what to bake for the cake stall

A big white box came home with us today in preparation for the cake stall at the fete. I’m excited and now need to choose what to bake. With a tree full of lemons I’m thinking a lemon cake with icing. If you’re stuck with what to bake for your next cake stall then I’ve put a bit of a list together for you. Happy baking………………….I’m so hungry for some homemade cake after putting this list together!

egg cracking

banana bread

my low fat banana bread

caramel slice

chocolate brownies

super rich brownies

chocolate raspberry brownies


nicely iced chocolate brownies

chocolate pretzel cookies

cinnamon teacake

gluten free carrot cake (I would leave out the nuts!)

lemon drizzle cake

old fashioned orange sponge

Old fashioned orange sponge cake!!!! Only 50g butter whole cake:) so u can eat more

jam drops

old school chocolate slice

pineapple fruit cake

rocky road

rum balls

cranberry + pistachio shortbread 

(check on the nuts policy and just leave out pistachios if necessary)

smarties tart

smarties tart ready for the fridge

toffee apple teacake

vegan chocolate fudge cake

What’s your favourite thing to bake (or buy) from the cake stall?


  1. Sharine says:

    Perfect timing. My two got sent home with a plate each for this Friday lol.

  2. Sarah (Splish Splash Designs) says:

    How awesome are cake stalls!! Love buying a cheap, yummy cake / slice. My favourite growing up was the toffee with hundreds and thousands on the top in a cupcake paper. Your ones all look delish! :)

  3. So many lovely ideas!

  4. I always make Lemon Ginger Coconut Slice for our cake stalls and it always sells out. Last week I was craving chocolate so I made your Brownies and today I was looking for something quick for lunch boxes so I made your One Cup Cookies. Now I’m thinking your Lemon Drizzle Cake looks good, so I may just need to start reading your blog on the treadmill!

  5. Oh this has made me want cake! I must agree as above one of my favourtie childhood memories for me also was going to the school fete and lining up to buy the toffee with the hundreds and thousands in a cupcake holder :-)

  6. Book marking this, I love baking and am always on the look out for new recipes to try xo

  7. Such a great post. I can’t thank you enough for the cinnamon teacake recipe I literally make it monthly and everytime it goes within a day and everyone says how nice the house smells!

  8. Oh this so tasty, i love every bit of it!

  9. Without a doubt I would buy butter tarts. My mom’s butter tarts preferably, but now that she’s gone that can’t happen. But that doesn’t mean I’m not on the look out for a reasonable facsimile. While I know my way around a kitchen I’ve never mastered pastry and well, you know, everyone thinks their mom cornered the market on the best pastry. Thanks for,the great recipes. I’ll definitely be trying some of them out.

  10. Lovely cake stall ideas. I usually buy things that I don’t make & that’s biscuits – I don’t make them often unless my son wants to cook them. I’m a cake or brownie girl

  11. You know I can’t go past a toffee. I just love them.

  12. Hi Corrie and ladies here,

    I am not from Australia, so I do not really understand. What exactly is ‘cake stalls at the fete’? Setting up some stalls selling cakes for charity event? Something like a carnival/fun fair?

  13. Banana Bread just of the oven for Granparents Day Mass and Morning Tea tomorrow!
    The house smells DIVINE!!

  14. Christie says:

    Yum I will have the lemon drizzle, orange sponge, apple tea cake mmmmm
    I reckon your sundae rocky road would sell really well at a fete! I like to make lemon curd tarts which is more of a biscuit/tart made into a ball and pressed into a mini muffin tin then filled with lemon/passionfruit curd and baked. So easy once you’ve done the curd. I do mine in the microwave.

  15. Hi Corrie, brilliant ideas, and so yummy! Are all those recipes available on your blog? Hint, hint… Thanks! :)

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