sweet potato and feta frittata

In this house meals need to be quick, easy, healthy and meat free…..and since I’m the one who does all the cooking its up to me to deliver. One of our absolute favourites is frittata, served with garlic bread (ok not so healthy but yummy and always in my freezer) and a salad.

Sweet potato and feta frittata
8 eggs
1 sweet potato, peeled, cubed and steamed
1 cup spinach leaves
1 packet low fat feta, chopped (our favourite is danish as its soft and melts)
4 cheese slices (not the wrapped in plastic kind or 1 cup grated cheese)
1/2 red onion (sliced)

whisk eggs and add sweet potato, feta and spinach. Season with pepper then pour into lined square cake tin. Top with red onion then cheese and bake in 200 degree oven for 20 minutes. This can be on the table in 30 minutes from the time you take the ingredients out of the fridge. And its got calcium, protein, vegetables and served with the bread provides carbohydrates…perfect meal for everyone!!! I love it cold the next day too.


  1. Oh Yummy, You are making me hungry. That looks so good. I want to come and live at you house!!!!!

  2. That looks so yummy, I might try that for our tea tonight. Thanks Corrie!

  3. i am so making this tonight :)

  4. I’m drooling! While not vegetarians, I have been attempting to curb the very carnivorous eating habits of my husband and son – this sounds like it will tempt them and just maybe they won’t notice the lack of meat!
    Thanks xxx

  5. That sounds yummy!! I don’t eat eggs but i’m sure i could use the ingredients in something else.

  6. Yummy! Thanks for the idea. We are always looking for meat free ideas, kids a sick and tired of zucchini slice xox

  7. Looks so very yummy! Pity DH is not a fan of sweet potato or feta. Maybe I will wait till he’s not around for dinner and cook this :)

  8. Ok…that looks so yummy (even for a meat eater!)

  9. Yummmmmmmmm

  10. made something like this tonight after reading your post this morning;;;;;;;;;/.’

  11. My nine year old just checked out this post.
    The comment was
    “Yum yum chooks bum …”

  12. My husband, who doesn’t cook, would die if I left out the meat. Your fritata looks delicious!

  13. Your frittata looked so delicious I especially bought some sweet potato at Coles and we will be having ourselves a “meat-free” meal.

  14. I am definitely trying this one. I think the little person would love it.

  15. Made this a few nights ago and 16 month old Alex couldn’t get it in quick enough! Mine didn’t look nearly so photogenic though…

  16. I’m making this tonight. I’m not into Frittata but after Ingrid made it on the craft weekend I think about eating it all the time! So, tonight I make it. Thanks for the recipe! xx

  17. I made this frittata last night. It looked and tasted fabulous. Partner loved it and took a slice to work for his lunch today. Makes a pleasant change from sandwiches.. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I’m going to experiment with other types of frittata. Regards, Maggie :-)

  18. Have made your recipe many times, it is a favourite at our house, so easy and so tasty, thank you so much for sharing…about to tuck into one now!


  1. […] was bringing out groans from everyone including retro daddy. Here was my all time favourite – sweet potato and feta frittata. So get the thermomix out, whizz everything up, call it a slice and voila everyone is eating it. […]

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