win a signed copy of Quirky Cooking’s first cookbook

Well I don’t do many events but when I got an invite to Quirky Cooking’s book launch I was pretty excited………….until I realised it was the first day of school and preschool. And the first day at a new preschool involved tears (from the little one and me the big person) so it was a day I had to stick close to home and be on call just in case things didn’t go smoothly. Thankfully it was a great day. And since I couldn’t make the launch but was desperate to get my hands on the book I sent my lovely friend Lisa (a new thermomix owner) along to the book launch. 

And so it’s over to Lisa to tell you about this book…………….

Food Allergies are becoming a lot more common in society and for some choosing or having to eliminate certain foods from your diet can be overwhelming but with the Thermomix you are able to create wholefoods and know exactly what ingredients are in the meals you prepare for yourself, family and friends and also you can easily substitute ingredients.

If you own a Thermomix then you may be aware of the fantastic blog by Jo Whitton called Quirky Cooking. Jo shares great recipes with different ways to substitute sugar, wheat and dairy, these substitutes can also be used for your own recipes. Jo started her blog initially as a place to share some of her recipes she created after noticing some family members were suffering from some food intolerances. Since her launch 5 years ago the Quirky Cooking Community has grown and many have been awaiting her cookbook to be released.

I was invited to the Quirky Cooking book launch on behalf of Retro Mummy at Rushcutters in Rushcutters Bay, a gorgeous food hub including deli and restaurant. Meeting Jo was amazing, she is such a lovely person and was happy to have a laugh before launching her book.

Jo shared some of her favourite recipes from her new book and also demonstrated a few recipes including Green Chai Smoothie and also Banana Ice-cream with Salted Caramel sauce, such divine food made from scratch in the Thermomix. The Quirky Cooking Cookbook has some of her favourite reader recipes and a lot of new recipes and covers everything from basics, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Quirky Cooking will be available through the Thermomix website from the 5th May

But to win a signed copy just in time for Mother’s Day just tell me why you’d like this book at your house and I’ll pick a winner next Tuesday 6th May and express post it out to you. Competition is open to Australian residents only, terms of my giveaways are here and please note that this giveaway is organised by retro mummy and not Thermomix. Good luck.  

Congratulations to Christy who won the giveaway, thank you so much to everyone who entered.


  1. I have been an avid follower of Jo and would love her book! I think I have printed all of her recipes – it would be so good to have them in a proper cookbook!

  2. Carla Mason says:

    I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a cookbook coming out like I am about this one!! All of Jo’s recipes have been a huge hit in our house and I can’t wait to try more!!

  3. I’m a huge quirky cooking fan and I love all of her recipes. I’ve also enjoyed watching Jo’s journey to getting this book published. Unfortunately I don’t own a thermomix so I often adapt her recipes to the ‘old way’, however having this book may well be the impetus to convince hubby that I really NEEEED one! 😉
    Happy mother’s day Corrie.

  4. I have two children with cvid and have monthly transfusions to boost their immune systems. I have found inspiration in Jo’s recipes to give them healthy, nutritious preservative free meals that I have found has made a big improvement to their health.

  5. Samanthacrichton says:

    Would love love love a copy !! I am from the northern beaches but currently living in Singapore and cook so many of her recipes already !! Also my first Mother’s Day with my baby daughter :-)Ps my sister could bring it with her from aus on her next visit

  6. Amanda Nellist says:

    I too have followed Jo for a while. Her recipes are fantastic, and have really given me the kickstart to start choosing less processed, more natural choices for sweeteners. I know I will have to get this book!

  7. Hi Corrie I would love to win this book please. We recently bought a Thermomix as my 2 year old daughter is suffering from a rare blood disorder (this has meant she has had 10 hospital admissions in 9 months and over ONE HUNDRED lots of IV antibiotics as well as countless oral abx due to serious infections) . I’m so concerned about the damage this is doing to her gut health and her immune system. We bought the Thermomix so that we could make all her food from scratch and totally eliminate all additives, preservatives and colourings from her diet. I love that Jo (from Quirky Cooking) uses real whole foods in her recipes and this book would really benefit our whole family. Thanks

    • Karen Freeman says:

      Check out you will see their goal is to improve the lives of ASD children and mental health issues BUT their primary focus is gut health and immune support which then improves the other areas. I think they could direct you in the right direction. Good Luck!

  8. Quirky Jo is such an inspiration and has definitely been my go to blog for recipes since getting my thermomix. I would love her recipe book to celebrate my first Mother’s Day as I am due to have my first baby in a few weeks.

  9. Louise Baker says:

    My youngest daughter is about to buy a thermomix to help her create foods that are better suited to her health needs. She has just built her first home on her own and is on a tight budget. I would love to win this book for her. Thank you for another great competition.

  10. I have a Bellini (cheaper version of the thermomix – one day will own a thermomix) but I have very limited recipes & would love the book to give me more confidence with using the machine & having recently gone wheat-free need some inspirational recipe ideas.

  11. It’s because of quirky cooking that I’ve just ordered my thermomix. What an inspiration Jo is and I can’t wait to get my kiddies eating such nutritious and yummy food.

  12. I’m pretty new to thermomix cooking but I’m already a big quirky cooking fan. I love her combination of tasty, interesting but healthy recipes. I am trying to get healthy and lose weight at the moment plus cook good, healthy, nutritious food for my kids so her book would be the perfect present for me this Mother’s Day.

  13. I love The Quirky Cooking recipes but I just love a good old fashioned, tangible book to cook from. I know you can cook from an iPad but in a book you can write your comments and adjustments on the recipes you’ve tried, you can take a cook book to bed and mark the recipes you want to try and you can see the memories after cooking them on the page in the form of splatters and smudge marks.

  14. I was going to enter with a long story about how much I love my thermomix, how many food allergies we have etc, but I want my vote to go to Louise, above, who has the 2 year old daughter that is unwell.

  15. I am so excited about Quirky Cooking’s book. I have tried quite a few of the recipes off the blog and they are always delicious and easy to understand and follow. Having the book would be drool worthy.

  16. My 9 year old son was diagnosed with coeliac disease and an autoimmune deficit 3 years ago. Over the years he has suffered from colon disease, chronic gastrointestinal infections, chest infections and various ailments such as ear infections. Maintaining a strict gluten free diet has been crucial in improving and maintaining my sons good health. I have recently purchased a thermomix so that I can provide my son with nutritious, tasty and gluten free meals that are free of additives.

  17. Leanne Biddle says:

    I’ve been following Jo for quite a while and love her recipes. I haven’t had a chance to give them all a go because I don’t have a thermomix. Maybe the book will FINALLY convince my hubby that we NEED one! If not, I have a bestie who would love to receive this for Mothers Day.

  18. I am new to the thermi and am loving it but would love a book to help me along and Jo’s cooking looks fabulous.

  19. Banana Ice-cream with Salted Caramel sauce – lucky you! The recipes that Jo shares on her blog are amazing (I particularly appreciate anything that is lactose free). I am grateful that she is such a good sharer!

  20. I need this book! All 3 of my kids are GF – 2 for celiac, 1 GF/DF for improvement of his autism and one of our daughters is also sulphite, fructose and dairy free. Making a nice meal in this house would be near impossible without Jo. Food that we are ALL happy to eat! Whole foods that actually get into my sons stomach amongst all the rice cakes and dry cereal! Sanity!!!

  21. I would love this book simple because I try to give my kids good food and I love her approach to food. I would use it all the time!

  22. I am obsessed with quirky cooking whenever I need a recipe that my first point if call I’m trying to loose 20kgs to be able to have a a better chance to have a baby my husband and I have tried for 2 years and decided to get our health into gear to prepare. I would love this book to keep me going on my way.

  23. Well, I have a Thermomix, I don’t tolerate wheat, dairy or sugar and three of my four children suffer the same fate as me when it comes to diet. I think it’s safe to say I’d love this book!

  24. Jo Dissanayake says:

    I have my thermomix which changed my world when the whole family were diagnosed with pyrroles. We spend all our spare money on biomed treatment and organic produce. I cook everything from scratch and follow the GAPS diet. This cookbook could help me make recipes for the kids to make my cooking more fun flavoursome and avoid all allergens we are gluten grain sugar dairy free.

  25. What a great site you have Jo, my daughters and I have been following you on retro mummy. this book would make it so much easier.
    They both have special needs with diet, and it would be fantastic to have your book on hand. yes we all have Thermomix.
    Keep up the great work with your recipes we all need you.

  26. I would love this book – I’m currently trying to find meals and sweets that don’t have so much sugar in them so my family can eat a little healthier. Jo’s book would be a great help.

  27. Nicole says:

    I’m a fan of Jo, a thermomix owner and a paleo diet follower! I’d love this book as it would help me with cooking more healthy meals with my thermomix! My husband called my thermomix an expensive blender as I don’t ‘cook” in it enough. I truly think Jo’s book would help me and show my husband the thermomix is more than a blender!! :-)

  28. Jillian says:

    I love Jo’s blog and have cooked a number of her recipes off the blog. As we have multiple food intolerances in our household, including wheat, dairy, soy & sulphites it would be great to have this cookbook.

  29. Heather Boon says:

    I become a thermomix owner in October 2013. Had to give up work in November due to a very ill daughter whom I now stay home to care for. I now have time to play around with healthy recipes for my family and I follow Jos posts on quirky cooking all the time. I am so excited about her new cookbook. I cannot wait to have it I. My hot little hands.

  30. I would love a copy of this book as I want to nurture my children’s health and diet and a book like this would be and awesome guide to help me on this every changing journey. Like having a wee friend helping you in the kitchen!

  31. Quirky Jo has changed our lives for the better. With a household of food intolerances, we needed to develop a new way of cooking and eating and Jo’s recipes have made it so much easier. I would LOVE to have this cookbook to try more of them, especially with the personal touch of being signed by Jo!

  32. June Jung says:

    Such an inspiration to all cooks. I love Jo’s receipes and now I have a Thermomix have used quite a few from her blog. It would be a wonderful addition to my receipe book collection. <3

  33. My sister has multiple good allergies and we all find it difficult to cater for her. She often gets upset when she can’t enjoy all the same foods as us. Things have become a lot easier since I bought a Thermomix as we are able to make everything from scratch, however we need some new ideas and inspiration so that my sister can enjoy food and look forward to meal times again. Please help us!

  34. Kristen says:

    I bought a thermie due to husbands cow milk allergy and it has made cooking a delight again! Quirky cooking was a page I found for help/ suggestions/ recipes and I’ve been hanging out for her to release the book! I’m entering every comp I see to win her book plus trying to pre order- I WANT THIS BOOK!!!!

  35. I’m very excited about the release of jos quirky cookbook. We are a dairy free diet family and I love jos alternatives to give preference to raw food. I would love to win her book especially as its signed.

  36. I’ve been following Quirky Cooking for quite some time now, and her amazing recipes have really help me on my health journey away from wheat and refined sugar (candida issues). After several years of being on my own journey my mother-in-law has finally decided to take a closer look at her own health (a good time coming) and decided to reach out for help on her own journey on a life free from refined sugar and wheat. I would really like to win this book for her. To provide her with a book of education that can support her on her new journey.

  37. I just love all of Jo’s recipes from her website and best of all so do my kids. Knowing all her recipes are healthy, nutritious and super easy means that my children are getting the best nutrition. I would be delighted to have her book opem always on my book holder :-)

  38. Michelle Watson says:

    Jo Whitton and a Thermomix are a match made in heaven. Jo’s passion for whole food cooking is an inspiration for all of us.

  39. I’d book is not something I’d just like, I NEED IT!! I’m am a big fan of Jo and must get my hands on her cookbook, I’m sure it’s amazing!

  40. keriann says:

    i would love this book . I ma buying one for my Mum for Mother’s Day and friends for birthday- so now just need my own copy

  41. I have only just ordered the Thermomix (haven’t even seen one in action yet!). So I can do with all the help I can get 😀

    Hopefully my kids will start enjoying eating much healthier, and my husband will see the justification of investing in the Thermomix.

