Should I buy a thermomix?

Lately when I put a recipe or mention my thermomix on Facebook I get a few of the same questions coming my way. What is it? Is it worth it? Is it suitable for large families? How often do you use it? And I do a bit of a spiel and say I must write a blog post on it. Well here it is. The blog post. I’ve also written this one here about why I love my thermomix and kitchen aid …………

So first up what is a Thermomix? 

Well to me a Thermomix is a kitchen gadget that has all the bells and whistles. It has built in scales so you can measure in your ingredients as you go. It will reset to zero between each addition of food so you weigh in everything as you go. It cooks your food, stirs your food, finely or roughly processes it, it steams, it cooks sauces and curries. It can chop your vegies, it makes a soup from start to finish. It dices and sautés your onion and garlic for you. It does the best white sauce ever and will also grate your cheese and combine it with the white sauce for the best and easiest cheese sauce ever.

Is it worth it?

For a few years I couldn’t imagine spending that amount of money on a thermomix. They are a smidge under $2000 which is a lot of money. I know that. But I wish I had one when the twins were born. It would have saved us from eating frozen fish and chips, takeaway and frittata most nights of the week. I use my thermomix almost every day for dinner. I always use it for my baking too and we love desserts in there like custard and sorbets. For me it has paid for itself within the first year. Instead of grabbing pizza on Friday night because I think there is nothing in the freezer it does a quick dough and the kids pop on tomato paste, ham, cheese and other toppings and bang in the oven and done. Much cheaper and healthier too.

If you’re living on your own or a couple you can make a quick meal all in the one bowl in about 20 minutes, delicious and creamy soup from just an onion, pumpkin and some butter and stock powder that will taste so much better than your canned soup. You could steam a little portion of fish or meat with some vegies while your rice is cooking in the bowl. With a busy family you can be doing other things while pasta or dinner is cooking in the thermomix bowl. It heats, cooks and stirs it all safely and when the timer rings you know to go back and get dinner on the table. And it stops cooking once the timer is off. Genius.

And what about large families?

If you are used to feeding a tribe of people at your house then you might be looking at the 2L bowl and thinking there is no way I could get dinner out of that. We usually get leftovers but we have lots of little eaters and one big man eater. And often when I have leftovers they get eaten by my big man eater.

When I make a risotto or pasta dish cooked entirely within my Thermomix then it takes about 350-400g raw pasta/rice which is more than enough for us. Often I might just make the sauce like bolagnese or cheese sauce or curry in the bowl and cook my pasta on the stove or rice in the bowl. That’s the great thing about the thermomix. You could be making a big bolagnese and make oodles of pasta on the stove and feed a huge family.

And there is the steamer. The thermomix comes with it’s own steamer called the Varoma which can sit on top of your machine and while the bowl is cooking you could be steaming your meat /fish/veg up above. Another great way to make a big meal for your family.

When I do cookies I get at least 6 trays of cookies from the delicious choc chip cookie recipe in the book that comes with your thermomix. And cookies from scratch just taste better and have less of the nasty preservatives and stuff that go into packaged food. That’s probably one reason that people love their thermomix, making things easily from scratch means you know what is going into it but you’re cutting down your preparation and cooking time.

Cake recipes are generous and making your own caster and icing sugar as well as almond meal is a great way to save money. I think the thermomix is just perfect for large families. It’s a great way to be saving money by making most of your food from scratch. You can teach your kids how to use it and get some help in the kitchen. You get lots more variety and if you’re a busy mum then you’re going to love that you can be doing other things while your soup or curry or pasta is stirring itself.

I just love that I can walk in the door after keira’s activities, chuck a few things in, do a bit of sauteeing in the bowl, add a few more things and dinner will be cooking and on my table in about 20 minutes. That is what I love about it most and why I couldn’t live without it!!!

So how did I go? Did I mention everything I love about it? Anything you want to add about why you love your own? Or are you lusting after one? Or are you just not into them?


  1. Corrie, ive been kusting over one of these for a while now but just dont know if they are suitable for a family of 8, 4 of which are big eaters. Also can it be used like a slow cooker for braises?

    • I have 7 children and 2 adults, I use my thermoservers to make a couple of dishes, the thermoservers keep food hot for a few hours so I can quickly do 2 risottos, or 2 indian/chinese dishes etc and the rice in the time i would usually cook a meal on the stove. In all honesty if mine vanished today i would pay double if i had to replace it just because of how much i love it. If it could mow the lawn i would marry it – look out hubby!

    • Hi,
      we are a family of 8 also & we’re always using the thermomix. Generally for cakes & other sweet items, there’s plenty to go around. however we as far as meals go we do use it for some things… Gravy, cheese sauces, soup, etc. Drinks? Well if we do often need to do 2 batches but because it is so quick & convenient that’s no problems!
      we wouldn’t be without it & I certainly would recommend to anyone that has got better things to do than to stand at a stove stirring a pot of gravy! :)

  2. The only thing I would add is the time and energy you save on cleaning. Given its my least favourite thing to do I love how I can make such an awesome meal and only have a bowl and some utensils to wash up again leaving me more time to do things I love!

