Is the new Thermomix TM5 worth it?

Well I’ve had my new Thermomix TM5 for a week now and thought I’d let you all know what I think. Here is the last time I wrote up a review on my Thermomix – Is a Thermomix worth it. I’ve been a thermomix owner for over 3 years and had wanted one since I was pregnant with my twins (now 6 years ago!) but it was just too big an expense. Once I had a thermomix I realised that it would have really saved us from months of frozen fish and chips with steamed vegetables on the side in those early twin days. Anyway, as soon as I saw that a new Thermomix was released I knew I wanted it and messaged my demonstrator. She told me I could order the next day and I did. She asked was I sure and did I want a demo first but I knew I’d love it and ordered it and just like my first one I did it on a payment plan to lessen the blow.

So here we go…..


Bigger bowl, varoma and thermoserver

We’re not talking hugely bigger but an extra 200mls in the bowl and an extra 500mls in the thermoserver and the varoma is bigger. I did a kilo of chicken thighs and vegies without a problem. I like that it’s bigger but it wasn’t the one reason that I bought the TM5.

Recipe chip and touch screen

The recipe chip is fab and the kids are loving it. It takes you step by step through the recipes in the cookbook that comes with your machine and tells you everything from turning on the oven to each step of the way. You weigh in the ingredients at each step and turn the speed dial and it won’t go past the speed for the recipe. Great when your kids are making it for you. And this is the biggest plus for me. The kids are loving it. There are also a few automated recipes like custard and rice where you just put it all in and it does it in one step.

My kids weren’t really interested in using the thermomix before and I was probably a bit too precious about them using it. Now they are busting to make a recipe as they just follow the steps. Kids get touch screens and scrolling through so they are loving the recipe chip and I’m also watching them make dinner which is great. Now of course kids can make dinner without the thermomix, I know that (I’m saying this because I’ll always get one person to criticise this post) but they certainly have a new enthuisiasm for getting into the kitchen and are loving it. They’ve done custard, smoothies, cookies, cake and pasta so far.

The weight and temperature are all touch screen and you turn the dial to select the speed. If you’re using the recipe chip then you just turn the dial a bit and it will select the function  like kneading function, stirring , speed 4 etc.


Ummmm just at low speeds. Of course the first thing retro daddy heard was me making a smoothie and crushing frozen fruit and he wasn’t convinced it was quieter. It doesn’t sound quieter to me at the high speeds but at the lower speeds it’s quieter and the finished sound – it plays a little song for you – is quieter than the beeping on the TM31. So jury is out on how much quieter but don’t buy it thinking you will no longer deafen the family everytime you put nuts or sugar on speed 9. If you have a thermomix then you know what I’m talking about. Usually the TV goes up or I need to give some warning before I crank up the speed.

Speed, weight and temperature increases

Now a demonstrator can correct me if I’m wrong but the speed now goes up in half increments instead of just whole numbers, the temperature goes up to 120 instead of a 100 degrees maximum (on the TM31) and weight goes up by smaller increments as well. Remember I’m not a demonstrator so this is just what I’ve worked out since getting it. The higher temperature will be great for caramelising and sweets. The weight is great for more accuracy and measuring smaller ingredients. I love the built in scales in the thermomix, really do. Just makes life so easy and recipes accurate.

New improved butterfly

Confession time. I actually misplaced the butterfly at my last house so never used it. Not for egg whites or cakes or risotto. The butterfly is new and improved and apparently does perfect egg whites. Not that I’ve tried it yet but that’s the word. Come and tell me what you think.

Closing the lid

I wasn’t quite sure how to word that, but as you can see the top of the TM5 is different to the TM31. I kind of think of these as arms and the lid just sits straight on top and is pressed down and then once the speed is selected the arms close over the lid and off it goes to work. If the lid isn’t placed on properly (which I’ve done a couple of times) you’ll get an error message and you just need to press the lid on correctly. You do also need to wait for the lid to be released before you can remove it. I notice a few people said this takes time but it hasn’t really bothered me too much as I’m not a speed racer with taking off the lid and putting it on again. If you are you might find it takes some getting used to because instead of clicking the lid into position you are waiting for the ‘arms’ to do it for you.

