finishing off your knitting projects

Do you love the thrill of a new project? Me too. Unfortunately that means I’m not the best at finishing my knitting projects off. Maybe most of my craft projects. Unless I have a tight deadline or somewhere to wear something to, I leave things with a small job to do. And hope I get to them eventually.

Take this little baby cardigan I made for retro daddy’s PA. It’s only been sitting in my craft room for a fortnight waiting for the buttons to go on. In the end it took less than 5 minutes to sew these buttons on and now it’s ready to head off  in the post with a cute little baby outfit.

I love this project and you can find it on Ravelry here. The pattern is Granny’s Favourite by tiKKi and the wool is called Shetland 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Now I’m sorry to say this came from the back room. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when in Bendigo you just have to visit the back bargain room. It’s a treasure trove and I wrote about it here


Are you good at finishing your knitting projects or more of a ‘start a new project’ kind of knitter?


  1. I’m dreadful at finishing things off! I currently have a cardigan awaiting buttons, a cardigan waiting to be sewn up so I can do the bands and see on buttons, 2 blankets that need ends woven in and a basic quilt all cut out just waiting to be stitched up. Of course I’ve got a new project on the needles already and a sewing to-do list a mile long….

  2. Awww! Wish I could knit! I can do the 2 main stitches but cannot follow a pattern! Where did you learn? Is it difficult?
    I would love to knit one of these for my babe!

    I blog at Six Little Hearts ( six kids I can’t knit for)! Xx

    • oh you tube! and with 6 little ones you could be doing scarves and hats. Sign up to ravelry and let me see if I can find some good beginner groups for you to join. they have forums, loads of patterns and ideas. Search on youtube for how to read a knitting pattern and there are some videos that can teach you

      I also recommend a great Debbie Bliss book called baby knits for beginners. It was my first and I still use it now

      good luck

  3. Circular knitting has been the best discovery I’ve made to help with finishing projects. I have a drawer full of jumpers and cardigans to be sewn together! But I also leave things for weeks for buttons and weaving in ends!!

  4. This made me laugh, not so much for myself as I’m a total beginner and have finished one cowl and two scarves so far – yes, all totally finished! But when I was staying at my Mum’s recently, there were balls of wool and half-finished kntting projects tucked into drawers and cupboards all over the place. She showed me a half done jumper – very complicated pattern – that she’d started on a sailing holiday one year but never got back too. This must have been 10 – 15 years ago! She says she’ll get there in the end, but I reckon these are family heirlooms and must remain untouched.

  5. Lesley G says:

    I’ve just finished knitting the first of 2 kinas to send to little ones in Sweden. Brrr! It sat ready to be cast off for 3 days,
    and is now waiting to be blocked and the buttons sewn on.

    I solemnly swear I will not cast on the next kina until this is done. Promise!

  6. I have a rule with knitting. Because I have so many craft hobbies I’m committed to having only one knitting project at a time. Ir’s worked well so far because if I had all the knitting projects in my queue going at once it would be totally overwhelming!
    Just don’t ask me how many embroidery projects I have sitting and waiting to be finished.

  7. you inspired me to finish a knitted project! I love the little cardi.

    Have a lovely Sunday.

  8. I am so glad I am not alone. In a recent clean-up I found an applique santa that just needed 2 buttons sewn on for eyes and a 1/2 inch circle for his nose. It was started before I had children. My eldest is almost 9. That damn thing was finished before the two friends I was with had even stopped laughing!

  9. I am totally addicted to starting new projects, I am happy to see I am not alone! I try to be a finisher it’s not easy lol

  10. It’s gorgeous!Thanks for sharing,I’ve added tomy future projects.Regards from Spain

  11. I love a new project! But I seem a bit allergic to finishing them off. Even with just a tiny bit left to do. And it’s strange, I was just talking to my husband this morning, trying to work out an excuse to go back to Bendigo to get some more wool. I have an embarrassingly large wool stash, but I used up all of the Bendigo stuff – it’s just so good!

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