long weekend in the kitchen

Well it’s the Friday before a long weekend. I know I’ve been a bit quiet here on the blog but lots has been going on behind the scenes. Feeding my little man while the kids destroy the house while I’m stuck on the couch, cleaning out the pantry and kitchen, enjoying our holidays at home and knitting. It’s fair to say that if the blog is quiet then there is plenty going on behind the scenes. And now it’s a long weekend.

And it was just before a long weekend, over 3 years ago that I took delivery of my thermomix.  Fast forward and I’ve taken delivery of my new thermomix today and plan another long weekend in the kitchen. My demonstrator is a lovely lady – I might have had a baby or two since the last time I saw her – and if you want her details just drop me an email.

I promise to do a full review of the TM5 after the weekend and I have a little girl excited to try her hand at a few things especially since custard can be made with the press of a button. You can also read my Is a Thermomix worth it post here.


  1. I hear you being stuck on the couch while the kids unpack every cupboard and make a mess. Kids choose the most opportune times to create chaos!

  2. Ooh – it looks awesome Corrie! Can’t wait to hear your verdict. I’m happy with mine – going on 6 years now, so won’t be updating mine….unless it dies ;o)

    • wow 6 years! well done!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s a long time. I first heard about them 6 years ago and would have saved my life with twinnies:)

  3. I’ve been interested in seeing some reviews and honest comparisons with the new Thermomix.I’ll stay tuned.
    Have a great weekend.
    C x

  4. May I ask what you are going to with your old thermomix?

  5. This is timely for me and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the TM5. after years of sitting on the fence, I am finally having a demo and am looking to buy one. What has held me back is the worry that I’m not teaching my kids good old fashioned skills in the kitchen but to be honest the result is the same, good healthy food cooked from scratch. I have been busy looking at yummy TM cooking blogs, it all looks so good.

  6. I had my brand new TM5 delivered today at 2pm! By 4pm I had made vanilla bean custard, vegan Choc custard and mango soft serve….SO good, so quick and completely addictive!

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