Measuring cup

The measuring cup is new. Not much else to say about that really but it’s new. My 3 year old one is getting a bit old around the edges but not bad considering it has been in the dishwasher and used well for 3 years.

What’s not to love/worrying me?

I don’t really have any negatives because I love the new thermomix BUT something is worrying me and it’s the whole new technology and relying on the recipe chip/touch screen. Retro daddy said it’s not really a negative and I guess we live in a high tech age with all touch screens etc.  I think dials and buttons will last longer than the touch screen and I’m just a bit nervous about the error codes and me doing something wrong and then having to send back my machine. Technology is moving fast and who knows maybe thermomix of the future will have voice control or something like that but I guess the touch screen and recipe chip will be replaced later on but for now it’s great. What I am saying is that if you love the TM31 and the dial and temperature buttons then stay with that. I love the touch screen but am just a bit nervous but that’s me. At least the kids can’t drop it like my phone or tablets.

And I should point out that actually my TM31 had to be sent back for a service (under warranty, great customer service and it’s door to door so you don’t have to do anything) because on Christmas Eve (I know, of all days) the temperature stopped working and it had a problem. So in saying that faults and problems can happen whichever machine you are using. And that was the only issue I had that was fixed in 3 years of constant, 365 day a year usage.

Hot Tips

For the love of everything good in the world please watch your fingers while removing and washing the blade. It’s super sharp and I cut myself with blood going everywhere so be careful. I only did it once and you’d probably only do it once and then never again but lesson learned.

Do not switch off at the wall before you shut down the machine! I was holding the baby while my demonstrator was telling me how to use the machine and so I didn’t pay attention to switching it off. Then when I was pressing the dial and it wasn’t turning off I just had to switch it off on the wall. WRONG. Tenina told me that if you do that at least 3 times you have to send the machine back to get it reset. Don’t. If you want to turn off the machine just press the dial until the shut down message comes on and then the machine will shut down. Phew. I did it twice.


I love it. I’ve been churning out cookies, cake and dinners every day this week and just falling in love with my thermomix all over again. For me a thermomix does more than just make my caster sugar or cakes in a flash, it’s about cooking dinner while I am doing other things. It cooks safely and stirs for me and also has me trying new things. Just in one week I made Quirky Cooking’s Spicy BBQ chicken with vegies and rice and on another night I did creamy spaghetti with salami and the kids loved it. Now of course you don’t need a new thermomix to do it but I knew I’d want to upgrade and with 2 of my hotplates not working in the kitchen I really use my thermomix for our dinners. I knew the price was going to go up and that there was an introductory price so I wanted to take advantage of that and I’m glad I did.

If you have always wanted a thermomix then now is the time to get it. If the cost is just too much (and for many years it was for us) then now is the time to grab a second hand one. There are so many for sale. I think ideally buy from someone you know. That is why I sold to someone I knew because she knows where I live and if anything goes wrong she can call me up. So find out if anyone is selling one because the TM31 is still fabulous and it’s a great time now to snap one up or start saving for one.

If you love touch screen or new technology or want to get your kids in the kitchen or you hate cooking and making dinner then the TM5 will certainly make things easier for you. I love cooking and I love my thermomix because it makes thing easy for me, helps me make things from scratch, does two things at once like cook my rice and steam meat and vegies up top and it gets dinner on the table most nights of the week.

At the end of the day the cooking process is pretty much exactly the same as the TM31 but the recipe chip and touch screen makes things a bit easier and a bit more fun for the kids. The TM5 gets the big thumbs up for me. I’m glad I’ve upgraded, I’ll always love the TM31 but I did have to sell it to justify buying the new thermomix and I don’t really have a need for 2 on my kitchen bench. One is perfect.

Over to you…….do you have the new TM5, are you happy with your TM31, are you hoping to snap up a TM31 on the 2nd hand market, do you have a question? Fire away……………….

and if you like dramatic music and a little movie here you go…..

And just a note that I’m just a happy customer. Always have been and always will. I have a lovely demonstrator who always stays in touch with me but I don’t sell them, I don’t get any commission or benefits from Thermomix. And I bought the Thermomix myself. I also just wanted to add that I have friends (including one of my dearest friend’s) who bought a Thermomix just before the change and I really feel for them. I do think that perhaps there should have been a better introduction of the new model and I would feel the same way. 


