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My sewing machine has been gathering some serious dust here. You can have a lovely organised craft room (as seen here) but whether you get the time or motivation to get into the room is another thing. The last dress I made was back here. But I’ve been holding off buying too many winter clothes in the hope that I will sew and knit my way through winter.

First up I thought I’d make a pretty dress for elodie. I like to cut out a pattern or two at once and then sew them up in another sitting. Only thing is that it turned out larger than I expected because I went up a size and then added too much for the seam allowance. But the beauty of the large family is that someone will fit into it……….soon. It’s a great motto for shopping in the sales too – it will fit someone!

And actually it’s a really cute little dress for tillie to wear to preschool and out and about. This girl wants to wear dresses or skirts everyday! Forget jeans. It’s all about the dress. And as you can see by the mask it’s also about accessorising. I know someone will ask and this is Seed from about 2 Christmases ago….when Seed opened in the same shopping centre as the supermarket. Dangerous combination right there.

Now the pattern comes from a japanese craft book and it’s a nice one because it has summer and winter patterns in there. A bit quirky and full of nice patterns. I picked this up at Kinokuniya in the city but you could check out Yes Asia or etsy for a copy here!

I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to thread elastic through the neckline but I ran out of elastic on the sleeves so decided to make the bias binding casing for the neckline but thread through a tie for the neck. Now of course I wouldn’t do that for a baby or toddler (safety, of course) but it looks great and is very easy to adjust the neckline.

Fabric is from the lovely Sarah at Quilt Fabric Delights. Thank you so much Sarah, this came from the gorgeous box she sent me here. This is from London Calling by Robert Kaufman and just so light and lovely.

2 recipes and 1 dress this week…time to put my feet up! You’d be right to think that I’m behind putting clean clothes in wardrobes!



  1. Its lovely xo

  2. What a lovely dress. All my sewing falls apart. I guess I just need more practice… and an overlocker that works :-)

  3. Hayley Clarke says:

    Just gorgeous! ( the dress and the model!)

  4. Love this dress – and the tie around the neck looks absolutely lovely

  5. clean clothes are over-rated, love this little dress Corrie, its gorgeous!


  6. Nice dress! I have a 3 year old who will only wear dresses at the moment too, but they have to be twirly or they don’t cut it either.

  7. It’s Very Pretty and doesn’t look too hard

  8. That is the sweetest dress and model :)

  9. This is such a pretty dress! I love that pattern book too!

  10. Love her accessorising. Gorgeous fabric.


  11. Gorgeous! I always get stuck at the “putting clean clothes away” stage too. And I haven’t made a dress and published two recipes this week!

  12. Gorgeous dress – love your choice of fabrics. Thinking of buying the book but just wondering what size the pieces go to? I have 6 and 7.5 year old daughters.

  13. Natalie Earl says:

    Such a sweet and pretty dress. I have been slowly tidying up my craft room – haven’t been able to do any sewing since the start of the year as my room became a dumping ground for everyone else’s “to go through” piles…. hoping to have it all spick and span by the end of the weekend :)

  14. lyn lindsay says:

    Cute dress and Corrie I so get the motivation bit 2 weeks ago finished painting my sewing room already to sew, sew, sew, and where am I not in the sewing room, lets hope I too get my act together.
    Sewing looks good though.

  15. Beautiful dress & fabric choice! Such a cute mask & model too! I’ve the opposite issue to you, lots of sewing been going on here – but oh boy, does my sewing space sure need a makeover!!!

  16. Lovely dress. Great advice about cutting out a couple of things in one sitting and then sewing them up in another. I am missing my sewing at the moment because I am busy caring for a one year old. It seems to hard to complete something, so I don’t start. But I will try to the two sitting method. Thanks for the advice.

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