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Pinterest has a lot to answer for. All of those amazing parties and there is just so much inspiration. And it can be easy to look at the parties and think that you’d need to be an expert cake decorator, party planner, stylist, chef and have no children in the background to pull them off. All of those craft ideas, the games, the candy buffet, the cake, the cookies. I could go on.

In our house we love a home party. I recently set myself the challenge of creating the ultimate My Little Pony party at home. I would do the cake, the games, the food (ok the sausage rolls I did not make) and decorate the room. And I must have done a good job because the kids almost had a heart attack when they came down the stairs the next morning to see what I’d done. Apparently and this is what they said….better than pinterest. Yep. that’s what they think.

I’m going to talk you through everything I’ve created so that you can create an amazing My Little Pony party at your house…………..and just so you know I did this in the school holidays, 6 little people under 9, no babysitter…just me. Kids were put to work but we got there and I’m pretty proud.

So let’s start …………

pick your colour theme

Before you even put pen to paper or hit the party store or supermarket you need to pick your colour theme. We love Rainbow Dash and decided that a rainbow colour theme was what we wanted. You could also choose your favourite My Little Pony character and use that colour scheme. We also loved polka dots so incorporated that in to our theme. You could go pink, purple or pick two colours that you love.

plan the menu

Kids love sausage rolls, fairy bread, jelly, fruit and lemonade. You can go as fancy as you want with the food but I’m just telling you what always gets eaten at our parties.

The rainbow jelly cups were lots of fun. You’ll need 4 or 5 different coloured jelly sachets and work out the order you want in the cup. Grab some plastic cups (don’t go too big), do a layer  of jelly at a time leaving them in the fridge to almost set before the next coloured jelly goes on. It’s best to do this the day before when you’ve got a bit of time. It’s really important that the jelly layer underneath is almost set before you put the next one on top. Lots of fun and very popular. All gone now. The My Little Pony cutlery was less than $5 at the party store and keeps it all in theme.

For fairy bread with a difference take a slice of bread, spread some spreadable cream cheese out to the sides, cut the crusts off, sprinkle on 100’s and 1000’s then roll up the bread and cut into 4 pieces like sushi. Fun and easy for little fingers to eat.

Rainbow fruit salad cups are so easy. We took some cupcake wrappers and filled them with banana, kiwi, grapes and strawberries. The little toothpicks come from the party store and line them up on your table in neat rows or put them on a serving platter. So quick and easy and something healthy too.

rocky road is also fun, I used my freckle sundae rocky road recipe which you’ll find here. This is a great one to serve to the adults at your party as well.

the cake

Making the cake can sometimes stress me out. I can bake a cake at any other time of year but somehow the pressure of the birthday cake can make me nervous.

Because I wanted to show off the tiny Neon Bright My Little Pony toys (and because I’m not that fantastic with very fancy large cakes) I made cupcakes using this recipe and a simple cream cheese frosting. Hundreds and thousands and rainbow sprinkles were sprinkled on top and a cute My Little Pony on top. You can also find my simple party cakes recipe here which has less ingredients and is super quick and easy to make too.

The cupcake stand came from the supermarket a few years ago and comes out everytime we have a party. They are inexpensive and a great little investment for your parties and entertaining at home. Cupcakes really do take the pressure off and take less 20 minutes in the oven to bake. And note to self, don’t put the cakes out on the table too early or the littlest members of the family will take to rearranging the ponies themselves.

decorate your table

You’ve probably seen that having a party table with the food all laid out, jars full of lollies (aka the candy buffet) are all the rage in parties at the moment. And they are so much fun and don’t need to be over the top or an expensive exercise. I raided my glassware which has been picked up from my mother in law and garage sales and a few nice jars that were to be used for jams. Fill them with some lollies and voila you’ve added something very special to your table and instantly made it look like you’re a party planner in your spare time. No really. We decorated with some Rainbow Dash My Little Pony toys. I also found a straw dispenser in my craft room which was a fun way to display the polka dot straws.