  1. Thank you for the low down. I don’t own a thermite but it’s often on my mind!
    I might place a wanted add on FB and see what happens.

  2. I wasnt expecting to love the recipe chip …but I really do! It didn’t take long to adapt to it. Also I like the new Basic Cookbook a lot more than the EDC so that was a nice surprise.

  3. So good to hear you love the new TM5. I ordered mine on Friday and I guess my TM31 will eventually go to another loving home. Like you I haven’t had a demo but I watched enough on YouTube to know I will love the recipe chip & touch screen.
    My daughter also just missed out on the new model but is more than happy to recieve the bowl and blade set as compensation.
    As or the nay sayers. I guess you don’t miss what you don’t have.

  4. So good to hear you love the new TM5. I ordered mine on Friday and I guess my TM31 will eventually go to another loving home. Like you I haven’t had a demo but I watched enough on YouTube to know I will love the recipe chip & touch screen.
    My daughter also just missed out on the new model but is more than happy to recieve the bowl and blade set as compensation.
    As for the nay sayers. I guess you don’t miss what you don’t have.

  5. That was a great summary and the movie was catchy too. I have a TM31 and have loved it for nearly two years now but the new one looks very tempting. I really like the idea of the recipe chip that displays the recipe. Will have to reward myself perhaps!!!

  6. After 5yrs with my TM31, my 5 arrived yesterday. Having fun all over again. I made the fondant first and i can say the egg whites were amazing, i never got great results with the 31. New Butterfly is brilliant.

  7. Good review. It’s a Thermomix – so what not to love?!

    I do find the lid takes a bit long to come off but I am a speedster in the kitchen :P.

    I also don’t like that if the power suddenly went off, your food would be stuck inside the TM5. The TM31 would release the ‘lock’ and you could just open the lid. But I mean, how often does that happen…

    I am actually finding the slightly larger volume making a difference. Enjoying!

  8. Great review and fantastic to have some incentive to cook too with a new baby. I got my Tm31 when my youngest was 5 months old and so wished I had it with my first two when they were babies. I’m happy to hear an honest review from a TM fan. Thanks Corrie

  9. So want one but Hubby isnt convinced and its out of my current budget anyway but Ill be watching in the future,saw a friend make pumpkin soup and it was a super wow

  10. Lou Forsythe says:

    Thank you Corrie – that was a great read. Would you mind elaborating on the comment below please as I am not sure of what you meant? Do you mean while you are cooking, or at the end of each day, or after you have tried to switch the button off and it hasn’t responded?
    “Do not switch off at the wall! I was holding the baby while my demonstrator was telling me how to use the machine and so I didn’t pay attention to switching it off. Then when I was pressing the dial and it wasn’t turning off I just had to switch it off on the wall. WRONG. Tenina told me that if you do that at least 3 times you have to send the machine back to get it reset. Don’t. If you want to turn off the machine just press the dial until the shut down message comes on and then the machine will shut down.”
    Thank you,

    • yep when you’ve finished cooking:)

    • Your demonstrator has not informed you correctly. You should always shut the machine down by presing the button first and then unplugging simply because it has a computer in it. Just flipping the wall switch or pulling the plug could in theory damage the electronics and is not good practice for any machine anyway. There isn’t, as far as I know, any system that locks the machine for a factory reset as you describe.

  11. thanks for this review. I have wanted one for ages and have decided to take advantage of the intro price. Whilst I have not historically been a big cook I really want to reduce additives etc in the kids food.

  12. I am a happy TM31 customer, have had mine for 5 years and I have no desire to upgrade. It is a well built machine made to last and I plan on using it till it goes no longer. Will probabably buy the next model after the TM5! Glad to hear that people are liking the new machine.

  13. I ordered mine on Wednesday as there is a 6 weeks wait at the moment. I had never even seen one before as my party is next weekend but the cut off for Christmas is next Saturday! Went to a friends demo yesterday and loved the MX5, thank goodness!! So easy to use and with diet issues like my families it is going to make life a lot easier. Can’t wait to get it!!! Thanks for the post it was very informative:)

  14. i love my new TM5, it is my first ever thermomix but I have used the TM31 multiple times before. I went to many classes and researched thoroughly before I decided to buy it.

