miss kate giveaway time

After heading out yesterday to the dentist (I needed a filling after part of a wisdom tooth fell out while in hospital – don’t you love the timing!!!!) we are having a home day. And the washer and dryer are running overtime as I get used to doing laundry for 8 after a few days of heavy rain. Little lawson is keeping me up all night so the bags under my eyes are pretty big but once I’ve given him a big morning feed I manage to put him down for an hour or two, have a big coffee, eat and get a few things done. And here I am at the computer just before 9.30am getting a few things done. Giveaway time! I’ve uploaded the lovely Miss Kate fabrics into my little shop here and thought I’d do a little giveaway ……..

Now you might not know this but the last 2 fabric giveaways I did were won by some lovely ladies over in New Zealand…………….so let’s see where in the world this winner lives. I’m giving away a jelly roll and charm square pack of Miss Kate by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. And you can make one of my favourite quilts with this combo (if you add a bit of white fabric) which has a charm square at the centre and surrounded by strips from the jelly roll. It is just gorgeous and you’ll find a few patterns on the net for it. Or you could make whatever you like……………………..this combo gives you a few possibilities.

on keira's bed

So to enter just tell me where in the world you would like to live and why!!!!!!!! You can live anywhere in the world to enter and just one entry per person and we’ll select someone next Thursday 28th August. Good luck……………………….

a birth story

I love hearing about other people’s birth stories but don’t think I’ve actually shared one before. But everything went so smoothly this time around and was probably the most relaxed I was (maybe because I’ve had some practice at this) so I thought I’d share. And it all starts with the photo in the gown before I get wheeled down to theatre. I love having the before shot.

But really all the excitement starts the night before when you try to get ready, make sure everything is done and try to get some sleep. Like you can sleep knowing you are going to have a baby early the next morning. In the end I got 2 hours sleep in emerson’s bed and was straight up again at 3.30 to get dressed, sweep the floors and head out the door super early at 4am. We arrived at the hospital, up to the ward like we’ve done all the times before, quick shower, they give you a little shave before theatre and then you can relax until they come to wheel you down. The hospital had made a few changes to things so that the dads can stay with their partners and this included getting a one size fits all onesie instead of having the usual blue scrubs. You might not know this but I’m 5ft and married a 6ft 3 big guy. We’ll always joke about the time he had to get into the OSFA onesie and couldn’t sit in it. Yep, it was just a bit too short for him. Anyway the advantage is that he stays with you for almost the whole time so it’s a good thing………..they might just need to get some XLs in for the tall guys. And no he didn’t want a photo in it.

Retro daddy was dozing off in the corner until 6.15 when I ‘suggested’ he make a cup of tea and wake up a little. Quick practice on how to use the camera and then we met the anaesthetist. Now from my first OB appointment my biggest concern this time around was getting the spinal or epidural in the right spot. The last 2 times they have had a good go in my back 4 or more times trying to get it in. I met the lovely anaesthetist and for the first time I had a lovely lady. She suggested we go with a spinal rather than the spinal/epidural I’ve had the last few times. They had tried to get my records but they were over in another building so she would try to get the right spot and do a spinal. If there were complications or the surgery went for longer then they’d put me to sleep. I said I didn’t want to sleep through the birth and she reassured me that it would only happen after I’d met the baby and he was taken off. OK then I can do this. So then we were wheeled down.

They put the local in my back and then the spinal, and she got it right the first time. Woohoo. I knew that meant I wouldn’t have the back soreness that I’d had the last two times. I was wheeled into the theatre and the bright lights gave me a little panic so another quick prayer for a safe delivery and everyone was getting ready and introducing themselves to me. At this time I started to feel a heaviness in my chest and a bit short of breath. They fixed me up with a bit of oxygen and then I just knew I was going to throw up. I told them I was going to be sick and then the uncontrollable throw up started. I had to tip my head to one side as I couldn’t sit up or move and I kept apologising after each time. They’d say please don’t apologise then I’d throw up and say how sorry I was. after about 5 quick throw ups I felt great. No chest pain, my blood pressure adjusted and I actually felt really great and let everyone know that.

