another granny’s favourite

I love finishing a knitting project. And I mean really finish by putting the buttons on and starting my next project. Granny’s favourite by tiKKi is an easy little top down cardigan that I love.

Now when I say easy it has a lace neckline that requires some counting and concentration. Very hard to do with all the little kids running around and I usually make a few mistakes or knit one stitch over and muck up the pattern. So concentrate, do it when the kids are busy or asleep. And even with that I left off the garter stitch row at the end of the lace pattern. I realised about 6 or 8 rows later but decided it’s a design feature. Yep. Whenever you make a little mistake just call it a design feature.

The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Shetland 8 ply from the back room. It’s lovely and soft and the colour is really pretty. Buttons from Lincraft.

This is going to a baby girl that is to be born next month and I just found out that the mum’s favourite colour is red. I didn’t know that but how perfect. I also picked up two little outfits for the new baby. I love shopping for girls (boys are cute too but I’m always drawn to the girls clothes) and I was only going to get one outfit but these outfits from Target were so cute and at $22 each how could I resist.

the leggings remind me of Liberty fabric.

Look how cute the cardigan looks with the chambray. Those early days are so hard with a little baby so at least the mum can have a few cute outfits that go together.

Pattern is available here, I knit the 3 month size so that it lasted a little while rather than newborn,  yarn is no longer available I’m afraid but using a lovely soft 8 ply like Luxury or Athena would work beautifully, ravelry details for this little cardigan can be found here.

And here is the last Granny’s favourite that I made.


  1. Jennifer says:

    Love! It’s the most gorgeous colour too, a more blueish red.

  2. Sarah Best says:

    Lovely Corrie, and Yes those Leggings are VERY LIBERTY…………..oh how i love Liberty

  3. So funny, I’m knitting up a red Granny too and have just got past the lace section…missing the garter row too! The new version of the pattern isn’t quite right, so it misses telling you to knit on the purl side in the second section. But like you, I’m not ripping it back :)

  4. Heather Miller says:

    Just gorgeous… love the red too

  5. This is gorgeous & such a lovely present

  6. Gorgeous little cardigan! This pattern is my next project waiting for me. Very keen to start it now but need to finish my crochet blanket. Instagram name is kawallakids .

  7. It’s gorgeous pattern and colour! I’m such a big fan of Bendigo Mills yarn too.

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