    I am too worried about the touch screen, and my consultant didn’t tell me how to turn it off at all.
    But in all I am very happy :)

  15. ok, so the new T5 has a max temperature of 120 deg. The Hotmixpro has a max tem of 190 deg C. So now you need to purchase the cookchip, the Hotmixpro has a SD card, where you can add, edit and make your own recipes, and run these programs on the HMP, no need for a cookchip. The T5 has a 2.2 lt jug, what is the usable capacity? The Hotmixpro has a jug capacity of 2.64 lts, with a usable capacity of 2lts (3lts with the new Gasyro XL) do you still need to hold onto your TMX when making dough, no need with the HMP, it has a shock absorber system that prevents the appliance from walking off the bench. The gastro is amde in Stainless Steel, with an insulated jug well, what is the T5 made from? The lid for the HMP is BPA free…….. Where do i stop?

    • Unfortunately, the most information I find about HMP when I google is all about it being unreliable. I do not have a Thermomix (plenty of other gadgets though) and whatever you think of them they have a proven track record and are used in lots of pro kitchens.

    • With the t5:
      The usable capacity is 2.2l.
      The bowl is stainless steel and the lid and mc and varoma are all BPA free.
      The recipe chip comes with it and there will be the ability to create your own recipe chips in the future.
      The feet now have (extra) ‘shock’ absorption in them, or suspension I guess is a better term.
      The varoma temp is higher than 120′ but I really don’t need anything higher than that for home use.

  16. Thanks so much for this Corrie! Loved reading your thoughts!!

  17. Thanks for this Corrie. I have been wondering about the step by step instructions on the screen. Can you skip ahead to view later steps so that you know what’s coming? Also did you get the new recipe book in print form as well so that you can still browse through it, or make your own adjustments to a recipe? Otherwise it seems very restrictive.

    It’s great that the size of the bowl and varoma have been increased, and that the thermoserver can now hold even more because I have found with mine that a full bowl of food can’t quite fit into the thermoserver. Increased temperature also good.

    • ahhh good questions! yes you receive the new cookbook as well as the recipe chip but I just love using the chip
      you can move forwards and back through the recipe easily, do things manually while still on the recipe and also resume/restart too.
      the bigger thermoserver is definitely good as I agree there were times where I was very close to the lid when all full up;)

  18. I’m happy with my TM31 and won’t be upgrading. Its only 2 years old and hasn’t been used and abused so I couldn’t justify the upgrade plus don’t have the desire for the new one. I have just purchased a Sedona dehydrator which is an investment in itself. Something new to play around with!

  19. Is anyone here selling the TM31? Could they email me @
    Hope that’s ok to post here.

  20. How much did it cost?

  21. I was also wondering how much it costs. Can you tell me about the payment plan Corrie?

  22. Tim Fulford says:

    The machine is £995 with a free training session by an authorised advisor. It might seem expensive but you will not need any other piece of portable kitchen equipment. I wouldn’t be without mine. I have a TM31 for sale with two jugs and carry bag for £650 plus courier to UK, Please contact me if you are interested.

  23. I need Help. I live in Dubai and here you can still buy the TM31 and they will bring the TM5 in December. I really don’t now if it’s better to wait and get the TM5 or buy right now the TM31. The price only change for 100 euros.

  24. Hi All I’m glad you’re having great success with your thermomix machines. I’m the one in a million that cannot report positively. I ordered mine and had to wait 5 weeks due to unexpected large numbers orders. I have it one day and it stopped the computer crashed when making bread dough, it needed a new motherboard, it was returned but the scales didn’t work. So it has gone back to be fixed. So all your worries about the motherboard is a possibility. With the lid being jammed I had to scoop the dough out through the hole in the lid. You can skip ahead in your recipes but one step at a time. I found flicking through the recipes annoying because I would get recipes coming up that I didn’t want and then had to start all over again. Some mechanisms are good but I would like to have the option to be able to type a few letters to get a recipe up. A USB port would have been good. Only three automatic recipes? A little disappointing! I still have my TM31 to keep me happy.

