baking and taking photos at home

We’re just easing ourselves back into routine here. I had promised myself no more baking for a while till I’ve walked off the holiday baking but then this happened. Lemon sponge from the thermomix everyday cookbook…………..recipe here

and then this happened too. Apple tea cake (from Devil of a Cookbook) was the second cake out of my oven today. A winner and finn who doesn’t do the sweet stuff had 2 pieces so that is really saying something.

And you should always match your ingredients to your countertops, don’t you think? Thanks to Nicole from Seed Photography for dropping me off a huge big bag of lemons (amongst other things!).

We had a home day after school drop off this morning (which probably explains the baking) and it was a great chance to have a play with my new camera (an Olympus OM-D 5, more on that later) and get some happy snaps of my craft room. Like how my fabric isn’t as neatly organised as it once was. I knew it wouldn’t stay tidy forever.

And I love how a statue of mary stands next to little red riding hood, I think they call it a vignette. Or maybe not.

and then there is my knitting machine! It’s here. A big thank you to my brother in law and sister in law who collected it from Wollongong on their way up to Sydney. It’s all set up. I can thread it, I can get the first row of knitting done and then I have no idea what I’m doing

Threading it takes a little time and I’m guessing practice but it’s pretty impressive once it’s all threaded up. Apparently I need to replace the sponge bar on the machine so the kind people over on the ravelry group for aussie machine knitters have sent me off in the right direction to make my own sponge bar. And no it’s nothing to do with a cake. But fingers crossed I can work out how to do that and then teach myself how to get knitting on this thing!

And would you check out this guy? You would never know that he was sick today and needs to see the doctor about his ears. Honestly, Australia’s happiest baby even when he gets sick.

And while he’s smiling for the camera his dear big sister is concentrating on her yoghurt.

It’s funny how you don’t think that you got up to much during the day but once you take some photos and look back on it you realise that you actually did do stuff. And had a lovely day in the process.

I hope back to school wasn’t too harsh for some of you out there.


  1. Thats what I love about blogging. When looking back through photos it makes you realise that the “everyday” is worthwhile and something to treasure. Loving all that lemon goodness. Emerson is growing up so fast. Have a great week Corrie. xo

    • I know! I just need to search on the kids or knitting or cooking and see how much I’ve done in a year, such a great way to keep track

  2. Your photos are really beautiful. Isn’t it great to play around with a new camera. I have been doing the same recently, you definitely find new life in the day to day. xx

  3. That apple tea cake looks amazing Corrie!!! – must try one of those for my tea cake loving family… :)

  4. You are just gorgeous I love your updates and your outlook on life.
    So much going on and you still find the time to share it with us. I have everything crossed knitting machine will be a success!

  5. The cakes look amazing! I’d love a thermomix.
    Totally jealous of your fabric stash too and can’t wait to see what you make when you get the machine working!

  6. Have you thought about printing your blog Corrie. In the back of my mind I think “well it’s out their on the net – forever” but you just never know what technology will be like in 20 yrs time. I think your children will absolutely treasure it.

  7. Hello, was so happy that my four were delighted to get back to school. I’d found the last two days hard and got extra weepy – I miss my husband, wahhhh – but a walk cured me and I’ve been so delighted I blogged about it just now. Next must get some baking done as cake tins bare over here.

    I am loving seeing your knitting machine by the way, mum had one int he 1970’s… looks just the same!

    • oh it is a nice feeling when they head off but the house is so quiet!!!!!!

      I can’t wait to learn how to use my knitting machine! this is from the 70’s as they stopped making and importing them in the 80’s:)

  8. Catherine says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I have just bought Devil of a Cookbook too, so the Apple Tea Cake is now on my To Do List today.

  9. The cooking looks inviting and lovely photos of your babies. The knitting machine looks great, I would love one. Can’t wait to see how the knitting machine works.

  10. Katherine says:

    Oh my goodness, this post just gave me major flashbacks to my childhood as my mum had one of these knitting machines set up in our family room. I used to love moving the handle thingo backwards and forwards, and the sound it made. Thanks Corrie – a nice little memory for me.

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