zucchini slice

I have to admit I’ve never made zucchini slice before but since it was pouring with rain and a dreary sunday I decided I’d bake something delicious for lunch. And retro daddy loved it so much he said I just need to add pastry on the bottom and it would taste like his beloved egg and bacon slice from Sunbeam bakery in mentone. Growing up his mum would always buy egg and bacon slice for special occasions and so now someone misses it. In fact we spent our first Christmas together in Paris when retro daddy was living there, all that lovely food around us but all he wanted me to make – egg and bacon slice from Sunbeam in Mentone.

hot out of the oven

I’m sure you all make this for your family but if you don’t then definitely give it a go. We loved it and within 10 minutes it was all gone. The recipe comes from the Thermomix Gluten Free Wheat Free Cooking book.

100g cheese

350g zucchini

1 large onion

3 rashers bacon, roughly chopped  (make it vegetarian with corn kernels instead)

5 eggs

100g flour (the recipe calls for rice flour but I used self raising)

50g oil

salt and pepper to season

If you have a thermomix then grate your cheese for 3-5 seconds on speed 6 and leave aside. Put zucchini in bowl and grate 3-5 seconds on speed 6 and leave aside. Place onion and bacon in bowl and process for 4 seconds on speed 6. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and add oil and saute for 1 minute at 100 degrees on speed 1. Add in rest of the ingredients including your cheese and zucchini and process for 10 seconds on speed 3. Season well. **Place in lined square/lamington tin and bake for about 35 -40 minutes in 180 degree oven. Slice and serve.

sunday picnic indoors

keira set a picnic lunch for us including lemonade to beat the rainy Sunday blues!

If you don’t have a thermomix then grate your cheese and zucchini and set it aside. Finely chop your onion and bacon and saute in a frypan for a couple of minutes. Whisk eggs and add in rest of your ingredients and whisk well. Season and follow instructions from **.


  1. Oooh this looks so yummy! I love a nice simple recipe that I know my children will actually eat – thank you :)

  2. Thank you so much for this Corrie – a lady a work used to make this and now she has left I was unable to find the recipe.

  3. Ohhh we looove Zucchini Slice in this house. Our garden just loves to grow Zucchini so we have an abundance of them and I bake them during the summer and freeze them to use as dinners during football season after a long Saturday at the ground.

  4. Yum! Thanks for this recipe Corrie. I will be giving it a go this afternoon.

  5. Make sure you let Retro Daddy know that the owner of Sunbeam is currently teaching the new Bakery apprentices at my TAFE. So every Friday he brings whatever they’ve been making into the staff room for us to try… it was vanilla slices last week. I’m so glad I work Fridays (my hips aren’t so happy though!)
    I’ll let Holger know he has a fan in Sydney!

  6. Oh I LOVE zucchini slice Corrie. I make one almost identical to this, only with the addition of a grated carrot. It is BEAUTIFUL! I grabbed it off the Huggies website a few years ago and it’s a fave around here. Haven’t made it for a while, thanks for reminding me of it :o) xo
    Love the pic of your babies, an indoor picnic sounds lovely on a rainy day :o)

  7. Delicious! I made it for dinner yesterday, and everybody liked it.
    Thanks you for the recipe.
    I follow you from Zaragoza (Spain).

  8. I love all of your recipes, keep them coming :)

  9. I’m always impressed to see all your bubbas eating such a wide variety of food – looks like you don’t have any fussy eaters – you are a lucky girl.
    Love zucchini slice.

  10. I love zucchini! Will save this for sure.

  11. Thanks for sharing this x just made your banana bread too! Sunbeam is still going strong in Mentone! I remember it so well from my youth too xx

  12. Easy recipe and worked well, thanks for sharing!

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