  42. Danyelle says:

    Short of moving up to far north Queensland to be Jo’s neighbour, I would love to have Jo in my kitchen – in the form of her fab new book – to help keep me motivated to produce amazing delicious and nutritious meals for my family from scratch <3

  43. I would love Jo’s book at my house, in my little kitchen, surrounded by me and my daughter as we choose the next health-yummy-scrumptious recipe to try. Why? Because the soul of the house is the kitchen, and Quirky Cooking feeds that soul.

  44. Lisa Fullerton says:

    I was a Bellini Intelli owner, struggling to make jo’s recipes which are devine and life changing. But after many break downs and blow ups I now have my very own thermomix on order! And Jo’s recipes must be wonderful because it was my beautiful husband who after the last explosion gently suggested it might be time to upgrade to the thermomix. You know I couldn’t sprint fast enough to the phone to call my nearest demonstrator. I’m sure my shoes were smokin I was running that fast lol. I am super duper excited for Jo and her new book of blissfuness and it would surely make my day … no wait my year! if I could get my hands on a signed copy of Jo’s book. (Er * cough* bible) thanks for running the competition xxxxx Lisa :)

  45. Katherine Mackay says:

    If anyone asks me about cooking with my Thermomix I tell them to look up Quirky Cooking and see what amazing food you can cook with it. Jo shows us how eating healthily does not mean missing out on treats too! I would love to have this book sitting next to my Thermomix to show my friends.

  46. Raelene Henley says:

    I have been a coeliac for 2 years and Jo’s recipes have helped me adjust to eating gluten free food that tastes great! I would love this book as my daughter-in-law is also a coeliac and the recipes would be fantastic for our weekly family dinners and to generally eat so much healthier. Thanks.

  47. Marianne says:

    I am so super excited for this book to come out but not as excited I am for
    Jo on the release of her 1st book I’m very excited for her and want to say thanks for
    What she has done for so many families
    Great job Jo x

  48. Heather Fitzhardinge says:

    I would love to win, I love Jo’s blog and use so many of her recipes. I have 3 boys, 2 with autism and all allergic to dairy and one to gluten. This book would be a life saver for me! Thanks!

  49. Bella badger says:

    I would absolutely love this cookbook, I really want to make my kids food and ours so much better and healthier!

  50. sue stevenson says:

    I love Jo’s blog and have tried many recipes from it. I would dearly love a copy of her book so I can continue to provide interesting and nourishing food to my four children.

  51. Laura Loveday says:

    Love the launch review.

    I would love to win this book to gift it to my mum. She has just recently purchased a Thermomix and is slowly regaining her love for cooking. Two years ago her husband (my Dad) was killed in a tragic work accident and while we were still trying to come to terms with that, her Mum (my nan) sadly passed away. My Mums whole world has been turned upside and she stopped cooking for herself as this was something that she used to love doing for Dad and Nan and it just wanting the same without them. This book would help give her a new reason to enjoy cooking again.

  52. Amanda Gloury says:

    I have been following Jo now for over a year and have a pile of print outs of her recipes. I am so excited about the book I though it was for sale on the 1 May not the 5!! Cant wait to cook her yummy recipes for my kids in my thermy!

  53. Courtney Bolitho says:

    Quirky Jo was my first introduction to the world of Thermomix! Since becoming a thermomix owner I have found out I have intolerances to many foods. Jo’s recipes have allowed me to enjoy foods with my family at celebrations where I would normally have to miss out. For example for Christmas dessert I made her Banana and pomegranate custard crumble so I could enjoy something while the rest of the family ate traditional foods (they also tried some of the crumble too and loved it!). I can’t thank Jo enough for what she has done with converting recipes and making it easy for people with allergies and intolerances to enjoy a wide variety of foods. It can be quite frustrating and expensive to modify recipes and it is great to know there is someone trustworthy who has done all the hard work for you when you need a recipe in a hurry! I can not wait to see the cookbook and start cooking!!! Thank you for the giveaway Corrie I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day!

  54. Clare Davidson says:

    I’d love to win this Quirky book to go with my quirky 6year old son who wants to be a chef & my quirky almost 5 yr old daughter who is always asking “is this healthy?” .

  55. WOW True inspiration – changing the lifestyle, changing the way of eating, your habits, all towards good reason – YOUR OWNHEALTH! XX

  56. Cecily Tashi Craig says:

    I love Jo’s Quirky Cooking Website and FB page and my Thermomix. In our family we have a diabetic, a sufferer of Psoriasis and arthritis and children. In our health journey Jo’s Quirky Cooking has been an invaluable ally in my journey to creating better outcomes to the health of my family. Jo and her recipes have been a gift to my family and I. They are full of flavor and healthy ingredients and easy to follow. What a perfect gift Jo’s book would be. 😀

  57. Karen Freeman says:

    Just about EVERYTHING I cook in my Thermie comes from Jo’s website. She is such an inspiring and generous woman and has completely changed my life after struggling for years with my sons food intolerances to egg, dairy, gluten, some fruits and just about every additive in packaged food. I was going insane for quite a few years there and the whole family ate very poorly. Now we live on delicious, nutritious, whole foods every day and we are going from strength to strength. I am awaiting the release of Jo’s book with such excitement hehehe I would LOVE a signed copy from the woman that saved me!

  58. Jo is an inspiration and I love all her recipes. When I purchased my Thermomix I didn’t love a lot of the recipes in the basic cook book. Then I found Jo, wow!! I am a whole food lover and her food philosophy really resonated with me. The recipes are simple and best of all delicious. I don’t think I have made one recipe of hers that I haven’t liked. I am also an avid whole food cool book collector and a copy of this book would look lovely sitting between my copy of Nourishing Traditions and Jude Blereaus Wholefood for the Family. Fingers crossed.

  59. I would absolutely love one of Jo’s cookbooks either way I AM buying one lol!! I tried to pre order but the consultants were already up to their quotas. I do not think I would have bought a Thermomix if it was not for the quirky cooking blog. I would
    Love all of Jo’s information in hard copy as my poor computer and iPhone are getting covered in food :( fingers crossed that’s for sure

  60. I realllllly want a copy. I’ve Cooked 5 meals in the last week from Jos blog, currently got the GF bread cooking in the oven. Pleaseeeeee let me win

  61. I think to get this amazing book two days after it has gone up for sale would be a blessing. I have been following Jo since I got my thermomix to try cut out the nasties & Jo recipes & ideas have been a great help!!!
    I am a Coeliac myself which means I need to be on a strict wheat free diet & have kept my toddler on a gluten free diet free from nasty preservatives both his kidneys did not grow correctly when I was pregnant with him I think Jo’s cooking only shows how we need to take it back to basics and how easy it can be :)
    having a signed copy just makes it extra special icing on the cake :)

  62. What an amazing book this would be to have in my kitchen!!! I love that Quirky Jo has shared so many of her favorite recipes with her fans and very pleased she has now been given the opportunity to put all her favorite recipes into a book and finally get the accolades she so deserves!! Great job Jo.

  63. Jennie Janes says:

    I love Jo’s cooking, her food is delicious and back to basic. I have printed off so many of her recipes and its in such a mess, having her book would make life to much easier!

  64. Verity Roser says:

    I have 5 kids – 2 with gluten allergies and 1 with an egg allergy. Quirky Cooking is my saviour….I absolutely LOVE Jo’s recipes, blog and photos – she is an inspiration to us all. I couldn’t live without my Thermie and I don’t think I can live without Jo’s new cookbook :)

  65. I have only had my thermomix a couple of months and I’m already a big quirky cooking fan. I love the easy, tasty, but healthy recipes. I am trying to get healthy and lose weight at the moment plus cook good, healthy, nutritious food for my kids, to teach them about the good foods. So her book would be the perfect present for me this Mother’s Day.

  66. My 13 month old has been diagnosed with a range of food allergies and I’m trying to cook allergy-free food for a family of five, so my other boys don’t miss out on exceptional food. I’m also on the same diet as I’m breastfeeding him still. I absolutely adore my Thermomix – it has changed my life and it gets used several times a day. I have also been an avid follower of Jo’s blog even before the food allergy factor came up and I would be delighted to own her new book! She deserves every success with it.

  67. I would love a signed copy of Jo’s first cookbook ( no doubt she will have more to come). She is a beautiful, generous soul, someone I aspire to be more like. She is so giving of the results of her time in the kitchen. Her recipes are amazing, and are my go to when I need to whip something up. Even if I don’t win a copy of her book I will be buying a copy of it.

  68. My thermo is getting delivered this Saturday!! To have this cookbook on hand to help me hit the ground running would be a massive win at the new thermie life!! I’ve been on a health journey for around 18 months and am super excited to be able to know everything I’m putting into my meals to make them as healthy as possible. This book would make healthy cooking a breeze with my new thermie :)

  69. Kate Moloney says:

    Hello! I would LOVE to win this book to give as a gift to my beautiful Mum, Ruth.

    She is moving up from Hamilton, VICTORIA to Moranbah, QLD to live close to me so she can support me through a tough time I am having in my life. She has selflessly given up her home, her job, her friends to support her daughter in a town that she has never lived in before.

    Mums passion has always been eating whole foods and through her job she has cooked many allergy free meals for disabled people. She has inspired many of them to eat whole foods and improve living with their disability.

    In Moranbah, her dream is to open up a business from home, serving healthy whole foods to the community. This recipe book would really help get Mum off the ground running.

    The community of Moranbah needs healthy eating. My Mum would love this book and use it not only to improve her life, but the lives of many others.

    Thank you :)

  70. Lyndall says:

    Jo was a huge help when we had to change my son’s diet to dairy free and hay free. Her quirky cooking page is a wealth of knowledge and id love to have her book

  71. Cher Dooling says:

    Massive fan of Quirky Cooking and the simplistic food Jo brings to us. We are not an allergy pron family, but I have thyroid issues and eating healthy is a big part of getting through my day. Apart from gluten substitutes, I have almost completely reduced my sugar intake using Jo’s tips and tricks. Love her passion for food, family and the Thermomix! And would love a copy of her cookbook :)

  72. Michelle says:

    I would absolutely love to have a copy of Jo’s cook book. I’m desperately in need of inspiration on what to cook for my family and food sensitive son. I’ve got a thermomix gathering dust and this book will be just what I need to kick start us on healthy eating without all the fuss.

  73. Robyn Young says:

    My Thermie came to live at our house almost twelve months ago and has been a wonderful addition to our family. I’ve followed a lot of Jo’s recipes but would love nothing more than to have them all together in one book. It’s been over thirty years since I was first diagnosed with a large number of food and chemical allergies and sensitivities and think it’s wonderful that Jo has taken the time to make life easier for people like me who have dietary restrictions. A whole new world has opened up! So even if I’m not the lucky winner I’ll be buying my own copy for sure.

  74. Jo is such an inspiration. Having recently converted to Paleo I would love to win this cookbook to further inspire myself whilst utilising my Thermy. Well done Jo on releasing your first cookbook!

  75. Dale Scantlebury says:

    My husband and I are in our 70tys and he being diabetic and me with some alerges I find it hard to substitute sugar quantitys and eggs etc for the thermomix recipes I fumble along with some disasters I have tried some of your recipes with success I would like to try more hope that I can as we try to eat healthy he had a fall of our daughters roof 3 months ago with mutable broken bones so I’m trying to build him up again cheers dale

  76. Kirrili Weightman says:

    Just so you know,
    I love Quirky Jo,
    she’s like a real pro,
    don’t have her book though.
    My learning is slow
    but she helps me to grow
    with her methods that show
    to make gluten-free dough
    getiing corny now so,
    Yeah, I’d better go.

  77. I would love to win as I am very sick and don’t do a lot of cooking and I have been looking at the recipes and I would be able to do them she is a very clever lady and very kind thank you

  78. As with a lot of food intolerant people Jo’s blog is an inspiration and a guide to so many things I make in the thermomix. Often modifying and substituting other recipes to avoid gluten, sugar and dairy is difficult and often fails so would love a copy of Jo’s book!

