what to knit when you’re expecting

I am totally in knitting mode at the moment. Cold days, even colder nights, flannelette jammies and ugg boots on, sick babies here, new babies being born and a real need for knits to be flying off my needles and onto my little ones at the moment. Now I love finding patterns off the internet but I hate printouts and losing the patterns. I just love books. Sure, I know you can put it on your ipad but I’m just a book person. And I found a new knitting book at Dymocks yesterday that had to come home with me. What to knit when you’re expecting by Nikki Van De Car.

I do have quite the collection of baby knitting books because there is no better gift to give a new mum than a little knitted number (that and a cleaner or a cooked dinner). And this one has a lovely mix of patterns AND the cardigans and knits are seamless. Quite often baby books have patterns knit on 2 needles and involve lots of stitching pieces together. Like the little cardy I’m knitting at the moment.

Plus my lovely aunty Debbie had knitted the maile cardigan for elodie and I just had to knit it and keep the pattern. We got a lot of wear out of this little cardigan which is now tucked away for a teddy bear to wear or to hang in elodie’s room when I get around to decorating her room. This is my sweet elodie at 2 weeks old. Awwwwwww.

The patterns in the book are divided into 3 trimesters and what I love is that the 3rd trimester section of the book is devoted to little projects. Because mummy to be is getting tired. There are burp clothes, bibs, hats and booties. Blankets, cardies and clothes are reserved for the first 2 trimesters. This is Autumn Leaves which some of you might have found on Ravelry as it’s a popular one.

I’ve put photos of a few favourites and I am just loving this book.  There are 8 pages with terms, photos of how to knit and a few instructions which beginners will find helpful and I always think having a bigger reference book is helpful for beginners (I shared a few of my favourite how to knitting books here) or be sitting near YouTube when you get stuck. Nothing like watching a tutorial to help you with a new technique.

It’s so nice to see patterns that I love on ravelry in the one book and a nice range of patterns from beginner to more intermediate which keeps everyone happy. Lately I’ve seen a few baby books that just have the same old same old but I was pleasantly surprised with this book and give it a big 5 stars. It might just be my go to book.

I picked up this book for $28 at Dymocks as it just had to come home with me. If you buy your books online you can find it here, here and here. And I’ve just found Nikki’s blog here.


  1. Ohhh another one for the wishlist:)

  2. Samantha Marshall says:

    I must admit I’ve looked at this online a few times and hummed indecisively over it! I have a funny rule about a minimum number of items I will or won’t knit out of a book to justify buying it but that is a pretty good price really!! It’s nice to look in a store and flick through first so you can be 100% certain it’s correct before buying but I do love some of those pictures you posted. I can’t wait to find out what gender this baby is when it’s finally born, then I can get knitting!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the tip Corrie. I’m expecting #4 at the end of September!!! Just went to my local library’s web page and reserved a copy of the book. Looking forward to turning its pages.

  4. How cute… Can I ask what size the knitting patterns go up to? And what a good idea – putting their old knitted cardigans on to a teddy. I would never throw out a hand knit but never quite know what to do with them other than store them in their keepsake box.

  5. Justine says:

    LOVE!!! You are right, there’s nothing like having a book to refer to instead of losing papers! That little blue and white boys top could be next on my list!

  6. I don’t knit yet but am desperate to start and Im seriously in love with some of these patterns that blue and white blanket is gorgeous

  7. What a cute little book!! I want to go out and get it, even though my baby is 2 months old. For next baby or friends babies.

  8. Vanessa Mackay says:

    Lovely book!

  9. Corrie, I was wondering if you could lead me in the direction of the pattern for the beautiful little hat that Elodie is pictured wearing?


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