Isn’t this the cutest idea that I found on pinterest. Take a jar and fill with sprinkles and pop a tiny My Little Pony toy on top. So cute and fun.

The labels were a couple of dollars for a pack and I’ve packed them away for another party. They came with sticks and little stands so you can use them in a variety of ways. Buy some of the lollies in bulk at your nearest party store to save money or if you have a big case to fill. This was my Mother in law’s vase and I just love it for parties and decorating a table.

I know that people like to have a blank wall behind the table but I just love the window and line up your my little pony collection along the windowsill. This was so much fun and you can make your own with ribbon and some crepe paper. There are so many inexpensive ways to decorate walls and windows.

I love our dining table and it’s also just that bit too big for tablecloths so for $5 I picked up a My Little Pony pack of confetti to decorate the table. So much fun and you’ll be picking it up off the floor and finding it in odd places for months to come. You could also grab a hole punch and cut out bits of brightly coloured paper to decorate your table.

We also had this gorgeous My Little Pony carriage to decorate our table. This was so much fun to play with as well.

craft, games and activities

Now you’ll need a few tricks up your sleeve to keep everyone entertained. One of the things I love to do is have a craft activity for when our little guests arrive. You don’t want to start doing anything before eveyrone arrives so some rainbow crayons and big A3 sheets of copy paper will have everyone drawing. This is my little miss when I asked her to draw a pony (well technically I had to say horse because that’s what she calls ponies).

Ask your guests to bring their My Little Pony toys with them and have some fun letting the ponies get to know each other.

And why not have a My Little Pony salon where the ponies can get their hair brushed, pop a clip in and you could paint the little ones fingernails with some fun rainbow coloured nail polishes or glitter too. Inexpensive and lots of fun.

We also picked up a sheet of 16 My Little Pony tattoos for less than $5 and cut them up. They are lots of fun of hands and can finish off the whole Pony Salon experience. Pop a helper or grab a mum to help out at the Pony salon. My sister is always great at being put to work at our parties.

Another fun activity is to make up a batch of cupcakes, set aside the icing and some sprinkles and other toppings and let the party guests ice and decorate their own cupcakes. My girls love doing putting the frosting on and it’s a fun activity for everyone.

And you can’t beat pass the parcel at a party. We just love it. Why not put a special My Little Pony toy in there as the main prize. This one comes with stickers and can be decorated. I’ve kept it in the box but all my girls are dying for me to open it up.

And to get the kids outside and for a bit of fun you can’t beat a pinata! You can use a donkey one, a number for the birthday or we were lucky to take the last rainbow pinata at the store. Fill with wrapped sweets and some My Little Pony toys would be cute too. My kids love a pinata.

the goody bags

Have I told you about when my kids went to their grandma’s 90th birthday party. All of them asked where the lolly bags were. Yep, you can’t go to a party and leave without your lolly bag. We found this fun bags for a couple of dollars. Pop in a fun straw, plastic necklace, some rainbow jelly beans or wrapped lollies, a little tattoo, a Neon Bright My Little Pony, some of the confetti and we also had rainbow bubble packs (not in the photo) to complete our bags. Some people like to keep lollies out of the lolly bag but you’ve got lots of fun ideas to make a goody bag for your guests.

 My last words of advice for hosting a fabulous kids party at home

make lists

use the time before the party to set the table and have all of your plates out

do a time plan for the day and include when you’ll do food, games, cake etc

get the kids helping with the party preparations

don’t serve too much food and try to limit the hot food so you aren’t in the kitchen the whole time

don’t go to the party store or supermarket without a list

look online

raid your house, toy tubs, linen cupboards and craft supplies to see what you have

create a pinterest board for parties and save all of your favourite ideas in the one place

I hope you enjoy these ideas and are all inspired to host your own ultimate My Little Pony party. I’ve created a pinterest board here with lots more ideas for My Little Pony parties. I’m actually now going to host Elodie’s 5th birthday party later in the year as a My Little Pony one that I’ve got everything here and we haven’t taken the table down because the kids love it so much and are still playing with the toys.

