Meal Plan : Week 4


Well late last week I had a big organic fruit and vegetable box delivered (well it came in 3 boxes) so we've been well and truly stocked up on fruit and vegetables. I did an Aldi shop (with all 6 children which was not a pleasant experience but we survived...just) and here is this week's meal plan! And just a tip in case you haven't worked out but if you click on the recipe name it will bring up the recipe link if I haven't included it. My grocery bill was $132 from Aldi and that includes … {Keep Reading...}

Meal plan – week 3


I’ve put a few different meals in here to have fun with. Because it’s holidays I like to use the time for baking and dishes that take a little longer. If you’re short on time just swap an easy meal in there or save those meals for weekends and home days Day 1 Chops and […]

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starting our veggie garden


When you first move to acreage or get a garden your mind tends to think about growing your own vegetables. And chickens. And we’ve done neither since moving to acreage. So I decided that this weekend was it. We were lucky enough to have the garden beds already there next to our fruit trees. All […]

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wareniki are delicious


There is something so satisfying about making a new dish from scratch and everyone loving it. I especially love making pastry and trying something new. I’ve made perogi before with puff pastry but this was something different and so perfect for a Sunday night dinner after a busy afternoon starting our vegetable garden (finally!). Oh and […]

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two quilts finished


I usually like to use these Christmas holidays to get some time in my sewing room. And these holidays I’ve finished two quilts so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. Both quilts are from Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley and I haven’t bought a quilt book in ages but this one I bought when I […]

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meal planning – week 2


Well we still have one month of school holidays ahead of us so I’ve been sitting down working out a few weeks worth of meal plans. You’ll note I put whether they are vegetarian or gluten free or if there is an option to change the recipe. We eat quite a lot of veggie recipes […]

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meal planning – week 1


With Christmas Day behind us and a New Year coming up this Sunday, I’ve decided to get serious about my meal planning. When I’m not busy then I meal plan for the week but when things are busy, end of year or kids are sick it all falls away. My hope for next year because we […]

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wishing you a happy + holy Christmas


It’s nearly time for Christmas and this year I’ve been so aware of how much suffering has been going on around us. Just in the week leading up to Christmas there has been so much sadness in our community. Funerals for mums who have sadly lost their lives, twin toddlers who drowned and are in […]

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yes, baby on board!


Yesterday I shared our exciting news that baby number 7 is on the way! I’ve been keeping it quiet for a little and will be 16 weeks tomorrow. The pregnancy is going really well but I had 2 scares early on which were a bit stressful and have made me very cautious. But since then […]

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