  3. I’m like you – struggled with the price for a while them just bit the bullet and bought one. I wouldn’t be without it now.

    I work from home in a rural area and don’t get to the supermarket often as its a 20 min drive away. I love that I can make something pretty spectacular with basic ingredients out of the fridge and cupboard.

    I don’t ever regret buying mine.

  4. Thank you for the info. I would be interested to see what you think when your young ones are older. I love the idea of a Thermomix but think I am still sold on my slow cooker, especially with a family of six. Two of them being “bottomless pit / hollow legged” teenagers of the male variety and then of course there is hubby :) Thanks for sharing. It is still on my wishlist but maybe after the teenagers have moved out :o)

    • Kathryn says:

      Sharon we are a family of 7 (4 men, 3 of which are bottomless pits) and often 2 girlfriends in the mix as well making it 9 mouths to feed. I have had mine for 6 years and could not live a day with out it. I often cook for all of us in just the Thermomix … it’s a lifesaver after I have been at work all day!! Do yourself a huge favour and approach it with an open mind as to how it could help you in the kitchen :) I know how much you have to cook to feed the “bottomless pit/hollow legged teenagers and it doesn’t get any better!! 😀

      • thanks Kathryn that is great to hear! I know that we are a family of 7 but not big eaters so great to hear!!!!!


      • That is great feedback to hear from a large family. Thank you. It’s almost tax return time so it really is time to get serious about the thinking :)

    • I have one, but only a family of 3, our chef at work has one and uses it to grind pastes, curry mixes so it is a supplement that helps him prepare food from scratch for sometimes formal lunches of 30,.

  5. Thanks Corrie, I’ve been waiting hot someone to write a post like this. It was really helpful!

  6. It has saved me going out and buying a whole new saucepan set. I have one good skillet pan with a lid, a pot for boiling pasta and my Thermomix. That also saved on a lot of handwashing after a meal. The mashed potato is fantastic and comes out perfect every time. Cooking from scratch for a coeliac and knowing everything that is going into our food gives me peace of mind. No more take aways which was quite an additional cost on our weekly food budget when we add up little cafe visits and trips for sushi. It’s easy, and given me a whole new variety of family dinners to whip up when our weekly menu was getting a bit dull with fussy eaters!! I must admit I do prefer Bolognese and some of the other meat dishes cooked on my stove but I can grate my parmesan and cook my rice etc while other stuff cooks conventionally. The ability to make many of my own flours now we are avoiding wheat from almonds, brown rice, chickpeas etc saved on a lot of additional pantry items in both cost and storage space.

  7. I have a couple of friends with them now and they all love them. But at this point in time I just can’t afford or justify spending the money when I already have a Kitchen Aid mixer, food processor, blender, slow cooker, pressure cooker and a bread maker. That said, I still lust after them….. :-)

    • Allison says:

      My friends put those other items on Ebay and voila! Thermomix money.

      • What a fantastic idea? I’m going to do that! I really want a thermomix but keep thinking it’s too expensive. But then I’m always on the look out for another blender or vitamix or something. Anyway, I’m going to gather up my stuff and sell as much as I can to put towards the Thermomix :-)

    • I have all of your listed appliances but I absolutely could not live with out my Thermie now. I use my kitchen aid when I have big batches of cookies to make. But really hardly ever since having my Thermie. I don’t have a pressure cooker but really I don’t know what I would need one for? All of the other appliances you could sell and put the money towards a Thermie. So much more space in your cupboards!! I just got rid of 2 shelves of appliances I don’t use anymore. :))

  8. Alison and Julie – I have a big family – 5 kids and now their partners and they use the Thermomix too – Cooking is so easy and quick, that it encourages them to share the meal prep and make their own dishes if they want to, esp after sport or uni when they come in late. And its so easy to cater to the various dietary needs
    The time consuming fiddly stuff happens in the Thermi and i combine that with using a big pot/slow cooker /oven to prepare meals
    Batches of pizza or bread dough are a cinch; chopping veges for soups/casseroles is too.
    And the ease of making a dip in moments as a healthy filling entree, while the main meal is getting underway is brilliant.

  9. Whoops I meant Alison and Sharon :)

  10. I was given one for Christmas after lengthy deliberations. It’s a huge purchase. I spent ages and ages researching it. But within days of having it in my kitchen I have to admit I was disappointed. I wonder if the price point made my expectations super high, but I just wasn’t happy with the things it was churning out. I ended up selling on gumtree and feeling very very relieved! Can’t say I’ve heard many others who feel this way though…

  11. I couldn’t bring myself to spend 2000 dollars on a kitchen gadget (nor could i afford to. It seems like just the latest consumer, huped ‘must-have’ and also seems to seperate people from the process of cooking which is part of the joy of eating. A good set of chef knives would be a worthier recommendation to my mind x

    • it’s not for everyone:)

    • Littlemissairgap says:

      I wouldn’t say they’re the latest consumer “must have”. They’ve been in Australia now for some time (I bought mine in 2008) & in Europe for a lot longer. For me I think the Thermomix has actually made me more connected to what I’m cooking as I’m now not throwing in store bought items such as pasta sauce, vegie stock, custard powder, pesto … I’m making all of this in my Thermomix from fresh ingredients with no preservatives, enhancers, colours, etc.