  79. I love Jo’s recipes but I am not very technological when it comes to computers! Nothing beats a good old fashioned cookbook with pictures :)

  80. Hi Corrie,
    Thermy has already made allergy friendly cooking so much easier, I don’ t know what I’d do without it! I love to have people over for meals to share my love of food, I have many friends with allergies and they love coming for dinner knowing that they can ‘eat safe’. I’d love to have new inspiration from Jo’s new recipes to share with my friends too!

  81. I have been bless with a family that doesn’t have any food allergies but many of my friends’ family do. I would love to have Jo’s book so I can cook food that my friends’ children can eat. I love watching their face when their mums tell them they can eat that special party food or treat.

  82. Gabriela Beaumont says:

    Although we don’t have allergies in our family, I simply love wholesome foods and healthy eating and, that’s what quirky cooking is all about. I love Jo and her amazing recipes. She has taught me that healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean repetitive and boring. So could I not want her book? :-) Thank you.

  83. Bridie Gaze says:

    I would love to give it to my Mum for Mothers Day x

  84. Narelle says:

    I only recently got my thermomix but have been following quirky Jo for awhile now. I would love her book for the healthy recipes which is especially helpful with a gf child

  85. Why would I like a copy of quirky cooking cook book. Simply because I have tried a few of Jo’s recipes this week and my husband said that even though I was a good cook before; this was even better. That can only be a good thing, keep the man happy with food they say. It would be a delight to win a book and try out some more recipes.

  86. Brooke O'Connor says:

    Jo is such an inspiration . I stared following her blog when I first bought my thermomix almost a year ago now. I never really thought much about packaged foods but Jo has certainly opened me up to a whole new world of eating good wholesome foods along with preparing weekly meals and bulk buying. This cookbook will certainly benefit my family to a healthier life. If I’m not the lucky winner I will most definitely still buy it.

  87. Crystal Knox says:

    I need this book
    To evolve from a cook
    Into a creative culinary genius

    And feed my family of 7 good food!

  88. Olivia Fraker says:

    I am already a huge fan of Jo’s blog and use her recipes all the time. After contracting a horrible stomach bug in Bali 2 years ago which I struggled to get over for 18 months, my guy health was left at rock bottom. In recent months I have eliminated all wheat, dairy and refined sugar to heal and have not felt this good for 2 years. However, convincing the husband and 2 children that cutting out these things still leaves you with delicious food to enjoy is difficult. Without my Thermomix and Jo’s blog, I’d be at my wits end!

  89. Quirky has been responsible for allowing the thermi into my heart, and teaching me more about how to cook in a more wholesome way. We don’t have allergies in our house, but my son is developmentally delayed, and anything i can do to help him in his journey is gold. This book, is likely to also be gold.

  90. I’d love this book to try and get my three year old to eat things beside food that is white or yellow (yoghurt, milk, cheese!) but my vote goes to Louise as well – my child might be fussy but I’m thankful she is healthy. Sometimes others need it more!

  91. Pam Jenner says:

    I really really want to have a Copy of Jo’s Cookbook. Making healthy food for my family when they ask for treats gives me the confidence that I am truly looking after them. It is a big responsibility we have feeding our family. Thank you for this opportunity to win a copy.

  92. Morgan Anderson says:

    I would absolutely love quirky’s cookbook, it will save me constantly going to the website, to have all the recipes there at my fingertips in a beautiful way! Excited to be inspired to cook!

  93. Lena Gormlie says:

    I would love Jo’s cookbook, I am a food intolerance sufferer that enjoys great food and love my thermomix .. I love the recipes already but to have them in a book at my fingertips would be fantastic … I love cookbooks for me makes my weekly planning easier too :)

  94. Hi! I would love this book simply because I love Jo’s recipes! I have her first little cookbook and frequent her blog regularly. We used to live up in Cairns, not far from where Jo is and so I love seeing her beautiful photos of the tablelands too! So happy for the release of her cookbook!

  95. Michelle says:

    I would love to try some of the dairy free recipes. My mother has just been diagnosed with milk protein intolerance, so I would like to play with some more interesting recipes for her.

  96. Heather says:

    Our doctor has just recommended going dairy and gluten free for our five year old daughter to try and help her constant upset tummy. This cookbook would really help us get our heads around cooking differently as a family. We have tried a few of Jo’s recipes in the past and have all loved them.

  97. Danielle says:

    I would love to win Jo’s book as I am an avid follower of her site and love the recipes helping my health return to normal and as a bonus Tuesday is my birthday – it would be a fabulous birthday present.

  98. Cassandra says:

    Hi Corrie I would love this book as I am going to be getting a thermomix very soon!! I love Jo’s blog and as I am fairly sugar, gluten and diary free these days Jo’s book looks perfect for my lifestyle and diet and full of some great alternatives to store-bought food. If I don’t win a signed copy then it’s on the list of books to buy when it’s released on the 5th! :)

  99. Mikimoto says:

    I find jo’s blog so inspiring. As a mum who loves to cook it’s an endless source of ideas and I would love all that info in a book.

  100. Veronica says:

    I LOVE Jo and all her recipes. I would so love Jo’s new book to help us with our healthy eating and have all the recipes in one book. :)

  101. Angela Gilchrist says:

    I find it such a challenge to feed my 3 young children gluten free, dairy free, low grain, low sugar meals that don’t taste like cardboard, take forever to make, or look like a sandpit creation! I would love this book to help me make lovely recipes that my kids want to eat and won’t feel they are missing out on a thing.

  102. Karlee Franz says:

    Please pick me. I love cooking. I have just bought my Thermomix and can’t wait to get healthy with lots of ideas from the Quirky Cooking Cookbook.
    From Karlee

  103. Anita Biggin says:

    I would love this book so I can create all the yummy things I want to in order for my 3 and 6 year olds to get all the goodness they need without knowing its actually good for them. I want to have those cooking/baking afternoons with my kids where they can choose a recipe from the book and then help me make it. At the same time I want to teach them how to make better choices and still have divine food!

  104. I would love to win a signed copy of Jo’s Quirky Cooking cookbook. I follow her blogs and am always making her yummy recipes. It would make my life so much easier to have a book of recipes than having to read them off the tiny screen on my phone. As a wife and a soon to be mum, I try to eat as healthy as possible. By having a copy of Jo’s cookbook it would help me to be more organised in the kitchen and enable our little family to continue to eat healthy and nourishing meals :-)

  105. Kaysi Kahn says:

    I would love to win this book but I would loveyou win it to give a signed copy to my mother for Mother’s Day. Jo has saved my mom in the kitchen so many times after being diagnosed with diverticulitis and being gkuten intolerant. It’s been a long hard struggle and this would def make her smile (more than when she found out about the thermie and Jo in the first place!).

  106. Pooja Newman says:

    I have multiple food allergies. I have just had cancer prevention surgery and need to cook quick easy delicious nutritious meals for my beautiful 3 daughters. I love Jo’s work and have been an avid supporter!

  107. Katya Currie says:

    Hello Retro Mummy!
    I have just signed up to become a Thermomix demonstrator, being sold on thermomixes after purchasing mine in December, and the only cookbook I have is the EDC! Lol! I need more experience with a variety of cooking methods to meet the needs of my ‘to be’ customers. Receiving Jo’s new book would be an awesome help in my Thermie journey :)

  108. Joyce Sultana says:

    I love Jo’s recipes and been a follower since I purchased my thermomix a year ago. To win a copy of Jo’s book would be fantastic and to win her book with her signature on it would be icing on the cake.

  109. Rebecca Coffey says:

    Jos recipes have changed the whole way I think of food, I have lost a few kgs and my two children actually eat all of the meals so far. I would just love to win this book so much.. I’m a little obsessed haha

  110. Maxine Gibaud says:

    I love Jo’s Quirky cooking. It is the first place I go to look for a thermomix recipe as all her recipes are so yum and healthy and even my fussy children love them. She is such an inspiration to us all. Congrats Jo well done on the release of your book you deserve it for all your hard work for us Thermi people.

  111. Amanda Kiely says:

    I have always loved cooking but since having my thermomix I have spent lots of time researching wholefoods and have completely changed the way my family eats. Jo’s blog is a bible especially as it can get a bit overwhelming with all the info and blogs available. Jo makes it easy to feed your family nourishing food by keeping it real.
    Thanks :)

  112. Erin Goodman says:

    I would love Quirky Jo’s cook book for my first ever Mother’s Day! It’s been an exciting year, having my first bub and buying our Mr Thermie. I’d love to win a copy of Quirky Jo’s book to inspire my cooking!

  113. Nerissa says:

    Hi, I love Jo’s recipes and as a single mum who works many many hours, her recipes are wonderful and time saving (meaning I can spend more quality time with my children!) and very popular. Would love a copy of her new cookbook xxx

  114. Michael Starrit says:

    We would love a copy of Jo’s book. Just before Christmas we went from a family of 5 (us and our 3 kids) to a family of 8. We fostered 3 young sibling that were 4, 2 and 9 months. The day after is when I attended a demo and ordered the Thermomix for my wife and I. It has made things a lot easier but we still are continually looking for quick and easy meals that the whole family like.

  115. Vee Evans says:

    Jo rocks with her fabulous recipes and being so generous to share them with everyone. Her book would be wonderful to own!

  116. Donna Williams says:

    Beautiful recipes that are nourishing and easy. I’d love a copy of Jo’s book and can’t wait to get thermo-mixing!

  117. Ah I am so excited – my Thermomix is being delivered to me tomorrow! I would love Jo’s cookbook given one of the main reasons I have purchased the thermo is to be more able to prioritize our health through diet.

  118. Kylie Robertson says:

    Would donate it to a charity I help with and the money we get from sale will be helping those less fortunate – I won’t lie I will take a sneak peak for myself though !!!

  119. Sarah jay says:

    I would love a copy if jo’s cook book because I am new to thermo cooking, and I’d love to make some of jo’s tried and tested yummy recipes.

  120. Kristie says:

    I have followered her blog for a while now and have printed out lots of her yummy recipes to use, I would love to win her book so I can easy access her recipe and this would help my OCD as they would all be neatly in one place :)

  121. Kerry Langsford says:

    Until a few months ago, I was a processed food junkie…working full time it was often easier to take shortcuts by opening a jar or packet. Fastforward a few months and I am a thermomix owner with a renewed interest in not just cooking, but healthy cooking and a return to “real food” . Although we are fortunate enough not to suffer with allergies, I have been following Jo on the forums and Facebook, and her “coconut cashew chicken” recipe was the first meal I cooked in the thermomix. I would love a copy of the book, to help me keep the passion for healthy food for my family going .

  122. fiona hurst says:

    I love jo she has been my inspiration in the kitchen since I got a thermomix. I have also just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and told I am lactose intolerant. I need all the inspiration and guidance I can get to help me convert to a gluten and dairy free lifestyle so I can get my life back without feeling sick anymore.

  123. Danielle says:

    Be nice to win something for Mother’s Day that I don’t have to fund for a change please make my Mother’s Day extra special

  124. I love Quirky Cooking! Many of the meals I cook in my thermomix are from Jo’s website. Healthy eating is of extreme importance to me, in addition to the fact that my daughter has many allergies – so Jo’s website saves us time and time again. I have been wanting this cook book so badly but can’t afford to buy it right now so if I could win one I would be so very grateful.

  125. I would love to win a copy of the Quirky Cooking cookbook for Mother’s Day. Baby number 2 is due a week after Mother’s Day so I am hoping to have my internet illiterate husband trained in using the Thermomix so he can cook delicious and healthy meals both when baby is born and into the future. It would be great to be able to hand him Quirky Jo’s cookbook and be confident that delicious, nourishing and nutritious meals were going to be served for dinner instead of a rotation of spaghetti, takeaways, and sausages with frozen veg.

  126. Melissa Ware says:

    I have been following Jo on her quirky cooking facebook page for quiet some time. I love all her recipes, tips and tricks and especially love seeing all the wonderful things her children make. Would love to have a copy of this book and also get my kids involved and all of us living a healthier life while learning to cook at the same time as a family.

