just starting to feel normal again

Flicking through my instagram photos I can see that lots has been going on and life looks like it’s back to normal. And it is and it isn’t. We are trying to do all of our normal activities but my reality is lots of time on the couch feeding my little guy or having him fall asleep on me. And who wants to move when you have a snug little bub on you fast asleep. I don’t.

But today I got out of my maternity jeans and pants, put on a dress and some leggings and actually felt a bit more normal. So I’m thinking I might need to go through the wardrobe and see what other dresses I can get into and just make the break with the maternity jeans and stretchy pants to feel a bit more normal more of the time.

And two weeks of solid rain has not helped when everyone is cooped up inside so on Sunday the sun was out and so was the washing………..well not a lot of washing as our septic system was playing up  (as in it caused a blackout for a few hours on friday night!) so I did the essentials and had to let it all pile up until we got it fixed.

There was a teeny tiny amount of knitting on the weekend as I try to get this little cardy finished. It’s the raglan sleeved cardigan from debbie bliss baby knits for beginners and is a real favourite of mine. The wool is Bendigo’s Colonial and the blue is just fabulous. It’s going to be super cute whenever I get around to doing the buttonbands. Sometimes you can’t beat traditional patterns like this one. It’s knit in several pieces and there are ends to weave in but it just looks so smart and is always satisfying when it’s finished. Whenever that will be. And if you’re a Bendigo fan did you see that they’ve just released a new yarn called Athena yesterday. Looks lovely.

And there has even been some baking as the twins needed some cupcakes for school. I used my trusty thermomix recipe here and my cream cheese frosting and had wanted to do the tiny teddies in jelly rings which makes them look like they are in floaty rings for swimming but could we find any at the shops. No. So it was just plain tiny teddies on top and the recipe does 24 cupcakes so we had some delicious snacks at home for all of 1 day before they were all demolished.

And I have to share this super cute outfit that I picked up for my big girl recently from Target. She went through a stage of not wearing dresses which made it hard to dress for church in summer but I think we’ve turned a corner. She loves this dress and jacket and $55 for the two was a bit of a win. I have this crazy idea that I’ll make them some dresses and skirts for summer but we’ll see how we go. The fabric, patterns and machine are there ready and waiting for me. And if you think that’s crazy then wait till I tell you about the new yarn I ordered to make all my girls a little summer cardigan or bolero to wear with their dresses and skirts. Oh yes. I’m already thinking about what it will be like to get right back into my craft.

And that’s been a few things going on around here……..just 3 more weeks to the 6 week mark when I officially feel normal.


  1. I think you are doing brilliantly to be getting so much done with a new baby. I’m glad to see you have knitting on the go as hopefully it means you will take some time to sit & knit & have a little rest if you find a few minutes in the day.

    • Super Retromummy what a fabulous read go girl enjoy those baby snuggles they are just not the same when the baby if the family is5. Still lovely but just not tiny teeny baby snuggles. Have a fabulous week.

  2. That moment when you start to feel normal again is like a breath of fresh air isn’t it. You are doing so well to be baking already. I needed those jelly rings recently and none of the major stores had them, but I ended up finding them in one of those cheap stores, so if you need them again they might be worth a look. Right now I’m off to pop on the next load of washing myself and try to get as much dry on the line as I can before the wind blows those rain clouds back in. Your little man looks gorgeous by the way.

  3. Do we every really feel normal again after our beautiful babies are born or do we just adjust to the many changes that go on?

  4. You’re always an inspiration to me Corrie! Six gorgeous little people and you’re managing so much. I only have two and I manage less than half what you do! Perhaps I step away from the computer and go at with my sewing machine!!!! Looking forward to see what you create when you have a chance :-)

  5. Awww little man, he is looking gorgeous Corrie, looks like he is starting to really ‘wake up’ too :) It is so incredibly hard to get that feeling of ‘normalcy’ isn’t it!? Bonny just clocked 5 months and I still don’t feel back to normal yet. I have a feeling that won’t kick in until I stop breast feeding and can get back to an exercise routine. My aim is 6 months, so I’ll see how I go. I think you are doing a remarkable job Corrie, my inspiration :) xo

  6. I have just started to feel normal now, although I’m still wearing my maternity jeans, but I got to wear non-maternity clothes at Problogger and it felt soo good. Lawson is just gorgeous! I love those chest time sleep snuggles too with Phoebe. They are just the best. x

  7. Your baby is adorable!

  8. I’m pretty sure it took me a year to feel normal after my boy. I’m now pregnant with #2 and I”m hoping it gets faster each time? Tell me it does!

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