And to share the love I’ve got a fun giveaway and wait to see you the prize list!!!! To win some  wonderful packs of My Little Pony for your little ones just answer this simple question

 Which My Little Pony Character would you use to theme your pony party, and why?

1 Major Prize

1 X Ultimate Rarity RRP $29.99
1 X MLP Carriage RRP $24.99
15 X MLP Blind Bag RRP $4.99
10 X Cutie mark pony friends RRP $6.99
4 X Deluxe Winged Pony RRP $12.99
3 Runners Up, each will get:
1 X Ultimate Rarity RRP $29.99
1 X Deluxe Winged Pony RRP $12.99
6 X MLP Blind Bag RRP $4.99

Giveaway is open to Australian residents, entries close 28 April 2015, one entry per person, full terms of my giveaways can be found here. 


  1. I’m actually planning a My Little Pony (or Rainbow Dash more specifically) party for my almost 6 year old now, so I was very happy to see this! Off to check out your pinterest board… :)

  2. My girls love their “pony house” – aka the wedding castle – so we would definitely have a party themed around Princess Cadence and Shining Armour – who are known better in our house as “Luck” and “Potato”. We even have a Luck and Potato song that we sing with them! We have previously built them a garden to play in (all from cardboard and paper) as they are definitely the favourite pony’s in our home :)

  3. This is the perfect post! My soon to be 4year old is having a My Little Pony Party at home at the end of May and I am definitely going to be stealing the rainbow jelly idea! Thank you!

  4. Andrea Easton Teika says:

    What an amazing party table!!!! Well done!!! I would choose applejack mlp as my eldest is turning 6 and she loves apples and I have heaps of yellow party accessories left over from our youngest’s party which was a you are my sunshine theme :)

  5. Cheerilee would be the pony to base the party on so lots of pinks and purples, definitely our favourite colours. Such great ideas for the party in this post!

  6. We’d never been big My Little Pony fans here until we picked up a few ponies at the op shop early this year. Then a couple more here and there. (There’s a thrifty tip: lots of my little ponies to be found in op shops). I
    think I’d choose a rainbow dash theme for a party because my girls also love everything to be rainbow coloured.

  7. My daughter loves Pinkie Pie, Pink being her favourite colour too! I have heaps of pink party decor, but love the idea of using a vase as the candy centrepiece. I do stick with cupcakes these days, but with a pink them I might even venture a bit further and do an ombré cake (like in your post a few years ago) . I love your idea for the fairy bread too! Little sushi rolls, adorable! Loads of great tips and ideas! Thank you Corrie.

  8. Melissa C says:

    I thought pinkie pie but my girl has just told me her favourite is rainbow dash

  9. Melissa C says:

    I don’t know what happened to my comment … I thought my girl would choose pinky pie but she loves rainbow dash, so a rainbow themed party. I love the decorations you’ve created.

  10. Amanda Dale says:

    Princess Cadance & Rainbow Dash would be the basis of my girls birthday party, Princess Cadance for glamour & Rainbow Dash for colour.

  11. Oh my heart…That is just way too cute! Loved the little ones rearranging the ponies on the cup cakes

  12. Renee Jans says:

    This post was read rather awkwardly with Miss (almost) 4 hanging over my shoulder..
    With lots of consideration by Miss Kenzie it had been decided that her next party will be Rainbow Dash themed cause she’s the most pretty of them all.. Just look at all her beautiful colours.. But I don’t want jelly Mummy.. Jelly makes me vomit..
    Delightful little Miss!

  13. I would HAVE to choose Rainbow Dash- and this decision has nothing to do with my daughters!!

    When I was 6 or 7, I had a ‘My Little Pony’ and she looked very similar to Rainbow Dash. She had a really long rainbow tail, and you could twist her head and the tail would retract. I always thought she was the coolest thing! I wish I knew where she ended up :(

    So, yes, mylittle girls party would be Rainbow Dash themed with rainbow streamers and sprinkles and pom poms everywhere! I would have to try very hard to remember that it isn’t my party LOL.

