autumn is finally here

Finally we’ve started to get some cooler weather here. I love the change to cooler weather but it’s been a bit slow this year. One day I’d get excited about wearing some wintery clothes and then the next day was almost 30 degrees. I had a relaxing Mother’s Day and hope you did too. I was spoilt with an assortment of goodies from the mother’s day stalls and craft time as well as some little surprises from l’occitane.  I wanted a few hours sewing in my craft room and got an hour or two and one quilt block to show for it.

We did have a bit of a drama with ordering flowers. I ordered the sydney ones for grandma all fine and knew they’d be wonderful but decided I’d try somewhere local to my mother in law who lives interstate. Ordered them online, received my receipt and just assumed they’d all be fine. As we finished up our call on Sunday night I thought she hadn’t mentioned the flowers. Well that’s because no flowers arrived. I couldn’t believe it and emailed the store but the emails came back in error. Rang the store and phone disconnected. So after some research we discovered that the flower shop closed and it looks like the website was hacked and redirected to someone’s paypal account. And they aren’t responding. Thanks to consumer affairs in victoria who rang the neighbours of the store and found out a few things and I’m chasing my refund through paypal. Moral of the story just because a store has a website and looks professional and comes up first in your google search doesn’t actually mean it’s a real store! And just pay that bit extra and order through interflora or a florist near you that you trust. Lesson learnt.

We’ve had some great fruit picking here with all of our citrus trees looking full and lovely. Still need to find some grapefruit fans and thinking I really need to box them up and take them off to someone this year so they don’t all end up on the ground. The mandarins are the last of the fruit to ripen and the kids are most excited about them. I just love the lemons but my oven is still out of action (the downside of having a microwave/wall oven/grill all in one 1980’s combo) but let me tell you that as soon as it’s working I’ll be making a few lemon delicious. Can’t wait.

And this year we’ve finally got organised and started buying our firewood in bulk. I hope this lasts us a while. The kids helped unload the car and dad stacked it and it’s looking great.

And you can find me in front of the fire once all my jobs for the day are done. I’m almost finished granny’s favourite but can’t believe I mucked up the sleeve. I even shared a photo of the finished sleeve and it was only when I went back to the pattern to start the 2nd sleeve that I saw my big boo boo. I’ve missed an important row of garter stitch before the lace pattern. Couldn’t believe it. I’ll have to leave it and get over it. I hope to finish it this weekend and start a smaller project as quick knits are always my favourite. So I can start my next one.

stay warm if it’s chilly where you are……….


  1. Wow, I’d never even imagined that someone would be able to divert funds that way. I guess talking to a live human being might be the way to go, but it does make it so inconvenient in our hurry-up efficiency society. The fruit looks delicious!

  2. That was an interesting story Corrie. I only order from large and reputable online shops and have never had any problems but your story proves that it is a minefield out there when it comes to online shopping. I always make my lemon delicious in my thermomix and it is fantastic and never let’s me down. Yes, the weather is definitely preparing us for winter here in Tassie.

  3. I once ordered flowers from a florist in Croatia online, on behalf of my sister inlaw – all good until the florist in Croatia rang me to confirm the order. My limited Croatian was not up to ordering funeral flowers – and my husband was at work. Thankfully, they just sent what they thought was best and my sister inlaw said that her Aunt rang to say they were beautiful. Glad to hear you had a lovely Mother’s Day.

  4. Sarah O says:

    Happy your mother’s day was a good one. Sorry to hear your flower money ended up somewhere it wasn’t supposed to.

    For your grapefruit, see if you have a local ‘backyard bounty’ FB page in your area or put them on a local buy, sell, swap page – or just send them into school with the kids! We’ve been gifted about 50 kg of apples in recent weeks, I take bags of them into work and they are always appreciated.

  5. We have had lemons left in a basket at kinder with a sign saying help yourself. Maybe you could try that? Or take some to church?
    Such a shame about the flowers!

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