Devil of a Cookbook

I don’t know about you but every now and then I feel myself slipping into a rut with my cooking. And that means it’s time for a new cookbook. I know you can print recipes off the internet but I’m a total book person. I’d been eyeing off a few Thermomix cookbooks last year but decided to bite the bullet and buy a few of them to review here. And to cook from at home of course. First cab off the rank is Devil of a Cookbook.

With an introduction and a few recipes by Tetsuya it has to be a good book, doesn’t it. But the real surprise for me was the gorgeous photos of Tassie. Retro daddy declared we need to buy a house in Tasmania after flicking through the book and finding a few recipes he wanted me to make over the weekend.

The food is modern australian but comfortable enough to serve up to the family. I know that mums love recipes that we can whip up on a weeknight and perhaps put in a bit more time on a weekend and this book has that all covered. There are some fancy recipes in the book for when we might have special guests over or a date night at home but I think the real appeal of the book will be the every day recipes that you can make.

There are lots of recipes (always a plus) and a few of my favourites are Worcestershire sauce, Peanut Satay Sauce, Carrot Pickle, Hearty Seafood Chowder, Gruyere Fritters with Microgreen and Warm Asparagus Salad, Greek Style Sausages in tomato sauce, Chickpea Salad (we made this last night and it was fabulous), Tasmanian Salmon with Yoghurt Dressing, Barley Risotto with Asparagus, Healthy Roast Chicken, Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, Sweet German Christmas Bread, Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake, German Apple Cake, Chocolate Walnut Fudge and I’ll definitely be trying the Danish Champagne Cocktail.

And one of the nicest features of the book is that all proceeds go to the Devil Island Project to save the Tasmanian Devil. You can buy the book from your Thermomix demonstrator or Thermomix online (which is what I did!).  I know you’ll love this one and I think it’s my favourite of the three I bought last week.


  1. Oh, adding my my thermolust… one day! Soon!

    • oh yes:) :) I know I’ve contributed to husbands everywhere blaming me for a thermomix in their house but hopefully thanking me later:)

  2. Ahhhhh, Corrie is tempting me with Thermomix again:)

  3. susan Leach says:

    Looks great, just learning how to use my brand new toy and this looks just the book for me.
    Thanks for the recommendation

    • oh Susan you have one, yay! yes get a good book and you’ll be cooking from it all the time and because recipes are all spelt out for you it makes it easy to get to know your new toy

  4. Great photos. Five min from home.

  5. Lesley G says:

    So glad to see your positive review on this one. I’m like you, I love to have a good cook book to pick up and read (I even take them to bed) and the photographs too for more encouragement. Trouble with buying books unseen is the risk of disappointment. Maybe I should bite the bullet and buy this one. If I never use one recipe at least I’ve helped a good cause!
    We visit Tasmaniaoften and it is a place I could easily relocate too. It is a very family friendly place to live. Always something to see and do. And the food, abundant, fresh and sumptuous.

    • yes it’s very hard to order the thermomix books and know whether they good are not if you haven’t seen them! I have a couple more to review and one of my real favourites is the indian cookbook which is full of delicious recipes and the kids love some of the mild curries I make from it!

      I need to visit Tassie

  6. Corrie,
    I have also got this cookbook and I live in Tassie so I think I’ve got it all. It is a beautiful place to live in and I don’t miss the mainland one little bit. Enjoy your new book!

    • oh Trish, don’t make me jealous!!!! I would love to live there. I did once find a job for retro daddy down there and oh the houses I was finding for us to live in! just amazing


  7. The author used to have a fine dining restaurant in Launceston and is the Thermo managed for Tasmania, so the recipes would be amazing.

  8. Yay for Tassie! We moved from inner Sydney to Hobart almost 6 years ago. Best decision ever! Now I just need to convince my other half about the thermomix!

  9. I’m so glad to see a review on this book! I have my eye on it too and love the fact it helps the little Tassie devils!

    I’m totally obsessed with Thermomix recipes at the moment. My consultant gave me the ‘In The Mix’ book as a wedding present, and it is so beautiful. Might need to bump up my collection with this one :)

  10. I have this book too, haven’t cooked too much out of it yet, BUT the Fragrant Curry Sauce with Chicken is very very good. Nice and mild for the kids, and just delish. I couldn’t find fenugreek seeds anywhere, but it really didn’t matter!! Yummo!

  11. Chris Humphries says:

    Hi Corrie, I’m new to your blogs and am absolutely loving it! The Devil of a Cookbook is my FAV Thermomix cook book – so many delicious recipes! The Fried Rice and Fragrant Curry Sauce are absolutely delicious. Thanks for all your lovely recipes and tips :)

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