when kids have other ideas

Yesterday I finally finished this quilt (I’ll do another blog post on it with all the details and the ladies who made blocks). I thought I’d use the washing line to photograph it. It’s a big quilt. So I hung it up and my littlest man decided it was put up just for him to run under.

And so he’d go back and forth under the quilt having a great time.

I finished photographing and went to take it down and that’s when he thought it was also great for squirting water on. I put an end to that fun and put the quilt away.

So it was made for 2 boys and 2 of my boys had quite a fun time playing under it.

And how good are the school holidays? I have just loved the easy mornings, one big girl cooking for me, time to get on the treadmill (more walk than jog), bacon and eggs for breakfast and doing things that we like doing. I hear that there is a big weekend of sports on this weekend and I’m already planning some girl time at the shops with my girls and some sewing time.



  1. the quilt looks fantastic Corrie, enjoy the relaxed holiday pace.

  2. Look at that face! Again, I can’t believe how quickly he has grown. I’m hoping to avoid the sport this weekend too – God help me if I go into labour and the husband wants to watch it whilst I am in labour…

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