  127. Tracey Giles says:

    I love Jo’s recipes but find it hard to search through the recipes in the web! I love having a good old fashion book to flick through :)

  128. Mim Honner says:

    Quirky Jo likes to cook allergy free
    She likes to share a recipe or three.
    Her cookbook’s arrived,
    Of which I’ll be deprived
    If you do not send one to me!!! :)

  129. kathleen hyland says:

    Thanks Retro mummy for the opportunity.
    I’ve had my Thermomix for nearly 6 months and I use it several times a day.
    I’ve tried just about every recipe in the EDC and I follow Quirky Jo for alternatives that are more healthy.
    I always substitute a basic ingredient for one with greater nutrition, which is why I’d benefit by having Jo’s cookbook. It would save me even more time!

  130. Natlie Finger says:

    My (14yr) old daughter is learning to cook and would love this to teach her from we need more kids learning to cook this way!

  131. Louise Schofield says:

    I love Jo’ s recipes. I use them all the time. I am battling kidney failure and I find using her recipes and the thermomix I can stay off dialysis.

  132. Belinda says:

    i’d love a copy of quirky cookings new cookbook so that I can continue providing my family with healthy nutritious meals. I love Jo’s recipes and I’m forever printing off new ones to try.

  133. Kathryn Schuuring says:

    I just love Jo’s recipes and am continually looking them up on blog for further inspiration in my wholefood journey. I don’t think I could have come do far without her help. Jo helps so many & am pleased for her that the dream has become a reality.Also pleased for all of us avid followers. It will make it so much easier to have so many of her wonderful recipes at such easy access. Can’t wait. Thanks Jo for all the time,effort & passion you put in for us & thanks retro mummy for the oppurtunity to win such a great prize.

  134. Aimee McCloy says:

    Quirky Jo has made my life complete! Its rare I will even look for recipes elsewhere. I would love to win this book because I am positive that every recipe in there will be amazing and I am dying to try them!

  135. Mardi Stephenson says:

    I would just love this book. Jo has amazing recipes that satisfy everyones tastebuds in our house. Such an inspirational woman! Congratulations and Well done Jo!! :)

  136. My kids reject ‘healthy’ but love ‘quirky’ thanks to Jo and her gorgeous recipes. She’s a marvel.

  137. Rachael Uryszek says:

    I have followed quirky cooking since getting my thermo mix 2.5 years ago, I love her recipes and style of cooking, I am mum to 3 girls and we are fortunate to not have any food allergies. To win a copy of her book would be fabulous but reagardless either way that Cook book will be one of my favourites I’m sure and I can’t wait to get one on my book shelf :)

  138. Sharree Gardner says:

    I have had Thermione (our Thermomix) for a month and I totally adore her! I’ve had no fails yet and have jumped straight into cooking things that I NEVER thought I’d cook. I used to HATE cooking but now I TOTALLY LOVE it! Before now I never made anything from scratch. Now I’ve made cheese and bacon rolls, bread, bread rolls, hot cross buns, pizza dough, pastry, soup, risotto, pies, stock, quiche, bliss balls, beauty products etc

    I love that I can control what goes into hubby’s food due to his plethora of allergies. His allergic reactions have gone right down because there are no hidden nasties that are not mentioned on the ingredients lists of food. And we’ve both lost weight Also I have noticed a huge improvement in my daughter’s behaviours now that there are no additives or preservatives in our food.

    Everything I’ve made in Thermione has been a hit in our house. My daughter even said my silverside was better than chicken nuggets. I find the recipes easier, quicker and I love that I can put dinner on, go bath the kids/do something else etc and it does everything. I’m no longer stuck at the stove!

    I can’t wait for Jo’s book to come out so I can continue to provide my family with delish, wholesome, preservative free, additive and allergen free food. Winning a signed copy from Jo would be the completion of my thermomix cookbook collection.

  139. Kendall Bird says:

    I’d looooove a copy of this book as due to chronic illness i am grain, dairy, gluten & refined sugar free. This means i dont eat any packaged food so cook everything from scratch. I love Quirky Cookings website as Jo’s recipes are so easy to use & taste amazing.

  140. Dimitra says:

    I would love to win this book as I know Jo comes up with great recipes which I have made from my website and usually they are healthier and allergy friendly.

  141. I would love to win this cookbook as I read Jo’s blogs and love her cooking ideas, I am gluten free and diary free and still have a lot of stomach problems! I am still working out a lot of the good foods and this book would help me in my kitchen.

  142. Jo’s recipes arealmost magic with their combination of bashful ingredients, simplicity and she mindblowing deliciousness. I want the book though I admit most of the people posting above are far more deserving of winning it than I. I won’t be buying it for some time due to being on maternity leave and having no income. I am very capable of continuing to use the online recipes but the thought of the smooth glossy pages, the heady aromas of fresh ink, the dream of flicking the pages to discover new recipes, imagining the rich illustrations teasing me to make things I would not have tried otherwise – all of this causes me to throw my name in the pool on the chance that maybe you will pick me.

  143. My thermomix is getting delivered THIS AFTERNOON (eep!! So freaking excited). Although I have been following Jo’s blog for quite sometime!! My husband and I eat gluten free and although there are no intolerances in our household, we feel we all function better with gluten eliminated from our diet. Jo’s book would be a godsend to making easy, alternative meals and gives me more excuses to play with my brand new thermie!!!

  144. Kelly Anderson says:

    I would love a signed copy of Quirky cookings cookbook. I use her recipes every week and love them. She is such a significant influence in our life for her fantastic health, thermomix and cooking dreams which have come true. Such an inspiration.

  145. Bugger. Corrections. Composing on a phone is a danger. Healthful not bashful ingredients, though it’s possible some of her ingredients are bashful. And ‘sheer’ deliciousness not ‘she’ deliciousness. Lol.

  146. carolyn says:

    As a family with four speedily growing children, I am in love with my thermomix. Jo is amazing, and her books teach me more and more of what my machine is capable of. Her new book, says it all to me… family time. ♥♥

  147. I have so many reasons why I NEED this book in my life, allergies/can’t eat this/can’t breathe if I eat that/don’t like this blah blah blah but my main reason is that it just looks so pretty. Beautiful photos of gorgeous food all wrapped up together in an exquisite little package. In a house full of boys, I need more pretty things 😀

  148. Mary Preston says:

    This would be brilliant thank you. I always cook from scratch – best way to ensure everything is Gluten Free & therefore safest & healthiest.

  149. I’d love to win Jo’s cookbook. In a house where both kids have different intolerances quirky cooking has made me realize that through adversity can become opportunities and this the whole family is healthier in this new enforced journey.

  150. I’ve loved my Thermomix for years and it’s always been a great timesaver. Right now, however, I have a broken ankle and I need my Thermomix more than ever!! With 4 young kids, it’s a struggle hobbling around the kitchen while balancing pots and pans. Jo’s quirky cookbook would give me much-needed, healthy, one-stop meals to get me through this annoying and inconvenient stage!!

  151. Natalie says:

    I have been following Jos blog for some time now and finally bought myself a thermie at xmas (for my 40th bday!) so i could her recipes. So wonderful to see her success in being published! Very deserving, after everything she gives us. I would LOVE to win her book, but if I dont i will certainly be buying it!

  152. Amanda Henderson says:

    I would love to add Jo’s book to my collection so I can spread the word on how easy it can be to cook healthy foods using whole foods and not rely on packaged foods.

  153. I have never been so excited about a cookbook before. I have a little bit of an obsession with cookbooks having too many lining my bookshelves already. However I feel like this is the most worn copy on my shelf already with the many recipes of hers I already use. Jo just makes things so easy and clear to understand in a world where health can be so confusing. My favourite blog and foodie. Thanks Jo!

  154. Berenice Lawrence says:

    I love the recipes on her blog and the ease of cooking with whole ingredients that result in a healthy and delicious product. This book would be a fantastic addition to my collection and I would love love love a signed copy from Jo

  155. Love Quirky Cooking, been a follower for sometime now, but what I love is that Jo W makes food interesting, yet simple. So meal planning is now not so much a chore, but dare I say it, enjoyment. The cookbook would be a bonus in this household.

  156. Lynn Afotey says:

    I have just bought a Thermie and the main reason is i live with my daughter and two Grandsons who have many allergies.. One is on Dexamphetamine. We want to remove all additives and preservatives in cooling to get him off this medication and feel this cookbook will help us do that along with the Thermie.
    Thank you…Lynn

  157. Geoff Grima says:

    Why wouldn’t I want Jo’s book? She is an inspiration in the kitchen. This book will help educate my family about how easy it is to cook healthy! But I would also just like to support Jo as this is a huge accomplishment!

  158. Maria Hansen says:

    Having numerous food problems and guy issues food is very limited for be, but quirky cooking has made life a little easier, epically Jo’s blog in nourishing food, I need to gain weight, I would love to be able to reach for this book in my kitchen instead of dragging out my computer ALL the time…her recipes and nourishing my body toward health and that if my family.

  159. Carla Rice says:

    I would love to win this book, not just for myself but also for my 6 year old son. Our family has transitioned slowly over the last few years to a diet that is now almost completely made up of homemade wholefoods, mostly gluten and grain free. Whenever I ask my son what he would like for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or even for a birthday cake he asks me to be allowed to have a look at Jo’s blog to decide, lol! He would be absolutely stoked to have a hands-on version that he can choose recipes from, and also help me to prepare them.

  160. I’m quirky and I love to cook, so this book would fit perfectly at my house! I’ve also recently been researching recipes with sugar substitutes, so Quirky Cooking would be very helpful.

  161. I would love to win a copy of jo’s cookbook as I’m a new mum of twins and I’d like to get my family off to the best start with these awesome recipes! Healthy eating needs to start early in life and I hope to help other mums with kids to share these recipes. It’s so good to see so many people getting on the bandwagon of healthy eating. I’m hoping hubby gets me a thermomix for Mother’s Day! Good luck to everyone

  162. YES! I own a Thermomix. YES! I follow Jo on social media and her blog – and have been SO keen to get my hands on her new book so I can have her recipes all in one place! Having developed some intolerances (namely gluten and dairy) and suspecting my youngest daughter having some sensitivities, I am super attracted to what Jo offers in her recipes and the ease to create them in the Thermomix! Being a fibromyalgia sufferer too with chronic fatigue means I rarely have the energy to get into the kitchen, let alone cooking something healthy! I know Jo’s stuff is awesome and healthy and the Thermomix makes it all so much easier – I NEED this book! Would be a lovely Mothers Day gift too :-) Thanks for the chance to win it! You’re awesome xx

  163. It is rare to find a cook who you can be confident that their recipes will work as promised EVERY time… Jo is that cook! She is the only one I’m brave enough to cook from for other people without testing first!

  164. Nicola Mann says:

    This cookbook is sooooo exciting…. Jo Whitton is a legend and I cannot wait to see this gorgeous helpful intelligent cookbook…. Please pick me!!!!

  165. Christie Holmes-Rogers says:

    This is my dream, I can’t wait to get a copy. For years I battled with food intolerances and only ate for the sake of eating, I just didn’t enjoy food like others and it was hard for me. I used to dread get together because friends and family didn’t like what I cooked and ate, it was terrible. I then stumbled upon the Quirky Cooking blog/FB and started to enjoy preparing food for myself and others, as well as really enjoying it too. I found a love of food again thanks to Jo and many other wonderful bloggers she mentioned on her page. Thank you Quirky Cooking.

  166. Belinda says:

    Jo is a wholefood genius!! and her cook book would be nothing short of amazing, I desperately need one.

  167. I just bought a Thermoix would love a copy of this book to help me get started :)

  168. Hi, I’m a new mum to a beautiful little girl, we try to make all our food from scratch as I suffer from chronic fatigue & gluten & wheat intolerance, my husband sinus & asthma problems & we want to give our daughter the best start to life! I love Jo’s recipies! & would love a copy of her book :)

  169. Megan Gibson-Williamson says:

    After having a Thermomix for nearly a year and using the EDC and the Recipe Community constantly Quirky Jo’s Cookbook is definitely on my to buy list. To get it for Mother’s Day would be a bonus.