      • oh yes! I hear in Italy they are huge!!!! I still love to grate cheese with my grater and do chunky chocolate but gosh it makes cooking a breeze! thanks for saying what I was thinking:)

  12. Kathryn says:

    I’m fortunate enough to have a thermomix & a kitchen aide (thanks to Corrie’s blog post on the two! :) – the thermomix was bought because my 4year old has had food sensitivities and I could make tomato based sauces very easily from scratch. It has been really goodl but it’s taken me 12mths to get to know all it can do & I’ve appreciated being on maternity leave this year because I have the time to learn. It has cut down our takeaway consumption and my hubby can use it to cook tea for me too. I still prefer my kitchen aide for cakes, biscuits & ice cream (the ice cream attachment is wonderful). I now have a 3mth old & I can see that the thermomix will be wonderful for baby food & I love that I don’t burn things when I get called away because there is always a drama when cooking dinner! I still use my slow cooker & often use the thermomix for rice & veggies. With young kids in the house a thermomix is wonderful!

    • isn’t it just the best when you have little kids! for me it’s just a big lifesaver:) I love you have your kitchen aid too:)

  13. I live on my own, and love to cook and bake, but there are never enough hours in the day (or people to eat all the food)…I would love one of these one day. Maybe I should ask for it for my 30th :-)

  14. Corrie, Could you recommend some Thermomix “go to” books that you have on hand for easy throw together meals. Or do you generally search the internet forums etc?

    • I’m a book person, anything by Tenina ( is a winner! love her book and she has a new one coming out. The vegetarian and the indian are also faves

    • Try “in The Mix” by Dani Valent. She’s working on a new book I believe, too.

    • The Quirky Cooking Blog by Jo Whitton is also fantastic!

    • I have had my Thermomix for a couple of years now and I found alyce alexandra thermomix cook books a couple of month ago and I love them. They are (in my opinion) the best thermomix cook books out there!!

  15. Allison says:

    i spent 6 months making my decision and now that I have my Thermomix it allowed me to to engage in the art of food when I had limited time.
    I went from making average meat and three veg to making gormet meals which people drool over in the same time from scratch.
    My pantry was pre packaged meals and now it is dried fruits, nuts and seeds to make things from scratch and my waist line is happier for it.
    Thermomixes are life changing.. if you are ready for them.

    • that is fabulous to hear! I do feel that we are more adventurous here with our cooking, delicious curries from scratch that I probably stopped making once the kids came along! love hearing about your experience:)


  16. I’m forwarding this post to my husband! I like how you specified it would have been great before the twins. 20 month triplets are severely limiting my dinner prep time at the moment!

    • oh Caitlin Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once it arrived in the house retro daddy needed no convincing. For you it would be fabulous because pasta cooks in the sauce so you make the sauce from scratch – it does the work for you and then half way through you’ll add your pasta and it gently stirs and cooks it for you!!!!!! and often there are payment plans – I did mine on 3 monthly


  17. Thanks for the report Corrie :) found it really helpful. You won’t believe it but I’ll finally get to see a thermomix in action tomorrow. Have a great weekend :)

  18. A great post Corrie. As a Thermomix consultant this was a really great, informative, non biased post. Thermomix really is life changing – my customers tell me so. Sometimes it is hard to justify a Thermomix before you own one and certainly husbands can be harder to convince (once you have one they are the raving fans!). If you are interested in healthy food, then no matter what size your household is, whether you like cooking or not, Thermomix is the best. See, I am so biased…..that’s why I became a consultant.
    And thanks Corrie for your blog. It does great things for Thermomix.

  19. Natalie says:

    I’ve had mine for around 6 months now and just love it! We are a family of 5, but I would say that at least 3 of us are pretty big eaters – even my 8 year old son surprises me by how many servings he has sometimes! I love that I can come home from the school pick up, put on some bread dough, then while that is rising be making the main dinner and then it is all ready at the same time and is always plenty for all of us – we still usually have left overs. Excellent for baking cookies and muffins, so quick and much tastier. Also it is quite easy to use, my 5 and 8 year olds are great helpers and my 13 year old son has even made a couple of things on his own.
    As much as I love my Thermomix there are some days that I do feel like cooking one of my old favourite dishes. When I want to take my time and chop and saute it all myself then I do. I agree with some when say they enjoy the actually “cooking” aspect of cooking themselves. All up though, it’s the best money we’ve ever spent in a household product :)

    • yep! it is a huge expense but when you think of how many times you use it compared to other appliances it is definitely worth it!