Retro daddy came back in and I said did you see all of that? no he’d been waiting outside the door until they were ready. And he sat down and they began and about 5 minutes later I heard my baby cry. It was magic. It always is. The tears come to your eyes and you get to see your little baby for the first time and I always kind of lose my breath in the excitement of seeing this beautiful baby. It really is a miracle how babies are created and come into the world and to have a 6th baby is just a dream for our family. And for the first time they actually passed the baby over to me so I could touch and kiss him before they cleaned him up. It was so special.

they took him away and the cord was cut and he was cleaned up.

And then he was brought over to me and I got the longest cuddles I’ve ever had in the theatre. It was perfect. He looked exactly like tillie and emerson did when they came out and was just perfect. No matter how straight forward your pregnancies are there is always that worry that something might go wrong or they might have some breathing or heart problems (and we’ve been there before and it’s terrifying) but he was absolutely perfect. I kept thinking they are about to take him back but they didn’t, I passed our little baby back to daddy and after a little while longer they went off to the nursery and I went to recovery.

Recovery was 45 minutes and I was very alert and everything was fine. My uterus was the size of a netball and still quite big but since it’s the 5th time I’ve done this I knew what to expect. I was feeling great and just so happy that everything had gone so smoothly. I was the first in theatre for the day and the first in recovery which was kind of nice. I’m used to being in there with people coming out from knee reconstructions or older people so it was nice having the room to myself. I told the anaesthetist how happy I was that it went so smoothly and I’m so happy she got it first time and that I was glad she was on for the day. Before I’d left recovery, one of the staff in the room asked if I had a tv (oh I haven’t heard that one before!).  Everything was great so by 9am I was back in the room with our new baby.

The rest of the day I was a bit sleepy and then my blood pressure got really low so I was back on the oxygen and a little something for my nausea but apart from that recovered really quickly. The rest of the family came in to visit just after lunch. The girls were absolutely smitten with their new baby brother, the boys were excited to meet him and then were ok to do other things and leave it up to the girls to be near their new little brother. I had great intentions to get a photo of all us together in the room but it just didn’t happen. Bringing in 5 little ones to the hospital was a big job so sometimes I’d just have 2 or 3 of them in there with me during the week.

And that was Lawson’s first day in the world. We are trying to get back into routine at home, lots of feeding and I’m determined to breastfeed past the usual 6 or 8 weeks that I last. Things are a bit quieter on the home front with 3 at school and 1 at preschool so I’ll just be laying low and focusing on feeding my little guy and being at home with family. So far so good. Late night feeding did reveal that we have a mouse in the house so we’ve set up some sonic repellents (thanks to a reader for the tip) and a mouse trap and hope that we can get him soon. I like to watch tv at night/early morning while I feed but I don’t like to share the lounge room with little furry creatures scuttling across the floor.

and we are home

There is no place like home! Now don’t get me wrong. 5 nights in hospital has its perks like having delicious hot meals 3 times a day plus snacks and all of your tea made for you. Lots of baby cuddles, family and friends can visit for cuddles too and a chat. That is the nice part. But by day 3 or 4 I am usually busting to go home and for this stay it was no exception.

We were a bit last minute with the carseat so of course we didn’t have the correct extension strap for the capsule to go into the car and despite a last minute trip to the shops at night still didn’t have the correct one. But the great thing about being baby number 6 is that we had 2 baby carseats to choose from so we managed to have another baby seat in the van just after midnight. Retro daddy arrived at 8 expecting to find me packed and ready to go. I think we’re all adjusting to newborn time as I was in my pjs feeding and still had to pack. By 9am we were on our way home. Despite a few tears at the first 2 sets of traffic lights, our little guy fell asleep the whole drive home and it just so great to be home.

I have so many photos to upload and tomorrow I’ll share the birth story which just happened to be the most relaxed and straightforward c/section I’ve had. There is nothing like the feeling of having a baby and it still doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or sixth or another number. It’s as precious as anything and we are just loving another member of our family. And would I do it again? Absolutely.

Anyway it’s pouring with rain now and for the next few days so we are just going to bunker down and enjoy some home time. Everyone is glad to have their little brother home and the littlest two are non stop snuggling into me and wanting to hold ‘the bubby’. We’ve also had our first chip passed in to lawson’s bassinet  just in case he was hungry! So I’ll be working on the eyes in the back of my head that have had a week off………………….


