and now I’m 40!

Last week I turned 40! The day didn’t go according to plan but having a birthday on a weekday was always going to be tricky and involve some regular jobs! But I have to say a big thank you for all your beautiful messages. They definitely made my day. You see I didn’t plan my day to include someone throwing up in the garden or a visit to a special dentist.  I actually thought I’d planned out my day perfectly with hubby home, we were going to have a nice breakfast after preschool drop off, I had a hair appointment booked in, a bit of shopping for myself while kids were at school and preschool. Then wrapping up the day with a nice dinner with the family. But someone had to work in the office, the school swim carnival was on, a last minute dentist appointment with a specialist came up that I’d been wanting and I had to cancel the hair and then I had a little guy throwing up the night before (that gastro just wasn’t done with us).

But you know what…………I had a great day! Even despite the record heat levels where it got up to 45 degrees at one point. It’s definitely all about the attitude and after I stopped my pity party, got myself into my favourite dress and decided to squeeze in a few treats into the day then I perked up and enjoyed the day. I picked my own cake from my favourite cake shop and picked up a little treat for morning tea…can you believe this photo above is of a  lemon meringue tart? A little voice was saying ‘carcake please mummy peeeeeeese’ so I did have to go halves in this but it was delicious. For my birthday cake we had this red velvet cake which had a beautiful berry glaze all over and was so beautiful.

We had a little rest at home and sips on lemonade before the dentist, we got a great plan of what they’re going to do and a date to put her under and do all the work (x-rays, clean, treatment) and I might have had a cheeseburger for my birthday lunch on the way home. We picked up all the kids from school and had a wonderful dinner at my favourite restaurant. And as an added bonus everyone was on their best behaviour. A present in itself. I also got a bottle of my favourite perfume at dinner and I think it’s been about 5 or so years since I’ve had a bottle so that was a great treat. And these lovely flowers came from my agency and I must have timed it perfectly as they weren’t going to survive on my doorstep in the extreme heat so the driver came about 10 minutes after I got home.

And just in case you’ve missed my present….his name is Chester. He’ll be with us in 2 weeks and we are so excited! He’s a labradoodle and I have his bed, bowl and some puppy toys all ready for his arrival. I was a bit sad that he couldn’t be with us on the actual day but it gives me time to read up on puppies and puppy proof the house. If you have advice on puppies hit me with it. I’m nervously excited!



  1. Happy Belated birthday Corrie. xx

  2. ainslie says:

    So pleased you had a special celebration for your 40th Corrie despite the unexpected! Nothing like a guilt free cheeseburger on your birthday. A puppy will be so loved in your household, the best present. Get ready for the arrival of your next baby! My best puppy tip, use a baby noise machine with a heartbeat setting to soothe any night time nerves. Soundspa make a cheap and easy one. Enjoy!

  3. Heidi D says:

    Chester is so gorgeous, I can’t wait to hear what reaction you get from everyone when he comes home. Glad there were some good bits to your birthay too not just vomit & dentists :)

  4. Happy belated birthday. We just got s puppy (it’s my first one ever) we’ve had him one week now and he’s sleeping through the night yay. All I can say us get the baby gates up again and our breeder has trained him to pee on newspaper which was great as we have it near the door and as soon as he goes to it we get him outside we’ve only had a couple of accidents. Good luck with you new little guy. So cute

  5. Katherine says:

    Research crate training. It helped toilet train our labradoodle. He slept locked in his crate in bedroom (not what we had agreed to but it meant he went to sleep straight away and didnt cry at all) First thing in the morning I would carry hin out to the grass and as soon as he was popped down he would go straight to the toilet. He quickly learnt where he was meant to go. The only accidents we had was when we werent paying close enough attention to him and didn’t notice when he wanted to go out.

    Happy birthday too btw :-)

  6. Happy Birthday. A pet is the best present. Ever. My advice for a dog? Make sure he goes to puppy school. A bit of basic training makes a huge difference. Most vets run them and they are not hugely expensive but most of all…? Enjoy your dog.

  7. Happy birthday! and Chester is gorgeous! :) x

  8. Excuse my pic in the last comment, lol! Thought it was asking for a profiler xx

  9. Welcome to the 40 club Corrie. I dreaded turning 40 at the end of last year but in reality it’s not that bad. It’s really just a number I think as I don’t feel 40, I think having lots of kids kind of keeps you young!!
    Chester is just too cute!!!
    My hubby bought me a puppy for Valentine’s Day so we are in the depths of puppy training here. Last night he ran off with a ball of wool he stole from my craft room lol!
    Anyway, Happy Birthday for last week. Your cake looked divine!
    Cassandra xx

  10. Happy Belated 40th Birthday. :)
    Chester looks so cuddly like a teddy bear.
    Be ready for a few puddles so take him outside frequently!!
    Explain to your family not to leave soft toys or anything special to them in his reach he may destroy them. Puppy School is a great idea!!
    Have fun.xx

  11. Happy belated birthday Corrie. Sounds like you had an awesome time, despite the hiccups. Wishing you much joy when Chester comes to live with you all. just offer him lots of love, and he’ll fit in just right with your lovely family ♥

  12. Happy birthday. Enjoy your puppy. Toddler gates are great to keep dogs out of bedrooms and crate training gives puppy their own den, and gives them peace from little friends! Oh and everyone needs to do puppy training so that training is consistent .
    Have fun,

    Ps vanish carpet cleaner is great for those little accidents, blot carpet dry and spray, Hoover when dry

  13. Dogs go toilet when they wake up and after eating and drinking (or so I’ve been told). Take him outside immediately and use your command word once. Reinforce it by repeating it and giving praise once the deed is done.

  14. Missy PJ says:

    Happy birthday! My suggestion is to make sure that the Chester has a few toys of his own. That way when he does get hold of something he isn’t allowed to play with, you can give him a firm “No” as you take it away, and replace it with one of his toys instead – using a happy voice as you do will reinforce that its okay for him to play with it instead of the other object. It worked a treat with both our spoodle and our cat (now both adults), neither of them have destroyed anything of ours. We also used (and still use) baby gates to keep the dog out of certain areas – off the carpets when he was a puppy and away from the cat’s food and litter tray now.
    Good luck and enjoy!

  15. Get a dog crate. Handy for puppy training, keeping confined if ever injured or ill and for transporting if your dog is not a good car traveller. If the crate was up and open, my old dogs would happily put themselves inside … nice and cosy like a den. I’d also recommend either a puppy or child play pen.

  16. Happy (belated) birthday Corrie! Can you share with us your “favourite perfume” you received? I’m due for a new one myself, but with so many to choose from, I don’t know where to start? Thanks.

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