easy banana bread

We love a good banana bread recipe in this house but sometimes I can’t be bothered creaming my butter and sugar! So here is our current favourite recipe which I’ve made so I don’t have to get out my mixer! We whipped up a loaf today which made for some lovely afternoon tea. And I have to tell you this is a favourite recipe of lots of my readers. It is such a winner! Thank you to everyone who tells me that this is their favourite banana bread recipe. If you have a thermomix you might prefer my banana bread in the thermomix recipe.

2 large mashed bananas
125g melted butter
2 Tbsp maple syrup (optional)
2 Tbsp milk
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 Cup castor sugar (or brown)

Combine butter, maple syrup, milk, eggs, sugar and add banana to this mixture. Sift in flour and baking powder and pour into lined loaf tin. Bake for about  1 – 1 1/4 hours in 170C oven. Cool on cake rack and serve warm. If your mixture is a little too wet just add a tablespoon or two of sifted flour. Another little tip is to freeze 2 or 3 peeled bananas in a ziplock bag or freezer container, mash while slightly frozen and pop them in your cake mix…..too easy! I also added some sultanas in this loaf but little choc chips are also a great addition!

And this is what happens when you turn your back on a toddler…they reach up and grab cake for themselves rather than ask for another piece…lovely Keira, just lovely!


  1. I am going to try that one. Bananas are waiting in the fridge to be used.

  2. Another great recipe Corrie! Look forward to trying it. xox

  3. Thanks for another great recipe! I’ll be trying this one too… At least you know Keira likes your cooking!

  4. ooh looks good, might try that one.

  5. Bananas already in the freezer. Must make that one ASAP.
    Andi :-)

  6. A great recipe to have, thanks for sharing. I really love melt and mix recipes, easy and healthy because it’s still homemade. Thanks for the recipe.:)

  7. Yummm! I’ll have to give it a try.


  8. Hehe, looks like your cake passed the toddler approval test! :)

    Thanks for sharing the recipe, Corrie, I love that I don’t have to take my mixer out.

  9. Looks really yummy! I can almost smell it. Mmmm.

    Naughty Keira! But she makes me laugh!

  10. What a great recipe! This is exactly what I needed on Sunday morning when I was trawling my recipe folder, books, delicious links etc. I settled on a taste.com recipe – but I had to get my beaters out.

  11. That looks really yummy, and simple too. Thanks.

  12. Well YIPPEEE!! I LOVE melt and mix recipes and to have one for banana cake is just fantastic!!!! Thanks so much. Your frittata recipe has been such a huge hit so I’m sure this one will be very well received! My Lucinda ate the corner off her 2nd birthday cake so it was a star with one less point!!

  13. Mmmm — I like your thinking to save all that creaming. And Kiera’s a girl after my own heart — isn’t that the way banana bread should be eaten — in a big handful???

  14. I’m going to have to make this next time I get bananas. Being a mom to a active toddler doesn’t give me much time these days, so I really appreciate the fact that this doesn’t need creaming. THANK YOU! Geez, I am so tired from running after her today. I really just want to cry from the exhaustion.

  15. I made this today and it was great. I used dark choc chips and my little girl really enjoyed her afternoon tea.
    I have given you an award on my blog too: http://stepforddreams.blogspot.com/

  16. looks great! ill have to save this and try it when i get bananas.

    At least it was your toddler that took a sneaky little swipe! my 7 yo Aspie DS took a large hand full of a freshly made mud cake teo nights running. ruined my lovely treat as it was not edible. :(

    Thanks again
    (hope701 EB)

  17. Corrie, I made this recipe tonight. Smells divine. Have not tasted it yet, as I just took it out from the oven, but I am sure it taste delicious. Thanks.

  18. thanks so much for this recipe!!! i just made it……smells and tastes incredible!!!

  19. That looks delicious! Lovely and moist. I can see why a certain someone couldn’t resist…:)

  20. Have just popped one in the oven! Hope it
    tastes as yummy as the mixture!!

  21. Hiya, lovely recipy. Found it on Pinterest and would like to give it a go. Is the 170 for the oven Celsius? I’m assuming so, but thought I’d better ask. 😀

  22. This looks like my type of easy recipe, with easy alterations to make it into something slightly different. Thanks.

  23. What is castor sugar??

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