Yesterday we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our family. Lawson Peter weighed in at 7pds 11 oz and is just perfect. His 3 big sisters are obsessed with him and the brothers are happy to balance out the numbers.

Lots of photos and things to share once I’m at my computer later this week. 

lazy sunday in the garden

this morning was a bit freakish for a Sunday as I had everyone dressed and ready for church before 8am! Let’s just say that I’m not sleeping too well and so once I’m up, I am up! Usually our Sundays are the biggest rush to get to 8.30am mass and we end up getting to the carpark at 8.30 on the dot or late. Today we were early. It was lovely to get some last minute well wishes and hugs before tomorrow. The rest of my Sunday has been about cleaning, folding laundry, making a few lasagnes and enjoying the sunshine. We just love having so much space and spending time outside.

I also had to run around and try to make these kites go with zero wind to keep little people happy! great exercise but not so great at 39 weeks when I’d rather be a spectator.

The garden continues to surprise me. Remember at my old house how much I loved my magnolia tree? Well at this house I have 2 pink magnolias………….who knew. They aren’t as big or as grand but they are flowering – well just starting to and looking gorgeous. And they reminded me that when I came home from hospital with emerson I came home to a gorgeous flowering tree.

I also have snowdrops (thanks to my readers for letting me know what this gorgeous little plant is called)

and a few other little surprises have popped up in the last few weeks

we also have lots and lots of lemons

and does anyone like grapefruit? We have the hugest grapefruit tree ever and a house full of people who don’t like them…………………………………..

Getting out in the garden always makes me feel more calm and is a great way to play with your camera. I took all of these photos with my pro lens (this year’s birthday present) which is a great all rounder and is what I decided would be best for the first few photos in the hospital. I take all the photos in our family so it’s a bit funny handing over my camera and having someone else do it for me.

And so my bag is by the door, my hair is done (gone for a bit of ombre and loving it), I’ve spoken to the hospital this morning, I know what time to fast from and what time I’ll be wheeled down and we are all systems go……………………………….


the last things to do before you have a baby

4 days to go and this  week has been about ticking the last of the things off my to do list. And they aren’t super exciting things either. Pretty boring things like buy slippers and granny undies for the hospital bag.  Get finn a new school shirt. Upload receipts for BAS. Organise wardrobes and clean house before MIL arrives. I am really hoping she doesn’t open some cupboards and wardrobes in the house. Toes have been done and hair is on Saturday squeezed in after a blood test. Because goodness knows when you’ll get time to get these things attended to with a newborn. And do you like my matchy matchy nightie and slipper combo? I love how much navy and white is in the shops right now as it’s my favourite colour combo……….

Finish a little cardigan and buy buttons for cardigan. Write thank you notes for the twins party. Wash and organise bassinet, sheets, blankets, wraps and the carseat. Reschedule therapy appointments, swimming lessons and things we won’t do next week. And more washing and cleaning. It’s been like a laundromat the past week as I try to get on top of it and all put away.

I love when people are telling me to take it easy………but I am. By the end of the day when the kitchen is cleared up after dinner and little ones have been bathed, I settle on the couch with my peppermint tea and everyone reads to me, I sign off reading journals and pick up my knitting. And try to stay awake until daddy comes home. But the real fun begins next week when a little newborn comes home from hospital with me…..we all know that is when I’ll really be busy. And I can’t wait……I’m so excited I might start counting down the hours………..

have your say to win a $150 Big W gift card

Things are definitely winding down for me here as I get ready to have the baby………….and so while I’m packing my bag and getting my house organised (because my MIL is coming!) I would like to hear from you. Yes. You. I have a reader survey and in all my years of blogging have never asked my readers to fill one in.

All of your details remain confidential and one lucky person who completes the survey will win a $150 gift card for Big W.

Just go here to fill in the survey and thank you in advance for taking the time…………………..

a twin party

My twins are 6. I’m not sure how it happened but I’m always happy that we have moved past the first year with twins which was definitely the hardest year……………..of my life. I had always promised the twins a party for their first year of school. And so even at 38 weeks pregnant and a week before my delivery date we had a party. 11 girls, 6 boys, my big girl and a few of her friends and my littlest two as well. There were a few moments during the party preparations where I did question what I was doing to myself….knitting and the couch were looking much more enticing than cleaning the house and getting ready.

