kids cooking day

Well to celebrate the end of term we have a cooking day here today! I asked the kids what they would like to make and they settled on sushi and cake. Great for a friday night dinner. For sushi I have 2 recipes that we like to use – the first one is when I have time up my sleeve to roast the capsicum. You’ll find the recipe here.


And we have a quick sushi recipe which is our midweek – get it on the table – recipe, you’ll find it here 

And for the cake we are using one of my favourites….never lets me down…..and always so buttery.   I use white wings gluten free flour for the most perfect gluten free version. Recipe is here

apricot after

If you’re about to start school holidays then enjoy the lazy mornings and a rest from uniforms, school lunches and routine! I know we’re looking forward to some pyjama mornings around here and a break from the school run! Happy holidays……………

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