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well yesterday I wrote about the lovely day I was having. Retro daddy was here and we were each doing our own things, joking about the best flavour of the lindt balls, elodie was running between us and it was just nice to have him home and I was thinking I wish he could work from home more often. It was such a good happy day. Then his old boss rang, he went into the other room, talked a while, walked out and said ‘ nicki has passed away’. What? What do you mean? How? When?

Our sweet friend Nicki was involved in a tragic car accident in the snow in Oklahoma. And I still don’t believe it. I woke up this morning and wished it wasn’t true. Maybe it was a mistake. I wish it was but sadly it’s not. And so retro daddy will fly out monday afternoon to attend her funeral and I’m going to write a special post in the next few days as a tribute to her. I can’t even tell the little ones what happened to their ‘aunty nicki’ because it’s just too upsetting.

I’ve thrown myself into my knitting and finished off this little kina. My addiction to the kina is still going strong.  And to get out of the house and keep busy this morning I took myself up to Spotlight to find the perfect button. And I think you’ll agree that they are the most perfect match.

Ravelry details are here. The Baby Kina pattern is here. Now if you want the pattern in other sizes like doll, child or adult – just look at the left hand column of the website for the size you want then select the kina within that size range. I think this is my 7th kina but who is counting?

Finishing this off today reminded me that knitting is the best kind of therapy there is. I can just lose myself in the stitches and think, reflect, pray, cry and think of the memories. I am knitting a prayer shawl at the moment to gift to Nicki’s mum who must be in so much pain right now. And no, retro daddy won’t have it in his suitcase. This might take me a few weeks but hopefully will be something special to give. I’m using the Textured Shawl Recipe pattern from ravelry which you can find here and using the instructions here.


  1. I know how you feel right now.My sister in law”s partner just passed away last Saturday in a diving accident and we have all been heart broken by this.Sending you hugs right now.Take care.Joanne

  2. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh Corrie, I feel for you all so much. When I read your update on Facebook yesterday, my heart sank. It seems just way too many wonderful people are taken too soon in car accidents. Just a horrible tragedy. I am glad you have been able to seek some comfort from your knitting. The kina is beautiful and the buttons are divine. I am certain Nicki’s Mum will adore your prayer shawl, made with so much love. Hugs to you Corrie xoxo

  3. So sad to hear about your friend Corrie. Life just does’nt seem fair some days. Lots of love to you and your family. xo

  4. So very sorry to hear of the loss of your very special friend, Nicki, Corrie. Such a sad time for all of you and life can seem so unfair at times. Nicki will have a very special place in your hearts forever. Hugs x

  5. My heart goes out to you, your husband and family. Such a tragic way to loose someone so special. Knitting is certainly a wonderful therapy and a way to intertwine memories and special moments into a garment. I’m sure Nicki’s mum will treasure the prayer shawl. What a beautiful gift to give. Jacinta

  6. Love and prayers for you, your family and Nicki’s family, and yes, knitting (and also embroidery I find) is absolutely the best therapy. Saved my sanity through a lot of last year when I was in a lot of grief. xoxoxo

  7. How truly sad and horrible. It is hard to tell young children about people passing away, especially when it is totally unexpected. So many people die in car accidents, and I really for the families who have to bear all that hurt. Sending hugs to you and your family Corrie, and I hope the knitting does help. The Kina cardigan looks beautiful with the little heart buttons.

  8. Linda Mason says:

    Corrie, so sorry to hear of your friend passing, such a tragedy.
    I agree, knitting is a very soothing craft, your buttons are adorable on the baby kina.

  9. what terrible sadness, my thoughts are with all.

  10. So very sorry to hear of your loss and safe travels to retro daddy.

  11. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend. You are amazing in being able to kepp going at this sad time.

  12. So sorry to hear about your friend Corrie… We really don’t know what’s around the corner and should enjoy every moment we have. I totally agree how comforting crafting is – your Kina is beautiful in such a happy colour as well!


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