  170. Kirsten says:

    Would be so lovely to have Jo’s book on the counter with the other favourites to be referred to constantly.

  171. Jo is amazing and her cookbook will be amazing, and am sure there will be more – and it means I don’t have to constantly get access to a printer, or search through my phone for many screenshots of her recipes!! Plus I would LOVE a signed copy from the master herself – would be a most treasured item as she is someone I greatly admire.

  172. Jo is the allergen free cooking expert!

  173. When I ordered my thermomix I was excited and envisioned a healthier, preservative free household for my toddler, husband and I. When the super gadget arrived, I was just pregnant, full of morning sickness and couldn’t bare cooking or food smells. I had buyers remorse for quite some time! Then finally the morning sickness subsided and I was lucky enough to find the quirky cooking blog. I was inspired again, and satisfied knowing that I was cooking healthy meals that even my fussy two year old would eat. I’d love to win a copy of Jo’s cook book because I want to continue to fill my family’s tummies with healthy, wholesome meals.

  174. I have been a follower of Jo for quite some time and love her healthy take on traditional recipes. Oh so yummy! I would love her cookbook so I can through out alot of the recipes I have printed off of her blog!

  175. Jane Thompson says:

    I’d love this quirky book at my quirky house because I
    Really Enjoy Thermomix Recipe Originals (RETRO) and
    Mums Unbelievably Mouthwatering Meals Yum!!!! (MUMMY)
    Hope you enjoyed my quirky answer :o)

  176. Denise Thomas says:

    This book, by Jo, would be so lovely to win, not for me but for my beautiful daughter-in-law. She has 3 beautiful children who all have allergies – and she is forever looking for new recipes. A new recipe book for her would be great. Fingers crossed it will be me. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  177. Sharon says:

    Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Quirky Jo!!!

  178. Melanie says:

    I’ve been an avid follower of Quirky Cooking and spend even more time on her blog now I’ve identified my own food intolerances. I cannot wait for this book to be released!

  179. Jane Le Fevre says:

    Winning this book would make the world of difference to me- I have struggled with allergies all my life, and have just found out 2 of my 3 kids are alleggic to eggs and nuts. With 3 kids under 3.5, working 4 days a week and the threat of my husband losing his job, we are finding our Thermomix an essential part of our week. Not kinky does it do a fab job at everything we try, it saves us money, keeps us healthy and now I can use Jo’s inspirational blog to expand our diet-safely. Please pick me- you’d make my Mother’s Day!

  180. Brenda says:

    I love Quirky Jo’s website and her recipes – they are the best, so simple and tasty as well as being allergy friendly – what more can you ask for?

  181. Thank you for such a great giveaway. I’d love a copy for Mother’s Day because I’m always looking for quick healthy food to prepare for hubby & me & our 8 children. Jo’s recipies are our kind of healthy & owning her book would be such a treat.
    Thanks again Megan

  182. Kylie Graham says:

    I would love to win this book so my Hubby can see the yummy recipes were missing out on not having a thermy in our lives! We have been organic and sugar free for 18 months and I’m a huge fan of quirky cooking and I am having trouble convincing him! Lol

  183. Since having my Thermie I have been an avid fan of Jo, the time and effort that goes ino her recipes is awesome and she has helped so many people with thei diets. I am waiting with baited breath for her book.

  184. Alex Bruggisser says:

    I’d love a copy of Jo’s book because I can’t eat fructose or gluten. Lots of her recipes are modified or modifiable. I’m a student and can’t afford a thermo but I’m not going to let that stop me making her recipes!! I have access to an amazing food processor and I’ve got enough creativity/ingenuity to make it happen. I have found a local pecan tree so I’m keen as to try Jo’s Pecan Bread ASAP – i.e. when I’ve collected enough pecans to make the pecan meal (probably only another week or two)!!

  185. Hannah says:

    I would love Quirky Jo’s cookbook. Not only does Jo’s recipes help out those who suffer from food allergies and intolerances, it focuses on eating real whole foods. I am passionate about spreading this message. Having her cookbook would increase my repertoire of healthy, delicious recipes that I can cook for my family and friends to help spread the message: Healthy eating starts with using real food and is healing, energising and not least of all delicious.

  186. Tracey graham says:

    Jo is a legend! She has changed so many lives with her thoughtful and inspirational blog and recipes – mine included. To have all her faves condensed into a hands on cookbook will be amazing

  187. vanessa says:

    I’d love a copy of Jo’s book because my son is dairy free and I struggle to come up with amazing ideas on what to make him. I love her blog and her food and I think this book would allow me to learn so much about food and healthy eating for the whole family. I have just bought a thermomix and I am desperate to make raw healthy foods but unsure on where and how to begin!

  188. Cassie Kerfoot says:

    My mum is the ultimate Jo Whitton fan & thermy lover ! I would love to win it for her for her birthday which falls on Mothers day too . She is a great cook & all round superwoman ! xxx

  189. Linda eaton says:

    I have a son on a special diet for epilepsy. He is only allowed 15g of carbs a day. Quickly cooking has been great because the adapted recipes are often low carb or can easily be made so. Now Alex can enjoy treats like chocolate cake and other great food. Having the cookbook will make it so much easier to find inspirations for giving him a varied diet that we can all share in. It’s hard work cooking for someone on an extreme diet but so worth it but I need every bit of help I can get

  190. I’d love this book as my husband is gluten free, as well as many people at church. I like to cook things that everyone can eat, but this book has great options!

  191. Silvia says:

    I have had a thermomix since 2008 and fell in love with it as soon as it hit my kitchen bench. Then I discovered Jo’s delicious, clever, wholesome recipes and her love for what she does. Jo is a True human being who shines through her creations and I would dearly love to own her cookbook.

  192. I would love to have this book at my house so I can show all my friends and family how fabulously easy gluten free and dairy cooking can be…and most of all how yummy it can be. Jo has an amazing gift of being to create the most amazing dishes and I want to share them with these culinary delights with those I love.

  193. Cassie Naley says:

    OMG a signed copy is like gold! Apart from all the other benefits of Jo’s great recipes and know how, this would be amazing, awesome, too good to be true as we weren’t all lucky enough to be able to go to the launch and have such an awesome experience, This would be second to none! Fingers crossed and thank you for the opportunity xx

  194. Michelle Webb says:

    It has been a very difficult start of the year for me as a mother as I have 2 under 2 and didnt realise what hit me when number 2 arrived. I have just purchased a TM and am hoping it will help me feel like a mum that is coping when I can start cooking healthy meals for my family :-)

  195. Jane Leonforte says:

    I prepare 3 different meals a night for a family of 5. I would love the cookbook to help me towards an ideal situation where everyone can eat the same meal or with little variation.

  196. Kathryn Marmara-Stewart says:

    If there were no age limits in becoming a Thermomix Consultant, I have one 10yr old (Lara) that would be the first to put her hand up in order to become one….

    I’ve only had my machine a week, and have just completed my Training to become a consultant myself. Lara has already made it very clear that I MUST take her with me to all my demo’s. She accompanied me at the very first demo I attended as a GUEST without even knowing what a Thermomix was. (Lara was SOLD on the idea of owning on for herself at that demo)…

    Although we are in no position to be purchasing a second Thermomix machine, and having the opportunity to be in the running for such an amazing book (which I had the honour of reading, during my training, the day my Branch Manager received her copy in the mail) is rewarding on it’s own.

    Although it’s not a Thermomix Machine, being luck enough to win this book for my daughter would be a fantastic way in keeping her motivated & inspired to try new recipes, and to continue her journey through life, using the Thermomix and then once old enough, she to would have to opportunity to become a Thermomix Owner & Consultant herself. .

  197. Vicki Turner says:

    Cooking meals can sometimes be fun,
    But after time it becomes ho-hum.
    A few months ago a Thermie arrived at my door
    and cooking and baking was interesting once more.
    Learning to use this new fangled gadget
    I searched for recipes for bread to rabbit
    When introduced to Quirky Jo’s inspiration
    I found real food from a real mum, without too much perspiration.
    Thank you Jo for all your enthusiasm and ideas
    Your cookbook would maintain my love of cooking for years!

  198. Dani Caputo says:

    Quirky is the only website I can cook with but a book would be greatly appreciatef. Thankyou x Dani mum of 3 gluten/dairy free boys

  199. Carla Hanbury says:

    I would love a copy as I love following Jo on Facebook and I love my Thermomix but I am not using either to their full potential or anywhere near it, so I still have a lot to learn and I love learning the old fashioned way by reading a book not Facebook :) books just have something special about them.

  200. Adity Roy says:

    I am a Jo fan and my son’s allergy makes cooking a pleasure in the thermy.

    How amazing it would be to win this book for mommy day..

    So excited about a book..

  201. Sharon Kimpton says:

    Changing the way we cook and eating healthier is why Jo’s cookbook and a Thermomix are the perfect combination ❤️

  202. Roxanne townsend says:

    I have just ordered my themomix. We are a family of 6 (2adults, then 6,5,2 and 1). Me time whats that again? I have joined the quirky cooking on facebook and that’s exactly what I hope to achieve yummy, healthy cooking for my entire family. I am so excited about this book and I would love to win a copy (early Mother’s Day present 😉 )

  203. Hi Corrie. Another generous, lovely lady. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win Jo’s new cookbook. I am so excited about Jo’s cookbook as my Thermomix and Jo’s recipes have transformed my “Allergy” challenged life and my family’s.
    Jo Whitten’s Quirky Cookbook and Thermomix….the perfect combination for allergy challenged people. ((HUGS)) x

  204. Narelle Green says:

    Not the best cook, so I need all the help I can get.

  205. Susan Leach says:

    As a newish thermomix owner, any help with making the change from traditional cooking and making it part of my everyday routine.

  206. Christine west says:

    I am a huge fan of the Quirky Cooking blog and of course Jo Whitten as she hasade my life so much easier. I am coeliac and my partner and his daughter have problems with dairy. Since getting my thermie and being told about this site there hasn’t been anything I couldn’t find a recipe for so we are no longer feeling deprived. Keep up the great work Jo can’t wait to get your cookbook

  207. I would love this book to get back to the basics of cooking and eliminate as many additives as possible from our diet to ensure a healthy childhood for my children and healthy parents to keep up with them!

  208. My daughter has so many allergies, so I frequently find myself overwhelmed and I have trouble thinking of new things to cook. I have tried several of Quirky Cooking’s recipes, and would love the book to help me expand my repertoire. Her outlook has helped me stay positive!

  209. Brett Rae says:

    Ive only just got my thermomix, but as a family day care owner I use it 4 times a day at least! I hate to think of all the time i could have saved if i had gotten one years ago, when I first saw them. Taking care of other peoples sweet little pumpkins, I have to be extra careful about what I cook, and what’s in the house. I would love this cookbook to help me free up even more time that I could spend with the children. Im extremely creative when it comes to teaching and art work, but cooking, im a receipt follower to the T. Well, best of luck picking a winner and I wish everyone the best of luck.

  210. Sally Feldmann says:

    I would love to win a copy of Quirky Cooking’s book! I’ve just recently bought a thermomix and am still learning and experimenting with this awesome machine! I’ve started following Jo’s blog and love her recipes and would love the cookbook so I can continue making healthy yummy food for my family

  211. Debbie Hewitt says:

    I have been an avid follower of Jo since I got my Thermomix 12 months ago. My grandson has a couple of allergies so Jo’s recipes have been a lifesaver. I would absolutely love her cook book and a signed copy would be the icing on the cake.

  212. Marianne says:

    Being a couple with autoimmune diseases we are unable to have gluten or dairy and should not have refined sugar so Quirky Jo has been an invaluable ‘friend in the kitchen’ since I purchased our Thermomix. Jo’s book has been a long awaited and anticipated delight.

