someone claimed the rabbit


All of the kids made a fuss about the little rabbit when they came in after school. Except for one little person who went straight for her afternoon tea, a little rest and some tv. After dinner I heard 'awwwwww.....I lub it, thank you mummy oh thank you'. Yep she's claimed it as her own. Thought it was for her and what can you say..............she loves it! So I'm still working on its little dress and cardy but I'll get there. And now I'll start making the ones to giveaway............... … {Keep Reading...}

my first little cotton rabbit


If you’ve been on Instagram or FB you’ll have seen that I’ve been knitting a little rabbit. A little cotton rabbit to be exact. I was talking to a lovely lady running sunday school and it turned out she used to run the church craft stall and I said I’d be donating some things this year. […]

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the most delicious choc chip cookies in the thermomix


Well GAPS lasted almost 4 weeks here. And then Friday night at home after my first week of getting all the kids to 3 different places and preschool. I was exhausted. There was ravioli, a glass of wine and chocolate involved and the couch. I haven’t been that tired in a very long time. I’m still […]

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4 at school, 2 at home


We are getting used to our new routine this year and I’m getting used to lots of driving and a quiet house. My favourite time of the day is pick up and especially when I pick up my little miss from school. With a few rows of knitting beforehand because as any mum will tell […]

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long lost photos


Before iPhones, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram and my digital cameras with lenses we had a tiny digital camera and we had our photos saved on a computer. That then died. We rescued the hard drive and moved it around with us over the years knowing that it had precious photos on it and hoping that one day […]

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when I grow up – one emotional day


Today I sent my baby girl off to big school for the first time. It rates right up there as one of the most emotional days I’ve had in a long time. We weren’t even 5 minutes from home and I was already fighting back the tears listening to the radio. I’m still emotional now. It’s […]

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one seriously cute baby cardigan


I adore this cardigan. It is just so cute and sweet and I can’t stop admiring it. BUT and it’s a big but, I’ve spent most of today doing the seaming, rib bands and ruffles. And I thought I might poke someone with a knitting needle out of frustration while doing it. I have fallen […]

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tips for being a new school mum


This year I become a  new school mum. Twice actually because I have a boy going off to a new school and my baby girl starting school for the first time. I have no nerves or worries about my big boy but oh have I been kept up late at night worrying about my little miss. […]

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quick change trousers are still my favourite


School holidays are almost over and I’m trying to squeeze in a bit of sewing time when I can. When I get off Instagram. I think I’ve been a bit late to the Instagram party but am loving it. So many great people to follow and so much more interesting than facebook. Anway, quick change trousers […]

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