super quick + easy baby quilt

Last week I received my favourite kind of mail – fabric mail. The lovely Sarah of Quilt Fabric Delights had sent me a gorgeous box of fabric and it’s lovely to welcome another fabric store onboard as a sponsor. I know the joys and the hard work involved in running an online fabric store and just a small business full stop.

So many gorgeous fabrics and trims rolled into one. Look at the little wooden bobbins. Adorable.

I even got some Tilda fabric and if you’re a Tilda lover then you’ll love this section in the store.

Now with my charity quilting day next weekend and a pattern I wanted to test out before our day I took these two fabrics out today. London Calling by Robert Kaufman and Chevrons by Riley Blake Designs. When you’re making quilts for charity and want to make as many quilts as possible then making them as simple as you can is a bonus. Pretty fabric makes a simple quilt look fabulous!

And the pattern I wanted to use was the super quick + easy quilt from Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts. Basically you take 2 pieces of fabric and a piece of batting all cut to exactly the same size.

Pin the 2 pieces of fabric right sides together with the batting underneath the fabric. I used a walking foot to sew around all sides leaving a gap of a few inches. Trim corners and turn right side out. Now I top stitch all around the quilt. The pattern doesn’t but I just love the top stitching and keeping it all together.

And the fun bit…..on your machine find a little satin stitch and do them all over the quilt. If I was making this quilt for an older child then I would probably tie it with little bits of perle cotton but that wouldn’t be safe for a baby so this is lovely. And you can go with a contrasting thread on your machine too.

I’m still going with the little stitches but already think this makes a great present for babies and toddlers AND a great way to show off fabulous fabrics like these two.

Thank you so much Sarah and I can’t wait to use the rest of my fabrics.



  1. That box of goodies looks so, so pretty! I wish I knew how to sew & make something simple, but gorgeous. One day …

  2. It’s all so gorgeous!! I love it! I wish I had a talent like this!

    Perhaps when I sell my business, I might take the time and learn!

  3. The quilt looks Beautiful. Love the floral fabric, and the box of gorgeousness you received

  4. Stunning Corrie, loving your box of treasures from Sarqh! Tilda is my ultimate fav fabric and paper range. I am sad to be missing your sewing day next weekend, but if you need any binding done or small jobs leftover please keep me in mind, but ill think of you all whilst I’m on my girls day in the country in nundle sewing away.

  5. Fabulous idea for quick, easy, and gorgeous. I like the idea of the bits of satin stitches…very clever.

  6. Sarah (Splish Splash Designs) says:

    Love it! So simple. I’m going to make a couple too!! lol. Very pretty fabrics too.

  7. I have fabric envy! Such a beautiful selection of fabrics xo

  8. Thank you! I’ve been wanting to make one like this for gifts for so long, but haven’t had the time to work out how with all the other sewing I’ve been doing. (because I have a problem with following patterns). Now I know! Making one today!

    Thanks Corrie.


  9. Will this work for single size too? I’ve never done a quilt before but this looks easy enough that I might give it a go!

  10. I love that fabric! Doesn’t it feel like Christmas morning when you receive boxes of goodies at your doorstep!

    Sophie xo

  11. I Love this Corrie! Can you please tell me what that gorgeous Floral print is ?

    • yes it’s London Calling by Robert Kaufman, follow the link by clicking on the fabric name in the post and it will take it to you:) I knew people would want to know the specifics! it just goes with the chevron so perfectly

  12. Wendy Yates says:

    What a lovely little quilt! Love the idea of the satin stitches to hold it all together. Brilliant! And the chevrons for the backing are fantastic.

  13. Gorgeous. I like the idea of just showcasing fabrics because some are so special in their entirety.

  14. Thanks Corrie for this super quick idea!! I wanted to make some really mini baby quilts for a bunch of old sickly handicapped bunnies ( Yes, bunnies! ) and your tutorial comes in handy!

    By the way, my Brother Inovis 30 is not cooperating well with Free Motion Quilting. If you have the time, can you kindly share the type of threads, tension setting etc when you FMQ?

    Thank you:)

    • hi there
      ok first put the feed dogs down
      next up use gutterman poly cotton top and bottom and make sure bobbin is wound correctly
      now you need to use a darning/open toe foot with your machine
      have your sandwich of fabric batting fabric ready and pinned and do a test one which you can use to test tension
      now leaving everything set as normal and feed dogs down move the fabric around using your hands. Turn it over and tell me what the back looks like and the front and I’ll tell you what buttons to fiddle with!
      hope that helps:) tell me what isn’t working and I’ll go from there!

      • Hi Corrie,

        Did as you advised. The backing : looks like fishbone!!! Or zipper teeth!! LOL!

        I read from Leah Day’s blog that to counter this Do not lower feed dog but instead set tension to 0. Seems better now but still at times the fishbone look:(

        Thanks so much for taking time off to help despite your hectic schedule! I really appreciate:))

  15. Hi Corrie, love your blog. Great idea for a quick quilt. Sarah has a great shop too… Do you know what the name of the fabric is with bunny rabbit on it? (looks like a linen perhaps? Thank you. Kelly

  16. Wow, that looks like such a fun box to open! I visit your blog regularly and comment sometimes. I have been thinking of you recently as my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer just four months ago and has now finished his treatment. I have wondered how you are coping without your Mum . I am hoping that the strength of my awesome family will help in the times ahead. suz

  17. Not quite as quick as yours, I am keen to try out a “Jelly Roll Race Quilt”. I might try it out and bring it along on Sunday.

  18. WOW! thats Fabulous…I wish I had seen this earlier never mind mine are ready for quilting and will finish off the same no binding now…
    Just checking here did I read something about you enquiring about the Gold Coast if you have time for a coffee let me know that’s where I am…

  19. I bought that book a while ago after finding it on your blog.
    I. LOVE. IT!
    And I’m loadiingthe QFD page now for a quick (haha!) looksie while dinner cooks :)


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