  14. Oooh, I love how simple, yet effective this decorations/party ideas are! They seem really easy to put together, but they look fantastic!

    So if I was throwing this party for myself, I’d base the color scheme and theme off Twilight Sparkle because she’s my favourite. I’d go lavender, pink and violet and be sure to include lots of books and writing scrolls to bring her bibliophile tenancies (which I just happen to share) to the fore. ❤ She & I have a lot of the same character traits besides the book loving – OCD passions for neatness and organization for sure. That and who wouldn’t love a party were you can enjoy ponies and books at the same time?

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  15. Defiantly rainbow dash because that way you can use any and all colours to decorate.
    Gorgeous looking party and you make it look so much easier than I am sure it was!!

  16. Janna Cleverdon says:

    Rarity!! My girls are I love Purple and white and it would be an easy but beautiful theme!! Plus Rarity is so sweet!!

  17. Sharon Hurrey says:

    My Miss 6 says that she loves Princess Celestia the most. She is the most beautiful of all the ponies.

    We are moving into our own home soon and I think it would be lovely to have a Pony Party for her next birthday.

  18. Ashlee Byrne says:

    I would choose Cheerilee. She is fun and spirited and the perfect colors for a little girls party with the benefit that left overs can be used again when she is older and past baby pinks.

  19. Erin Charteris says:

    Harper loves Rainbow Dash!!! We would make rainbow cupcakes with rainbow sour straps and vanilla butter cream for clouds. We love little family parties :) You need to check out making your own party poppers with a cardboard roll and balloon- heaps of fun!!

  20. Samantha says:

    Definitely a Cotton Candy party. My littlest miss has had Cotton Candy as her favourite for years and has never waivered.

  21. Alex Stalling says:

    Which My Little Pony Character would you use to theme your pony party, and why?

    We are huge MLP fan’s in our house thanks to our little one Violet, she is about to turn 3 and my husband and I have already started planning an over the top party for her, and us. My family and friends are big on parties and any excuse to dress up. Your post has given us heaps of ideas so thank you already.
    OK which pony…? I think the one that my husband and I would choose is Applejack. Violet is stubborn and refuses to talk, all she will say is Mummy, Daddy, Go, Help Me and Applejack. We don’t know why, but it’s just so terribly cute.

    Thank you again for the sweet blog and ideas as well as hosting this awesome competition. You are going to make one little person very happy with your kindness.


  22. Michelle says:

    My big girl is having a pony party for her 4th birthday. We (she) can’t decide between Princess Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

  23. Melita Chambers says:

    fluttershy cause shes adorable and you love the colour combo pastel yellow and pink

  24. My children love My Little Pony. I am currently planning my eldest daughter’s party (she’ll be 6 in June) but I have three daughters and this type of party may need to be rolled out 3 times!! I’d have to have a combination of Rarity, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle to keep everyone happy. This party looks awesome and has given us some great ideas.

  25. It would have to be Rainbow Dash as we hosted a rainbow party last year and I can see the theme continuing this year as well. My little girl would love a few ponies as her big sister decided to give hers all to another family!

  26. Rainbow dash! My daughter loves her. its her birthday on Anzac Day, I finally talked her out of having an Elvis themed party, now she really wants rainbow dash with her dad dressed as Elvis

  27. jessica mccabe says:

    Apple jack
    She is my miss 3s favorite long because she loves the colour yellow, it’s warm and sunny, and she loves Apple jack because she loves red apples. I think adding Apple treats into the mix would be great providing a sugar free healthy alternative would please a lot of mummies upon taking home non sugar crashed kiddys

  28. Rareity, as each party is so different from the next. And she is purple with diamonds, everyone loves purple and diamonds!!!

  29. We love rainbow dash at our house too. Couldn’t believe your post, our middle girl is turning 5 at the end of the month and that prize pack would be perfect for the pony party she’s requested! What great ideas, it’s made me a little braver to host the party at home :) thanks!!

