things I haven’t told you lately

Well on the blog I’ve been a little quiet but behind the scenes there are plenty of things going on as we enter the home stretch before a new little baby arrives.

I’ve been washing baby clothes and getting them ready. I’m also trying to find a good spot in the house for the baby changetable. One of the things I love is a well stocked changetable before baby comes home from hospital. Nappies, wipes, bepanthen, clothes, singlets, baby socks, hand sanitiser after those nappies, all the good stuff. I’ve got the changetable but just need to stock it. I went a bit gung ho giving things away after emerson was born but found a perfect changetable on gumtree for $60 and am so happy. Just need to fill it up.

I’ve been working on a cardigan to give away to little baby Albert who is home and doing well. He came from hospital too big for the little green one so I’m woman on a mission to get that finished. I’m knitting in 10 ply luxury and it’s knitting up nice and large so he might need it next winter at the size it’s knitting up to. And you’d think with a room full of wool and fabric that I’d have enough wool to finish it but am just waiting on a 2nd ball from Bendigo to arrive in the mail this week.

Binding is half on the quilt and I see  a few quiet nights on the couch under the quilt hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilt. It’s actually a hand sewing job that I really love. I’m taking my time and doing tiny stitches and loving it and just have to position myself with cushions behind my shoulder blades which have been a bit sore. I am only a short lady so as baby gets bigger each pregnancy it hurts my ribs and shoulder blades but I kept stitching through a bit of pain last night (with a cushion behind each shoulder blade) as I’m so motivated to get this quilt finished.

My hospital bag is ready to go. Packed and loads of things in there ready to go. I’m still eyeing off some lovely pj’s at Sussan but have 2 new pairs in the bag which I’m sure will be plenty. I sure do know how to pack a hospital bag since it’s the 5th time I’ll be heading to hospital to have a baby. I wrote a post here on what I pack in my hospital bag. I also had to buy another breastfeeding cushion because sure enough that was another thing I gave away after little emerson. And a big thank you to a lovely reader who runs Bags of Bliss who sent me a gorgeous big bag to take to hospital too. Loaded with goodies…….

my hospital bag is ready to go!

Baby is definitely getting lower and getting up from sitting or lying seems to take me forever. I’m wearing stretchy pants every single day and ditched the jeans. Less than 3 weeks to go and I’m counting down………… good thing is that we’re spending lots of time at home and just enjoying it.

Oh and please cross your fingers and say a few prayers that this little baby doesn’t come earlier. My wonderful OB who has delivered all of my babies broke his ankle and is out of action until the week before baby arrives. So I’m doing all my positive thinking to keep baby in……….usually I wouldn’t mind coming early but not this time.


  1. Christie says:

    So VERY excited for you! Your nearly there…hope bubba holds on x

  2. I love your belly shot, your quilt is coming along nicely, I cant wait to hear your good news and meet your bundle of joy and fingers crossed baby stays a little while longer, all the best for the birth xx

  3. Oh, how lovely!
    Do you wonder just HOW people don’t realise they are pregnant until they are delivering!!!???

    • now it’s funny you should say that because just this week I watched the show I didn’t know I was pregnant and I couldn’t believe it!!!!!!!!! it was just too crazy. There is no way i could get away with it or hide it!

  4. Beverley Priest says:

    Yes….love your belly shot Corrie and your baby boy who has grown into a gorgeous little poppet…take care and we all await the news xxx

  5. Oh Corrie!! I didn’t mean for you to replace the outgrown jumper! God bless you xx

  6. Elisha Ross says:

    The first sentence of this post sums it up at my space over at The Windmill Paddock very well indeed. 1.5 weeks to go here and it can’t come sooner. After seeing that pic of your hospital bag, I think I better go and pack mine stat and finish off this baby room and take some pics. Hearing you on the heavy, sore and slow going front. Seriously I don’t know how long I can put up with the feeling my waters are going to explode every time I roll over in bed or get up from sitting. he he.. So worth it in the end. Good luck with it all anyway. x

  7. So excited for you Corrie. xxx

  8. Good luck. I had my little guy last week and cant believe you can do this for a fifth time! I can only assume it gets easier lol

  9. I know exactly how you feel about your OB. I had the same one deliver my first 7 babies and then found out he was due to be on holidays for my youngest one’s arrival. The gorgeous man that he is changed his holidays so as not to miss it! I think he was just as excited as we were to see the safe arrival of ALL of our children. Blessings your way xx

  10. Archie Lane says:

    So very many best cyber wishes your way! Such an exciting time for all involved. Blessed you are and blessed is this little poppet to have been chosen for your beautiful family xx

  11. I so understand we’re you’re coming from about wanting your same o/b. I loved my dr so much that if we were to have a third I’d still have to have him as my dr even though we now live two hrs away! Stay put bubba, it’s warm in there!!

  12. Justine says:

    Your handsewing is perfection! Take care and enjoy these remaining few weeks at home! I, like you, also got rid of items like the changetable but found one at Vinnies for $15 which was perfect!!

  13. 3 weeks to go!!.The time is going quickly. I think packing your bag in readyness now is a good idea as baby number 6 could come early but hope the little one will know when your OB is back and will stay cosy and warm in your tummy till then.

  14. Fingers crossed you get the quilt finished- at least it is a nice, relaxing reason for you to stay seated! I just realised that we are most probably seeing the same OB! Unless there has been 2 unfortunate and accident prone OB’s in the Sydney Northern suburbs!

  15. Wow Corrie, your little boy is a cutie! He’ll be fascinated by the new baby, won’t he! Special times ahead for your family. I remember loving the last few weeks and loathing them simultaneously!! Try to rest & accept help whenever you can to enjoy these precious times. Big hugs to you Corrie, Jetts

  16. Oh please – just for your international readers: What does OB stand for? I mean, I think I know what/who you are talking about, but I am still curious about this abbreviation.
    All the best to you and for your next delivery :O)

  17. Corrie what’s the pattern for the gorgeous simple pattern for the top cream cardigan?

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