When it came to food we had all the old favourites like sausage rolls, party pies, cocktail franks, ham and cream cheese sandwiches, jelly cups, marshmallows dipped in chocolate as well as fruit kebabs for something healthy. Oh and chips, lemonade and apple juice.

I got out my very trusty women’s weekly birthday cake books and baked a 6 cake for each of my twinnies. I always get very anxious about the decorating part and it was a bit tricky getting the icing into those curved inside bits. I did my usual dirty icing layer and then hoped for the best with the next layer. I will never win a cake off or baking competition but the twins said I had outdone myself and that’s the important thing. They thought the cakes were fabulous.

We had a fabulous facepainter who did Keira’s party a few years ago and I would totally recommend her to everyone and that keeps everyone happy. She had a queue going for most of the party and did a fabulous job. Thank you Helen. When I asked tillie the best thing about the party she said the face-painting. And it keeps everyone busy.

and even if you don’t like having your face done then hands and arms are perfect too.

We had a pinata (I need to buy my friend lisa new occy straps since someone decided to use them to hang up the pinata!!), pass the parcel, hide and seek, musical statues, the boys did a running race, pin the tail on bullseye, we had cake then some more games then home time. I was exhausted. I had two peppermint teas straight after everyone left. Even when I say I’ll do a simple party at home it always ends up to be lots of work but so much fun. Everyone had a ball including the parents and I’m so glad I managed to squeeze it in before our little baby arrives.

I had the sorest back ever after the party so got straight into a big hot bath and got comfy on the couch that night. I am still a bit pooped, my back and legs are feeling it but we made memories and tested out the new house and yard for our first party and it was perfect. Baby’s baptism will be next……………………………

loving my new lens – 25mm f1.8

Well  the very lovely people at Olympus gave me one of the latest lenses as a little baby present. Thank you.  And so I was straight out there today to get some photos (minus one little model who naps for at least 2 hours after a preschool day). I’ve given back the E-M10 and am back to using my E-M5 and I usually keep the pro lens on it (12-40mm f2.8) at all times as it takes amazing photos and is a great all rounder for me.

My new lens is a 25mm f1.8 and in a nutshell gives you that nice blurry background on photos.

It took a bit of playing around with to get the light and everything right and adjust everything to get the 1.8 aperture but oh boy does it deliver when you take some photos.

Focus on the flower and blur the background? Check.

This lens really is lovely and will be great to use when taking photos of the little ones and our latest addition as well. I haven’t edited any of the photos and I think the colours are just lovely. This could become a favourite of mine. And of course taking photos of the kids always ends up in silliness

What’s your favourite lens? I think this is my new favourite…………

Red Letter Day quilt all finished

OK with my camera back up and running again I quickly grabbed the newly finished quilt off our bed and took it outside.

The pattern is Red Letter Day by Thimbleblossoms which you can buy here or at your nearest quilt store. The blocks are really big but once you’ve made one or two you’re on a roll and they take less time to make each one. You do have to take your time matching points and getting those seam allowances exact with this quilt because there is so much matching but I’m really happy with how mine turned out and I know a couple of points are a little bit off. I used fat quarters from April Showers by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. I also put in a bit of denyse schmidt to brighten up a blue block and the yellow block was a last minute change and I used a yellow floral from Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille as well as another Moda fabric for the other yellow (yellow and white).

The backing fabric was a bargain buy from my wholesaler coming in at $5.50 a metre and is from Honey Honey by Kate Spain for Moda. I needed a couple of metres for the back and basically just had 2 big long strips of fabric, sewed it together, trimmed off the selvages and then sandwiched the whole thing together.

 The binding fabric is from a range called Candy Bloom by Rosalie Quinlan and just brightened up the quilt as well as adding a hint of pink….my favourite colour.

I used 100 % cotton batting which I buy in bulk and have the hugest rolls in my craft room. The brand is Matildas Own which is australian made and cheaper than buying at Spotlight which is from the states. Quilting is not one of the most affordable hobbies in the world especially when you add all of the components so it usually pays to buy up batting when it’s on sale or you have a discount or voucher and then stash it away for when you need it.

