doing a quilt class with Camille of Bonnie & Camille

Now us aussies live a long way away from some of our favourite crafters and fabric designers over in the states. I always get so envious when I see pictures of quilt market and people having their photo taken with all the big names. So the chance to spend a day with the lovely Camille of Bonnie & Camille was just something I couldn’t miss. I’ve loved all of the pretty ranges that have come out of Bonnie & Camille for Moda and just the chance to get out of the house for the day was a treat in itself let alone quilting with Camille.

And I have to tell you that Camille is as sweet and happy as she looks in all of the photos of her. Just a sweet person and she had so much time for all of us today. She was getting asked so many questions and was so helpful and lovely to all of us. I learnt chain piecing and am now addicted and learnt a new way to put such a big block together.

Now if I was at home I would do each row by carefully pinning each little block to the one next to it, then I’d press it and then I’d work on the next row and then I’d join all the rows together from top to bottom. Well Camille had us sew the first two pieces together. Then using chain piecing do the next 2 pieces underneath and so on going down. And then you take the 3rd piece on the top row and join it to the top row you’ve started, run a few stitches on the machine and join the 3rd piece in the 2nd row to the 2nd row you’ve started. It takes a bit of practice and concentration and my automatic reaction to cut the threads after I sew but I got it.

And just when I thought I’d finished my first big block it was pointed out that one of my half square triangles was the wrong way around! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I almost didn’t believe it. So out came the unpicker and thankfully it was in a bottom corner and I was back on my way. First block done. I love this block pattern and only did my first nine patch yesterday so am loving what I’m learning. The pattern is called Red Letter Day by Thimbleblossoms available here and at hopefully at your nearest quilting store.

and on to the design wall. I am so making one of these walls during the holidays. Once the craft room is finished.

Quick shop downstairs in Kim’s lovely store, quick bite to eat then back to it on my 2nd block. I was woman on a mission and determined to finish a 2nd block by the time the day was out. Now some people were miles ahead of me but I like to balance the quilting with the chatting and enjoying the day. Because it’s all about having a great day and not being totally head down for the whole day. Plus I had lost half an hour because I got the start time for the day wrong (too much going on in my head right now!!!) so I was determined to go home with 2 finished blocks.

And I did it. Woohoo. Another block finished. These blocks are big and beautiful. The green stripe for the centre is a design feature and has nothing to do with the fact that I had accidentally cut into the 5 inch square for the centre block and had no more fabric with me. No it’s not that reason at all. I just knew the green stripe would be perfect. Wink wink. Always call it a design feature.

And by the end of the day there were over 55 finished blocks and it looked amazing! So many different fabric choices.

A big thank you to the gorgeous Camille for coming out to Australia and for being such a wonderful teacher. And another big thank you to the lovely Kim of Kim Bradley Creations (I’ll definitely be coming back for another class!!!!) and her friendly helpers for organising such a great day and looking after us, Di Mills for organising Camille’s trip, the wonderful ladies at my table – Cindy, Karen and Kim (Kim owns her own patchwork store here if you’re ever in Nowra!!!) and everyone on the day who made it such a fun and friendly day. And of course my lovely man at home who looked after all of the little ones and let me escape the crazy for a day.

and because someone commented that they couldn’t see the baby bump, here you go. Just 8 weeks and counting till I meet my bub…………….

You can see how many beautiful blocks were created while Camille was in australia just by checking out #redletteraustralia on instagram! Camille is also on Instagram as @thimbleblossom


  1. Just 8 more weeks? Wow, how time flies! You must be happily counting down the time:). Do rest well till the big day as you will be busier than ever.

  2. I forgot to ask you this : You cook, bake, quilt, sew, knit, and crochet. And I can see you enjoy all these, Corrie! But which tops your favourite hobby?

    I tried all these, and honestly can tell you cooking and baking is last on my list! My current fav is knitting, but it does switch around with the others. Sewing would be great, WITHOUT all the cutting beforehand!

  3. Fabulous.
    I used to join my crocheted squares the same way you were but now do them the same as the method you learnt today. Works a treat!