  213. Lauren Kettle says:

    With a child with allergies I refer to quirky’s recipies often. Love every one I’ve tried. Would love to win a book

  214. Thermo_Princess says:

    I hated cooking before buying my thermomix, and quirky cooking has time after time been an inspiration and has given me a joy of cooking I never dreamed of. I make things now that I didn’t even realise were possible outside of Coles!!! I would cherish her cookbook :)

  215. Meagan Diver says:

    Cooking for my family can be hard work – catering for allergies and intolerances to gluten and dairy & our eldest child who suffers from Eosinophilic Esophagitis – severely restricting her diet. It is so rare to find a recipe for a meal we can all share as a family, and luckily for us, Jo has written some. I’m sure she has no idea what wonderful impact she has had on our little family, and others like us x

  216. Christie C says:

    I have been following both Retro Mummy and Quirky Cooking for a few years now, you are both very inspirational woman in your own right. I love to follow your blogs and your recipes. I have been waiting impatiently for this book to be released. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy whether it be winning or buying one!

  217. Alicia says:

    Jo IS the answer to cooking with allergies. Our family is lucky to not medically have any but through lifestyle choice, we avoid those foods such as wheat and dairy as much as we can because we feel so much better for it!

  218. “Family Time” by Jo would be an awesome cookbook to win! I struggle to get my 6, 5 and 2 year olds to eat the meals that my husband and I eat……… So perhaps with Jo’s family time recipes I may have more success!

  219. I have been following Quirky Cooking with interest since finding out about thermomixes a few years ago. Now finally owning one I am loving all the fun experimenting. Can’t wait to get my hands on Jo’s cookbook, although the internet is often at our fingertips, there’s nothing quite like flicking through the pages of a glossary of good gastronomy deciding what to cook next.

  220. Jessica Hegarty says:

    I would love to win this book as a new Thermomix owner, I’m still learning and looking for friendly recipes for my boys as we have no allergies, its a lifestyle choice for our family. I have just started following Jo’s blog and love it!

  221. Jacinta says:

    Hi Corrie, WOW! How are you going to pick one winner? From the posts written here, so many people are touched by not only the experiences shared on your blog & blog’s like Quirky Cooking. It goes to show how you two ladies are helping nurture not only your families, but thousands of other families and individuals who come across your pages.
    I too would love to win for my wheat allergy household and will keep my fingers crossed but one thing is for sure, I’ll keep sharing the knowledge I gain from this Retro Mummy, Quirky Cooking blogs or the brilliantly and lovingly produced cookbook.
    Thank you!

  222. Sally Dale says:

    I find Jo’s blog absolutely inspirational. I found her because of family allergies but to see her enthusiasm and commitment is amazing. With 3 children that actually will eat the food I make from this site is testament to how good she really is. We never feel that we are missing out, just that our food is better than everyone else’s!

  223. Samantha White says:

    I have a lot of intolerances to foods. Quirky Jo’s blog is one of my go to places to find food that is yummy, made from scratch and the family enjoy. If I don’t win I’ll be buying the book for sure.

  224. My food allergic family are crazy about Quirky Jo’s delicious sugar, dairy and wheat free food. I can’t cook without a recipe. I own a thermomix. If I didn’t know any better, I’d be wondering if Quirky Jo’s Quirky Cooking Cookbook was created just for me!!

  225. I would love to win this book to help me expand my world of thermomix cooking, time management and cooking for my husband and 4 children.

  226. Nardia says:

    I’m a little quirky and I love seeing her new creations and trying them. My young daughter has an allergy which means most packet foods are a nightmare and she is also fussy. Whenever I cook Quirky recipes she eats them! Would be a fantastic Mother’s Day present for this busy, quirky mum

  227. Walaiphan Wilaithong says:

    It would be fantastic to win this book as I am recently trying to eliminate preservatives and other ‘bad food’ in our diet. Since I am new to the wholefood and preservative free cooking, Jo’s book would be a great help and learning point. I have used some of Jo’s recipes and they are fantastic and my two children love them. Thanks Jo for creating all your wonderful recipes, especially for some one like me who is trying to crating healthier living for her family.

  228. sophie Cole says:

    would love to win your book jo! now that i don’t HAVE to cook for my family, i have the joy of experimenting with whole foods and am trialling raw foods. With the help of your site and others on the net, am discovering new thoughts and foods to cook and share. love the generosity that you’re happy to share your recipes online, but a book would be gratefully appreciated. congratulations on your new book. well done!!

  229. Hi there Corrie, I’d love to win this book because I’m a big fan of Quirky Cooking. I love anything that’s wholesome and good for you. I’m always looking for loads of ideas to break the sometimes boredom of cooking for a family with young kids.

  230. The most inspirational and sensational woman has delivered a book that meets virtually full criteria. My introduction to her blog when I purchased Thermie was a godsend. Life was hard. I learnt and evolved and I now know how to quickly create something and sub ingredients in many recipes. I love being creative, I love Thermie, I love being inspired and inspiring others as well. Jo is my go to, I’m a huge fan, I think she deserves so much support. I’m keen to purchase more than one book so I can gift, so a gift to me would bring so much joy. I forever encourage others to delve into Thermie land and get Quirky.

  231. Would love to win this cookbook as I just recently purchased a thermomix and would love to have Jo’s book to help me create healthy yummy meals

  232. Susan Ennor says:

    This cookbook represent healthy cooking & eating.
    It was created by a woman & Mum who wanted to make a difference in her family’s lives.
    I respect her enthusiasm and generous approach to all who she interacts with as I follow her blog ‘Quirky Cooking’.
    Jo’s cookbook will have a special place in my home as I continue to master my thermomix.

  233. Damien Scott says:

    I’m a guy that owns a thermie. I love jo’s blog. Unfortunately my doesn’t cook much and I think she could really benefit from jo’s book.
    Happy Cooking to all.

  234. Tennille Hamilton says:

    I would love Jo’s cook book – her recipes and just her knowledge on food is awesome and cannot wait to cook from the new book :)

  235. As a new thermomix owner, I have become an avid follower of Quirky Jo’s recipes. A love for cooking healthy, interesting foods and a desire to have Jo’s cookbook in my collection.

  236. I’ll be honest – my husband needs Jo’s cookbook more than me! I’m already a fan of her blog ‘Quirky Cooking’ and have cooked many family favourite dishes whilst reading the recipe off the computer screen. But my husband is old school and needs a recipe of paper – a cookbook. He happily uses our Thermomix but we would love him to expand his repertoire past pasta sauce and white sauce! Fingers crossed!

  237. Sarah Olencewicz says:

    I\why would I want to win this amazing prize?! Hmm, that would be because I ‘get’ the way Jo cooks, her way works for me. Her book is on my MD gift list (it is the ONLY thing on the list!!) and I know hubby will forget to order it in time!

  238. Leanne says:

    Thermomix has opened new doors for my twenty something son who normally wouldn’t have anything to do with the kitchen so a great cookbook like Jo’s would be wonderful for him to keep experimenting and expanding his new found culinary skills. I wouldn’t even mind being his guinea pig.

  239. Karen Van Der Veen says:

    I have only just bought a Thermomix, so only just found Quirky Cooking blog. We are also tying to eat Paleo as well. I’d love this book to help me in my journey. I find it often difficult to come up with ideas of what to cook, especially with family members who are gluten and fructose intolerant. What a lovely Mother’s Day gift

  240. I live on the quirky cooking website and love jos cooking I can not wait to get her book and I’m busting for the 5th of May but would love if I won a copy especially signed.
    I would give the signed copy to my mum for Mother’s Day as she to is also busting for the 5th to buy 1 so yeh it would make out day to win this awesome book :) please

  241. I have six adults in our house. Our thermomix gets a good daily workout. One of my daughters is lactose intolerant and the rest of us are just trying to eat healthy without preservatives and additives, but we are all foodies so we like eating good meals. I would love to try out some of these new recipes from Jo’s new cookbook.

  242. majella connolly says:

    Im tired sharing jos recipes to have on my profile to use..would be much handier having the book in front of me 😉

  243. Nina Kate says:

    It would be such a treat to win Quirky Cooking’s first cookbook by the much loved food magician Jo Whitton. Buying a thermomix has completely changed the way my family eats after the scare of getting gestational diabetes in my first pregnancy. These days most of our diet revolves around fresh wholefoods and it would be a joy to add Jo’s creations to our repetoire. Thank you for the chance to enter this exciting competition.

  244. Jenny May says:

    I really want to win the Quriky Cooking book to give to my daughter-in-law as she is gluten intolerant and has just bought a Thermomix. It would help her to have wonderful healthy meals.

  245. Kris Behets says:

    Mothers Day this year also happens to be my mum’s birthday!! So I wont be resting, I’ll be cooking for her! Love to cook something out of Jo’s new book!!!

  246. My baby son has multiple allergies, so I have spent the past few months searching for recipes that we can all eat a a family. We recently bought a thermomix and have discovered Jo’s website, and have already been trying some of her recipes. A book would be so much easier than always searching through the internet!!

  247. Since getting my thermomix Quirky Cooking has been far and away my favourite food blog. Not only are the recipes delicious but with members of our family needing either lactose- or grain-free food, they are perfect for us.

  248. Lee-Ann Jeffrey says:

    Please can I have it as I need to sort out my diet before all these preservatives do something weird to my system.

  249. I LOVE Jo’s recipes and so do my 4 kids! To have all her recipes on hand in this beautiful looking book would be a time saving Godsend! No more having to run to the computer to print off a recipe!! My kids could sit down with me and plan our weekly meal plan straight from her book and with all those gorgeous photos, they would be hard pressed to to choose. It would be a welcome addition to my limited number of Thermomix cookbooks :-)

  250. Hi Corrie,

    I will be buying a copy of Jo’s cookbook, as it looks simply too good to go without, but to own a signed copy would be awesome, and reason to brag! I know my 5 kiddies would be very happy to taste test Jo’s goodies too :).

  251. (Oh my gosh there are so many entrants to this giveaway!)

    The reason I’d love this book…. Well, it’s a long story. I’ll try and do the dot point version of it without any fluff words…
    – Been married 5 years
    – Been TTC for over 3 years
    – Started a Paleo lifestyle (dairy & grain free) 4 months ago
    – It’s freakin’ hard!
    – I want a baby
    – I am sick of eating eggs and tomatoes for dinner
    – I need Thermomix Paleo help.


  252. I need, need, need this book! I want to cook like Jo. Having this cookbook would be a godsend on my journey to change the way I cook and consume food.

  253. Kellie says:

    I’m in love with my thermomix I love trying new recipes everyday & have adapted a healthier lifestyle by having one. I’m always searching the internet for my next meal to make I’m a fan of quirky cooking & would love to win a signed copy of this book.

  254. I’ve been following Jo for 6 years when my eldest son was diagnosed with multiple food intolerances. It was Jo’s blog that introduced me to the magic machine known as the Thermomix. It then took me 5 years to convince my hubby to allow me to purchase one. I’ve had my thermie for just over 1 year now & I love it.

  255. In my little family of four we have lactose intolerance; intolerances to onion, garlic and leek; and dairy, soy, egg, nuts, raw fruit & vegetables, and chick peas allergies. Finding something to cook we can all eat can be challenging. I would love to win a copy of Jo’s book to give me some inspiration and real food ideas!

  256. Love, love, love your recipes Jo. Super easy and extremely yummy! Your book would definitely be a welcome addition in my kitchen if I was the lucky winner :)

  257. Kelly Fenech says:

    I would love a copy of Jo’s cook book as I purchased a thermomix initially as my 2 year old son at the time was diagnosed celiac so convinced my husband this would be the best investment. Having your book in my kitchen would make my life so much easier and your recipes are sure to impress !

  258. I’ve been very fortunate to go to Jo’s classes at she lives nearby. Her way of cooking is inspiring & has helped enormously with my love of cooking before & since I’ve found that I have food allergies

  259. Coby de Groot says:

    I am very excited about Quirky Cookings cookbook. I have been following Jo’s Quirky Cooking blog for several years now and have used quite a few because of them using alternative ingredients. Would love to own her first book!!!! Good on you Jo!!!