  20. Hi Corrie! I am a Thermomix consultant in Melbourne & a consultant friend of mine shared your post. I love to see Thermomix reviews with all sorts of views & opinions! Thanks for a great post with lots of info for people out there who want to know a little more. I would be happy to talk to or show anyone the Thermomix! I loved mine so much that I took advantage of the business opportunity & became a consultant :)

  21. Definitely lusting !

  22. Honeyaar says:

    You are absolutely right, the thermomix is a wonderful aid to busy mums who want to feed their families healthy, nutritious and cost effective meals. I have had mine for about two years and my family loves-pizza dough, sorbets cakes dips and white sauce.
    It is very expensive but it was a very special gift from my parents who also gave one to my sister. We now don’t really use any other appliances…it’s less” stuff” taking up space in our lives. It is a wonderful device…I love it !!
    Thanks for the post Corrie…you are so very amazing

    • oh I just love that your parents did that! they sound just lovely. It’s the gift that keeps giving. I do love mine so much.
      And thank you for your kind words:)

  23. Honeyaar says:

    Ps…full disclosure: I use a rice cooker whilst curries cook in the thermomix….that way we have up to 5-6 cups of rice ready with legume and veg curries :-)

    • that’s a great idea for large families actually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hadn’t thought of that, thank you!

  24. Best decision I ever made. Thermomix usually does interest free twice a year, you can check them out on Facebook. They have a great community forum, where recipes are shared. And the best part is I can get my growing 15yo son to eat veggies. He loves the bolognaise – full of veg and Dahl – awesome veggie meal.

    • that’s great isn’t it! My kids love the zucchini slice and they are not green vegetable people!!!!!!

  25. Corrie, You have done a great job extolling all the virtues of the TM. I have had mine since November. I live on my own and am a working grandma. I absolutely love my TM. It makes everything taste so much better. You have so much more control of what you are cooking. At Christmas time I did my individual Christmas puddings in the Varoma. Wow, they were so good and will definitely be cooked again this year. There isn’t one negative thing I would say against the TM. Also the support of my consultant is better than none. I recently went to a basics cooking class and didn’t learn anything new which translated to: I am getting great use from my TM. They truly are an amazing kitchen machine! I use the ECB for so many things. I also use the forums on the net to source more recipes. I recently made my own coconut milk which I then used in a curry. I would very highly recommend a TM to everyone who is a serious cook.

    • thanks trish that is so great to hear! love that you did your puddings in the varoma, I really need to use mine more this winter!!!!


  26. Michelle says:

    You’ve mentioned it a little, Corrie, but my favourite thing about the Thermomix is the way you can cook safely with little people in the kitchen with you. No more juggling a baby, with a toddler hanging off my hips stirring a sauce boiling away on the stove trying to keep bub away from steam. And then dinner burning because one or both have a meltdown and I have to walk away from the stove to attend to them. And then finally putting something on the table and looking around to see a sink full of washing up. I love that you open the lid, put in the ingredients, close the lid, then set the timer. My 3 year old likes to help too, but it really proves its value to me when I can be a Mum at the same time as being a cook! I used to use my slow cooker a lot for the same reasons, but the Thermomix just gives so much more variety, and it’s awesome for baby food – I’m loving the new Baby and Toddler cookbook!

    • yep! when I had the twins I just thought it’s too expensive I can’t buy it but now I just think wow I could have been doing beautiful pasta and dinners and been with the babies not worrying about it!!!!! Oh I love the book too! must try something from it this weekend

  27. I always think that if a man wanted a tool for his shed he would pay 2000 dollars for it …I love my thermomix….makes making food for the family so much easier..l.takes a while to work out the best recipes for your family though. ..,

    • yes! I’m trying to think if the kids didn’t like something – oh I know, the apricot chicken risotto! not a hit with the kids but I loved it!

    • Haha, Carole, right on the money re: boys and their toys! Still saving as a result!!!

  28. Sounds amazing and just what we need in our family of six. Can I ask what the surface of the actual cooking bowl is made out of? (Like many people, we are trying to avoid Teflon and all those ‘me too’ nasties) ps LOVE your blog

    • oh yes it’s surgical grade stainless steel! someone correct me if i’m wrong but definitely healthy and no problems there:)

  29. PippaMay says:

    A great, long-awaited post! You’ve said in such eloquence what I’ve often struggled to say to my customers as a long term Sydney consultant for fear of sounding obsessed and sales-y. It gave me my life back and could make truly healthy meals and snacks in no time and I was no longer an unappreciated family food maker. I am now an awe-inspiring gastronomic wonder, from porridge to prawn curries and pear crumble.
    I still say, a year and a half down the track “there is nothing about the Thermomix I don’t love!”

    • yep! I feel the same way, nothing I don’t love about it! and I heard a great saying from the lady who does the super kitchen machine blog that it will continue to surprise you and it does!

  30. For me it’s been worth it. EVERY SINGLE TIME I use it. it’s never been about the money for me, but about eating well and the incredible convenience. I can never go back to life without one. I understand not everyone can get over the investment needed but we haven’t looked back.

