another baby kina off the needles

Oh my love for the Kina. If you’re new here then you might not know about my addiction to the Kina knitting pattern. I discovered it a few years ago when elodie was a baby and then I just couldn’t stop making them. I’m still not sure if this is my 7th or 8th. My favourite is the baby kina as it’s so quick and easy and makes a lovely gift.

I knit this in Bendigo Spring Cotton and it’s so sweet. I know from having my own babies that you can’t beat a cardigan in white or cream because it goes with everything. I did actually knit the smallest size in an 8 ply and 4mm needles and it comes out a bit bigger. I actually didn’t have the pattern or a measuring tape to hand when I finished so guesstimated but after you’ve made this many kinas you kind of know what you are doing.

This didn’t take took long and once I’ve done the sleeves then I know I’m on the home stretch because there aren’t that many stitches to do. No seams, just a few ends to weave in, 3 buttons and you are done. Done. That’s why I love it. Why knit 8 pieces and then have to stitch them all together when you can do this little top down cardigan.

Ravelry details are here. The yarn is Bendigo Spring Cotton from here and the pattern is here. Other sizes are available by following the links on ravelry here.


  1. liveseygirl says:

    Oh my goodness you put me to shame. Right in the middle of a kitchen renovation and you create this! I can just about get us all washed and drrssed in time for school :-) xx

  2. Lovely as usual! I’ve been wondering about the spring cotton – how do you find it? Does the stretch affect your pattern sizing at all?

  3. I am so jealous of all of the gorgeous things you make! I cannot sew to save myself, but it’s a skill I would love to spend some time trying to acquire! Until then, I’ll just drool over your beautiful knitting projects!!! xx

  4. Love this pattern thanks to you. I’m on my second at the moment for my middle daughter:)

  5. It’s beautiful Corrie. So sweet!

  6. The spring cotton always looks so nice knit up. Another Kina, I dont think I have even managed to knit 1 as yet.

  7. Love your knitting. going to get that pattern soon. I finished an In threes the front is too big.

  8. Love it, it’s beautiful, you’re so talented Corrie!

  9. Absolutely adorable!!

  10. I also have the Kina bug & bendigo spring cotton bug – I have knit 4 so far and am on my 5th at the moment – it really is the perfect cardigan – it can be worn in summer on cooler days/nights and in winter over a long sleeve top. I love it – although I don’t think I would have the patience to knit one for myself – that would take just way toooooo much yarn!!!

    • I like your style, you don’t make me look like the crazy lady I think I am. Honestly I cast off this kina and I cast on another newborn one. It is just a winner. I knit keira one in size 7 and think that might be the biggest for me

  11. Would it be possible to get hold of Bendigo brand of yarns in Melbourne? I will be visiting the city next month:)

    • they only sell it at the mill or online but you can have it delivered to your house OR take a big road trip to bendigo – it’s a fabulous country town to visit and a great bakery and would be a great daytrip:)

  12. Victoria O'Brien says:

    I love this little cardigan, as a beginner knitter I was wondering if this pattern would be suitable. Love your blog, your lifestyle and beautiful babies.

    • oh yes it’s a great pattern for beginners! go for it! just knit and purl and you do some increasing but you can get on youtube to work out if you haven’t done any increases. It’s very easy to follow. Hope that helps……….

  13. Hello Corrie
    Can you tell me if this pattern comes bigger enough for my six year old……
    I think I would like to give knitting a go

  14. Hi Corrie,
    Really lovely work! I can’t wait to knit up my first kina. The pattern suggested using a circular needle but not mention of cable length. What cable lengths have you used in your projects?

  15. Hi, Corrie!

    I finished my FIRST Kina and love it! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Greeteings from a snowy Sweden.


  1. […] Adult Kina from this pattern on Ravelry. I was inspired for a long time to try this from the posts retro-mummy puts up of the kinas she makes for her children. It is knitted in one piece (not many ends to sew in, and NO sleeves to […]

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