  30. Helen Clifton says:

    My Granddaughter is turning 5 in July and had decided on a My Pony theme months ago. Thank you for all the inspiration Connie. Beautifully done. I asked her which ponies she would like to ‘invite’ to her party. She responded with ‘Pinky Pie because she always helps her friends’ and ‘Rainbow Dash because she is always ready to party’ Now they’re the kind of friends you want at your party!

  31. Mandy Kennedy says:

    What a fantastic party idea! My Miss 4 would love it! We would choose Twilight Sparkle as she is her favourite as her fave colours are pink and purple!!

  32. melissa okimoto says:

    Rainbow Dash or what we thought our daughter was saying Rainbow Bash. She is our daughters favourite because of her rainbow, it also makes the theme fun with Rainbow colours and activities. We could do rainbow cake, a rainbow stamping station and rainbow fruit plate. Thanks for the awesome party ideas

  33. I sought expert opinion for this giveaway… Miss 5 asked me to enter her in with this…
    Twilight because she’s the one who helps her friends and she also reads books to find out what happens. She’s a good friend to everybody and she loves to help others.

  34. Princess Celestia! A beautiful party filled with sparkles, stars and all things glitter, would delight both my girls. We have both new ponies and hand me down ponies from friends that are all very well loved, and I spend hours each week helping my 5 yo daughter to groom each pony so they can go off on their adventures with impeccable style. <3

  35. I would have to pick Fluttershy as she is my daughter’s favourite, although I think I will need to pick an alternative day for her party as her birthday is on Christmas day!

  36. We love Rainbow Dash in our house. My little miss loves all things ‘Pony’ and wants to own her own pony and call it ‘fairybread’!
    Your party table looks amazing! I love all the little touches that make it so fabulous! Well done ☺

  37. Natalie Pedersen says:

    I thought Sunset Shimmer, Dad and big brother voted Apple jack… but the birthday girl herself has chosen Rainbow Dash

  38. who doesn’t love a good rainbow I’d pick rainbow dash a super fun party to be had

  39. Trish McKenzie says:

    We would choose rainbow dash as she combines my daughters love of mlp and rainbows!

    You could do a layered rainbow cake with rainbow dash ontop. Plus rainbow bread, rainbow jellies, rainbow lollies…… just keeps going!

  40. That is some tempting pony party

  41. My daughter is OBSESSED with Twilight Sparkle, the My Little Pony that has purple hair with a pink stripe. She thinks it is so cool to have a highlight in its hair of her favourite colours! And seriously I would love to plan a party around pink and purple hues…..just too easy and the options would be endless, therefore less stress for me and happy days for the girls :)

  42. All of our my little ponies are second hand so we don’t know what all their names are! But my four year old always calls them Twinkle Toes so that would be our theme! :)

  43. Oh Corrie… you certainly had my two girls (Lucy 7 and Lara 4) oohing and aahing at your gorgeous pony party pics! They are huge MLP fans at the moment and I love that it’s something that they both enjoy and can play happily together… I actually credit MLP for giving me an opportunity to organise the girls wardrobes these school holidays!
    After much deliberation they both agreed that they would choose Rainbow Dash “because she is helpful, friendly, loyal to her friends and never gives up… the party would be pretty, bright and colourful with lots of those yummy lollies in fancy jars!”

  44. Where did you get the paper rainbow sunburst decoration from? It’s gorgeous!! I’m going to do a rainbow themed party for my little miss’ first in August, off to your Pinterest I go!

  45. Charmaine says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I want a party like that for my Birthday :) This would suit any age!!! My favourites would be Rarity, pinky pie or twilight sparkle :) Truly special <3 well done Corrie x

  46. Pinkie Pie because Little Miss Loretta is besotted with all things pink, she loves her Pinkie Pie My Little Pony and sleeps with it and about a thousand other dolls, teddies etc every night…it’s a wonder there’s any room left for her.

