where do I buy my wool/yarn/knitting stash?

Another knitting question popped up in my inbox. Where do I buy my yarn? Good question. Most of my stash over the past few years has come from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Good value, Australian yarns and you buy direct from the mill. Just get in touch with them to get on their mailing list and you will receive their shade card and latest releases and they have a big sale towards the end of the year which is a great excuse to stock up (and save money). Something I learnt early on in marriage is the importance of telling your other half how much you are saving them.

mmmmm cotton
If you’re ever in Bendigo then a trip to the ‘back room’ is a must. You can buy all of their regular yarns in their shop but you can also go out the back and get all the clearance stuff. Old ranges, odd weights, samples and more. A great place to shop. And a little tip if you’re on ravelry and you find a pattern you like, you can search through the projects that other people have made (it’s a tab up the top) and put in bendigo and see if anyone has made it from Bendigo or a yarn you have at home. Makes a really easy way to substitute if you’re new to it all!

the back room

Now when I returned from the UK to get married I was stuck on english yarns. Namely Debbie Bliss and Rowan. I was and still am a huge Debbie Bliss fan. My favourite place to buy from now is Suzy Hausfrau an online store based in Canberra. Lots of lovely colours and ranges and I like using these yarns when I’m making something for a baby or a special present. Definitely check out the store here.

baby cashmerino - my love

Other great aussie shops that I’ve bought from before and you might like to visit are Wool Baa in Albert Park (love Albert Park), The Wool Shack (online in WA), and SunSpun in Canterbury and that’s just off the top of my head. I also love eBay as there are stores that you can buy from too. If I’ve missed your favourite store then let me know……………………..a reader just reminded me of Nundle Woollen Mill here

Hope that helps answer a few questions……always here to help you build up your stash:)


  1. I’m a big Bendigo fan too, love, love, love their cottons! Waiting on a delivery of some pretty colours now actually :)

    • Sharon Barker says:

      You wouldn’t happen to have 1/2 ball of classic coral would you in 5ply.

      I just need enough to finish two sleeves. for a child.

      • ahhhh no but are you ravelry? on there is the bendigo group and you can put ISO and people will check their stash for you. What a pain for you!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m a big fan of Bendigo. My mum has been buying yarn from there for years and now I do too. They have a really good range of quality Australian yarn and the prices are FANTASTIC!

    If you have a local yarn shop you should really consider purchasing yarn from there too. We used to have a lovely little shop here in town, but it’s gone now :(

  3. I used to live round the corner from Nundle Woollen mills. They have some beautiful wools!

  4. Just as well I don’t (yet) knit of crochet – that post could have been dangerous LOL
    I think my fabric stash is out of control enough without starting another hobby. I don’t have the room :)

  5. Does that sign say strictly no posting from bargain room? is that meant for you and other random bloggers?

  6. Thanks Corrie.. I just wrote a post yesterday on my blog and said “does anyone know where I can buy knitting, crochet and embroidery supplies online?” .. And then you wrote this post!!

    I am on full best rest for the next 6 months after having a stillborn last year and desperately looking for craft that I can do while in bed!

  7. Thank you Corrie!! I’ve been thinking a class would be great to start me off and I just checked Wool Baa’s site and they have them. Can you believe I don’t really know this shop despite growing up in Albert Park and am there three times a week as mum and dad live there still!!! Thank you heaps!!! (POWER OF THE WEB!)

  8. não estou conseguindo finalizar comentários,mas continuo te vendo todos os dias .Beijos e Bençãos.

  9. Foi só escrever desabafo desaforado para comentário ir,arrrrre…….Feliz dia internacional da mulher para você!!!Dias felizes todos os dias,o ano todo.Estou adorando essa conversa sobre trico e afins,sabedoria não está faltando por ai…faço trico e crochê desde os 12 anos,e lá vai teeempo.a minha primeira peça foi um sapatinho para o meu irmão caçula,ficou enorme e eu chorei muito.Depois que me explicaram que o sapato não era grande,meu irmão é que era prematuro,kakakakBeijos e Bençãos.Beijos nas crianças lindas.

  10. In Melbourne there is a great little shop in Rosanna called Woolybutt Knitting. The ladies there are lovely and really knowledgeable.

  11. I recently discovered Morris and Sons in York Street Sydney. They have Debbie Bliss and Jo Sharp and lots of other gorgeous wool. And I have found them to be very helpful!

  12. Hi Corrie, there’s a lovely little wool shop that also has a cafe in Wembley, Perth called Woollylatte’s for any Western Australian readers who don’t know about them. They run knitting and crochet workshops, and also make a fabulous coffee. I know that they have Debbie Bliss yarns and also some Rowan yarns. They also carry other yarns (not too sure which ones), but they are only a small shop so don’t have a huge range.

  13. Oooh, cool. I love your new website layout (sorry, it’s probably been a while, but I haven’t had the chance to scoot around blogs for such a long time!) – it’s so easy to find stuff. I have just decided to start learning to knit *properly* and was wondering where I should look for my yarn. Little did I know I should be looking in Bendigo! I will be there in two weeks’ time. I think I’ll have to pay the wool mill a visit!
    thanks Corrie :)

  14. I have recently been picking up some goodies online from a new store just opened up in Fitzroy called Yarn + Co. What a cool looking shop! http://www.yarnandco.com

  15. Crafty Frog in Canberra carries an extensive range of Australian & New Zealand wool, with some luxury yarns from Italy, Spain & Peru. If you don’t like the thin fluffy acrylic stuff offered by the majors, try a local independent like Crafty Frog.

  16. Sharyn Pender says:

    Hi I am chasing heirloom 4ply knitting cotton colour number 686 a blue grey. I believe it is now out of production. If you have any I would like the lot thanks Sharyn

    • Hi there, I’m afraid I just use the bendigo not the heirloom but if you go to revelry and the bendigo group or Australian knitters group you can ask thousands of knitters and people check their stash for you

      Thank you

  17. Fond a new wool store called Woolarium
    Stocks great range
    Address: 211A High Street, Northcote, Victoria 3071
    Telephone: 03 9486 5275
    Email: shop@woolarium.com


  1. […] super easy – if you can knit, purl and make 1 (m1) then you can do this shawl). The wool is Bendigo Woollen Mills Allegro which is no longer available unless you can find some on ravelry […]

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