best ever chocolate brownies – for a small family or a big crowd


I love baking for a cake stall and pretty much always do my chocolate brownie recipe. Today I upsized it and it was a winner. Here I've put the instructions and quantities for whether you want to make just one square pan of brownies or when you need to feed a crowd or make them last. Nothing lasts long here but I made a triple quantity of the batch and they were delicious and turned out beautifully. There are no fancy ingredients in this recipe and it makes it nice and easy to pick up a couple … {Keep Reading...}

My Little Pony and helping others for International Friendship Day


brought to you by My Little Pony There is joy in giving and I think this might be one of my favourite posts of the year. One of the things that we hope to do as parents is teach our children to help others. To not just think of themselves. We start this young with sharing, not […]

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best ever scones in the thermomix


Recently during the holidays we had some new friends over for morning tea. And I decided to try a lemonade scone recipe. Big mistake, they were taking forever to cook and just didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. In fact I’ve never had that much luck with lemonade scones. Maybe it’s just me. […]

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townmouse children’s wear patterns


Once upon a time I would sew lots of pretty things and pop them on my children to model in the backyard. Those days have kind of become scarcer as there are now 6 little people and 1 me and there isn’t much sewing time. But this was a great deal, I sent fabric to the lovely […]

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sultana buttermilk cake


Sometimes life just calls for cake! And I need some coffee and cake. Lots of it. 4 out of the 6 kids are sick and we’ve all been on the antibiotics for a few days and it’s been a hard one to track down so this morning I called over 9 pharmacies trying to find […]

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not much knitting…….


Well there isn’t much of anything going on around here. We thought our big guy had a case of croup but it turned out to be whooping cough which totally surprised us. So he’s on antibiotics, everyone else has been swabbed and is home while we wait for results. And the thing is that they […]

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little kina


One of the things I struggle with is finding time to finish knitting projects. I might have solved my problems with knitting this little kina. Knitting for dolls. I might be on to something. So satisfying to start and finish something in a weekend. This is a super cute little project and you probably already […]

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so you want to grow your blog


One of the questions I receive every now and then is from a friend or someone who has started a blog. And they want to grow it. And they wonder how to do it. There are so many blogs right now but there is always room for more. Here are a few ideas and tips […]

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65 hats all ready to go………….


Remember when I put the call out for hats for the Childrens Hospital at Westmead….well I’ve still been receiving hats and now have 65 ready to go! 65!!!!!!!!! The biggest thank you to each and everyone who made and donated a hat (or two or three). They are so beautiful and now to contact the lovely […]

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