I finally made a pencil roll project!

How many pencil roll photos have I shared before I finally got around to writing up a pattern! Well here it is. You will find the pattern the new Brother Inspires website here. I loved making this pattern and it’s perfect for a present (in fact it’s so popular that I usually get told by my daughters that’s the present we are taking to a party) and craft stalls and fetes. They are just so sweet and I sold out of them at my own craft stall last year.

The fabric I used for this roll was some Kokka (the ballerina fabric) and some Lecien Flower Sugar for the inside and you can use flannelette or quilt batting on the inside.

You don’t need to be the world’s best sewer to make them and the instructions are easy to follow! Mind you I’ve just started using the LED light and sensor pen on my machine which means a nice red straight line appears to keep me on the straight and narrow and is going to make whipping these up easier as I won’t need to draw my lines on! Can’t wait to test it out. I actually sat down with my manual (I’m using a Brother DreamWeaver thanks to Brother) and read it. That’s a bit of a first as I’m not really a manual person.

Happy pencil roll making!


  1. It is great to see that children still like hand made gifts.

  2. This is a lovely project and even lovelier gift. I have never seen these before. They would make good crochet hook holders too.

  3. Love the fabrics you used Corrie, especially the Flower Sugar print. Thank you for sharing the pattern

  4. this is so lovely, I would like to make these for my boys, where can I get the pattern? thank you for sharing your delightful inspirations.xx

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