I machine quilted it myself and it’s not my best quilting but it’s been over a year between quilts so at least I’m back at it and motivated to get better again.

I just love this quilt. Size wise it just sits on top of our queen sized bed so my plan is to get out the white linen quilt set I have and lay this on the top.

weekend in front of the fire

Time is starting to run out for me as I get everything ready here at the house……and yet I still found time (quite a lot of time actually) to spend in front of the fire yesterday. Thanks to the rain, rugby and netball were both cancelled. Now we do have central heating in the house but unfortunately it stopped working and while we wait for a new part we are enjoying the fire. I found myself just sitting staring and listening to it and had a few little people nap on me as it was so warm and cosy………..unfortunately I can’t say that for the rest of the house.

And here I am at 37 weeks pregnant looking as comfy as comfy can be.

Good things happen when you sit still. Like craft. And so I finished the binding on my red letter day quilt and couldn’t be happier. It is so huge that I had to get in my big strong man to hold it up for me so I didn’t drape it on wet grass this morning. I’m very proud of this quilt as it’s probably the most complicated that I’ve done so far and I learnt how to do 9 patches and chain piecing with it.

Unfortunately I’ve lost my camera battery and have searched everywhere so as soon as the new one arrives early next week I’ll take more photos, some up close ones and I might drape it on a gate or two since I have a few now. I hope your weekend was just as relaxing as mine was.

things I haven’t told you lately

Well on the blog I’ve been a little quiet but behind the scenes there are plenty of things going on as we enter the home stretch before a new little baby arrives.

I’ve been washing baby clothes and getting them ready. I’m also trying to find a good spot in the house for the baby changetable. One of the things I love is a well stocked changetable before baby comes home from hospital. Nappies, wipes, bepanthen, clothes, singlets, baby socks, hand sanitiser after those nappies, all the good stuff. I’ve got the changetable but just need to stock it. I went a bit gung ho giving things away after emerson was born but found a perfect changetable on gumtree for $60 and am so happy. Just need to fill it up.

I’ve been working on a cardigan to give away to little baby Albert who is home and doing well. He came from hospital too big for the little green one so I’m woman on a mission to get that finished. I’m knitting in 10 ply luxury and it’s knitting up nice and large so he might need it next winter at the size it’s knitting up to. And you’d think with a room full of wool and fabric that I’d have enough wool to finish it but am just waiting on a 2nd ball from Bendigo to arrive in the mail this week.

Binding is half on the quilt and I see  a few quiet nights on the couch under the quilt hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilt. It’s actually a hand sewing job that I really love. I’m taking my time and doing tiny stitches and loving it and just have to position myself with cushions behind my shoulder blades which have been a bit sore. I am only a short lady so as baby gets bigger each pregnancy it hurts my ribs and shoulder blades but I kept stitching through a bit of pain last night (with a cushion behind each shoulder blade) as I’m so motivated to get this quilt finished.

My hospital bag is ready to go. Packed and loads of things in there ready to go. I’m still eyeing off some lovely pj’s at Sussan but have 2 new pairs in the bag which I’m sure will be plenty. I sure do know how to pack a hospital bag since it’s the 5th time I’ll be heading to hospital to have a baby. I wrote a post here on what I pack in my hospital bag. I also had to buy another breastfeeding cushion because sure enough that was another thing I gave away after little emerson. And a big thank you to a lovely reader who runs Bags of Bliss who sent me a gorgeous big bag to take to hospital too. Loaded with goodies…….

my hospital bag is ready to go!

Baby is definitely getting lower and getting up from sitting or lying seems to take me forever. I’m wearing stretchy pants every single day and ditched the jeans. Less than 3 weeks to go and I’m counting down…………..one good thing is that we’re spending lots of time at home and just enjoying it.