    • it is pretty special! I seriously wish I had it when I had the twins but couldn’t get past the price. No there is no way I could live without it! great to hear from you Alison:)

  31. I am fortunate enough to have both too (thermomix and kitchen aid)?inam 26 have been living outnofnhome for 3 years, my mother in law sells thermomixes when she got one I was like yeah whatever thought she was showing off- it took me 6 months of watching her cook to make me want one, i love it, but I do go through fazes where I don’t use it but at the moment I am on a diet I love I can come home from work at lunch time and throw in soup ing and turn it on and have a shower .and 20 mons later have lunch. The butter chicke in the Indian cookbook is amazing!! I am so glad I will have this when I have my first born child

    • oh I love the indian cookbook! it is so good, we love the chicken in yoghurt. and the cashew curry has been delicious. I think the indian is my favourite cookbook of the lot!!!! great to hear from someone young who uses it and loves it:)

  32. Must say my husband was extremely skeptical about all I had told him a Thermomix could do, but we ended up buying one anyway. He had since been overheard telling friends that it is one of the best household items we have bought. With a family of 5, we have no issues with the size of the machine and really miss it if we go on holidays. Well worth the investment.

  33. Thank you for the blog post, Corrie. I have had my Thermomix for two and a half years, after thinking about it for three months. It’s difficult to express the satisfaction of owning such a well designed product. You have achieved that and very successfully informed people about the features and benefits of the Thermomix, through your own writing as well as the responses of those inspired to share their experience too.

    • oh thanks Ros! yes the comments are fascinating and I’m learning lots too! I know lusting after one for a few years means I know all about tossing it up and weighing up the options:)

  34. Virginia says:

    I’ve had my thermo-lena since Christmas and wouldn’t be without it. A family of 6, including two pre-teens, and lots of visiting family and friends – and it is still a huge part of my cooking. Obviously if we’ve got a whole other family visiting I’ll do pasta on the stove or rice in my rice cooker, but I will use it for everything else. 1 huge slab of focaccia, made up in T-lena, then in the oven, feeds an army. Big bowls of homemade dips out on the bench are a crowd pleaser. Moroccan spicy lentil soup for 10 people last Sunday. No-mess berry sauce for dessert. Sorbet for twelve no problems. Custard for dessert for 15 people the other day. Two litres of jam while I mowed the lawns!!! Cooking lovers worry that it will take away their enjoyment of cooking. I’ve found the opposite. I’m cooking so much more than before. When I would have made toasted sandwiches for tea (which I do love for Sat lunch!) I now make a soup, risotto or curry. I never made bread before – now at least 3 times a week. No buying pre-made stocks or powders as I make my own veggie concentrate. Just buying simple ingredients at the supermarket is so much more healthy. With a busy family, part time working mummy and after school activities it’s made my evenings much easier. No yelling from the stove top to the shower occupants to get out or stop fighting with their sister! Fill and set Thermo-lena to cook dinner then I can be on bathroom duty, put washing away, shower and get my own pjs on – and not have to worry about sticking, burning or boiling over. I try not to think how it would have helped with four kids four and under (including twins). Co- breastfeeding twins while dinner is burning is not much fun!! There was a time we couldn’t have afforded it but using payment plans or instalment options helped us out. And strangely enough, my Dad and husband (generally fairly sceptical and thrifty) are even more in love with it and see the huge benefits. Fiona Hoskin’s book Devil of a Cookbook, raising money for Tassie devil research, is brilliant. My advice is to keep an open mind. My hubby said ‘I think you should get one – no one I know with one regrets it’.

    • I love that you call it thermo-lena! so cute!
      I must get that book, it’s been on my wish list for ages!!!!


  35. Corrie,
    Thanks for your comments re TM. I left so much out that I need to tell you more of my TM journey. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make a sponge cake in the TM because you CAN! Last weekend I made two batches of the Bush Gourmand Sponge cake (just to be sure) and the cakes were perfect. Today I have made a Women’s Weekly 2 egg sponge and the results are equally as amazing. Previously my sponge cakes were used as Frisbees for the dogs but now- no way!
    I bought a whoopee pie tin and use a tablespoon of mixture in each space. It fills 12 spaces exactly. I have ended up with 12 perfect little sponge cakes to sandwich together with jam and cream and dust with icing sugar. They will go to a little afternoon tea gathering. I like how the TM beats the eggs up at 37degrees for the set time. I followed the WW recipe and used the TM method. Perfection. I am so excited. The Anzac biscuits in the ECB are fantastic but I imagine you’ve already done these loads of times for all the darlings at your house. I really would like to have another bowl and then I wouldn’t have to stop to wash up! Happy TM journey.
    Trish Laws
    PS I would use all cornflour instead of custard powder as I wasn’t mad about the intense yellow colour. I can see perfect lamingtons coming up!

    • oh wow so many tips in one blog comment! thanks trish! I can tell you love it and I love mine too!

