my first shawl is finished

Well today I finished knitting my very first shawl. And as I was knitting it I was absolutely convinced that I would never knit another shawl again. Quick project they are not. But actually now that it has been blocked and modelled I just love the shawl. And I’m ready to cast on another one. Call me crazy. Ravelry details are here.

And when I started this shawl I had visions of myself doing some very stylish shawl photos that you see on ravelry. Arms out and the shawl in all its glory. But when you’re the mother of 5 little ones it looks more like this….

and this………….mummy tummy and all

and I had to give retro daddy a crash course in how I wanted the pictures to look. So no better way to do that then have him model and show him the photo……getting in touch with his feminine side.

and here I am with the pose I really wanted!

Now I have to say that the colour is so amazing, a few shades of purple in the wool just make this pretty special and I’m sure the total cost for this would be about $16 or so. Sure to keep retro daddy happy AND I used up some of the stash too

Ravelry details are here. Pattern is called Textured Shawl Recipe by Orlane here and I followed the instructions for Famous Country. Except that I ran out of wool. Minor problem. So I did a smaller band of garter stitch. But this is super easy – if you can knit, purl and make 1 (m1) then you can do this shawl). The wool is Bendigo Woollen Mills Allegro which is no longer available unless you can find some on ravelry here.

And this will be heading off to Oklahoma for the dear sweet mum of our friend Nicky who was tragically taken too soon. It was my little way of doing something special and thoughtful. And I couldn’t be more in love with this if I tried. It’s just perfect and a winner. And if you haven’t made a shawl yet then just do it………if only just to get some great posing with it when you’re done.


  1. Beautiful and refined, even on retro-daddy. I am so envious because my tension is way too hopeless to ever do anything so nice. Cherrie

  2. Linda Mason says:

    Beautiful as always Corrie

  3. Linda Mason says:

    And I can’t see the mummy tummy at all

  4. WOW this is handmade?! It’s absolutely beautiful!!
    Love the color too. I like that it’s not just purple but a mix of colors :)

  5. The colour is just lovely! You’re very talented Corrie :) I wish I could knit but my tension always ends up too tight and I get frustrated and give up! One day…


  6. Charlotte E says:

    I love it and I think it looks great wrapped over your shoulders. Its a shame that you have to send it away, but very thoughtful of you. I think this means that you need to make another one for yourself!

  7. I have a pattern for a shawl i keep looking at, now you’ve made me want to do it even more! I’m a real newbie to knitting though. I’m just getting to the end of my first project ever – a vest for my son. Hmmm this might need to be next on the list!

  8. What a great achievement and thoughtful gift for your first shawl, Corrie! Congtrats!

  9. A gorgeous shawl Corrie. I am sure the mum will absolutely love it with all the love you knitted into it. I think another one would be perfect just for you!

  10. Beautiful

  11. beautiful work Corrie and a lovely thought as well.

  12. Wendy Morris says:

    I looked on Ravelry and all the wools say 1 , 2 , 3 or more but in stash and not for sale
    Why are they there then ?
    It doesn’t make sense to me
    Can you explain ?
    Yours is just gorgeous :)

  13. What a beautiful gift Corrie, I love the colour.

  14. It’s beautiful Corrie! And what a sweetheart you are to make such a wonderful gift for your friend!

  15. Just Us says:

    LOVE!!! and loving your dress too :)

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