cooking in the new kitchen

There is nothing glamorous about cooking in the new kitchen. Mustard yellow surfaces, limited bench space, smelly cupboards, no room for a microwave…….this kitchen really has it all. But for the next two years I will be proving on this blog that you can still cook delicious food no matter where you are or what you’re working with. I thought my new kitchen would be 3-5 years off but I’ve already ‘advised’ retro daddy that I’ll be getting Michael the kitchen guy in next year to draw up plans and hopefully do it in 2014. Thankfully no building work is required which was our biggest cost last time so I’m hoping I can it get over the line!

I miss my 3m caesarstone island

3m caesarstone island to this!

On Friday my easter present finally arrived, PW’s latest cookbook and I’m going to go so far as to say that it’s better than her first. Yes. You heard it here first. This book is jam packed full of more recipes. Even retro daddy picked it up and was impressed. This is someone who does not pick up my cookbooks for a flick through. First cab off the rank had to be Barbeque Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas. Easy, fun and a great way to test out the kitchen. Her recipe is here.

Easter Present

I just did a couple of variations. Canned pineapple instead of freshly sliced because I was lazy and had been unpacking all day. We added avocado before we cooked them because mexican food needs avocado in this house. We left out the jalapenos and I cooked my quesadillas in a little oil rather than butter. Just because.

ready for the top tortilla

And these got the thumbs up from everyone in the family. They aren’t spicy so everyone can enjoy them, elodie loved a plateful of chicken, avocado and cheese and the kids couldn’t get enough of them. Retro daddy told me twice what a great dinner it was so that’s a big thumbs up. And there was no time for fancy styling of the quesadillas because everyone wanted another bit as soon as they came off the frypan.

PW's chicken and pineapple quesadillas

So give these a go! And add the book to your wishlist. I’ve already got the ingredients for 3 more recipes from the book this week!


  1. So glad to see you can get Mission flour tortillas down there….Mexican cusine is available around the world, and worth it! Looks luscious….

  2. Wow they look good, and I think they’ll be added to our menu this week.
    I have no doubt you’ll work wonders in the kitchen, despite the smaller bench space.

  3. É isso aí!Quando se tem um limão?…Faça uma musse de maracujá.Quem precisa de mais se a felicidade familiar foi alcançada.Beijos nas crianças e bençãos a todos.

  4. My mouth is watering!!

  5. Oh wow, that looks amazing, the book & everything. Honey, i’ve had some shocking kitchens in my Army housing time, talk about zero bench space, so handy with cooking, baking & feeding 4 children!! I have a dream, but the kitchen will be my husband’s plan, i’m all about the bathroom. KitchenAids make everything look better, 70s laminate or not!! Love Posie

  6. Seeing your kitchen aid perched up there like that mademefeel queasy. I hope it will go in a cupboard or somewhere safe, I know lots of people use linen presses for kitchenalia. It’s all about rethinking/ repurposing the storage in the house. My sister even bought a cheaply cupboard when her things wouldn’t fit into the house pantry.
    You should see some of the bush kitchens in halls that I have had to work in, scarey stuff. Get yourself a weberq BBQ they are fantastic! I do not envy you having a kitchen like that, you need another bench for sure , can you bring an extra table or sideboard in?
    You do know that this will make you a much better cook too don’t you?

  7. Looks and sounds delicious.

  8. Have you tried some baking soda (pop on a saucer or similar) to freshen up the cupboards? It’s great at absorbing smells.

  9. Hi Corrie, came across this blog post thought it may help you with your pantry:
    Dinner looks scrumptious BTW, what ever the kitchen!

  10. Looks yummy – i think I need to race over to Amazon and buy the book

  11. Yum yum yum – they look fabulous!

  12. Yum, these look delicious Corrie!
    There is nothing quite like having a beautiful kitchen to work in. Unfortunately I’ve never really had that luxury either. BUT I am on a mission to get a new kitchen too. Thankfully my current one doesn’t look quite as old as yours xo

  13. I adored and envied your beautiful white kitchen in the other house …. (I manage a kitchen of 2.36 meters and dream a huge kitchen even if the houses here are very much smaller than they there for you ).
    I’m sure you’ll cook delicious things on your yellow shelf…


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