  260. I bought my Thermomix to make a difference to my families lives, to remove the preservatives from food, I have a Gluten intolerance family member also. I love Jo’s Quirky Cooking Blog and would love her book to add to my kitchen bench. It would take pride of place :) We love using our fresh tableland produce and home grown fruit and vegies and Jo’s amazing recipes do that well :)

  261. Annette Schulz says:

    1 think Jo and her Quirky Cooking blog are awesome she inspires us all to eat healthy and live well and I think every single person that has responded to the competition probably deserve to have a copy of her book in there home. I have had a thermomix for 3 yrs and i am coeliac and lactose intolerant as many people are but with Jo’s recipies you never feel like you are missing out on the good food you feel sorry for other people that have never tried any of her great recipies so good luck everyone and I hope that everyone that doesn’t win the copy buy her book as I know I will.

  262. Donna Smith says:

    I really need to replace my makeshift quirky recipie book with the real one!!! Currently using printed recipies from the blog, laminated and chucked in a folder ha ha! Love this ladies work and can’t wait to get this book either by winning or buying!!

  263. Joy Butlin says:

    Hi Retro Mummy thank you for making Jo’s Quirky Cooking book an extra bit of fun by providing this giveaway, I’ve enjoyed reading & drooling over Jo’s Quirky Cooking recipes via the iPhone, but oh how exciting it would be to actually make recipes from ‘proper print’ & actually plan meals ahead! Excited for whoever wins …!!!

  264. I have a thermomix and use it to make lactose free and gluten free food that is suitable for my husband who is diabetic. I use a lot of Quirky Cookings recipes knowing that they are suitable and a great option to what I used to consider as normal cooking. I would love her cookbook so that the recipes are always available.

  265. I love the Quirky Cooking blog and find it so easy to follow her recipes. Being coeliac and lactose intolerant and having 3 kids with issues too, life is extremely busy finding new and tasty recipes to try to keep everyone happy. I would love this cookbook so I can replace all the scrappy pieces of paper in my kitchen of Jo’s recipes with a proper, beautiful book!

  266. Love Jos recipes and can’t wait to get a copy in my hot little hands so I can stop stalking her page to get the recipes I use. So a book beside my magic machine would be awesome asap.

  267. Wendy Radloff says:

    As a diagnosed Coeliac for the last 30 years I’ve seen a lot of improvements and great recipe inventions but this seems like an amazing cookbook so,I’d love one!b

  268. You had at banana ice cream with salted caramel sauce. Drool. Yes, please!

  269. Jo’s blog and recipes have totally transformed my cooking. Whether I buy it or win it her cookbook is finding a home in my kitchen.

  270. Carissa says:

    Discovering Jo’s blog 3 years ago seriously changed the lives of me and my family. Being intolerant to gluten and dairy and having kids intolerant to dairy and sugar was how I discovered Jo. I have since purchased a Thermomix and discovered a world where food can still be fun, delicious and healthy, without dairy, gluten or sugar. I am forever grateful to Jo for all her amazing recipes. This book will be a God-send to me. No more lost printed pages and something to hold it all together.

  271. Rachel Wilson says:

    I stumbled upon Jo’s blog when i first got my thermie and havent looked back since. Dinner in our house is always one of Jo’s creation. So im constantly on the net looking through her recipes. It would be an absulote honor to have Jo’s cook book and so much easier to work from then the net.

  272. Kim Blair says:

    Q is for quirky the cookbook from Jo
    U is for unbelievable food on show
    I is for inspiring us all to eat well
    R is for a great resource that will definitely sell
    Y is for yes please I’m under its spell!

  273. I first became interested in nutrition when my son was finally diagnosed with Adhd, Odd, And learning difficulties. So I read everything I could on the subject and changing his diet. So we cut out dairy, gluten, sugar and preservatives/additives. It did help a little but the biggest surprise was that I was feeling better. I was no longer tired all the time, not getting sick all the time and not feeling queasy every single day. Doctors could never find anything wrong with me but eating this way has changed my life and surprised the doctors! My other son who is 4 has had stomach issues for a while and even ended up in hospital. After a raft of test they sent us home with no answers. They had no idea what was wrong, but since this change he no longer has pain! I love getting my hands on new recipies and am currently swapping out my cook book collection (I have heaps, I am a bit obsessed) for cook books that follow this healthier way of eating.

  274. Louise Tayler says:

    I love all the healthy principles that Jo promotes and with a husband who is going on being home for ten months with severe ulcerative colitis…I would love to have more quirky cooking in my kitchen!!!

  275. Natalie says:

    I would love a copy of Jo’s book – I am expecting #7 so my thermie is such a blessing at the moment. Most of our children have asthma and eczema issues, so we eat mainly gluten free. My 13yo daughter cooks dinner every Thursday night (often from Jo’s website) and would be so excited to try some of the recipes in the book. Unfortunately buying the book doesn’t fit in our budget at the moment. Thanks for this opportunity.

  276. Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake, baker Jo,
    Thermomix a cake and a batch of dough,
    Substitute that and make it gluten free
    Please send Quirky cooking for my family and me.

  277. Lisa Williams says:

    Every time I try one of Jo’s recipes I wonder why I haven’t made it sooner. Chicken and brown rice soup is next on my list, just in time to recover from getting my wisdom teeth out in a few weeks time (I’ll be stocking the freezer!). I’d love to have a copy of Jo’s book to make sure I’m not missing out on more of her gems!

  278. I love how Jo keeps her blog real. I enjoy reading about when her Mum drops in with home cooked food for the family. I would give this signed book to my Mum to say thank you for all the times she has cooked for me over the years. Love you Mum!

  279. Dianna Campman says:

    Quirky Cooking is amazing. I discovered her four and half years ago when I discovered through an extensive blood test that I was allergic to dairy products. I had suffered miscarriages which prompted my testing. I constantly amazed by her recipes and have helped convert many friends to Quirky Cooking. I will be up at midnight logging on to order my copy for myself and my friends. I have found I am able to eat a greater variety of dairy like products made in my thermoix thanks to Jo. She has made food a joy for me once again.

  280. Sonya caramia says:

    I’d live to win this book for my mum :) she has many food intolerances and as a family we are heading down the path of eating much more holistically. She loves her thermy, she loves following ‘quirky Jo’ and i know she will love this book!! We all will xxx

  281. Danya Breman says:

    I would live Jo’s new cookbook because I think this will be a ‘real’ cookbook for families. Sometimes I find cookbooks too ingredient detailed or specialist and really I just want to make delicious uncomplicated healthy food for my growing busy family. I think this book is going straight to the best seller list :)

  282. I am so excited about the cookbook and would love to own a copy!! Although we are lucky enough not to have any food allergies in our family, I have long suffered from “mothers guilt” due to the amount of processed food I was feeding our family. And in particular worried about the effects this had on my 3year old, especially his behaviour!! Becoming a fan of Quirky Cooking on fb due to a friend, I became inspired to cook cleaner for my family’s health. We bought a thermomix, discovered Jo’s blog and haven’t looked back! What a change!! Not only do we feel healthier, previously we both hated cooking but now argue over who’s going to cook and which reciepe we should try tonight. Thank you!! :)

  283. I am a single mum of 4, love my thermy and it’s certainly made life easier with my crazy life. Having kids and myself suffering from allergies and intolerances, Jos recipes are a godsend. However I’ve found since my separation I’ve lost my love of cooking and mine and my kids health has suffered. I truly believe that this book would help reignite my passion and help get my little family back on track.

  284. Ally Gunton says:

    A copy of this book will allow me to make delicious recipes for my family. a husband with gluten intolerance, a son with mushroom allergies and our 1 year old that breaks out in a rash with preservatives. Also it’s my birthday on the 5th May and it would just make my day!! 😛

  285. Natasha says:

    Jo is cool, she is the best,cook her food it’s fast and fresh. My family love her recipes, even my hubby would is hard to please. A copy of Jo’s book would be awesome to keep my family a healthy foursome.

  286. Linda Kirkright says:

    I love to read cookbooks in bed and this one would be a dream maker

  287. Jacqui says:

    For almost 20years I have struggled with buying gluten free foods for my son who has autism. My husband recently developed severe auto-immune issues and in my research to help him I discovered Thermomix and have owned one since February this year. Then I discovered Quirky Cooking! I’m wondering if I’d been living under a rock all these years! Why did I not know food that is good to you can look and taste so amazing? Quirky Cooking has already changed our lives, I’d LOVE a signed copy though!

  288. Carolyn says:

    I would love to win (or buy if i dont win) this cookbook as I am a big believer in eating well and using products that i have made from scratch to produce healthy dishes. I already make my own chocolate, healthy cakes using quinoa and other delicious, nutritious recipes for my family. My 9 year old daughter likes to help me chose healthy tasty recipes for us to cook together so her and her sister can grow up to be healthy happy people. My mum has just been diagnosed with Cancer and i am spending time with her trying to re-educate the way they eat to help her fight her disease. She has just bought a TM which will hopefully arrive today so I would be excited to share this book and its recipes with her. Thanks.

  289. I’d love a copy because I have so many friends with allergies and issues and I love to be able to cater for any of my friends without it being a fuss. Having said that, I’ve been reading some other posts on here and it looks like there are some far more deserving people!

  290. Clarissa says:

    Win a cookbook that creates fancy dishes with exotic ingredients BUT are always easy to follow and NEVER fail?…. This prize will be amazing!!!!!!!!!! Jo, Love your work.

  291. Jane Gordon says:

    I bought my thermomix about 18 months ago with the intent to get-back-to-basics and cut out gluten, dairy and a whole load of other non-real foods in my teenage sons diet as he has Aspergers & ADD (not hyperactive) and scored highly positive to a lot on the allergy testing. I took him to see a great medical doctor in Brisbane who is convinced a lot of his “symptoms” will improve significantly with a change of diet but this has been a lot more difficult than I thought. I have found all the different sites and information overwhelming until my wonderful consultant, Margaret Stafford (she deserves a mention! Lol), put me onto Quirky Cooking. And what a life saver that has been!!!! I’m a mental health nurse and I’m also sharing my new knowledge with my patients

  292. I struggle with fatigue and am only a new Thermomix owner, a book full of easy tried and true recipes would really help me to make the most out of my Thermie!! I really enjoy following Jo’s blog and the book looks beautiful and amazing =D

  293. Jill Lenffer says:

    I have been following Jo for a while now and she has helped me in many ways with my foods and the benefits of eating clean food. I have a very rare condition called Neurosarcodsis and have been on so many different medications that I want to reduce the pills I take each day. I bought a Thermomix to help our eating and to create meals that are really good for us. I am always using Jo’s recipes and I would love a copy of Jo’s book so I have the recipes in one place instead of searching for them each time. Thank you for running this competition you are very kind. :)

  294. Annette Higgins says:

    I got a thermomix cause I have coeliac disease, bi-polar, fibromyalgia and a husband who works long hours – also travels away with work. The Thermomix has made cooking easier when I face chronic pain and helped me to organise my cooking more efficiently. The Quirky cooking book would make my life easier by giving me new recipes to try which are gluten-free and help my range of cooing to improve.

  295. I’d love a copy of Jo’s book as I’ve recently bought a Thermomix and I’m just starting to cook much more healthier meals for my family of 3 young kids and I so that we can live a longer, healthier life.

  296. kelly Wolfert says:

    I would love to win Quirky Jo’s cookbook. I am a new mum for the second time recently and i love how her recipes are just so easy to follow and super healthy. this would make a wonderful addition to my thermie cook books so i dont have to keep heading to the computer to print up her recipes. Please please please let it be me x

  297. Leanne says:

    I’d LOVE to win this great book! My little Miss 5 has some food allergies and needs to be gluten and dairy free, I’m needing some new inspiration with my TM recipes and we have a precious little newborn in the house (bubby #4 whi is 6 weeks old) a perfect time for some new, exciting and easy dinner ideas…and a lovely time for a pressie for Mummy ;-). Loving your gluten and dairy free recipes, too Corrie! Thanks for sharing xxx

  298. Mariesa says:

    I would love a copy of Jo’s book. I use her recipes from her blog a lot but I imagine her book is something special with the professional photography to go with the recipes – wow! When I am ready for the next step in my food journey I know I can always turn to Jo’s blog for the guidance and help I need. An amazing lady.

