emerson’s granny square blanket

It’s done! just over a month in the making and now on his little bed to keep him warm. Emerson’s granny square blanket.
This is such an easy pattern and totally suitable for the beginner. You’ll find my pattern here and I made it to measure 63cm from one end to the other. I wanted it for the basinnette, car and pram so if you want bigger just keep going and going adding more rounds.
modelling it
I used Bendigo rustic in 12 ply and luxury in 10 ply and yes, you are right. They are different plys but actually turned out fine and achieved my goal of using something from the stash. I love the grey, just love it.
emerson's granny square blanket
I used my hamanaka crochet hooks and a size 8 (5mm).
it's done
Now I weave in my ends as I crochet so all I have to do is snip the ends when I’m finished.
ends to snip
And that my friends is one very easy baby blanket! Any questions just ask………….you’ll find ravelry details here. And if you know anything about babies then you’ll know that dear little emerson then threw up on his shoulder and sheet and required a full change of clothes and bedding just after these pics were taken. He has the biggest pile of clean laundry every day in this house.
the frown
And why yes, he is putting on lots of weight and loves to frown!!!!!


  1. I love the colour combination in your granny square blanket and that little boy of yours is looking very sweet indeed, especially the cute little frown:)

  2. Hee hee! It always amazed me that the smallest of people could generate the biggest pile of washing. He is totally gorgeous!

  3. I have been so keen to learn to crochet and this looks like the perfect place to begin! I love the colours of the blanket and Emerson is looking absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. It looks great (I love those colours together)
    Well done for using some of your stash.

  5. Nothing quite like a granny square blanket. He is a little chubba. So cute!

  6. Oh he is looking gorgeous! I love the colours you’ve chosen for the blanket. I wonder if you could just keep a few skeins aside and make it bigger as he grows…cot size then bed throw size? You wouldn’t ever need to discard it then.

  7. That is an awesome blanket! I wish I was that clever! Your little man is just gorgeous! :-)

  8. Such a serious lil dude :-)

  9. You are so clever! That blanket looks gorgeous! Emerson is lucky to have such a clever mum to make something like that! I feel bad for my Bubby because I know I’m never going to be that clever!!

  10. What a masculine colours, I love it! And looak at that frown….you are so adorable little Em… :*

  11. Now you got me thinking of crocheting blanket too! But Singapore is so warm and humid, I can only do it with cotton yarns.

    Can you recommend any cotton yarns? Do you have a favorite crochet hook brand too? I am addicted to crocheting after trying your addictive face cloth pattern (yes! The face cloth is truly addictive!!!!).

  12. Gorgeous colours, love the two together. Emerson is growing beautifully :)

  13. Oh Corrie, your bubby pics always make me so clucky. Such beautiful babes and such terrific photography.
    And the blanket is simply perfect, love the colours and the pattern is gorgeous, suits a little boy down to the ground.

  14. Awww such a gorgeous blanket but really he’s stolen the show here, he is just delicious!!! Wish I could crochet

  15. Love that blanket, and your little man is such a doll :)

  16. So so true Corrie and that’s great advice. Xx

  17. I love those colours together Corrie!

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