there has been lots of knitting


Sometimes I am on a real go slow with my knitting or a particular project. And then there are times when I'm so motivated to finish a project. That is how I've been with this little cardy for my littlest miss. I have just been so motivated to get it finished and she's been coming over and taking the first page of the pattern to show everyone what I'm knitting. That's a good sign. Because I did make her a kina and it's still unworn because she didn't like wearing it. So we're feeling positive … {Keep Reading...}

how to sew a shopping bag holder

25870738533_e24e8c49a1_z (1)

For years I’d been saying I must make myself one of these and then I made one and wondered why I’d waited so long. I then made about 12 for my school fete last year. They all sold that afternoon. These are quick, easy, fun and so practical. They sell out at any fete and […]

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uberkate giveaway on Instagram


If you pop over to my Instagram page you’ll find a lovely giveaway in time for Mother’s Day. I love wearing my extra small ubercircle and thanks to Uberkate am giving one away. Entries close 30th April and all you need to do is go to the photo on Instagram, leave a comment with the […]

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why I love crochet


This is one of the main reasons I love crochet. Exhibit A. Two crocheted squares (one finished, one almost finished) measuring 10 inches for our schools Wrap with Love project. Each square took one night on the couch while I watched Barbie, Toy Story and so on cuddled up with the kids. Piece of Cake. […]

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Win a Brother NS55 or a scan n cut this Mother’s Day


I love a good competition and this one really is a great one. You know I am always telling my readers to get a Brother and one of my favourite machines is the NS55. Well now you could win one. Or a Brother Scan n Cut. Plus $3000 in sewing supplies/accessories plus a subscription to Handmade. […]

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what has been going on here


Well my poor old neglected blog! I do manage to keep facebook and instagram up to date if you ever feel like you are missing anything. I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy with the exception of 3 little ones under 3 which was definitely the busiest time of my life. At least now […]

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another great Easter Show


After a few years away from the Easter Show it was so great to be back there over the weekend. It almost didn’t happen but I thought it would be a wonderful special treat for the family. And it was. Although I had hoped to surprise everyone on Sunday morning but someone overheard us and we […]

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a message for mums this Easter


You know how you see those work from home images with a person on a beach or by the pool with their laptop. Working from home is supposed to be relaxing and wonderful and give you free time and freedom. If you’ve ever worked from home or worked around having a family then you know […]

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and another little cotton rabbit is finished


Here is my 3rd little cotton rabbit all finished. Oh boy this one was a race to the finish line. I was up watching Netflix at the same time and when I trimmed the last piece of wool on the rabbit I checked the time. 1.30am. I wrote a list of things I’d need to […]

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