

just busy


Where has the term gone? Where is the year going? Today I had to race out and grab supplies for the easter hat parade which is is on next week. Last year my effort was hopeless as it was the craziest time for us. And by effort I mean - night before, plastic hat and cotton […]

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playdough isn’t just for the preschoolers


How long have I had a thermomix? Oh over 3 years now and I’ve just made playdough for the first time and it was a piece of cake. Even if I didn’t have cream of tartar but had all sorts of other baking necessities like arrowroot, rice flour, glucose syrup, different types of sugars and […]

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poor old 6th baby with no photos


First baby gets all the photos, their own album and everything documented. Then the second baby comes along and standards start to slip, then the third (although we did 2 for 1 when we had our twins) and then by the 4th you realise you better start taking lots of baby photos so our little […]

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gluten free scones + win a $100 Woolworths Gift Card

gfafternoon tea

brought to you by Woolworths I know that gluten free seems to be the current trend in eating at the moment. But for coeliacs and people with a sensitivity to gluten it’s not just a trend. This week is coeliac awareness week so I put together a little afternoon tea with some of our gluten […]

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Patons Big Book of Big Baby


One of the things I love to do is check out the latest knitting books. You can never have too many knitting books and someone is always having a baby and I’m always looking for new baby patterns. Patons do some lovely knitting patterns and I have quite a collection of their books. Last week while […]

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another granny’s favourite


I love finishing a knitting project. And I mean really finish by putting the buttons on and starting my next project. Granny’s favourite by tiKKi is an easy little top down cardigan that I love. Now when I say easy it has a lace neckline that requires some counting and concentration. Very hard to do […]

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structured play for toddlers & preschoolers


I was a sent a huge box of beautiful toys from Finlee & Me to review and have fun with. We got to keep the toys and it was perfect timing as this year is our last year at home and we’re really focusing on taking turns, helping speech, playing with other children and getting […]

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