  36. Oh, I forgot about marshmallows too. Amazing transformation before your eyes. so easy too!

  37. The thermie was on my wish list for years. No food processor and only a $15 hand mixer for cakes I was able to convince hubby IF he got a bonus I thought it would do our family good. Being a coeliac I was spending close to $7 -$15 a week on bread alone. I can now make it for about 80 cents a loaf. Making the kids rolls, snacks, lunch box treats, and everything else such as meals has made it all worth it. So being an accountant I can quantify its benefits over time from a cost perspective but I can’t quantify the freshness and health benefits to my kids over the same period and I am fine with that.

    • wow now that is some serious saving! I can’t imagine spending that much on bread so definitely good for your household!!! good work

  38. Margaret says:

    I have a Thermomix and I just love it love making the white sauce soup or custard or just about anything in it. What I love about it to is that been a first time Grandmother I find it so easy to prepare baby food for grandson with out it been store bought and he loves it to.

    • oh yes custard and the white sauce is the best! especially for my big macaroni cheese eaters in the house. I love the lemon custard best of all but the kids don’t so more for me!

  39. Hi Corrie, thanks for the “review”, I name had my thermomix for about 6 weeks now and am enthral led by it lol, just made a sultana load for our craft group tomorrow, fruity dreams for g’son, vitality truffles for sister and hubby, the thermomix has renewed my love of cooking/baking.

    • it does doesn’t it! and even if you get in a rut once you’ve had it for a while you discover you love it all over again. I owned it for a year before I did bolagnese in it then there was no turning back, never do spag bol on the stove since!

  40. Sorry about the dismal spelling, name means “have” load means “loaf” sorry…

  41. Melanie says:

    Just goes to show how much I love my TM… I read EVERY SINGLE POST :)
    The main reason I love Facebook is because of all the wonderful forums on each Thermomix site. I learn stuff every day!
    It took me a while and time to learn how convenient my TM was. And organisation as we live on a farm and the supermarket is 30 minutes away.
    I have just taken some divine gluten free bread out of the oven this minute for cheese toasties. And Tenina’s divine Salted Caramel Ice Cream alone is why buying a TM is worth it :)))

  42. Kylie Miller says:

    Hi Corrie,
    We are just a small family of three. We both work and I find I’m not enjoying cooking at all lately. I feel like I’m relying on packet sauces and jars. I’ve been thinking about the Thermomix for a while now. Do you think it is as good for small families as for large families?

    • oh absolutely! I just focused on large families because I get a lot of questions and concerns it’s not big enough! perfect for you guys too. leftovers are always great for taking to work and I can’t remember the last time I bought a curry or a pasta sauce. So much easier to make things from scratch and if you’re working then you’ll love walking in and having it do your dinner for you. Really makes my night times easier as it’s crazy here!

      • Kylie Miller says:

        Thank you Corrie, I have wanted one ever since you first started blogging about your’s. I think the time has come to make it happen. :)

  43. I have had thermomix for about 8 months now. I bought it when my second daughter was a couple months old, primarily to make baby food but also cause I was struggling to do everything and wanted an easier way of cooking. I’m not a cook and prior to this it was meat, veg and sauce from a jar. Now, this may be cause I’m not much of a cook, but it has taken me a while to get used to it, and sometimes I have been a little disappointed. I don’t think its been the lifesaver I expected. I was particularly disappointed in the baby food aspect. I presumed that there would be baby food recipes somewhere, but I couldn’t find any good ones in the cookbook or on the net. So I ended up buying baby food again. Some things haven’t worked in it . I also found the recipes in the main cookbook quite bland and not really meals hubby and I enjoy (the mains that is). Having said this, I don’t regret buying it. I am slowly figuring out how to use it, and tailoring it to my style. Now I can adapt recipes that we like and make them in the thermo, and also cook in bulk by cooking things like soup, cottage pies etc on the stove / oven but chopping all the veg in the thermomix etc. So if you’re not an experienced cook like me, I think its an investment of $, but also time, in learning how to use it. I am looking forward to becoming a proficient (and efficient) cook for my family, and I think the thermomix will enable me to do this (with practise)!

    • hi there, there is a really great new baby food book by Louise Fulton Keats just for the thermomix. I reviewed it and love it. Just ask your demonstrator or go to the thermomix website and buy it online! I like having a few cooking books and grab Tenina’s book which is another favourite! I have about 6 thermomix cookbooks and love them. Especially the indian one, check out the indian book

  44. Linda Mason says:

    Trish & Corrie, great to hear your comments about the TM, I have only had mine for about 5/6 weeks and love it, I haven’t used it to its full extent as I am presently doing the Jenny Craig weight loss programme but can’t wait to start creating some lovely healthy meals, I too am on my own and a working grandma Trish, so good to hear somebody else is making the TM work for them. I can’t believe what I have cooked in it, me (shock horror) making bread lol. Thanks for a great review and your lovely recipies Corrie, love your blog.