  299. I would like to win this cookbook for my wife to show her how much we appreciate her cooking. I have an allergy to fish, my son nuts and daughter eggs but she always manages to keep creating amazing healthy food that we can all eat, often with the help of Jo’s recipes. It would be a win for the four of us! If the recipes are as easy to follow as everyone says, maybe I could start cooking a meal or two myself, now that would make her smile!

  300. Michelle Davis says:

    I would love a signed copy of Quirky Cooking. I find cooking quite uninspiring – particularly cooking that is nutritious, ethical and tastes good. Now I have my Thermomix and I have discovered ‘Quirky Jo’ then this no longer seems like a chore. I have even convinced my typical tradie boyfriend – he loves her recipes and has even offered to ‘try’ to cook one for me this weekend. What a treat!

  301. I need all the help I can get with cooking, I am a terrible cook!

  302. Ashleigh Thompson says:

    I would like to win this for my Mum. She’s had a Thermomix for a couple of years now and loved it so much she bought me one for Christmas (not getting any gifts for another couple of years now!). My mum is gluten, wheat and yeast intolerant making it difficult to find good tasty recipes for her to make. She has had health problems for most of her life because of this. We came across Quirky Cooking and tried some of her recipes and they were amazing. I couldn’t think of something better to give to Mum for Mother’s Day!

  303. I so love Jo and Quirky Cooking, have been waiting for her book and how special to have a signed copy! My quirky journey is based around two children with allergies and intolerances in addition to a husband with kidney disease! I’m a busy mum and shift working ICU RN, with a passion for real food, our thermomix has been life changing! I think most people who have a thermomix and love quirky cooking recipes have their own unique health story which bought them to search for real food inspiration. Lovely!!!

  304. MolOlLol says:

    I looooove Quirky Jo! We have multiple allergies and food intolerances in our family. This was the reason I purchased a thermomix. Following Jo’s amazing blog meant that my young children could eat ice cream, treats, bread ect. Jo changed the way I have cooked for my family and I couldn’t have travelled out difficult food journey without her! I can’t wait to get my hands on this much anticipated book :)

  305. Elizabeth Shannon says:

    I have been printing out Jo’s recipes from facebook ever since I bought my Thermomix recently. My daughter told me about Jo’s site and now I’m addicted. I would be so thrilled to receive a signed copy of Quirky Cooking and it would have pride of place in my cookbook library.

  306. Amanda A says:

    I don’t want to win this cookbook for myself – no thermomix here unfortunately :( – but I’d love to win it for my sister. My sister has never enjoyed cooking and has really struggled since becoming a Mum to find ways to feed her fussy family while juggling work and family life. She has dreamed of a thermomix for ages to try and just let me know this week she has finally got the $ together and placed her order this week. I would love to give her this cookbook for Mothers Day as it would time nicely with the delivery of her very own thermomix and hopefully give her the motivation to start cooking some yummy meals for her family. Thanks for the chance to win.

  307. Teresa Monsigneur says:

    So I bought a Thermomix last night and I just can’t wait for it to be delivered!!! I love cooking and have lots of cookbooks. This looks book looks like it would make a good start to my thermomix cookbook collection!

  308. lara brown says:

    I have used Quirky Jo’s recipe for a while and love that they are healthy easy affordable recipes. I really think my son is gluten intoerant and have started changing out diets because of this and her book would be wonderful start to our gluten free diet.

  309. There is little doubt that reducing or eliminating wheat and sugar from our diet will contribute to wellbeing, but sometimes it’s an overwhelming thought. What to cook??? This book would provide a great start to a whole new way of eating.

  310. I have ‘quirky’ in abundance at home with gluten-free, allergies and ‘plain bread, butter, cheese and vegemite only’ family members, this might indeed give me some much needed pointers and hope for a peaceful family meal together!

  311. I love her blog and her recipes are so much more tastier than the EDC! I would love to have a copy of her book and cook tasty yet healthy meals for my family.

  312. I would love this book. I’ve been drooling over it when Jo first announced she was writing one because I haven’t met a quirky cooking recipie I don’t like. Yum.

  313. Rebecca brooks says:

    Been following Jo of Facebook for quite a while, what a super mum and inspirational women, would love to win a signed copy of her book to cook for my young family, friends and relatives. Big love x:)

  314. Jeannie says:

    I would love to win this book for my daughter who has just had her 4th baby. She is is such a loving mum and is determined to feed her children healthy food. She uses her thermomix at least 4 times a day and loves and follows Jo religiously from Quirky Cooking. She has been waiting for this book to come out, I would love to have a copy to give to her :-)

  315. Karen.E says:

    I dream of the day of having my very own Thermomix :-( I’d love to win quirky cooking for my Mum she lives 8 hours away from me and this would make to perfect Mothers Day surprise

  316. 2 Years ago we started a trend
    of no processed foods,
    It was enough to nearly send us around the bend.
    All our old favourite foods had to go
    But then we discovered Quirky Jo
    Healthy, Fresh and Fast – its the best!
    Allergies and intolerances really put us to the test
    Quirky Cooking and Thermomix made it easier than the rest
    We would love a copy of Quirky Jo’s book
    A signed copy would be just the hook
    To share the talents of this clever lady
    With the rest of my family

  317. Michelle Mansfield-Gosney says:

    I would love to win a sign copy of Quirky Jo’s cookbook as I am always looking for low sugar recipes for my family and having to start a gluten free diet for my daughter it would be great to have a hard copy of recipes to start our journey.

  318. Would love to win a copy of Jo’s book as I am feeling a little deflated in the cooking and baking aspect of our lovely home life and could do with a gentle nudge again from the gorgeous Jo and her beautiful family. Help help me to ignite the fire again for baking and cooking for my special little peeps :)

  319. I would Sooo Love to win Jo’s cookbook I am a huge fan of her Blog and yummy recipes. We have just added a new Baby to our family , with two little ones with food allergies. I’m flying solo at the moment husband working away. I Need all the help I can get for quick, easy yummy and budget friendly food. This would be the best Mothers gift ever . Fingers crossed xxx

  320. At first mum was super reluctant to get a thermomix but in the end we did. She was worried no one would use it except for me, but since day one she has used it every single night. Sometimes she struggles quite a bit trying to figure out what to cook for dinner. Since I discovered Jo from Quirky Cooking’s ‘Never the same curry’ she has been hooked and makes a new one every second night. I would love to be able to give her a great cook book so that she can discover more of Jo’s wonderful recipes right at her fingertips rather than having to search the net.

  321. Debbie says:

    Woud love the book instead of having to search th net every time I need a recipe :)

  322. Aggie Wegner says:

    Jo’s new cookbook combines the search for healthy, wholesome, nutritious and easy to cook recipes. Following a healthy lifestyle means cooking and eating as healthy as possible.
    Due to these reasons I can’t wait to get a copy of Jo’s book!

  323. I would love to own a copy of this book after just getting my hands on my new Thermomix I am loving the flavours and fantastic foods I can whiz up. With Quirky Cooking I could expand my cooking range dramatically.

  324. Who wouldn’t want this book? This is real food, the kind of food we should eat -Jo just makes it doable and fun and delicious!

  325. melissa goodland says:

    I would love to own a copy of.this book as my 15 month has alot of intolerance to food. Dairy being one of them we have had the last 9 months of him waking and screaming in pain from food he has eaten. He has lost so much weight. I am so happy we have finally got some answers. I think this book would be perdect help to get my hapoy healthy boy back

  326. My thermomix is arriving very soon and I would love to have an inspirational cookbook to start me on my thermie journey. I’m looking to begin a healthier life for myself and can’t wait to try Jo’s recipes.
    I also think that there is something a bit special about owning a book rather than looking online and having a signed copy would be very meaningful for me.

  327. While looking fervently for Jo’s cookbook online I came across your site. OMG! I am a retro mummy, I love everything on your site, cooking, baking, sewing, crochet, create!! Wonderful to find your site, though now my children are grown and I am waiting for grandchildren I still cook, bake and make for them. I have to create and having a copy of Jo’s book helps me to make healthy but tasty food for the family and oh so easy in the thermomix. I am also hoping to go to Jo’s cooking classes when they start. Very excited about this book and your website, which I have bookmarked!

  328. Veronica says:

    Like everyone else, winning something is special as many of our budgets are tight. So not only is my budget tight but I do follow Quirky Jo and the way she has changed the way I view food and what I now consume. Having numerous medical conditions and allergies, her views are certainly inspiring.

  329. melanie w says:

    This would make my mothers day books are my passion cookbooks are the bees knees and signed well thats like the wholly grail to me!

  330. It would make a lovely Mothers Day gift from my children.

  331. Bron King says:

    Oh I LOVE Quirky Cooking, all her recipes are down-to-earth and use natural ingredients, which I can only use due to my bowel intolerance’s. I’d love to WIN this book to treasure!

  332. Belinda says:

    Had my thermie for about a year now and Quirky Cooking was the first website I found as a beginner. Jo made it all so easy for me to learn and use my machine and that in turn gave me the confidence I now have, and the bonus was that she uses all natural and yummy ingredients. Would be absolutely stoked to have a signed copy of her book in my kitchen :)

  333. Stephanie says:

    Anyone who has made the transition to gluten free, dairy free…. knows the challenges involved. What a great help this cookbook will be for so many households. Thank you Jo. Also, a huge bonus I don’t need to adjust recipe’s to suit Thermomix.

  334. Karen Chadwick says:

    I would love the Quirky cooking cookbook, because I am a very unfortunate mum who cannot navigate Jo’s website. Thank you

  335. Sandra says:

    Hi, I’m Sandy’s son, and I would LOVE for her to have a cook book so she doesn’t steal my iPad off me (which annoys me very much) and she always looks up your recipes so it will be perfect for her, I have my iPad, she has her cook book everyones happy, and it will be perfect for a Mother’s Day present.

  336. I have had my thermomix one week tomorrow! I would love a copy of the quirky cooking book as I am hoping a change in diet may assist with behavioural changes with my little ones. Thankyou for the opportunity

  337. Dana somerfield says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win Jo’s book. I feel like I know her even though I obviously don’t. I’m just like everyone else that wants the giveaway but I hate cooking! My thermomix is the only thing that saves my family eating baked beans every night lol. In all seriousness I need to change our families diet to gluten and dairy free to see if I can help my husband and daughter. I’m struggling to make the changes and I know quirky cooking has some awesome recipes I could do with.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter :)

  338. entry from Patricia

    Dear Retromummy

    I’ve just become a Thermomix owner and looking to the internet keep coming across Jo Whitton and her Quirky Cooking web site, and just have to have a copy of her cookbook. On reading one of her feeds on FB this morning before work and even though it means I will be late for work just had to email you and enter the competition for a signed copy of the Quirky Cooking Book…..not only that have been lost in your page for longer than I should have…hence reason why I’ll be late for work.

    You know what I’ll be doing when I get home from work tonight…thanks for an amazing FB page…how exciting


    Patricia Perazza

  339. entry from jo stephenson

    Hi there,

    As the proud owner of a thermomix I’m always looking for new recipes to try and I always seem to find a lot of jo’s recipes are family favourites. I would love to win a copy of her new book I have been looking forward to it come out for awhile.

    Joanne stephenson

  340. Cass Robinson says:

    I would love to win a copy to make it easy for my husband to cook dinner!

  341. We have just got a thermomix and I’m struggling to adapt my cooking to it so I would love to have this book to get me going. :)

  342. Because I would love to win this book to save me having to print out all of Jo’s recipes from her website.

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