  47. I know two little girls who would adore this! It would be fun to plan a party for them based on fluttershy – I love that she is a kind and gentle pony (and thankfully the colour combination of yellow and pink would be very popular with these little misses). Wow it would be fun to surprise them with a party for no reason!

  48. Nicole kent says:

    Rainbow Dash for little miss 3
    Her all time favourite little Pony
    Splashes of colour for the decor and cake
    A happy birthday girl it would make!!!

  49. Kristina S says:

    Pinkie Pie. Pink, pink everywhere haha. Love it, pink jelly, pink lemonade and in my dreams PINK would come and sing happy birthday BUT will just have to settle for me ♥ It would be alot of fun. Thinking a pink horse shoe throwing game would be fun too.

  50. Rainbow Dash, with all the colours of the rainbow my daughters party will be bright, bold, fun and vibrant.

  51. Ashley Evans says:

    My daughter Loves rainbow dash. She makes a great choice to style a party around as she is so colourful. I would also do a layered sponge cake in rainbow colours or one of my favourite cakes is the pinata lolly filled cakes using rainbow coloured skittles. It’s such a party winner :)

  52. We LOVE Apple Jack in our house, and yellow is my youngest daughters’ favourite colour, so I’m convinced she’d adore an Apple Jack My Little Pony Party for her 4th birthday. I think it also gives me a great excuse to include lots of healthy fruit based options for snacks like apple spirals, fruity punch and apple & cinnamon mini muffins, (although like you, we do love a sausage roll and fairy bread at a party too!). Yellow, red and white decorations, lolly buffet and cake, and I’m workig on convincing the husband to hire a real little pony for rides around the garden! (Can you tell I love to throw home parties for my kidlets?!)

  53. Great advice on How to Create the perfect My Little Pony Party. Very creative and homely. Parties can be so expensive so this could definitely cut those costs of holding one. Its great creating your own most gorgeous party for the little ones to remember.

  54. we would choose Trixie Lulamoon as she is good at magic tricks. My daughter’s name is Trixie & is rather proud of her “tricks”

  55. Twilight Sparkle. To add a bit of sparkly bling bling to a girls party!

  56. Michelle V says:

    Pinkie Pie is the fave in our house
    So a themed Pinkie Pie party would be grouse
    With three daughters aged five, seven and ten
    It would be their pick again and again!
    With her girly features and fairy-floss hue
    No other My Little Pony would do! :)

  57. Princess Twilight Sparkle! She’s a unicorn and sparkles – it’s all my Miss 6 needs. Shades of purple, pops of pink and glitter everywhere. We’ve started using the pinata as the lolly bag – each child gets a bag and fills it with the lollies that fall from the pinata – we keep spares to make sure they all get the same amount….

  58. I would love to host an Applejack party- he is my daughter’s favourite pony! Applejack’s bright and sunny colours would be a great, vibrant winter boost, and it also happens to be one of her favourite songs from Dolly Parton too. Some entertainers stand the test of time- i played with My Little Ponies when I was younger, and listened to Dolly too!

  59. Dash, because our little girl just loves Dash.

  60. Ours would be Apple Bloom, The whole apple family is a favourite here but Apple Bloom wins in my 3 yr olds eyes. rainbow dash for me as she’s a lil bold and sassy. Might change my 40th this year to MLP party, what a hoot for the girls.

  61. Hi Corrie, your party styling is just beautiful! My daughter has always loved anything rainbow so I know Rainbow Dash would be her pick for laster in the year.

  62. Elise Easdown says:

    I asked my 4 year old this question and it was a tough decision between Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash but she decided on Pinkie Pie as she said “she is always ready to party”. Sounds like my kind of girl, which was a relief as I have already bought the Pinkie Pie Costume!

  63. Both my girls (23 months & 4.5yrs) love my little pony!! So a pony party is definitely on the cards this year, we may even use some coloured hair spray & transform our real pony for the day!!! My eldest daughter loves princess celestia so if we had a main pony it would be her :) Personally I love Fluttershy 😉

  64. What a lovely spread, even I would like to attend that party!! Our little lady chooses Rainbow dash, her much younger brother agrees by stealing the Pony 😉
    If we won, we’d throw a My Little Pony Party just to celebrate ha!