  45. I have several friends with them and they LOVE them. My thoughts – Maybe i tell myself this as i cannot afford one but i think i would miss standing their sauteeing and stiring etc. It is therapeutic for me. There are things i would love about it (its food processing, blending power and the scales) but when it comes to cooking and stiring – i think i like to do that part.

  46. Great review! I’ve been eying off a thermomix for awhile (and unsuccessfully entering comps to win one). I love the efficiency and multi-tasking aspect of them but I have so many of the appliances that it would replace. I already have a breadmaker, slow cooker, rice cooker, kitchen scales, food processor and blender, none of which are on their last legs. The only thing I don’t have is a mixer after my ancient kenwood chef finally bit the dust before Christmas, and even then I use a little hand mixer for cakes etc. So probably not worth the $2k for us given all that?

  47. I’ve had my thermomix for a few weeks now and love it! It’s great being able to make everything from scratch and avoid all the additives and preservatives in store bought bases etc. it is so quick and easy to whip up delicious healthy food for the family and cleaning is a breeze. It’s definitely my favourite appliance and I use it everyday.

  48. I have been researching the Thermo for years, but like many, the price put me off and I was afraid it would end up with most of my other kitchen gadgets, in the pantry never used, including my Kitchen Aid.
    My lovely mother paid for my Thermo as a gift, thanks Mum xxxx
    I have had Thermie for 4 months now, and I have used it everyday, on weekends up to 5 times. I make bread, pizza, cakes, things I never could be bothering with before due to the time involved in getting my mixer out, scales, blender, etc etc. Now I just need the one appliance it is such a time saver, especially when you work full time, I have even made Jam and Butter, something I would not even have bothered with before.
    I am also making food that I would never have tried before, in particular Asian foods, as they always seemed so fiddly and time consuming. Every weekend we would have spent at least $100 on either takeaway Chinese or Indian food, well, I now make my own Tikka Paste and whip up a great Butter Chicken in less than 30 minutes, even my fussy 17 year old admits that my Butter Chicken is just as good as his favourite from the local Indian Store.
    Like many have mentioned, the Thermo is not for everyone, but take it from a once sceptic, I also used to say “it takes away the joy of cooking”, please reconsider as it has given me back the joy of cooking.

  49. Corrie, you have convinced me. I am going to take the plunge and buy one. My second bub is due in 15 weeks so I will spend some time to get acquainted with it before bub comes. How did you get yours? through the thermomix site?

  50. I have wanting the TM for a couple of years now. My husband’s is nearly on board… I think I’ll send him this post to get him fully on board :)

  51. Love the post thank you. I had my thermo demo today and was really impressed, it would definitely make life easier. One thing I did notice was the noise it made, especially when blending at top speed…. Any comments on this.

    • oh yes! when we had an open plan kitchen the kids would go ‘ohhh mum’ because of the noise. But I only use high speed for 10 seconds or so and it’s not a problem. Its usually cooking on speed 1 or 2 for longer times so it’s never a problem here! enjoy:) I love mine

  52. Corrie and fellow commenters thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m so relieved to hear from big families (particularly those with teenage boys) that their TMX works for them. I was introduced to TMX a couple of years ago and initially thought it wasn’t for me, but recently have had kitchen appliances that need replacing so are now thinking about it again. I enjoy cooking for the most part and I wasn’t that keen on the food at the demo, but I’m utterly amazed by what some people are cooking in theirs and blogging about it. While I don’t ever imagine I’ll cook all the time in a TMX, I do think it is going to make an incredible work horse and ‘give me the night off’ a couple of times a week, giving me more time to spend elsewhere. What more can I ask!?

  53. I was invited to a party and had never heard of Thermomix. They said the price at the start of the demo and I thought “that’s outrageous”. And then they made dip and sorbet in the space of about 2 minutes, then all the rest. I was sold. I signed up that day and haven’t looked back. My husband loves it, as no need for him to cook. I am a real foodie, so I cook everything and anything in it, from breads, jams, spice mixes, curry pastes, biscuits, cakes, crackers, to full meals. I mill all my flours and sugars A favourite dish is a very large steamed salmon dish, perfect for entertaining and which regularly feeds 12 adults with leftovers . As a family of 4 healthy (i.e. not small) eaters, we still usually have enough leftovers for a couple of lunches to take to work. The real magic for me is the ability to make meals quickly, and have a few minutes to sit and relax with my husband and kids while doing it. The healthier eating is a bonus. We rarely use our stovetop now other than to cook a steak or pasta (I am a fan of sauce on top of pasta rather than mixed through, so sometimes I still head to the pot to cook my pasta ready for my sauce). When I consider how much my stovetop cost, the Thermomix is much better value. I also love that you can make small quantities when you want to – I can make a jar of jam if I have some leftover a little too ripe for eating strawberries. I make icecream in the Thermomix, chill it, then whip it up in the KitchenAid. Absolutely love it.

