vegan chocolate fudge cake

I’m back in the kitchen, baby! It’s been a while and all due to the fact that the painters have been here and we’ve been upstairs and staying out of their way. Now we are back downstairs (yay) and I can just walk a couple of steps to the kitchen instead of leaving everyone upstairs and behind 2 sets of gates and dash down and then dash back up the stairs again.

It’s been a long time between cakes so I decided I had to make one. I found this recipe amongst all my class notes from when I did a vegetarian cooking diploma over in the UK. But it had a few processes and ingredients that took a bit of time so I simplified it, played around with quantities and am happy to say it was a real success. Retro daddy admitted he had his reservations but it was delicious. And he’s a man who likes cake and doesn’t really care for dairy free or vegan stuff.

This cake is so delicious and rich and is vegan, dairy free and egg free BUT tastes so good. I can’t say it’s fat free or calorie free but for a special treat it’s a winner. If you like your cakes really sweet or you’re making it for a party then add some icing using a dairy free margarine like nutelex, icing sugar, bit of boiling water and cocoa.


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chocolate fudge cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
delicious, rich and easy
Recipe type: vegetarian, baking
Serves: 16
What you'll need
  • 270ml can of light coconut cream
  • 50g cocoa powder
  • 275g brown sugar
  • 200mls vegetable oil
  • 450g plain flour
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  1. Pour coconut cream, sugar and cocoa into TM bowl. Process for 10 seconds on speed 4. Add in oil and process a further 10 -20 seconds on speed 4.
  2. Add in sifted flour and baking powder and process for 30 seconds on speed 4, scraping down bowl once.
  3. **Pour into lined cake tin (I use a square tin that is always easy to line) and bake for about 45 minutes in a 180C/350F oven until a knife/skewer comes out clean.
  4. Leave on rack to cool but of course I enjoyed it warm.
  5. If you don't have a thermomix just put your coconut cream, sugar, oil and cocoa in a food processor and combine. Sift in dry ingredients and combine well and follow from **.


I’ve included instructions for Thermomix owners and just the regular way. I hope you enjoy it. I also looked into sugar for you, if you are making the cake for a vegan, and in Australia you will be fine with australian made sugar because there are no processes that add animal products. Phew. I just wanted to make sure because you have to be careful with these things.


  1. Wow Corrie your house is really coming along beautifully. White is so beautiful. I’m excited by your recipes because i now have a TM and looovvving it so much. Your little man is absolutely gorgeous too. Cheers, Trish

  2. Today’s TM recipe for me! I just love my new toy!! :)

  3. Natalie Earl says:

    Oooh yum, I haven’t tried any of my vegan choc cake recipes in my TMX yet, will have to add some coconut cream to my next shopping list – this sounds lovely :)

  4. Can you taste the coconut I wonder?

  5. Oh lovely thank you.just make banana choc chip muffins

  6. Would it work as cupcakes? It’s my little boys birthday Tuesday and the second day of kindy, I planned to make cup cakes but was worried about allergies.

  7. Thanks for the recipe Corrie I made it this afternoon for my daughter who is dairy intolerant. It was lovely. You couldn’t taste the coconut milk in it and it wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be

  8. Looks yum! I have a brother with allergies so recipes like this are awesome.

  9. Corrie, I am SO making this. I just posted a genuinely totally healthy chocolate cake which is great but sometimes one just needs flour and sugar. Having met two lovely vegan mums recently at school, it’s great to have some cakes that I know they’ll love when we meet up.

  10. Hi Corrie, love your blog, especially your quilting. Great to see a vegan recipe, will be trying this one out for sure, never thought of using coconut cream!

  11. Mama of 2 boys says:

    That looks absolutely delectable Corrie and though I’m not usually one for vegan type recipes, this one is chocolatey and rich, so it ticks the boxes for me :) xo

  12. Thanks for sharing Corrie!
    Haven’t got a Thermie, but worked wonderfully with some minor tweaks. Used only 180g of coconut sugar and replaced the oil with coconut butter, then added also a tsp of vanilla. Perfect, and just to answer a previous commenters question, it does not taste much of coconut (if using regular oil).

  13. looks delicious.

  14. anne seery says:

    Looks delicious…..will be trying this recipe :) Thanks xx

  15. I just made this for my sister’s baby shower (she’s dairy intolerant) I only tasted the batter but it is LOVELY. Not healthy, but soooo yummy as a dessert ought to be. =0) Thanks!

  16. Hello Corrie,
    Thanks for this lovely looking recipe. Do you think it would work well with gluten free flour? I need to make a gluten free, dairy free, egg free treat for a kid’s party – and this one looks great.
    Thanks in advance,

    • oh yes, lately I substitute the white wings gf flour into everything without a problem! go for it and let me know how it goes. the only thing I do is that if it says SR flour and I’m using a gf SR flour I still add a pinch of baking powder just to be sure because the gf flour is a diff consistency:) :)

  17. I needed a dairy free cake for my little boy, who is turning two. This one looks great and at the moment is in the oven. I can’t wait for tomorrow to have a slice. Even “licking the spoon” was yammy.

  18. Julie Swift says:

    Would this work in the same proportions with GF flour?

    • yes if you use a gluten free flour that is a cup for cup substitute like White Wings GF or Woolworths Macro – assuming you’re in australia:) then it’s lovely!

  19. These look absolutely incredible!!

  20. I made this recipe last week except instead of oil I pureed a can of apples. Also added in some grated dark chocolate. It was the best! I have made it twice this week. Thank you, thank you!

  21. could you replace the vegetable oil with coconut oil? and the plain flour with garbanzo flour???

  22. Thank you so much! I made this for my boys 5th birthday last minute kind of thing. It was so easy and delicious!

  23. Hi, can I use a can of coconut milk instead? My local shops don’t stock cans of coconut cream.

  24. Hi Corrie! Just wondering what size cake tin you use? Not sure if I should double the mixture to make a double round cake? Thanks ☺️

  25. How far in advance can you make this cake? Also can you freeze it?

    • thank you, yes if you wrapped the cake up well you could freeze it. It will stay fresh just as long as any other cake you’d make but I always think cake tastes best on the day it’s made:)


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