another knit off the needles

Nothing like the feeling of finishing a little knit. This one is a real cutie and worth the hour or more of seaming that is required to get it all together.

I sat outside the library yesterday afternoon sewing on the buttons and getting excited to see it finished. And let me introduce you to my buddy….Bingo. An elderly lady came by and asked if she could tie the dog onto the chair I was sitting on. I started to stand up and said of course please sit down and she said oh no I’m going into the library. So people were walking by, admiring the dog and one little girl even asked if she could pat my dog. He was very well behaved and I quite liked having him there at my feet for a little while.

So I finished the last button when I got home but had sadly missed the good light to photograph it so ducked outside this morning with a quilt I grabbed off the couch and set to photograph it.

The pattern is a bit of an oldie, raglan sleeved cardigan with full fashioned shaping from Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for Beginners but there is something sweet and special about classic knits for babies. I love it so much I’d almost cast on another one………….

The wool is Bendigo Woollen Mills Allegro and a really lovely mixture of pinks. Buttons were a couple of dollars from Spotlight and considering I have 1/3 of a ball of wool left I’d say this project cost me less than $10. Nice.

Ravelry details are here…meanwhile I’m going hell for leather on the size 6 kina and am determined to get it finished so I can cast something else on. It’s warming up so I’m about to enter my cotton knitting phase and I might even think about knitting a few things for Christmas. Think, I did say think….it’s good to aim high for a few handmade christmas presents.


  1. Heartsdesire says:

    What a cute sweater, Corrie. And your knitting is so beautiful and even. I always have trouble adding the button band, it usually turns out a bit messy.

    • oh thank you! you just reminded me to add a little comment that I did the button band with 4mm needles and not 3.25 as required by the pattern. I think it was a bit more forgiving!

      you are too kind

  2. Its turned out beautifully. Such a lovely little knit. I must get another project going.

    Young friends are having first baby in January and our eldest daughter and husband have their first baby in February. Just in time for my birthday! It’s so exciting. We are all so happy. So I’ve got some baby knits to do. Just so hot for knits, even cotton, in Queensland in summer.

    Your little friend looks pretty focused on waiting for his “mum” to return.

    • yes he looked like a loyal dog!!!!! he was a bit smelly though so I’m not sure I’m a dog person

      wow all those babies and you’re going to be a grandma too! fabulous. I love that my cousins and nanny are all starting to get married because I’m sure babies are coming soon. And that means knitting

      I’m sure a kina would be perfect or what about a blanket they can lie on…’ve got time for a blanket don’t you?!?!?!


      • I have 2 beautiful grandsons already thanks to my youngest daughter and husband. I look after them 4 days a week so we are very “bonded”.

        The new Mum’s are ‘late starters” at 37 and 38 and both feel very blessed. Wonderful deserving Dad’s too. Life is good…….

  3. Andrea Easton Teika says:

    It’s just beautiful :) the colour is beautiful

  4. You seem to get so many things off the needles! I’m in a lull…I really should get back to those several projects and get them finished once and for all! :)

  5. So did the dog’s momma return – or are you a mom of 5+ a mutt??

    • oh yes she came back after about 10 minutes and said come on bin! it was very cute and one of those moments I was glad to have my phone on my to snap it for the kids


  6. So love your knits – I have Miss 7 who must wear purple (not my favourite colour) Master 10 I miss out on everything and Mr 14 Mum I’m NOT going to wear something you knit so dont waste your time BUT I still managed to get the family to detour 200kms to Bendigo Woollen Mills whilst we were visiting VIC last month – enough wool for 4 jumpers (included wool for poor suffering DH who normally gets nothing) – now I get it and I love the back room…..

    • yep it’s pretty good, right? I don’t lie when it comes to craft and wool!
      Whenever retro daddy says we need to go to victoria, I always ask can we go to bendigo:) :)


  7. So beautiful. Love the colour. I’m trying to push on with a knit at moment.. Hard not to do others. Won’t be doing 4ply for a long time.

    • oh I feel the same way about 4 ply! takes forever…it’s probably why so many of my baby knits are done in 8 or 10 ply! worth it when it’s done though!

      keep going! you can do it…

  8. That is super sweet and such a lovely colour too. Seaming scares me, I stay with the simple patterns 😉

    • oh the seaming is easy! I find debbie bliss books have the clearest instructions for seaming so it’s all invisible! just follow the same line of stitches and you are good!

      this is so worth all that seaming which took me 3 sittings to get it finished

  9. That is just a gorgeous little knit! You have done an amazing job! I crochet and have made a little cardi for my baby girl (now 2 -time just flies!), and I’m thinking about learning knitting, it seems so much more polished than crochet, kind of scares me a bit.. Hehe.. Love reading your blog and about your beautiful family.. Very inspiring.. Thank you xx

  10. That is a lovely cardy! Such a pretty colour! Someone’s going to be a lucky little bub to receive that as a gift x

  11. Very sweet cardigan and I am completely loving the quilt.

    • oh isn’t it lovely, a sweet reader sent it to me and I love it! washed it so many times and just gets better with age. Very lovely liberty fabrics. I’ve been spoiled!

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