easiest frittata for kids

A few of you have asked me on facebook what my little ones eat for dinner! And I have to tell you  that they like their food simple. Nothing remotely spicy, saucy or too green. One of their favourites (and mine too because it’s so easy) is this simple frittata. It doesn’t get easier than this and I often toss in some smoked salmon, fresh herbs or a small can of tuna every now and then. Enjoy.

easiest frittata

8 eggs
1 cup fresh or frozen vegetables (whatever you have)
2/3 cup cream
1 cup cheese

Get your kids to make this as they love cracking the eggs but just get them to crack into a cup and tip each egg into the mixing bowl one by one. This avoids fishing out any shell from your mixture. So crack your eggs, whisk them and add in cream. You  can season with salt and pepper but I leave it out for the kids and season my own serving. Whisk again then pour into a lined square tin. Sprinkle vegetables evenly over the top and spread them out before topping with cheese. Bake in a 200 degrees oven for 25-30 minutes until golden on top. How easy is that!
easiest frittata


  1. Sunday night dinner here we go!

    Thanks Corrie – this is a treasure and I think I’ll pass it straight on to the 12yo to make for us = doubly delicious.

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  2. Mmmm. This is making me hungry.

  3. Looks yummy and super simple. A must try recipe for sure.

  4. Fantastic! This is definitely going in the recipe file :) Would be great for school lunches too.

  5. Yum! So lovely and simple. My hubbie is away this week so could be on the menu for just us 4 :)

  6. Fabulous Corrie, THANK YOU! I’m always trying to find quick and easy recipes that will entice the boys, this one looks SO easy :o) xo

  7. My boys had it for dinner and loved it! Thank you.

  8. Thank you for the reminder for what I’m going to do with all the eggs and the cream i’ve got in the fridge! Make your frittata! Great lunchbox food…

  9. That looks fabulous Corrie! I was just about to try your cold frittata recipe as well – have got my eggs and cream at the ready…..

  10. You again forgot to post the temperature but I am still trying it at 200 degrees celsius.

    Will be ready any minute and I am curious how it will turn out. Oh, and hubby insisted I put some chopped vienna sausages in, too.

    If he and I like it, maybe it will be served regularily. :-)

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Does this freeze?
    I am just trying to get 2 weeks worth of meals into the freezer for over the school holidays :)

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