  25. We have a TM31, still going strong after seven years of regular use. I don’t really see the advantage of this “tactile” TM. Sometimes I use a recipe book, sometimes a tablet or PC, don’t really see the need for a display on the actual machine. I’m sure the new TM5 is well made, but have had several bad experiences with modern tactile technology, with appliances failing after a few years. An expensive AEG induction hob failed after five years, also had problems with a “fancy” tactile washing machine. Also the motorised closing system seems like another way of introducing another possible fail point. The TM31 is simpler and works flawlessly… if it’s not broken, why fix it? I’m all for improving things and I’m no Luddite, but I think this “computer” technolgy and unnecessary automation of the lid is a step in the wrong direction. The TM31 is a well made, proven “industrial” design. I’m not a TM5 hater! 8)

  26. Thanks for the review. I’m planning to squeeze another few years off my TM31, but when the time will come to upgrade my main worry about the touch screen. It’s pretty inevitable to have greasy or floury hands when cooking, and I’m wondering how you cope with that and the touch screen?

  27. I am still waiting for mine. We went to a demo and all of us ordered one. All of us have had faulty machines so makes me really nervous. I have paid and to this day i am still waiting for mine.

  28. My TM5 Recipe chip has stopped working. Has anyone else had this problem?

  29. Hi everybody, I’m from Italy, and my wife speak only English, nobody know where can I buy the recipe chip in English language?

    • Siddika says:

      I live in italy .. I speak english as cant get an english chip because each country have there own recipes..i ask the question if it was available in english my distrubutor said no not in italy…it’s called bimby in italian & in english thermomix.. But you can change the language settings on the machine..

      • I watched a demo in Sicily and they just changed the program to English on the Bimby. It worked perfectly. So don’t worry about a problem with the Bimby or the Theromix.

  30. Stephen Stewart says:

    Hi there- does anyone know if the TM5 is compatible with the TM31 accessories/jug etc?

    • no it’s a different jug and lid but the spatula, rice basket definitely work between them both but you’d have to check on the varoma:)

      • Stephen Stewart says:

        Thanks for the quick reply Corrie. Bit of a shame as I’ve not had the TM31 for long enough to justify upgrading already. Will wait until it dies a natural death! Thanks

  31. Chtistine Rosin says:

    Would love to buy a T5 second hand. Live in Brisbane Australia. Mobile 0408291345. Christine Rosin

  32. Hi, love your review…I had a quick question for you. I have a TM31 and need to replace the MC, and I know the TM5 MC is bpa free (I think)…Are they interchangeable? Meaning will a TM5 MC work with my TM31? Thx in advance!

  33. Ive just ordered mine TM5 and can’t wait for it to come. Friends of mine have them and rave so much.

  34. Thankyou for your detailed post. You’ve sold me I’ve had my thermomix for years and use it regularly. I’d like to upgrade and give mine to my daughter.

  35. Thanks for your review! I finally purchased my first ever thermomix in September, and am waiting for it to arrive. Thanks for all your thermie recipies you have posted, i have been following your blog for about six months now, and reading yours and other blogs helped me to decide whether the thermomix would save time and be worth the investment as a busy mum.
    I have a folder full of printed recipies off the web, ready to go, and I will admit I physically havent seen the thermomix in use apart from youtube, but I can’t wait to get it and start cooking!

  36. Like any new major internation launch there will be hiccups and supply issues. Most orders are being fulfilled in a couple of days in the Uk but other regions are taking longer which is a shame for those who have to wait.
    Cutsomer services are excellent in the Uk all you have to do is phone for help or speak to your advisor. If you dont have one message me and I will find out who it is for you. Tim Thermomia Advisor South Yorkshire.
    Anyone in South Yorks that would like to see the TM5 liekwise please contact me and I will arrange a free no obligation demo for you. All you have to do is ask.


  1. […] to the machine itself (which I still love).   The lovely Corrie from Retro Mummy wrote a fabulous review of the new TM5 this week about whether she thinks it’s worth it.  I’m still yet to try one but it […]

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