red letter day progress

How are the school holidays going where you are? I’m actually getting things done. Boxes are being emptied, you can walk into my craft room, kids wardrobes are getting cleaned out and the weather has been fabulous so lots of play time outside.  Yes it really is winter at the moment.

Having some space in my craft room meant that my machine could move in and I could get a bit of sewing done………..1 red letter block done at night and one the next morning. I think the trick was doing a few 9 patches in one go, then a few half square triangles and then sitting down at a separate sitting to put a block all together. You can read about the class I did with Camille and the Red Letter Day quilt here.

I might just be able to have this finished before school goes back……… and I’ll miss my little helpers. This little guy came out just as a breeze started to blow away a few blocks.


  1. Melissa says:

    It’s looking gorgeous!!! As is the weather in a Sydney! I’m looking forward to seeing how you decide to quilt it :-)

  2. Corrie that quilt is going to be beautiful. I’m not getting much sewing done as Miss Two wants to sit on my lap when I sew and that’s not helpful!!!

  3. Quilt is looking so great Corrie! well done on getting things organised now, you’ll be grateful in a few weeks time!

  4. Corrie the quilt is looking beautiful. It is on my wish list of quilts to make. The weather here in the Blue Mountains has been gorgeous and we have loved being outside and visiting parks and some bushwalks. Enjoy the rest of the holidays. xx

  5. Hi Corrie,

    It’s so heart warming to see the kids running around having fun in the open land, I love it!

    To your knowledge, is there any acreage area in Australia, perhaps Sydney or Melbourne that offers short term vacation rental?

  6. The blocks look awesome Corrie, looks like a lot of cutting and piecing involved.

    • oh yes! lots of cutting and piecing! did the cutting in 2 sittings and the piecing is taking a while but I know it will be worth it:)

  7. Your blocks are looking great! It is such a wonderful pattern. I am stuck on 4 blocks until I can clear some other projects. It is helping me get my act together with my other projects so I can get back to it. I hope you get your blocks finished before the end of the school holidays. I am also finding I am more productive during the school holidays. Its great isn’t it.

    • it is great to be making progress these holidays! I should be doing a quilt for the new baby and knitting but am focused on getting this done. It’s a lot of piecing but really worth it and I’m loving that:)

  8. Justine says:

    Your quilt is looking gorgeous! Well done on achieving so much! We are having cold weather here in Toowoomba but sunny at least. Visits to the park, library, bike riding and catching up with friends has been our holidays so far. It’s been good and I’ll miss them next week! Enjoy the rest of yours :)

  9. Oh it’s looking gorgeous Corrie! So glad to hear you are getting things done and feeling productive! It’s so frustrating when you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere.

  10. Looks beautiful Corrie I didn’t get round to getting my sewing classes this year. hopefully next year I do love admiring your work its just delightful to see! Your home looks amazing such a wonderful place for little kiddies run to their hearts content!

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