my favourite summer recipes

woo hoo it’s the first day of summer! And we’re having a mini heatwave just in case we didn’t know it was the 1st December. Keira’s grade at school have a special party there this afternoon with Sparkles the Clown (!) but with the temperature supposed to hit 38 degrees so I think I’ll be calling ahead to make sure it’s still on. It’s our first summer without the pool and I only miss it on really hot days.

And while I’m not in the kitchen as much as I’d like to be these days I am lucky enough to have a blog full of recipes. So behind the scenes I’ve been slowly going through my favourite recipes here on my blog and getting them transferred to the new recipe card thingamajiggy. And here are my favourite summer recipes to keep you going for a while……………………just click on the recipe title to go to the recipe.

Quinoa Salad


Donna Hay’s BLT spaghetti

donna hay's BLT spaghetti

best ever cold frittata

bacon frittata

easiest frittata for kids

easiest frittata

quinoa burger

quinoa burgers

pumpkin, spinach and feta salad

PW’s Pasta with pesto cream sauce


I think that should keep you going for a while! More to come just as soon as I can make up more recipe cards!


  1. Each recipe looks so delicious!! Thanks for sharing Corrie. Have a lovely weekend with your beautiful family

  2. Your seasonal posts always make me laugh when I see the titles. Because we are in the opposite hemisphere, so we are just embarking on winter. I thought the recipe post was hopeful thinking by someone heading into winter, until I saw it was your post. Enjoy your lovely summer!=)

  3. I love the look of that salad. I am sure you will miss the pool – do you have plans for one in your new garden? Keep cool and well hydrated.

  4. these are sooooo yummy

  5. Those salads look yum! So glad summer is finally here, though I think it can keep the 38 degree days, just a tad too hot for me.

  6. Gosh it gets hot in Oz. We would only reach those temps on the very hottest of hot hot summer days. It’s too hot for me. I like it to stay under 30 degrees! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Natalie Earl says:

    Ohhh yummm, thanks for sharing these!

  8. Simply crazy seeing you in the Pools and hearing things like 38 degrees.
    Last night the first snow fell. And it stayed. Here are around 10 centimeter of it.
    But thank you for the quinoa recipe =).
    I love to read your Blog and see your Adorable childs smile and have a happy live ! =)

  9. Three of your vegie recipes (Quinoa Salad, Donna Hays BLT pasta & curry fritters) feature in our meal plan this week and the meals have been delicious!!! I previously struggled to find a tasty recipe with quinoa but this one was a total winner…hubby loved it too! I’ve just prepared the batter for our curry fritters tonight and already look forward to my first bite!

    Thanks so much for posting easy and tasty vegetarian recipes….I’ll be trying more of them! :-)

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