elodie’s knitted coat

Well it’s done. Nothing like a rainy saturday morning in your dressing gown to decide it’s time to finish off a little knit. And I love this little coat. Knit all in one piece starting from the hood down this pattern is a great one for making a little winter coat in no time.
The trickiest bit for me was actually doing the i-cord loops and buttons and getting them to sit evenly on the coat and I won’t win any awards for sewing them on. But for a first go I’m pretty happy with it and the buttons and loops (made in Bendigo cotton 8 ply scraps) are a perfect contrast.
ta da
The yarn came from Bendigo’s backroom and the whole coat comes in at $16 which I always like to brag to retro daddy about. Balances out all the other shopping I do for kids that isn’t so thrifty!
the back
Pattern is here, yarn from Bendigo’s backroom (stashed on ravelry here) and ravelry details on my project are all here.
finn makes her laugh
ear muffs
who needs music to have fun
cute hood
This is definitely one to add to your projects and I’ll be making it again. I’m so in love with it and it’s keeping little elodie warm so it’s win win.


  1. It looks great Corrie…and so warm! Makes me wish I could knit! xx

  2. It’s Gorgeous! I’ve never knitted a garment in one piece before do I’d love to try this! I am also eagerly awaiting my first order from Bendigo woollen mill. Such lovely colours and really well priced :)

  3. I like it! And Elodie is the cutest!!

  4. Corrie you are SO clever! I love it. And her. She is hilarious!

  5. Deus te abençoe ELOIDE!

  6. I love it! I want one for me!

  7. Love the colour, so pretty. Elodie is super cute.

  8. THat is GORGEOUS! I’m fortunate enough to have a nanna who’s jumped into knitting with a vengeance, but she’s starting to inspire me to dig out the needles and start on my stash…


  9. So cute Corrie. Looks like Miss Elodie loves it too xxx

  10. Corrie, the coat looks gorgeous; such a scrumptious colour.

    Elodie is so sweet: I imagine you are enjoying special time with her before her new brother arrives.

  11. You are so clever! I can see another coming up for bubba boy!? And is that a new couch I spy???

  12. So cute and it sits really well which can be tricky with hoodies.
    PS – love the retro stairs!

  13. So cute and it sits really well which can be tricky with hoodies.
    PS – love the retro stairs!

  14. Elodie is sooooo sweet!!!

  15. HOW gorgeous is she?!!! Well done mumma it lOoks gorgeous x

  16. Well done, that’s gorgeous.

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  18. This looks like a lovely knit- and how adorable is Elodie with the ear muffs on!

  19. oh Corrie, your Elodie is such a cutie, and so love the coat, the colour suits Elodie, good work.

  20. Corrie you’ve done it again! Thanks for all the knit details :) Cheeky Elodie with those ear muffs, she’s just adorable (and warm!)

  21. That second last shot is fantastic! What a character Elodie is, she is beautiful Corrie.
    And the jacket is amazing! I love the way you say it is so simple… I would be LOST on a pattern for something like that. Clever you xo

  22. Sold!! I think I’ll be doing this one for my youngest. Checked out the pattern – and I have to admit yours is far cuter than their stock photos 😉

    I would be curious to know if you have any recommendations for kids over 5. I have a 7 year old who is still (gasp) willing to wear things I make. Any suggestions?

    Love your blog, it’s the first thing I check every morning!

  23. I love that second-to-last photo! So cute + happy.

  24. She does look rather chuffed with it Corrie. I think I need to make my way over to the backroom and see what I can add to my stash.

  25. Elodie is so cute! You are a wonder – the jacket looks perfect and it seems as though you made it in no time at all (I keep forgetting you are pregnant – you are amazing!)!!

  26. What a little cutie! Oh and the jacket is pretty good too!!!

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