knitted for elodie – in threes

I think this will be my last knit of the year. I am well and truly in the busy season. Christmas drinks last night, drinks tonight at a neighbours, nativity rehearsal tomorrow, drinks and dinner tuesday, last day of school wednesday and our street Christmas party, hair appointment and so it goes on. Squeeze in last minute Christmas shopping and getting ready to host Christmas day here and I’m flat out.

This little knit just needed some ends weaved in and buttons put on but it’s been sitting there for a few weeks. On the dining room table staring at me.

The pattern is In threes by Kelly without a net. Knit up in Bendigo Woollen Mills Spring Cotton which is cotton with a hint of lycra which helps it keep its shape. It’s a real favourite of mine and great to use for little ones because you can just chuck it in the wash and it washes and dries really well.  And for new mums (and busy mums) that is the best thing you can ask for in a knit.

And I was going to call this post ‘ how to photograph a cardigan when your toddler won’t sit still’. She climbed the stairs

she showed her nappy, she did the back arch, she came down the stairs…..

 we went outside and she ran away from me……and it set the tone for the day because she ran away from all morning

she’d stop for a second so I could snap a pic……………and then she was off again

she tried to get out of the gates

And when we got to church she lasted most of mass sitting still but the last 10 minutes were spent coming and going and hanging out of a side door. During the nativity rehearsal she ran around, sat next to mary and joseph, ran out the back, pretended she was a big kid, didn’t want to leave!

But back to the cardigan – this is a great little project for beginners who are looking for their first proper cardigan. If you can cast on, cast off, do garter and stocking stitch then you can do this cardigan.

 And I’ll leave you with the dramatic pose of the day!

This would be the ‘now I don’t want to leave so you’ll have to carry me out of here pose’……we know it well!

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  1. This is so cute. You really inspire me to knit. I already completed the Milo pattern you shared and am crocheting these days.

  2. this is such a pretty cardigan. Elodie is growing up and behaving like a 2 year old. The twins I mind are both runners – one just follows the other – so I bought little back packs with reigns on them. I don’t need them always – but when I do it reminds them to walk with me. Carparks are where I really use them a lot. the girlies don’t mind them and it keeps them safe.

  3. kirsty higgins says:

    you have almost tempted me to pick up some needles and give this a go! i haven’t knitted since i was a kid though, i think it was a collingwood scarf about 30 odd years ago! miss elodie is a bit of a character!


  4. Maria do Carmo says:


  5. Oh my I have a runner too – and this morning he has discoverd if he sucks his stomach in he can squeeze through the gate! Never had a runner before so it is interesting to say the least. Elodie looks gorgeous in that colour. Have a great week Corrie – hopefully you will find a moments peace and quite to put your feet up. xo

  6. beautiful knitting … happy Christmas Corrie and thank you for a lovely year of posts!

  7. I saw this on Flickr and just had to come over and comment, it’s so gorgeous! The colour, the pattern, everything and I’m thinking as soon as I finish this cardigan for one of my girls, then knit the next one for her sister, then the other one for her other sister I might actually get to give this pattern a go 😉

  8. Adorable – remember when you were worried about her walking! I love that knit – I’m knitting that for a friends premmie bub x

  9. Yay for Elodie! She’s found her moves, and even more adorable than ever I might add! Love that knit Corrie, the colour and the summery look over a dress. Thanks for sharing at this busy time. Blessings to you and your sweet family. Big hugs, Jetts

  10. Heather Miller says:

    a very cute little girl ….wearing a lovely cardigan – love the colour. Elodie must have been tired after all that running away ! Have a great Christmas

  11. Wow Corrie, Elodie is growing up. She looks so adorable in her little cardigan. I would like one for myself, (a cardigan that is, not a toddler, as adorable as she is! haha) would be quite handy actually for those nights out at dinner and the air conditioner is freezing. Love the back arch photo, gave me a giggle :-)

  12. Chirstmas busy – I just love it!!! I must try this cardi as my christmas “sitting around relaxing” knit project ( I do one each year!)

  13. Cute cardi and a lovely colour. This pattern has been on my to do list for a while. You make it sound so easy. Maybe I should give it a go, and soon.

    I had to laugh at your description of the photo shoot with elodie. Sounds so familiar…

  14. Jantine Urban says:

    The cardigan is lovely, but I love the photo shoot even more. I can understand it made you tired, but you had me laughing out loud! By the way, did you see how much she looks like Keira in the last picture?

  15. Lorraine Fenton says:

    Just found this & would love to do it, but can’t find the pattern. What am I missing?

  16. love ur patterns but cant work out how to print them

    • oh thanks they aren’t my patterns but if you click on the link it should take you to ravelry and the pattern link is there to download. The patter link will be with the orginal designer who is called knitting without a net. My other favourite is the kina which is also on ravelry. Let me know if you’re still having trouble and I’ll get you the direct links

  17. great patterns


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