  54. So I went to a thermometer demo last night. I was initially skeptical but it ended up really impressing me. I have a few questions though if someone would be kind enough to answer them. Where can I get recipes from? Are there many online? Or do you need their recipe books? I read a lot about how Thermomix is great for curries & risotto (I’m initially hoping to fasten/ease burden of dinners). We don’t eat curry and although we like risotto I’m not keen on it 7 nights a week! Is Thermomix good for other dinners? Eg casseroles/stews? Also, can it roughly chop veggies into big chunks? At the demo last night I only saw them very finely diced. Also I love the concept of making your own sauces and jams but without preservatives how long do they last before they go off and need throwing out? Can you use it to dice meat and chicken? Will it cook meat by itself (without using the steaming option)? Sorry to have so many questions but I’m trying to have my doubts/questions answered so I’m confident that it will be a good investment for our family as I’m going to need all the help I can get convincing my husband likewise!! I’m thinking of becoming a demonstrator – doing the selling 6 in 60 days option so I don’t have to buy it. Has anyone else found this a successful way of getting it or more of a hassle. I think that’s all for now! Thanks in advance for any answers received.

    • yes to most of your questions, go to a cooking class as it is of great benefit. There are tons of recipes online and in the everyday cook book and the other cook books that are available. I have had it for only 3 weeks and now that am not scared of it :) I am adapting my normal recipes ( only slightly :) ) to use in the thermomix… Love the functionality, speed and control of what ingredients I put into our food, and I have also become a consultant because I believe in the product… Enjoy…. :)

    • You don’t have to buy cookbooks unless you like to (I do!) My favourites are Devil of a Cookbook and For Foods Sake by Tenina. There is also one by Chef Laurent for families which is great for entertaining – it has bulk quantities as well as small for most recipes. There’s also tons online. It’s all a matter of what you prefer.

      Re how long sauces etc last, as long as you follow proper procedures for preserving etc, many items such as pasta sauces, pureed tomatoes, etc can be made and stored for long periods (think months). Tomato / BBQ sauce, worcestershire, etc, these are all easy to make, can be made in bulk and last well. The recipes tell you how – but you do need to remember to note the date on the item. With some it is just a matter of keeping it in the fridge.

  55. Thanks for this post. Am new to Thermomix ( although have know of it for yrs) and am having great adventures with the functionality and having full control over the ingredients I use. I do tend to adapt the recipes to my liking but find that is easy once become familiar with the functions. I paid a few hundred dollars for a juicer prior to purchasing my thermomix and I wish I had waited. :)

  56. Thank u for a very informative blog! I saw the thermomix demo last week and loved it. My hubby and I have a concern and wonder how normally stove top slow cooked curries or stews taste in the thermomix? …does the flavour still infuse into the meat and veggies just like it would if u very slowly cooked by simmering on the stovetop?

    Thank u!

  57. Healthynut says:

    Hi Corrie ,
    Great review, I have yet to purchase one
    My biggest hesitation is HOW TOUGH IS IT? I have a tendency to kill blenders & I am looking at this as a sort of blender replacement -but with extras. I do already own a bench top mill (grain etc) a juicer (good quality as the cheapies are just throwaway junk) & other appliances I don’t intend to throw away if I were to get a thermomix. I am a from scratch cook & would use it for chopping dates (which is how I killed the last appliance), nuts, & some other tough foods (carob beans) In your opinion would it survive in my kitchen?

    • Healthynut says:

      PS how different to something like a VITAMIX is the THERMOMIX?

    • It is fabulous! you can’t kill it, can crush so many things and I make almond meal and nut butters from nuts, lots of dates have been through mine! trust me:) There are lots of health nuts that use them for their juicing, smoothies etc

  58. I have been umming and aahing now for a while about outlaying $2000 on a gadget and have been sewing the seed with hubby. After chatting to lots of friends (none of whom have regretted their purchase) and reading this thread I think I am closer to purchasing one. My scepticism is coming from knowing exactly whether ill get my moneys worth but right now the pros outweigh the cons by a lot.
    Thanks for the info I best find my local consultant

  59. My daughter wants one and thinks I will too. Does it juice both oranges and apples? I guess I need a demo.

  60. I have had a Thermomix 2200, for the last 20 odd years, it belonged to my mother who sold them back in the late 70s, annoyingly the seals went on it and I couldn’t find a heat proof replacement so could no longer use it for wet work – it was relegated to making rubs.
    I finally bit the bullet and got me the new Thermomix and I am very impressed. Some things are the same, but the addition of the basket and the Varoma cooking unit make it awesome.
    But when you are worrying about the price, just think, my first Thermomix lasted a little over 30 years, and I as long as the electronics don’t go awry in the new one, I expect this to be the last “blender” I buy. The build quality seems quite up to it – got to love that German engineering!
    Besides, I have discovered the seal around the motor is the same size as the one on my old blender, so I may be ordering a replacement seal…

  61. I have wanting the TM for a couple of years now. My husband’s is nearly on board… I think I’ll send him this post to get him fully on board. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

  62. Hi there
    I am looking at purchasing one of these but can’t find out where to get one? In in Melbourne and am interested in a payment plan if they do them? Please email me some information it would be appreciated.


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