  4. Wendy Forster says:

    Well done Corrie, the blocks looks fabulous. Chain piecing is a fantastic method of sewing. I love doing classes. You often learn just one simple thing that changes the way you sew and makes you wonder why you didn’t know it before.
    I can’t wait to see your finished quilt.

    • YES! that’s how I feel, just learning one thing has really made my piecing faster and easier and now just to put it into practice and get enough time on the machine!
      thanks wendy!

  5. The blocks are lovely Corrie and love the fabric choices, a great day.
    8 weeks not long to go now for you. The weeks seem to fly by and with plenty to do. Then a little baby will have arrived.

  6. Judith Hogan says:

    Your blocks look lovely, Corrie, and so do you. How lucky you were learning sewing techniques with Camille. Chain piecing is great, and really gets the job done quickly. Bonnie and Camille are my favourite designers, I love all their wonderful fabric collections. Hope to see your finished quilt soon.

    • I know! it was such a special treat to be able to spend the day with camille and especially when I love her fabrics! She is going to come out again so hopefully you can have the chance to meet herxxxx

  7. So glad you enjoyed your day Corrie. Camille has been a pleasure to bring out to Australia and we are already planning another trip in a few years as she has loved it here so much. It was a great class and the perfect way to end her work section of the trip.

    • ohhhh I hope so! I’ll be there in a flash for another class:) :) It was so much fun and she really is a wonderful lady! So lovely to meet you too

  8. Oh what fun! I admire her so much. Have a lot of her fabrics and patterns too. Glad ukulele got out. Always nice.

    • it is always nice to get out of the house and do something you love! that’s why everyone needs a hobby:) :) She really is sweet and I wish more people got to meet how cute and sweet she was:)

  9. I love the wall with all the patchwork squares. Sounds like an awesome day, I really must learn to sew. I just cannot believe how you fit in all your different crafts with all those lovely kiddies, and do everything so well! I can only manage to squeeze in a bit of knitting these days. x

    • oh you must! it’s a great skill to have and sewing turns into quilting and before you know it you’re covering all of the couches and beds in the house with your handiwork! just try a local patchwork store as they always have beginner classes and some spotlight stores are great too with beginner sewing classes if you’re lucky

  10. Until I got to that last photo I was wondering where the bump was :) Looks like you had a lovely day

  11. Your blocks are fabulous. I’m glad you were able to spend a day quilting – I bet you went home recharged! I wonder if Camille has plans to come to Perth…

    • apparently a lady came over from perth just to do the class!!!! I know she only did east coast this time but looks like they are planning another trip in a few years……..was so lovely to meet her and learn from her:)

  12. Look at that wall of loveliness! I absolutely adore Bonnie and Camille’s designs! It doesn’t matter what they bring out I fall instantly in love with it all! Looks like a wonderful day was had by all :) And a well deserved break for you Corrie… Even if it only lasted a day.

    • yes me too! love how pretty their ranges are and always something I want to buy. It really was lovely to get out of the house for the day and I felt great today just for having that break.

  13. Sarah O says:

    Woohoo, Jenn and one of my other friends from the SMQG were talking about this class at our sew in at Kim’s the other week. I couldn’t go (shift clash) but I am bummed to know you were there! Gorgeous blocks!

    • oh thank you! it was so lovely and such a great group of ladies too. The store was gorgeous too. I was only there because of a cancellation so counting my lucky stars that I could be there:) :)

  14. So nice to read about your day with Camille in Sydney and to see all of the lovely blocks you made. I did her class in Brisbane last week and had one of the best days ever! And being able to see all of her beautiful quilts was just amazing too.

  15. Justine says:

    You are looking beautiful with only 8 weeks to go…wow that’s gone quick! Such a treat to have a day quilting and I love the blocks you did and your fabrics. Well done :)

  16. Penelope Jackson says:

    I was so disappointed to miss it but also only found out about the wednesday before, really must get back to my blogs! Love her work, always have. Looking great Corrie, the last workshop I did was with you and Don’t Look Now you were pregnant then but so was I (and not well at all surprised I even made it). I miss my quilting must get back to it.

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