emerson in tiKKi’s Milo

If there is one thing I’m missing at the moment it’s my craft. I did a round of knitting last night and then emerson woke up, someone needed something and that was it. All over, red rover. But just a little bit of craft in my day makes me happy so I might take my knitting out with me over the weekend to grab some knitting time in the car.
happy chappy


But I have managed to block emerson’s milo and it’s looking lovely. Blocking is something I never did when I started knitting but it makes a difference and I knew I wanted the cable to look right with this little project. If you’ve never blocked before it’s super easy.

super hero moves

For this little knit I just wet it in the bathroom sink with enough water to make it wet but not too much. Then I lay it out on a towel outside. Because it’s so little and all in one I stretched it out to spread out the cable and made sure the hemline was straight and even.



And I left it to dry. For other knits I use my sewing pins and pin down the knit to the towel to stretch into shape but this one was easy and didn’t need any pins.


I love this pattern so much that I’ve already cast one on for Elodie in a size 2 in pink.
 And I’m sure if Emerson could talk he’d tell me how much he loves it – after he told me how much he loved me of course – wouldn’t that be nice if babies could tell us what they wanted!


  1. Goodness he looks so cosy & snug. Beautiful work as always darling Corrie.
    Best thing for me having lots of babies at my feet while i sewed on the machine or hand stitched, was giving them some sewing supplies to play with too – they’d soon move onto something else, but never felt excluded or resented me sewing. Worked a treat. Especially when they knew i was making something for them – like Keira’s request to have the same fancy patchwork quilt that you made Tillie!!
    Of course not with a new born on my boob, although, i did used to hand stitch when i had one baby (more challenging while feeding twins together.) As a result i have 4 super crafty children, now winning awards in high school. Only i’ll be sending them to Auntie Corrie for the knitting, i still haven’t nailed that craft!! Ditto crochet.
    Your children are picking up on beautiful lifelong skills. It’s just gorgeous. Love Posie

  2. Gosh that little knit is lovely and your baby even lovelier, he is a very smoochable boy!

  3. Oh Emerson is so cute and looks so wonderful in the little knit. I know you are longing for craft in your day and I know that you know babies and little people grow up so quickly. Soon they will all be at school and you will have all the time in the world. In the meantime, I hope you can squeeze a little more than one row of knitting in. Good luck and enjoy your time away.
    Anne xx

  4. He looks so handsome, and your knitting is gorgeous, I hope you get some done over the weekend!

  5. The knit is gorgeous Corrie and so is you littlest man!

    Learning how to knit is definately on my list… I have found the most gorgeous knitted skirt pattern for Sunny! Obviously too advanced for a beginner like me… Thank Goodness for aunt’s who can knit!

    Sophie xo

  6. What a gorgeous little sweater!
    I remember my mother knitting on car trips…and at home of course…it was somehow soothing watching her knit.
    I used to know how to knit…but I think I have lost the skills…I will have to try again at some point!

  7. I love that sweater Corrie – so beautiful. And the cable is excellent. Thanks for the tips on blocking. I need to do that. I am usually too excited when I finish something to do it… Loved Posie’s story about giving some craft supplies to amuse the little ones. I remember my oldest at 3 saying to me – okay you be the lady sewing in the middle of the quilt store and I will help you pick fabric!!

  8. Blocking really only applies to stretching something out and changing the look/shape of it. The rest of the time it’s just washing and letting dry. It’s a great misnomer.

  9. Gorgeous Milo, and gorgeous Emerson who looks so much like retrodaddy already!

  10. This looks absolutely amazing! Everything I have seen that you have knitted has been to die for! I wish I had your amazing knitting skills! Maybe you could somehow run an online knitting school so we can all join in on your amazing skills!!!

  11. I know this post probably has something to do with knitting or something, but I cannot stop staring at Emerson! He is delectable xx

  12. You’ve done a beautiful job on your Milo and the colour looks gorgeous on Emerson :)

  13. Thanks for the blocking “how to” Corrie – it seems to be something assumed so easy no one ever explains it!!! Emerson looks so lovely in this knit.

  14. Oh Corrie, the knit AND Emerson are absolutely scrumptious. Such a gorgeous little design for the small people. I think he would tell you he loves you VERY much if he could talk! xo

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