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Once upon a time I would blog every day, then every 2nd day and now I’m just blogging when I can sit down at the computer and find something exciting to talk about. It’s all about home life at the moment and I am loving it that way. Little lawson is almost 3 months old and I’m still breastfeeding which is a bit of an achievement for me as I usually don’t make it this long. We are going longer between feeds and I’m getting a bit more sleep which is making life a bit easier.


I have been knitting and am hoping to knock this kina over in 2 weeks. Because I am determined to have a little cardigan for each of my girls done before summer. Pattern can be found here and the wool here. Wishing I was knitting this in cotton now as it’s we’ve had some super hot days so might do my next one in cotton and at $10.50 a 200g ball why wouldn’t you!

We have been baking which is great for the snacks and not so great for the waistline. Mind you I broke the cardinal rule of cooking with kids in the kitchen………don’t turn your back otherwise your mixture will end up everywhere. But we had fun. We’ve been putting the new thermomix through its paces with pizza dough a few times, rice and meatballs last night, cakes, biscuits, pasta dishes and we are big fans of Quirky Cooking’s Spicy BBQ chicken which uses 1kgs of chicken thighs and we just have it minus the spice. If you haven’t made it then make it!

We’ve been playing outdoors and finding the best tree to climb……………

and my pile of Christmas magazines is growing by the day. I have a bit of a soft spot for Christmas magazines to get ideas and new recipes. I’ll always fall back on my old favourites but don’t want to miss anything. So far Donna Hay is my favourite of the bunch and I’m going to go all out and say it’s her best so far. Lots of new ideas and delicious recipes with all the beautiful styling that you’d expect.

And that’s about that.


  1. Hello I too made the Quirky BBQ chicken but mine did not cook in the Varoma and I felt like the volume was too much for the Thermomix (mine isn’t the new one with the bigger jug). Did you have similar issues? I had the right quantities – as measured by the Thermie. Thanks

  2. Wonderful pics of family life. I bet you love it now you have more space for the kids to run and climb trees, and come in all grubby with rosy cheeks and a good appetite.

  3. Christine says:

    Don’t worry about your waistline for now, Corrie. Enjoy these precious years with your children. Glad you are getting a little more sleep! I think you have convinced me to buy Donna Hay Christmas even though I am trying to limit my magazine buying!

  4. Ahhh, that little Lawson is just adorable!! My own little Hamish is 7 months old (my fourth precious bubby) and I am enjoying him so much. I think the more children you have, the more you appreciate the joys of babyhood and just how quickly the baby days pass. Let me just say, you are amazing! Taking care of your beautiful family and still managing time to blog and inspire other Mummies…i think if you managed once a week I’d still be in awe. I love checking into your space every now and then and come away feeling uplifted and inspired, especially to get back into my crafty loves

  5. Hi Corrie, little Lawson is divine! Thanks for sharing this lovely photo. It’s always a delight to see your little ones growing. XO

  6. Little Lawson is gorgeous! I am also constantly marvelled at how much you achieve with so many little ones. I only have one bubba at the moment and I can barely keep up!

  7. My fave is House and Garden. I flip through everyday wishing my house will look like that this christmas!

  8. I share your love for Christmas mags Corrie. I just adore them. And speaking of adorable – little Lawson is such a cutie. And we’ll done on the feeding front. It can be so exhausting. My little miss is almost 8 months – with 5 teeth!! So I’m very looking forward to stopping- although I doubt she’ll let me anytime soon. Lucky she’s cute

  9. I love Christmas magazines too but haven’t bought any yet due to our packing up – will stock up when I get there :)

  10. Sarah Best says:

    Lawson is just divine! Do you find the Cotton is ok without a bit of lycra in it? just wondering if the kina stretches out of shape without it?

  11. A little late to be asking, but, where was your Baptism dress day from? It was gorgeous. And was it breastfeeding friendly? I couldn’t quite tell from the photos! Thanks!

  12. Keira has grown a lot and so are the rest. :) Lawson looks more like you! He is adorable. Loving your blog as always. I can’t imagine how you manage everything but I really honor and admire you. :) we have also grown now have 3 boys. :)

  13. Well done Corrie. Lawson is divine. I do not know how you do it with 6. I have one baby in the house and one teen and nothing much gets done. Knitting is almost non existent.I love your Kinas. I have made this too,

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