Oh and please cross your fingers and say a few prayers that this little baby doesn’t come earlier. My wonderful OB who has delivered all of my babies broke his ankle and is out of action until the week before baby arrives. So I’m doing all my positive thinking to keep baby in……….usually I wouldn’t mind coming early but not this time.

what to bake for the cake stall

A big white box came home with us today in preparation for the cake stall at the fete. I’m excited and now need to choose what to bake. With a tree full of lemons I’m thinking a lemon cake with icing. If you’re stuck with what to bake for your next cake stall then I’ve put a bit of a list together for you. Happy baking………………….I’m so hungry for some homemade cake after putting this list together!

egg cracking

banana bread

my low fat banana bread

caramel slice

chocolate brownies

super rich brownies

chocolate raspberry brownies


nicely iced chocolate brownies

chocolate pretzel cookies

cinnamon teacake

gluten free carrot cake (I would leave out the nuts!)

lemon drizzle cake

old fashioned orange sponge

Old fashioned orange sponge cake!!!! Only 50g butter whole cake:) so u can eat more

jam drops

old school chocolate slice

pineapple fruit cake

rocky road

rum balls

cranberry + pistachio shortbread 

(check on the nuts policy and just leave out pistachios if necessary)

smarties tart

smarties tart ready for the fridge

toffee apple teacake

vegan chocolate fudge cake

What’s your favourite thing to bake (or buy) from the cake stall?

Penny the Pirate and testing your little one’s eyes

Brought to you by OPSM

I have to confess that only one of my 5 has had their eyes properly tested by an optometrist, two have had eye screening at preschool and two haven’t had their eyes tested at all. Growing up both my sister and I had glasses and patches for our lazy eyes and I still bear the scar from when I ran down the hallway, tripped on a straw mat and had my metal glasses go through my cheek and ended up with stitches. It was plastic glasses all the way after that and my mum saying ‘ that’s why I told you not to run down the hallway’.

If you’re a bit like me or haven’t had any eye testing done then you are going to love this. Penny the Pirate is a brand new book from OPSM to help parents screen their little one’s eyes. It’s a world first and of course it doesn’t replace a full eye test but helps you identify any problems with your child’s vision so that you can book them in for an eye test if necessary. The book is recommended for children aged 3-10 and I used it on my eldest 3 since my littlest miss 3  has special needs and would be unable to recognise the shapes. So if your child can recognise shapes and follow simple instructions then this book will be great to use at home.


It’s all very simple – you can download the free app or order the book for free from OPSM here. If you download the app you will be sent out the kit for free once you place the order.

And when you use the book or app there are 3 things being screened. Distance vision, colour vision and depth perception.

I tested the 3 big kids. It took less than 10 minutes for each of them and I had to ‘politely tell’ whoever wasn’t being screened to leave the room several times so they couldn’t see what was going on or hear answers. There was a lot of excitement and everyone wanted a go so I had to tell them a few times to leave the room. And don’t let the little ones read the book until you’ve done the screening with each of them as it could affect the results. At the end of the screening you simply enter the code in your booklet as well as the results you have written down. Then you will see the overall results appear as well as receive an email.

All 3 of mine had trouble with the patch and spyglass and seeing things from a distance so I’ll  be booking them an eye test each. This wouldn’t surprise me as both my sister and I have trouble with seeing things in the distance.

Oh and two things. Firstly be prepared for a house full of pirates for the rest of the day especially with that eye patch. Good luck getting that eye patch back from the kids. And secondly once you’ve read the book please pass it on to your family and friends so they can use it too. I’ve sent this off in the post to my sister for my niece who is the twin’s age.

Please note that Penny the Pirate does not replace a full test eye with an optometrist, it is designed to help parents identify whether a child may need an eye test. Optometrists recommend an eye test at least once every two years or more frequently depending on clinical need.

So does anyone in your house wear glasses? Are you a bit like me and need to get their eyes tested but have been putting it off? This book is definitely something that can easily be done at home and give you that little push in the right direction to book an eye test for your little ones. 


baby knitting patterns for beginners

Once upon a time I was a first time new mum. Yes, before everyone else came along I was in hospital with my 1st baby and they were special times. I still remember when my lovely nana came in with a big box full of knitting she had made for her first grandchild. She had been busy.

Fast forward to my 5th baby and she was still busy knitting behind the scenes and came over with this lovely pile of baby cardigans for little Emerson. All of them went on to be so well worn and loved.

And as if that wasn’t enough my lovely aunty Debbie (nana’s daughter) who is an amazing knitter always spoils me with some knitted goodness too. This was emerson’s little blanket that we still use and love. Knit up in Bendigo Cotton 8 ply and ravelry details are here.

