knitting for a new baby

No, don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything. Not my baby but I’m going to be an aunty soon and I wanted to have a few little things gifted before baby arrives.

I figure with a younger brother and sister and my cousins just starting to get married that I can keep knitting for babies for a long time to come.

The dishcloth pattern is from the new book I bought (reviewed here) and took 2 nights and is just sooooo soft. The yarn is debbie bliss cotton dk and it’s knit on 5mm needles so it’s knit a little looser and is really soft. It’s just perfect. So perfect in fact that I just cast on another one in green. Same pattern, same yarn. This one is now on ravelry here.

and the cardigan is from an old favourite pattern that I love, the easy baby cardigan from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. This is so quick and easy, knit up in 10 ply and I think this is my 3rd from the same pattern. I do that. It’s like my kina addiction. You can see on ravelry I’ve knit it here and here. This little number is now on ravelry here. I’m just going to block it this week to stretch it out a little and pop a few little buttons on when I can go up to spotlight. Not something I really want to do with 5 kids in the school holidays but my usual trick of hot chips just before or just afterwards usually gets the job done. That and a little pep talk before we enter the store.

and while we’re talking knitting here is my new ball winder. I picked up a vintage one from eBay for $22 and I’m pretty impressed with it. I did have 2 balls of wool that got a bit tangly but a quick check of youtube and I realised I was going way too fast. So I’ve sorted out the speed and I’m all good.

One warning if you want one of these babies…………..the kids. Because I’ve set mine up on my sewing table next to my computer the kids come to ask me something or walk in and just wind it and keep winding it.

with school holidays here I hope to get a few more things off the needles……………………….


  1. Lesley G says:

    So lovely that you’ve got an excuse to knit. Justifies that enormous stash of yours! I love the little baby cardigan pattern & will have get it on line. No success in the bookshops.
    Thanks for all your inspiration.

  2. Michele T says:

    Beautiful knitting!!!

  3. So cute. I want to try this cardigan for my new bub, due in two weeks. Is it easier enough for a beginner? I get the book through my library.

  4. I love that little cardi Corrie. I started knitting a cardigan for my 15 month old last year and realised I’d knitted 2 of the same side. Fail!
    It’s beanie-ville around here at the moment. I’m onto my sixth beanie in two months, this one for a cousin who is starting chemo tomorrow. I’ve lined it with velvety soft microfibre to make it extra warm after she loses her hair. It’s chunky white with a soft pink knitted flower on it. Wondering why I didn’t discover these circular needles years ago!

  5. Justine says:

    What a lovely Aunty you are :) These are gorgeous!

  6. May well be a silly question… But are they really dishcloths in a sense that you wash the dishes with them? They are too beautiful for that. I have rescrolled up 3 times to check I have read it right.

    The cardigan is beautiful and as I have said before you inspire me to get the knitting needles out…..but then it never seems as pretty and calm when I knit. Always a few expletives are dropped every now and again when I drop a stitch and can’t work out to repair my mistakes.

    • haha oops I wrote dishcloths! technically its for a baby but yes they are generally called dishcloths on ravelry and people use them for dishes! We chuck them in the bath to use as facewashers!

      keep knitting, you can do it:)

  7. DANIELLE says:

    I love a knitted cardigan on a baby – they always look so cosy and warm. I am just learning but I want to actually manage to be able to knit one before my friends baby is due in october. Fingers crossed!

  8. Donna Renfrew says:

    Hi I knit for charity, the neo natel ward of the Christchurch New Zealand hospital Blankets, Hats Bootee’s and cardies but some do take a bit of time and I would like to knit some of your pattern I think I could knit a lot more for them with such a quick pattern. Do you know where I could buy the pattern. My email address is Cheers Donna

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