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I’m still adjusting to my new weekly routine which involves lots of activities for elodie and less time at home. We’re all adjusting. So we’ve had a few quick dinners the last week or so and one of the favourites is sushi. Once you’ve made sushi at home you’ll be making more of it. I don’t even use a mat anymore………probably because I can’t find the mats in my crazy disorganised kitchen. But that’s for another post.

Once you’ve got the basics like the rice seasoning, soy sauce and mayo at your house it’s just a matter of remembering to buy some nori, rice and a filling each week. Too easy. And this is such an economical recipe when you’re making it instead of buying it… especially as your family grows like ours has! And if you’re after a fancier sushi recipe then I have an asparagus and roasted red pepper sushi recipe here.

And if rice everywhere gets to you just get the little ones to eat outside!

Finn doesn’t mind at all……………………

homemade sushi
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This is quick, easy, healthy and yummy!
Recipe type: Dinners
Serves: 4-6
What you'll need
  • 1 packet nori sheets
  • 1-2 cups sushi/short grain rice
  • sushi rice seasoning
  • soy sauce/sushi dipping sauce
  • 400g tuna, drained
  • 1 avocado
  • mayonaise
  1. Cook the rice according to the packet.
  2. If you have a thermomix then rinse the rice in your basket, place in your thermomix and cover with just over 1L of water.
  3. Cook for 20 minutes on varoma temperature and speed 4 and fluff up with a fork.
  4. Tip out the rice onto a large dinner plate and leave to cool (the plate helps it cool faster).
  5. Pour a couple of tablespoons of rice seasoning over the top of the rice and with a fork mix it all together.
  6. Now lay a piece of nori down flat. Top with rice (about ½ cup of cooked rice) and spread it all out over the nori.
  7. Now top with some tuna that has been drained and mixed with some mayo. Place some avocado on top and roll tightly away from you
  8. Set aside
  9. When you've used up all of the rice then get a serrated long knife and either slice each roll in half or slice thickly and serve with soy sauce
  10. Now this won't be the cleanest meal that they'll eat and expect a bit of rice in hair and down clothes but the little ones will love you!



  1. Sarah Best says:

    I love home made sushi as well! I have a sushezi from King of knives it was around $29.95 and makes an easy ” tight” roll. And all three pieces of it go in the dishwasher! Love it

  2. Yummy. One of the first things I wanted after I had my son was fresh sushi. would love to make it at home. Is it ok for toddlers? 20 months?

  3. Hehe, my kids like to use the sushi mats as treasure maps, because they roll up so nicely. I have about 4 mats, 3 of them with various permanent marker treasure maps on them.

    Yum, I should mke it more often, my 8 yr old loves it.

  4. Totally inspired. Mr Smags loves home made sushi. Have you ever had it korean style? Where you just pile all the ingredients into a tiny parcel and shove it on your mouth? It’s rad.

  5. Hi Corrie,

    Another good filling that I use is to fry up a chicken schnitzel, cool and cut it into strips. Makes a nice change from tuna if you’re looking for something different. One breast schnitzel makes about 5 rolls, more if you also add avocado and cucumber to the same roll.


    • yum!!!!!! great idea, my kids would love that! I’m always a bit worried about eating chicken sushi rolls from the shops but at least homemade you know it’s good and fresh!

      thanks for that, must try!

  6. Linda Holmes says:

    Ah, this is just the post I needed to read! Last week at play group the mums had a sushi making lesson, so I rushed out and bought necessary ingredients but couldn’t find a rolling mat (small country town). Sunday I took delivery of my thermomix. Sushi is now on the menu for lunch today with TM rice and no rolling mat! Thank you Retro Mummy!!

  7. Corrie you make it sound and look so easy. I’m gonna try this for my daughter.

  8. We make sushi a lot. I make it for dinner one night and then pop some in my son’s lunchbox for school the next day. We are lucky that they have a fridge in their classroom. Our favourite filling is roast chicken (from the shops) and avocado.

    Also, if you look for the sushi rice in the asian section of the supermarket, it’s cheaper than the australian brands. We get Kokuho Rose brand. You can also make your own sushi vinegar too! I did the sums last time I made it, to buy sushi ready made was about $20 and to make it from scratch only $5 (using 1/4 of the chicken etc).

    • bbq chicken! why didn’t I think of that! genius! Oh I’m going to try that one
      Yep we make it much more than we eat it out because it was killing me. Fine when I only had one little one to buy the sushi for but so expensive…then retro daddy made the mistake of buying them a drink AND sushi roll and I had to get that out of their routine!!!


  9. Tash Edwards says:

    Have the rice cooking right now… No TM here :( but ever since I saw this post a few weeks ago I’ve been having preggo cravings for sushi! On the arvo tea/dinner menu here today! Just a variety of veggies for me, not really into tuna :)

  10. Just wanted to say you inspired me to make it fr my kids as they love it but so expensive to buy! I tried rolling by hand and it was ok but then got that sushezi machine on eBay $21 including postage and wow it is the bomb! Made perfect sushi and so easy! Thanks to the lady who commented about it..

  11. One of our faves :)

  12. Is it still tasty to cook the rice without the sushi seasoning?

  13. I made sushi for the first time ever today and was so glad i came across your recipe tonight as i could do the rice easily in my thermie! My 6yr old daughter loved it and we have enough left for her to take to school for lunch tomorrow!

  14. What is the rice seasoning? A dry mix or a liquid. I have been searching, but am not really sure what I’m looking for. Thanks!

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