you’ve got a thermomix, now what to make

If there is one question that new thermomix owners have it is  ‘What to make?’.  You’ve waited patiently for it to arrive or maybe you are borrowing it from a friend and you want to know what to make. My best advice is to keep it simple. Don’t go for the fancy recipes from the very beginning. Get the basics under your belt – pizza dough, cookies, cooking rice with some vegies on top, curry and a simple pasta dish. Then once you’re confident and you understand how it all works, then you can tackle something a bit trickier. You’ll find most of these recipes in your basics cookbook (or everyday cookbook) or your recipe chip (love that recipe chip!) on the TM5 (reviewed here).

pizza dough 

you make the dough, divide it up between the kids, they shape their dough and do the toppings and you put in the oven. Entertainment and meal is done and dusted. It’s a no brainer and much cheaper and better for you than the pizza shop.

simple cake

still loving this simple tea cake recipe. It’s ridiculous how easy it is and yet it turns out perfectly every time.

choc chip cookies

we love the choc chip cookie recipe in the thermomix. I usually add a bit more flour and I use choc chips instead of a block of chocolate grated. Makes loads of cookies and the kids gobble them up


making bread in the thermomix is too easy and the house smells so wonderful. I don’t make it as often as I should but when I do I always say to myself not to leave it too long the next time


I really  like the anzacs in the thermomix. Instead of golden syrup I usually use honey or maple syrup and they are delicious. Roll into a ball, flatten with a fork then bake.

rice and your varoma

just something simple like some chicken pieces and vegies up top while the rice is cooking in your rice basket. I usually do 20 minutes, varoma temp, speed 4 for my rice and the veg and if the chicken needs longer I’ll give it another 3 minutes in the varoma with the rice basket removed from the jug. Another quick meal is cooking some sushi rice in your rice basket and then serving it in bowls with some tuna that has mayo already mixed in and some sliced avocado and then some tamari on top. Super delicious and quick dinner that my kids love. We call it sushi bowls and honestly it takes 20 minutes and fills everyone up.


all time favourite curry has to be this chicken and yoghurt recipe from the indian cooking book which is actually one of my all time favourite cookbooks for the thermomix.


now with the current frozen berry recall that’s happening I don’t think we’ll be buying big packs of frozen berries for a while. Freeze your own berries or favourite fruit yourself is the best thing to do.

cheesey pizza scrolls

this is so good for lunch at home or a delicious dinner, it needs a few ingredients but it really is worth it because the kids love it so much and the dough is beautifully soft. Recipe is here

cheesey pizza scrolls

simple pasta dish

we do love our pasta fagiole even if it isn’t the most attractive looking dinner. We still love it. See how we make it  here (I use 1 can of beans not 2) here. Lots of cheese too here on ours.

And if the thermomix if all new to you then can I recommend a couple of blogs to you – Tenina, Quirky Cooking, Super Kitchen Machine, Steph Berg and the recipe community . You can find all of my thermomix recipes here too.


  1. I love the chicken in yoghurt, its one of my fav’s, also have tried the blueberry cake and that was delicious. The choc chip cookie’s are delicious and can be frozen before baking… I also use choc chips (white and milk). Another of my fav’s is the Thai Chilli Chicken and Basil….. you can leave out the chilli if you are making for small children but I find it ok!!!

    • ohhh I might need to try that one, that’s a new one to me the thai chicken and basil! definitely leaving out the chilli but sounds good.

  2. I love butter chicken and satay from the thermomix. That and stroganoff. Yummy also does the best brownies :-)

  3. Oh wow — I was just reading these tips and thinking “what a great page full of info for new Thermomix owners” and then at the bottom I spotted a link to my own blog in your recommendations. Thank you! I’m off to pin this page now :)


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  2. […] 4. You’ve got a Thermomix, now what to make, Retro Mummy  […]

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