a new knitting pattern to love

I love knitting for babies but I am certainly guilty of always making the same patterns………….ahem Baby Kina might spring to mind or my favourites by Debbie Bliss. But every now and then I try a new pattern and I loved the look of tiKKi’s latest pattern, Gidday Baby. And now you can get the pattern in larger sizes here

I’m using Bendigo Luxury 8 ply (in ghost) and then a gorgeous mustard yarn (BC Garn Semilla) which makes a lovely contrast. This is knit from the top down and for the beginners out there you would only need some help when it comes to the sleeves as you’ll be using small circulars or double pointed needles. The rest of the little cardigan is knitted back and forth on circular needles. I know some of you freak out when you see circulars but really it’s just like using 2 needles when you’re going back and forth plus you can push your knitting down onto the cord and not lose any stitches (assuming little people don’t find your knitting and get to it first). 

It’s knitting up quite quickly………..well I probably get 1/2 hour of knitting every few days and I’m loving the results. Pattern is free here and thank you to tiKKi for making this free for everyone as it’s a real cutie. 

I also took these photos using a cute little clip on lens and an iPhone 5s which I got yesterday. The lens is called an ollo clip telephoto lens and it was a tough choice because the 4 in 1 lens which includes macro or this one. I learnt lots of little things to share with you about using your iPhone but have to say that number 1 priority was getting photos off my phone and onto my computer to just make space for more photos and kids games.  My own kids were just happy to see me come home with a new iPhone and iPad to play with for a few months. 


  1. Brianna says:

    I’ve already made two of these and they are gorgeous once knitted up. Very quick knit too which is good. Georgie has lots of tips of her website to go with the pattern for people that are scared of the circular needles.

  2. Hi Corrie, I wonder if you would mind to let me know the shade of Luxury you are using from Bendigo Woollen Mills? Is it ghost? Thanks, Bec

    • yes it is! I only know that because I’ve used it a few times! I’ll add that to the post, thanks for checking, it’s great for boys or girls actually:)

  3. Justine says:

    Beautiful colours! I’ve been waiting for the bigger sizes to be released! Yay!! Will need to order some work from Bendigo now :)

    • haha I wish I had an excuse to order from bendigo! I just love their stuff and it’s so soft for this cardigan. I so want to make one for keira but just don’t think I’d get it finished with all the baby things I want to knit:) :)

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