Meal Plan : Week 7

Oops I’m a little late again! We’ve had a few dramas and things going on and a crazy week with 2 parent information nights, 2 nights of cheerleading, 2 nights of school musical rehearsal so this week’s dinners are super easy and quick to get on the table

Day 1

Chicken Noodle Stir Fry (GF if you use tamari) 

Super easy. Just make a regular stir fry, we did our usual chicken stir fry but added in a pack of vermicelli noodles (that had been soaked in hot water then drained) and an egg. You need a bit more water for the noodles to soak up as they are cooking but it’s delicious AND my pickiest eaters just had the noodles with some chicken and a vegetable or two.

Day 2

Tuna Macaroni (GF option) 

Crowd favourite here. Just a big bag of pasta cooked with 1 batch of white sauce made in the thermomix (or old fashioned way on the stove), 1 can of sirena tuna in oil, some mustard and salt and pepper and a cup of grated cheese all mixed together. The kids love it and most have seconds. I now use a 750g bag of pasta for my growing appetites.

Day 3

Spaghetti Bolagnese (GF option) 

Pulling out all the crowd favourites this week. I throw in a few finely grated vegetables like carrot, celery and zucchini to bulk up the mince and because my kids never notice the hidden veggies. The kids love it. We made ours GF with a box of Barilla GF pasta.

Day 4

Fish or chicken wraps

Super easy. Oven fish or chicken strips in wraps with lettuce, tomato, avocado and some mayo/your favourite sauce. The kids love it and it’s a great one if you are heading out for the night and leaving little people with a babysitter

Day 5

Chicken and vegie balls with rice  (GF) 

You can use this recipe here to make your own but I am using 2 packets of Cleavers paleo meatballs which I love. I steam mine in the top of the thermomix with some cut up vegetables and cook the rice at the same time. Kids love it and adults too.

Day 6

Quiche maraichere (V) 

golden cheese on top

Well it’s weekend time so a vegetable quiche that takes a little longer is perfect for dinner. My favourite way to have quiche is with a big salad on the side. The kids love garlic bread

Day 7

Zucchini and bacon slice (V option if you leave out bacon, GF if you use GF flour) 

hot out of the oven

Because I have zucchinis coming out of my ears. My daughter bought in our 11th and 12th zucchinis and advised me we have another few that are ready to pick soon! Super easy and double it up for lunchboxes. We never have leftovers as the kids love it and great for rush nights. I also like to add in a pack of danish feta all chopped up while I’m adding in the eggs as it gives you a saltiness and creaminess to it. Delicious.


Hope that gives you a bit of dinner inspiration. I’m just hoping things quieten day around here………….might be wishful thinking. Have a lovely week!


  1. I’ve loved reading these meals plans – they’re so normal! Easy dinners that don’t cost a lot; that’s my style and I’ll bet I’m not the only one who needs some inspo along that same style. I’m always super impressed how you seem to juggle everything. I think you need to tell us some of your super-mum secrets :) bless you Corrine! Kat. X

  2. Annabel Parker says:

    Omg your inspiring!!!!!

    Wish I could be like you…😊
    I’m hopeless at organisation and using the Thermomix…
    Parent of the Year right here…. not.. lol🤣

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