Whether you are giving or receiving something handmade you just know a lot of love goes into it. And it’s one of the nicest things you can do for a new baby. A lovely school mum with a big brood of her own is expecting a baby around the same time as me and asked if I had any easy baby knitting patterns suitable for beginners. I sure do have a few favourites. And it’s a question that I sometimes get asked so here it is in one blog post. This cardigan below is Gidday Baby (on ravelry here) and more suited to a confident/advanced beginner but is so lovely and I had to include it in this post.

If you want something for baby to wear then a very simple cardigan or hat is the way to go. I like this pattern I found on ravelry which is free and made from simple rectangles all sewn together. It’s also all in garter stitch so you just knit each and every row. I would use a 10 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills like Luxury or Rustic. The blanket can be found here (or on ravelry here). For Lion Brand patterns you just need to sign up for free and can access all the patterns on there. I think these are great and 10 ply knits up fast. Image source Lion Brand Yarn.



Another favourite but you’ll need to buy the book is Easy Baby Cardigan from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts which I really like. Ravelry details are here. Knit all in one piece and easy to follow instructions. Knit on 2 needles so nothing too fancy and if you don’t want to try moss stitch then just do garter stitch (knit all rows).

all ready for baby

Thanks to a lovely reader Deanne for suggesting these baby booties knit on 2 needles in garter stitch and they look great for a beginner. I’m a real fan of Debbie Bliss baby socks on 2 needles, you can find the patterns in a few of her books here. If you’re more of an advanced beginner and ready to tackle double pointed needles then this is a great free baby sock pattern.


If you are knitting for a baby girl then definitely do a baby kina. Oh I will never get sick of knitting baby kinas. The pattern will set you back EUR3 but you’ll use it again and again. Buy the pattern here. I love it in Bendigo 8 ply cotton (knit the cardigan on 3.75mm needles) and also Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

A lovely reader Katrina also reminder me about In Threes which is a popular free knitting pattern on ravelry and great for beginners. Find the pattern here. I used Bendigo Spring Cotton which I am a huge fan of. I didn’t follow the pattern properly as am so used to a kina but you can’t tell. It was lots of fun and a fast knit.

If you’re into a bigger project and something to keep you warm this winter then a blanket is the way to go. Now of course you could knit squares and that is a great beginner project but what about a basketweave blanket which looks like squares joined together but you are just knitting back and forth with either knit or purl stitches. A few free patterns are here and here. This was a lovely baby blanket that I knitted and the trickiest bit is picking up stitches so if you’re a beginner and that seems too daunting perhaps someone could pick up the stitches for you and you can knit from there.

Now if you’re a confident beginner or want to try picking up stitches then the Debbie Bliss Ribbed Baby Jacket really is a favourite for me. You will find the pattern for free by clicking on the link in the ravelry project page here. This is great knitted in Bendigo 10 ply or any 10 ply you have and knits up fast. You knit from the back and then cast on for the sleeves, knit some more, cast off the sleeves and keep knitting the front section. Then you need to pick up stitches to knit the ribbed border. Picking up stitches isn’t that tricky and I found this great youtube video here if you need some help but instead of using a double pointed needle use a circular needle. Don’t freak out because you’ll knit back and forth. Thank goodness for youtube.

Another great free pattern from Debbie Bliss for babies is the baby shrug, I’ve made more than a few of these. Again you need to pick up the stitches but it’s knit in one piece like the cardigan above. It’s very pretty and great for babies and toddlers. Click on this link for ravelry and the scroll down to find the pdf for the pattern.

Thanks to another great reader Becci who reminded me about baby washcloths. So many free patterns on the internet and ravelry. Basically a knitted or crocheted square of cotton that are so soft and gentle for bathtimes. These were a pile I crocheted in debbie bliss cotton dk. I also love to use Lily Sugar n Cream for my dishcloths. Both are thicker and a bit more substantial than Bendigo 8 ply cotton. A few simple patterns are grandmother’s favourite and ballband dishcloth.

And if you want to buy a book (and I’m a broken record here) then get your hands on Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss which is one of my most used baby books and has a couple of favourite patterns in it. A great beginner pattern in there is the boat neck sweater.

How did I go? What is your favourite baby knitting pattern for a beginner? Or perhaps you have a question? Fire away…………………………..