So I knit another kina

OK, so I have this strange addiction thing and it goes like this. I buy a pattern, I knit it, I fall in love with it and make it again. And again. And before you know it I’ve just knitted the same pattern 6 or so times. Yes. That is the power of the Kina.  It’s such a sweet and easy pattern. You can do it while watching tv, it’s a no brainer and once the sleeves are done you can just sit and knit back and forth so it’s a great project to take with you when you don’t want a pattern with you too.

I made this one in Bendigo Spring Cotton. It’s knitted up beautifully and because the spring cotton has some lycra in it it keeps it’s shape beautifully and has a little spring to it. I’ve never thought about it like that – I wonder did they name it spring after the season or the springiness.

All I know is that this one was a little slower to knit because I’ve been busy getting the blog design right but I’m happy it’s done. I found some buttons in the stash, just weaved in a couple of ends and I was done. I won’t block this as it’s cute as it is and once it’s been washed for the first time I just lay out and stretch a little to shape.

pattern: Baby Kina

size: 18-24 months

yarn: Spring Cotton by Bendigo Woollen Mills 

needles: 4mm

ravelry link: here


  1. Very sweet my mother in law had made my daughter 6 of them too. You know you can get the pattern in adult sizes now too

  2. I love patterns like this that you can go back to again and again! So sweet

  3. Gorgeous!!!! Ooo adult sizes, wonder if they are plus sizes??

  4. Oh that is so sweet and dear little Elodie is the perfect model.

  5. I can see I’ll have to start getting into knitting Kinas for Tilly May. This is just gorgeous!

  6. I love this pattern Corrie and would love to make a couple for expectant Mothers I know. where can I buy the pattern? I am also interested in knowing what “blocking” is. Cheers Kaylee

  7. Beautiful knitting. Just found a free adult pattern on line – do you know if you can knit in an 8 ply? It says worsted weight which I think is a 10 ply ??

  8. liveseygirl says:

    Too cute. You can tell Elodie has found her feet. She is losing all her baby chubbiness. Shr looks so grown up all of a sudden x

  9. I love patterns like that. Especially when there are little ones around:)

  10. It’s one of my favourite patterns too. You can get a long sleeved version, adults version and a dolly one too. I’ve been wanting to make the dolly version with leftover yarn – must get onto that!

  11. Kirsty@BowerbirdBlue says:

    both Elodie and kina are adorable

  12. I am a loyal reader of your blog and have been for some time. Just in case you would like to know this……as a grandma I am finding it a little difficult to read because of the lighter color of writing. OK let’s face it my eyes are getting older and don’t see as well and need more contrast in the ink color and background. Just in case you were looking for opinions. I so enjoy reading about your family and crafting adventures! I even have my daughter reading you blog now. :)

  13. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Beautiful photos Corrie, Elodie is the sweetest in her little kina and that adorable cherry top :) xo

  14. Heartsdesire says:

    I loved this pattern when I first saw it on your blog, so ordered it immediately. And now I have the long-sleeved version. I’ve not made it yet as I have a few other things to finish first. You make it seem so easy. And how sweet it looks on Elodie.

  15. I think i the first time that I write on your blog, I´m Maydelin and I´m from Venezuela, I been read you blog about 6 months now i think, it´s nice to see how other people around the world live…

    And love the things that you do, are so cute… Sorry for my English but right now i had two kids ask me things…

  16. Very cute. I’ve knitted one and just downloaded the adult version:)


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