  65. Stacey Shailer says:

    Thank you so much for this post, so much inspiration! My daughter loves Rainbow Dash too :)

  66. Thouraya Battye says:

    I’d love to have a vintage my little pony party with Applejack as the central character…she was always my fave growing up…all the girls had her but I only had Parasol…(who I do have a secret soft spot for)

  67. We love all of the my little ponies, I used to play with them as a child. I now have a 1year old daughter to throw a my little pony themed birthday party for! We love Princess Cadence, baby dangles (old school MLP) & Rainbow Dash. :)

  68. Pinkie Pie because she is the original party pony and I love pink!

  69. My daughter has a few favourites. Her 3rd birthday in a few months is gonna be a general MLP theme as she likes too many of the ponies like Princess Celestia, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash and of course we can’t forget Spike. If mum has any influence, the great and powerful Trixie magic show may make an appearance.

  70. Currently planning a fluttershy and pinky pie party for my 3 year old. And have been pinning my heart out thank you corrientes for helping me get some set up ideas!

  71. Great ideas and lucky I run a party business as my little four year old is in love with MLP so she gets to play with all my goodies even when it not her birthday! I will share your ideas on my page. Thanks Kelly

  72. Pinky pie is my miss 4s favourite, of course because she is pink, but I think we are coming out of that phase. Twilight sparkle is on the rise! Gotta love color after years of pink!! Love your colorful party.

  73. Would have to be Twilight Sparkle, nothing like a little glam to make a party! MY daughter is turning 7 soon and I am sooooo going to do this, she will love it! Now, to find a friend who can make a pony cake :)

  74. My girls do love all the ponies but I think we’d choose Rarity for the party. They love to collect shiny gems so we’d have lots of fun with treasure hunts. Plus my eldest daughter is mad on giving everyone plaits so I reckon a few hairstyles and pony fashions wouldn’t go astray! Thanks for the giveaway.

  75. Vanessa McMahon says:

    Not trying to enter twice, just not sure I put my first comment in the right section, so I am posting it here as well, just in case.
    If I were to have a my little pony party I would have a Pinkie Pie theme.
    I’m 26 and I love my little pony, lol!
    Pinky pie is my favourite and I think I am a lot like her, especially a little bit crazy!
    I collect my little ponies and I even spend time doing their hair to make sure it stays nice.
    If I were to have a Pinky Pie themed party, well I am sure you can imagine what that would be like, especially given that Pinky Pie loves to party!
    I would have decorations everywhere, I think I would go with a colour scheme of pink and either a green or a blue. There would be balloons and streamers and confetti and of course My Little Ponies everywhere you look! :)
    If only I had a party cannon like Pinky Pies…..

    • congratulations you have won the 1st prize

      • Vanessa McMahon says:

        Omg!! I just got the email asking for my details!! I sent it!!
        Omg I can’t believe I won!!
        Thank you so much!! :) omg!!!
        This has made my day totally!!!
        :) woo hoo!!!!

  76. My 6year old & almost 2 year old daughters love their My Little Ponies. We would choose Rainbow Dash as our party theme for lots of colour choice & options with decorating & party food. I still have my one and only My Little Pony from my childhood that the tail winds in as you twist her head from side to side.
    Thank you for another great giveaway opportunity Corrie.

  77. Kristy winters says:

    This post has made me think about a my little pony theme for my little girls first birthday party. Because I have only thrown boys parties before so I think I would theme it around Pinkie Pie because she’s a happy cheerful party pony !!!

  78. My daughter is OBSESSED with my little pony. She talks like applejack constantly sings all the songs on an hourly basis and watches equestria girls whenever I allow her too. If you ask her who her favourite is she will tell you all of them but will always have a soft spot for rainbow dash as she is just beautiful and kind.


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